Arya Stark Kills Night King (with Jon's Help) End Scene Full | Brightened 3 Stops

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Arya Stark Kills Night King (with Jon's Help). Night King Death End Scene Brightened 3 Stops, so we can see. Also annotations on how Jon Helped!
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  • ahmed Rabbee
    ahmed Rabbee 2 months ago

    I will never forget this episode and i always weaching this episode

  • Rychocs
    Rychocs 2 months ago

    What if ,when the night king comes down from the dragon and Jon Snow is in behind him, they fight one on one, when Jon is pressed. the Hound comes to help him and they lose but are not killed because of the many white walker that block them so the night king went to the place where the bran who lived left .theon who protected him and theon died until arya came and tried to fight him but the night king kicked the arya fell to the ground and finally he and bran stared in the eye. when feel the world will end jon snow comes with his sword and they fought for the second time, but this time Jon got help from the hound, podrick, ser jaime, ser jorah, and tormund while daenerys brought Bran away. when all were defeated one by one, the king of the night tried to kill Jon first but Ser jorah protected him and died Daenerys shouted in tears and Jon Snow did not waste this he stabbed his sword into the night king and, he died melting like ice.

  • TJ98
    TJ98 2 months ago

    Bran is definitely The Great Other.

  • samanthanicolesmith
    samanthanicolesmith 2 months ago

    All danys trusted men die. That is why in the end no one protected her only her Dragon!

  • MartaTSer
    MartaTSer 2 months ago

    I don't understand why you think Jon Snow helped Arya. Arya was already hidden there. Arya is a elite assasin trained to be "swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water" and since season 1 to 7 collected extraordinary abilities. Who would belive that such a small girl is so dangerous to the point of killing an entire house(house Frey) alone? So I'm glad they picked Arya to kill the Night King. She was the best for the job and yes without help just with her skills.

  • Orion Watson
    Orion Watson 2 months ago

    LOL,he was just yelling after being caught in a helpless situation. He didn't do much. It was Mellisandre, Berric and Theon who helped Arya, NOT JON!

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 2 months ago

    So who the flying EFFK won the game of thrones?

  • Mark Starks
    Mark Starks 2 months ago

    Music wasn't great either

  • Medical Wikipedia
    Medical Wikipedia 2 months ago +1

    @GOT Director, please use Huawei P30 Pro to shoot all night scenes, has best night vision mode
    Got is a big joke and full of lies--- winter is coming, there is no need to wait for winter to kill cersei.

  • Devanand
    Devanand 2 months ago

    Night King should be named Ice King

  • koshawn u
    koshawn u 2 months ago

    Why not just wrote spoilers alert sick heads ...some people like me started from the beginning...smh

  • acelakid94
    acelakid94 2 months ago

    I had to do this with my projector just to see anything when I first watched it.

  • mr john
    mr john 2 months ago

    what doesnt come natural doesnt goes natural

  • M Pit
    M Pit 2 months ago

    Theon after all the battles charges in like a noob

  • Sehej Chugh
    Sehej Chugh 2 months ago

    Even if the writing was shit, you can’t say the music wasn’t phenomenal

  • Az Blue Phoenix
    Az Blue Phoenix 2 months ago

    I still can't get over Theons death. We went from hating him to feeling sorry for him to falling in love with him.

  • balikci035
    balikci035 2 months ago +2

    man so many dead how they are going to burying all of them 😂

  • Levin Soliven
    Levin Soliven 2 months ago


  • Jamshed Khan Darabi
    Jamshed Khan Darabi 2 months ago

    Excellent very good

  • Magnetic Vortex
    Magnetic Vortex 2 months ago

    The saddest moment ever in GOT is when the Night King dies. He was such a great King. All other kings killed, but he raised all back from the dead. All he wanted is to give everybody immortality. What a nice guy.

    KUNG FU FEMMES 2 months ago

    Being that Jon didn't get the chance to kill the Night King himself, it would have been a cool, heroic touch to see him at least slay the Ice Dragon with his Valyrian steel sword. Following that, Jon could still have been overrun by White Walkers, preventing him from reaching Bran and allowing Arya to get there first and do the Night King in. Jon was so ineffectual in these last few episodes, at least until -- finally! -- he found it in himself to kill Dany and save the world.

  • WordsOrLess
    WordsOrLess 2 months ago

    Jon doesn’t see Arya........... how did you edit this video and missed that. If you look at the map of Winterfell you would know how far they actually were. He yells out of frustration not cause he sees her...his biggest concern is getting smoked by a dragon in that moment.

  • Andrew Waber
    Andrew Waber 2 months ago

    How low must the morale of the knight kings generals be if they were like f it let's just watch her run up on him and kill him lol. Reminds me of working at Walmart where we would literally watch ppl shoplift and not do a thing lol

  • dmguitar
    dmguitar 2 months ago

    Yeah..much better😁

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith 2 months ago +1

    This plot was amazing especially with the music

  • Babe Mari
    Babe Mari 2 months ago

    Jon Snow had a mental breakdown because of viserion 😂😂😂

    • Babe Mari
      Babe Mari 2 months ago

      @-- 😕

    • --
      -- 2 months ago +1

      Kinda like the one that forces u to put on a pound of makeup everyday LOOOLLLLLOLOLOLOLOL

  • DeebO
    DeebO 2 months ago

    This looks horrible.

  • My ShadowKungFu
    My ShadowKungFu 2 months ago +1

    This was the FIRST episode of game of thrones I saw. Arya Stark is why I went and got the box set afterwards.

  • SRLP Photography
    SRLP Photography 2 months ago +12

    The only good thing about this episode was the music

  • exodus 97
    exodus 97 2 months ago

    The bad ending ever i seen

  • Хришћанин и Толкиновац

    I believed, before this episode, that Night King is so poweful that if Flash would run around him, he could catch him!

  • Zechariah Wermuth
    Zechariah Wermuth 2 months ago

    They stole that move from last Jedi

  • Shikhar Chavali
    Shikhar Chavali 2 months ago

    All the goodness in "mah queen" died here....

  • Acmeoneconnect
    Acmeoneconnect 2 months ago

    Best episode of season 8

  • محمد العتيبي

    هونت هههههههههههه

  • ginmar
    ginmar 2 months ago

    Buncha little babymen can't deal with the fact that a giiiiiirrrrlll saved the world.

  • heart attack on a plate

    Should not have been presented so dark

  • Mokhtar Al-Hamade
    Mokhtar Al-Hamade 2 months ago +1

    An unexpected and illogical ending >...

  • Jose Davila
    Jose Davila 2 months ago

    Looks Horrible 😫

  • T.M. Will
    T.M. Will 2 months ago

    Wish he would have killed Bran first.

  • T.M. Will
    T.M. Will 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful work. That big ass budget and they can't even establish lighting smh. Your whole channel should be built around lighting up GOT scenes lol.

  • GetzGoth 3113
    GetzGoth 3113 2 months ago

    Is that cat in the wheel chair the one they call the three balled raven?

  • arm613
    arm613 2 months ago

    Thank you.

  • it'sFckinRaw
    it'sFckinRaw 2 months ago +1

    The Priestess's death is one of best death scenes. it's like saying my mission here is done it's time for me to rest. the prophecy have been fulfilled.

  • Omega1867
    Omega1867 2 months ago

    I’d say she killed him with THEON’s help.

  • Nathanael EL
    Nathanael EL 2 months ago

    No one seen that coming, no even death, seen death coming haha

  • Eclectic J
    Eclectic J 2 months ago

    Hey nice job with the Brightening! I unlike many, don't really have that big a prob with Arya Killing the Night King I just wish that Jon could have at least given the NK a couple of good whacks with his sword.. and dueled a bit.....I mean they already had two stare offs----and now yet ANOTHER one.... I mean yes it looks like he may HAVE yelled GO GO to Arya (who we couldn't see). Kudos to Alfie Allen. Theon got the character arch that he deserved. If you go back, he never really even WANTED to betray House Stark his father, sister, and the other Iron borne pushed him into it. Going down like a hero. Hell, he helped stall for time for Arya to get there as much as anybody.

  • The Dippin American
    The Dippin American 2 months ago +23

    Theon, original lord commander of the kingsguard for king bran the broken

  • peter parsons
    peter parsons 2 months ago

    Sorry but no there was no help from john. Arya did this on her own

  • Chris Heckert
    Chris Heckert 2 months ago +1

    Now we see why it was perfect in the dark. Could see it fine before. It just looks retarded with light. It's the LONG NIGHT for a reason. Leave it alone you crybabies.

  • John Israel
    John Israel 2 months ago

    I had wished the ending of the GOT will be like this: The fight with the NIGHT KING should be like 2 vs 1 (Jon & Arya VS Night King) the fight scene will be so hard like 1 whole fucking episodes. Then Bran the 3 eye raven will gonna join the party by going into the minds of all wolfs, lions, rats, and bugs in the wilderness to fight for him and then he can control a motherfucking tree with its roots slapping all fucking zombies. About the mother of dragons, she has her own shits to deal. But in the end, the one who's gonna kill the Night King is no other than the dwarf Tyron by stabbing it in his 2 balls then the Night gonna screams so loud and then followed by an earthquake, lighting, and thunders. The end of GOT

  • John Israel
    John Israel 2 months ago

    so, weak night king, it makes me sad all episodes just wasted!

  • Fitzmiester
    Fitzmiester 2 months ago

    shame the last episode let the whole series down and spoiled all the years of watching and waiting , the worst ending and least thought about ever , shame on you

  • Chris A.
    Chris A. 2 months ago

    this is one of the worst battles ive ever seen in my life. horrible strategy. over choreographed. completely broke the immersion.

  • TeaParty1776
    TeaParty1776 2 months ago

    Hacking And Hewing, Attorneys At Law.

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi 2 months ago

    I call bull.... Jon Snow knows Nothing...

  • Ahsan Khan Buttar
    Ahsan Khan Buttar 2 months ago

    A girl goes

  • Ahsan Khan Buttar
    Ahsan Khan Buttar 2 months ago

    The screen is dark and full of errors

    • Kalikoded
      Kalikoded 2 months ago

      @Ahsan Khan Buttar lmao, alright man.

    • Ahsan Khan Buttar
      Ahsan Khan Buttar 2 months ago

      @Kalikoded I did - too good to let it go :D but never intended to take any credit. respect for the actual poster. lool

    • Kalikoded
      Kalikoded 2 months ago

      Did you really just copy a comment from four weeks ago that you just scrolled past? lol

  • YoongiNavy
    YoongiNavy 2 months ago

    Bran's life was not worthy sacrificing theon's life at all!! I was so hurt when he died! Bran has done nothing but sit on that chair! Fucking idiot he could've used his powers to save alot of people including theons but NOOOOOO!!! He just had to sit there!! Then had the audacity to say *"I DoNt WaNt To bE KiNg"* 🤪 why the fuck did they keep him alive then? 😡🤡

  • Charles S.
    Charles S. 2 months ago


  • Alexis Cárdenas
    Alexis Cárdenas 2 months ago

    La muerte de Melisandre fue de mis favoritas en la serie

  • terrabit the notorius
    terrabit the notorius 2 months ago +3

    that moment u realise when arya sparred lady brienne n she uses the same drop knife move.

  • Danish Alam
    Danish Alam 2 months ago

    Music u ass.....😠😠😠

  • rhemz ART
    rhemz ART 2 months ago


  • Spehmaster G.
    Spehmaster G. 2 months ago +1


  • Bette Davis
    Bette Davis 2 months ago

    Jon didn’t see Arya. He thought he could maybe could control that dragon since he was a Targaryen.

  • Michael Orlow
    Michael Orlow 2 months ago +3

    Weirwood tree: Saw this shit happen so many times...still epic AF

  • Enke Films
    Enke Films 2 months ago

    Ironically, your attempt at making the image "better" made it look ten times worse. It's almost as if you don't know what you're doing, and they do.

  • Louis-Alexandré Berthier

    Ohhh shit,,we have the white walker in the WHITE HOUSE..

  • Powerlifterusa
    Powerlifterusa 2 months ago

    Sooo the Night King was useless?

  • Shannon Angharad McGuigan

    im gonna pretend this was the last ep bc it all went to shit after this ep

  • 我爸連戰幹你媽的蔡依珊屁股給我翹高

    *幹你娘的 天殺的 怎麼會有人包粽子用兩片葉子(客家人)*

  • Ahmet Açıcı
    Ahmet Açıcı 2 months ago

    Stupid theon greyjoy

  • kate viviane
    kate viviane 2 months ago


  • Ümit Yıldırım
    Ümit Yıldırım 2 months ago

    Bran göt oğlanı seni