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  • Bruce Raymond
    Bruce Raymond 3 месяца назад

    They can't admit the truth about the shape of the earth because it's an important part of GLOBALIZATION. The Jewish New World Order. To make the sheeple feel worthless. According to the Protocols of the learned elders Zion there will be ww3. The first two were predicted back in the 19th century. The Zionist are behind all 20th century lies.

  • RJ Cooper
    RJ Cooper 7 месяцев назад

    Great intro dude

  • Flat Earth Aussie Jesus
    Flat Earth Aussie Jesus Год назад +2

    Love your work guys, it's almost like you repeat arguments I've been throwing around in comments for months if not years, on both here and Facebook. In fact, before copping another 30-day ban a few days ago, I had an excellent thread on an Atheist Vs Christians page, and I was smashing the competition out of the water. Virtually every response was ad-hominum or straw-man attacks, but eventually a few polite genuine enquirers came along. One however, became a serial stalker, and foolishly on my behalf, I didn't block him soon enough, fell for his bait, and probably posted something that gave them the opportunity to get me banned. Such is life.
    Morgile, I've left comments for you on this matter before, obviously you don't read all of them, but hopefully you'll see this. I am a self-described moon-expert, and I can guarantee you, that "full" moon your are seeing is definitely NOT a full moon. Technically speaking, the moon is only full for a split second, but it can appear quite full for two days either side. Now, assume on this occasion, the actual moment of fullness occured when it was on the opposite side of the plane for you this night, which means by the time it rises at sunset in your viewing area, it's a full twelve hours past full, but still very obviously full. So it will appear to rise just a little later than sunset, but not by much, 20 to 30 minutes tops. Since the moon takes about 50 minutes a day longer to come back around each day, the very next night it will rise more than an hour past sunset, maybe even an hour and a half, still appear very full. The very next morning, the sun could be up for a full hour and a half before the moon sets, which in terms of something setting, is quite a long time. Vice-versa, this same thing can happen in the day or two leading up to a full moon as well, only you'll see it risen late afternoon.
    It'd be cool to catch you guys on a live show one time and call in. Different time-zones and my lack of tech-savvy are a bit of a hindrance, but my knowledge of Nature itself, including the sun and moon, could be quite useful, just for a variety of opinion and explanation of why I know these things. Cheers guys.

  • The Low Orders
    The Low Orders Год назад +2

    Hej guys big fan of the show! im from hudiksvall in Sweden 61°44′N 17°07′E, we have 3 months without dark here too I can confirm it! get a little dusk but never dark. would be more than happy to help and get involved if you needed anymore information!Cheers Andy

  • one way street
    one way street Год назад +1

    I'm a flat earth 110% support

  • Blendi Tagani
    Blendi Tagani Год назад

    Try this little experiment yourself to kill a globehead in 10 seconds

  • Juan Jose Diaz
    Juan Jose Diaz Год назад

    Globebusters..check out aplanetruth.info, I don't think he's got nice things to say about you and specially about Jeranism! Looks like he is calling you all out as fakes and shills, together with Sargent, Bravo, Dubay, Boyland and so on. He seems to have pretty solid evidence, maybe he is the shill, who knows. Myself, I have had a gut full of lies. Reply to your accusers so those of us who are seeking the true info can make our minds up. Peace to you.

  • The Bloody Truth
    The Bloody Truth Год назад

    Have you guys seen this?
    Solar Eclipse Event of the Century!!! Globe Science VS Globe Science? A Teachers Nightmare!!!

  • antimanc1212
    antimanc1212 Год назад +1

    22 minutes before they sort out John's audio....every week same fucking problem... come on guys

  • Imperium Europa
    Imperium Europa Год назад +1

    Listen everybody: I don't think it's a problem of Morgile being higher in volume here. I think it's just the fact that Morgile, Bob, and Jeran all have very different tones to their voices.

  • Dread Pirate Roberts
    Dread Pirate Roberts Год назад

    quick message for all flat earthers ruclip.com/video/MEl9VSzpR5U/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html

  • Imperium Europa
    Imperium Europa Год назад +1

    Suggested guests: Paul Sandhu, Max Malone (if he behaves himself).

  • Stephane Guenette
    Stephane Guenette Год назад

    This is how I managed to demonstrate NASA being behind the discrediting campaign against those questioning what they've been selling the public..

  • Imperium Europa
    Imperium Europa Год назад +1

    I heard something about some Luciferian faggots doing a podcast called "Assbusters" on the talkshoe website. Is this true? If so, it shows you just what the hell the world is coming to, as well as, it would seem, ripping off the name from Globebusters. Disgusting.

  • While You Were Sheeping
    While You Were Sheeping Год назад +1

    How can the earth's ley lines with all the ancient structures be mapped out on a flat earth ?

  • Flat Earth Chronicles
    Flat Earth Chronicles Год назад +1

    did you notice matt bolan/powerland in the chat asking 3 times to get on the show, could have been interesting, but good show as always. thanks.

  • Louisiana Focus
    Louisiana Focus Год назад +2

    Morgile speaks 2.5 hours of a 3.5 hour podcast and he's not the host. He doesn't know when to stop. Its almost unwatchable. Whats going on with this show?

  • OJ McBaggins
    OJ McBaggins Год назад +2

    I have no doubt something is fishy with view counts. I saw a video from David Weiss after the new channel that had -1 likes. Negative one! How does that work? How does the positrac work on the back of a Plymouth? How does the globe earth work? It just does... 🤣

    • Logan Cook
      Logan Cook 11 месяцев назад

      OJ McBaggins that's why we call you Joe dirt....

  • Hando Tõnumaa
    Hando Tõnumaa Год назад +2

    Morgile's audio is still as loud as it was in the beginning. He needs a better mic with adjustable eq, his middle and highs are wayyyyy tooo loud. Very annoying

  • Vins Web
    Vins Web Год назад +2

    Morgile is tops, the best on the show. so much knowledge and grace.

  • FreeFromWho
    FreeFromWho Год назад +3

    All you morgile haters, shut the fuck up. You know he's going to be here, he is a big part of the show. You don't like his voice, don't fucking listen.. Problem solved...

  • Flat Earth
    Flat Earth Год назад

    ✅✅✅ Hi Flat Earth Friends ! Click the link for new FE books,maps t-shirts etc...... tinyurl.com/FEandOHC Thanks for looking✅✅✅

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith Год назад +2

    The reason we don't know what the lights are in the heavens is because any results from research that has been done cannot be released to the public. Releasing that information would reveal that scientists and politicians have been lying to us about our world to convince us of a globe flying through space. Through that myth of "space" we were deliberately lead into falsely believing the threat of aliens (depending on the political climate) either invading or promising to "come back" to save us one day. I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that "science" has ALREADY DETERMINED the nature and function of the stars. True knowledge of this world is held by astronomers, most of whom are Jesuits. There is no way to focus on heavenly lights with the most powerful telescopes on earth without being able to see that they're simply LIGHTS as described in the Scriptures.

  • Brian Stevens
    Brian Stevens Год назад +2

    Regarding the UFO sightings, I tend to believe that it is more your government or affliated private entities.. We don't have these sightings in South Africa, We never hear talk of any sightings really, let alone legitimate ones. This is anecdotal evidence, but it still holds weight logically. When all of the legitimate occerences tend to come from the more wealthy continents with more technologically advanced governments/entities/military, it definitately points to (at least to me) government associated operations. Its just too much of a coincidence. And that is without considering all of the American alien invasion movies which could very likely be predictive programming

  • lollandz
    lollandz Год назад +2

    Unsubbed because of the terrible radio voice of morgile.
    Best to you all

  • Ace Mcloud
    Ace Mcloud Год назад +1

    Bob .... the FEIC is going to be a better time than your vacation right now ...
    watch ...
    The art show and this weekend was just too Amazing. FErs are the best people

  • Ace Mcloud
    Ace Mcloud Год назад +4

    I hung out with IPS for 3 days straight ... I still need more time to figure out if he is a Shill or Not

    • Ace Mcloud
      Ace Mcloud Год назад +1

      I'm Sorry Lol

    • Rare Ginger
      Rare Ginger Год назад +1

      I would assume not a shill but how can I REALLY know. We could all be shills. I'm Truman and you're ALL shills.

    • Rare Ginger
      Rare Ginger Год назад +1

      Ace Mcloud haha I don't know if you're serious. You find out something about him we should know?? 🤔

  • sure nuf
    sure nuf Год назад +2

    sorry Morgile .....could you explain your sinus problem? maybe we could have empathy toward your irritating speaking voice......have been waiting for your cold to go away and it never does.....sorry but yuk

    • Iobi123
      Iobi123 Год назад

      Did you ask him if he has sinus problems first?

    • nathan ellison
      nathan ellison Год назад

      sure nuf he obviously has an issue that would require surgery or has very bad allergies.

  • whatadollslife
    whatadollslife Год назад +1

    check this eclipse video guys .. ruclip.com/video/lgPzqjm5Wog/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html

  • Bill Keith
    Bill Keith Год назад

    There are free websites (convert2mp3.net) that will convert the RUclip show link to an audio format. Also a program called Super© is great too.

  • John Parkin
    John Parkin Год назад +3

    If it aint broke,then dont fix it ?". Drop the phone chat lads.

  • joe
    joe Год назад +2

    Any suggestions who will replace the Morgile?

    • Adam Young
      Adam Young Год назад +1

      FlatEarther1965 I still miss Kirk aka Curious Life.

    • Sea Key
      Sea Key Год назад +2

      Is he leaving?

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад +1

      Lawrence Wright? ROFLMAO

  • José Dos Santos
    José Dos Santos Год назад


  • post globe awareness
    post globe awareness Год назад +3

    Thanks for all your work, you are doing great.

  • BrEndo
    BrEndo Год назад +3

    Great show thanks. Love the new intro and format

  • Neil Williams
    Neil Williams Год назад +4

    so this is why my penis looks bigger in the bath .. thanks! but seriously great chats

    • Psybin
      Psybin Год назад +1

      Just make sure it's not cold water.

    • Ace Mcloud
      Ace Mcloud Год назад +2

      Neil Williams note to self . first date, bath tub

    • Jason Owens
      Jason Owens Год назад +1

      Neil Williams - That's funny

    STREEEEEET Год назад +4

    I had a little bit of a panic attack because when Jon starts to answer the caller i wasn't near my computer and i couldn't skip forward.

  • 7ravenwolf
    7ravenwolf Год назад +3

    Another great show guys.

  • Ace Mcloud
    Ace Mcloud Год назад +7

    i Always keep missing the Live show because im at Flat Earth Art Shows all the time... 🐧🌞🦄

  • Paulie G
    Paulie G Год назад +3

    I live in New Zealand and i cant see the sun being 24 hours in Antarctica..because wouldnt we have a lot of daylight during our summer also? It gets dark at 9:15ish mid summer and thats the daylight savings time also.

  • MilkyWay Kid
    MilkyWay Kid Год назад +1

    4D cube, that's what you are clearly living in.

  • Jeff Lee Bass
    Jeff Lee Bass Год назад +2

    they cut live ISS feed every X minutes because it's not live, it's a recorded animation, and they need to cut the video at some point. doing a full continuous animated feed would be too complicated. They have reviewer of the videos to see if anything is bad so they need to make it before hand and then release it once it's positively accepted

  • Spake Face
    Spake Face Год назад +3

    Good show guys. Morgile's mic's too loud. ☺#GLOBEXIT

  • Ratattack
    Ratattack Год назад +4

    I love you guys! GLOBEBUSTERS ROCK!!

  • Dylan Ellis
    Dylan Ellis Год назад +1

    Have you heard this great new show on Flat Earth and way more from Free Electricity to the hoaxes of the oil and gas industry and so so much more.
    Please enjoy the 'What if...?' Show my friends.
    "True science allows for more than one opinion"
    Website: www.thewhatifshow.org/
    Facebook: facebook.com/thewhatifshow1/
    VIMEO: vimeo.com/user68224871

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Год назад +2

    I think that stuff about Morgile's mic is just people fucking with you. I never thought he was loud. People that hate Morgile are IPS brainwashees.

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад +2

      +Billy Bob Go look at the graphic at the top of my channel and try to tell me again that I am a hater of "TheMorgile". Not everything is a conspiracy. Constructive criticism of an honest glitch is not hating. For all you know you could have some type of feature in your PC sound device that levels out disparaging volumes.

    • Owen Micheal
      Owen Micheal Год назад +2

      Billy you can't call everybody who disagrees with you a liar or shill or whatever your trying to insinuate I love the Morgile but his sound was too loud just face it

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob Год назад +1

      +Bill Keith well, it was fine for me, so I am inclined to believe you're one of the people who hates the Morgile for various reasons and that this speaker volume thing is just a joke to fuck with him.

    • Rare Ginger
      Rare Ginger Год назад +1

      Yeah I don't understand why everyone be complaining about some damn decibel differences.

    • EddieBravoFanBoy
      EddieBravoFanBoy Год назад +1

      I agree Jon sounds fine. Awesome work guys keep it up

  • Johnny Conger
    Johnny Conger Год назад +1

    Great show guys...as always....stay strong love you guys....

  • tim neziri
    tim neziri Год назад +1

    Who is Brenda guy he is every where

    • Ace Mcloud
      Ace Mcloud Год назад +1

      tim neziri he got toe tagged its all good, she wont bother u no mo

  • Gus Siares
    Gus Siares Год назад +2

    To let the government to stop the funding of NASA is to stop paying Taxes.

    • Anil Patel
      Anil Patel Год назад

      Gus Siares exactly!!! Taxation without representation!!!

  • Bryan White
    Bryan White Год назад +11

    sorry... I don't like the intro.

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад +2

      The entire '90's was a bad radio song.

    • Jeff Lee Bass
      Jeff Lee Bass Год назад +2

      then do one better

    • Ace Mcloud
      Ace Mcloud Год назад +1

      Bryan White wait for the NLP to take effect . like a bad radio song .. u will learn to love it

  • Doomweaver2007
    Doomweaver2007 Год назад +4

    Great info thanks to you all

  • libertysounds87
    libertysounds87 Год назад +5

    morgile, put that mic outside. You're still too damn loud!

    • Imperium Europa
      Imperium Europa Год назад +1

      libertysounds87 Maybe Morgile is at the correct volume, and it's Bob and Jeran who are just too low. It's a perspective issue. We can't necessarily say that Morgile is the one at abnormal volume. 🤔

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Год назад +3

    I didn't think Morgile's Mic was loud.

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад +2

      jeran and bob's was low in comparison. lol.

  • Bert Novilla
    Bert Novilla Год назад +1

    This is about the John Brahma pics: When anyone, and by that I mean every single person you will ever meet -- asks a question, and then answers it aloud, immediately, with THEIR default -- it is something I call the 'ole Condolizza Rice." An example: "Is this the end of the earth?" ... "No, but we believe there may be more and our teams are investigating, and for security reasons, we have this video of Mickey Mouse eating cheese. We also have solid and credible evidence the end is made of cheese."
    Those pictures of "the edge" are nice. However, to me it looks like the earth is a place with a HUGE pile of "gravel" around it, designed to keep waves, water levels, and weather at bay. How hard is that to understand?

    • Ace Mcloud
      Ace Mcloud Год назад

      Bert Novilla its easy to understand for most sentient beings.. however Uber Tard fan Girls of the nasa movie and State funded propagandist will always claim to not understand as a rule.

  • Bert Novilla
    Bert Novilla Год назад +5

    "Aren't you fearful he would come on and just drop a mic... and we would be shamed?"
    -- Jeran just being Jeran -- funny AND right

  • Robert Nocera Jr
    Robert Nocera Jr Год назад +1

    Paul Watson claims to have a great knowledgeability about the southern ocean and access.. with vessels.....AKA known as the caption of the Steve Irwin/Sea Shepard.. someone should contact him directly..

  • Dominic Robertazzi
    Dominic Robertazzi Год назад +13

    Honestly. His voice is just un fucking bearable. Can't do this anymore

    • Iobi123
      Iobi123 Год назад

      Actually his voice is pretty cool.

    • nathan ellison
      nathan ellison Год назад +1

      Dominic Robertazzi peace, he can't really do anything about it , so get over it

    • sure nuf
      sure nuf Год назад +2

      i'm out too---sorry Morgile

      WHOSCOMINTOMEETUS Год назад +5


  • Robert Nocera Jr
    Robert Nocera Jr Год назад +2

    Wow, Jonathan, great message again.. yeah these orbits make absolutely no sense.. the moon is not racing around the Earth inside of outter space.. I can't believe how many people are foolish for believing that.. thank you globe busters thank you for your work.. Hopefully more people will get involved with the truth about the Flat Earth truth..

  • Paulie G
    Paulie G Год назад +10

    The general population doesnt know whats happening!
    And it doesnt even know that it doesnt know.

    • Ratattack
      Ratattack Год назад +5

      Yes, their indoctrination program sure has worked on most of them.

  • Jason D.
    Jason D. Год назад +8

    did you notice that FLAT EARTH in numerology is =33

    • Zero11s
      Zero11s Год назад

      no you can't count they are 32 continents

    • Psybin
      Psybin Год назад +1

      There are 33 extra continents on the old Buddhist flat Earth map. Could that be part of their obsession with 33?

    • Jeff Lee Bass
      Jeff Lee Bass Год назад


    • xykato
      xykato Год назад +1

      Wow, that guy put way more effort into it than I did, but I also noticed that you can RussianVids RussianVids. In his own numerology calculator that he uses (Pythagorean mode):
      Russian = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11
      Vids = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9
      Russian Vids = 9/11 backwards. He did something similar with the original Enterprise callsign. ie: NCC = 11 and 1701 (1+7+0+1) = 9, which is 9/11 backwards. Tried to post that to his livestream chat and got my message deleted and myself muted by the moderators.

    • rasfare
      rasfare Год назад +5

      And GLOBE EARTH in numerology is = 33 What the heck?

  • Digitaldeath 187
    Digitaldeath 187 Год назад +14

    jon,kills globebusters

  • Sheard Sheep
    Sheard Sheep Год назад +1

    Earth is a Time Toroid.

  • Dominic Robertazzi
    Dominic Robertazzi Год назад +20


    • Psybin
      Psybin Год назад

      Black ladders lack bladders.

    • Ace Mcloud
      Ace Mcloud Год назад +1

      Bill Keith Neat, yo . 🦄

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад +1

      and adder is a snake yall.

    • BATES-60 R.M.C.
      BATES-60 R.M.C. Год назад

      Love the last name.cheers!

    • Archive Sound & Media UK
      Archive Sound & Media UK Год назад

      did you not have adirol and thus can't concentrate?

  • Dominic Robertazzi
    Dominic Robertazzi Год назад +2

    Obviously I'm Kidding 😂😂😂. Mostly...

  • Dominic Robertazzi
    Dominic Robertazzi Год назад +14

    I get it now🤔🤔🤔. Morgiles voice IS the final trumpet!😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍😇❤️❤️❤️❤️. I'm killin myself here!!!😂😂😂😂

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад +1

      Does that make the comments section the "Bowls of Wrath"?

  • Brad truckenbrod
    Brad truckenbrod Год назад +1

    If the earth was a "globe" the Moon should be orbiting earth in a North/South path. Love to see it! Thanks Morgyle

  • PaleQueens
    PaleQueens Год назад +1


  • Bill Keith
    Bill Keith Год назад +2

    tinyurl.com/No24HourSun tinyurl.com/BlueMarble2 tinyurl.com/ODDTV-CartoonBall-OMV tinyurl.com/FindingTheCurve1

  • Bill Keith
    Bill Keith Год назад +1

    You can hear Ted Gunderson's epic video here: tinyurl.com/WickedGov
    also see: tinyurl.com/JeranismPizzagate tinyurl.com/HagmannPizzagate tinyurl.com/WikiLeaksWalnutSauce tinyurl.com/WalnutEvil tinyurl.com/PedoCodeCracked tinyurl.com/BenSwanPizzagate tinyurl.com/SwanGoingDark tinyurl.com/DCpizzagate tinyurl.com/NYSTVpizzagate tinyurl.com/BibleCodePizzagate

  • Nad Aslam
    Nad Aslam Год назад +19

    I love you Morgile but you're ruining the show with your mic issues. Please Please fix it.

    • Jason Lucas
      Jason Lucas Год назад +2

      Nad Aslam he ruins the show every time he's on

    • V a r d O
      V a r d O Год назад +1

      50 % its better Morgile,

    • V a r d O
      V a r d O Год назад +3

      Agree, its sad when they have great show like this - then his mic is to loud

  • Bill Keith
    Bill Keith Год назад +4

    Yahoo and AOL email?? wow. time to join the 21st century there Jeranism. use startmail the most secure email service.

    • Jeff Lee Bass
      Jeff Lee Bass Год назад +1

      yes with your emails problem Jeran you should switcht o a better email provider

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад

      all gmails are saved into an NSA server farm. I use gmail but startmail is a monthly fee secure email service.

    • Paulie G
      Paulie G Год назад

      It happened to my email too and now youtube are not giving me notifications or letting me safe on my homepage now..
      Globe people are getting upset with me because i keep destroying them.

    • Free helicopter rides
      Free helicopter rides Год назад

      Gmail man.

    • lukas williams
      lukas williams Год назад +1

      We should all go back to AIM.

  • Nad Aslam
    Nad Aslam Год назад +4

    Every single podcast. Sort it out lads, it's not funny anymore, you are turning listeners away.

  • Nad Aslam
    Nad Aslam Год назад

    Are you hard of hearing John? Turn your mic down for fecks sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nad Aslam
      Nad Aslam Год назад

      I'm was trying to stay this side of the censors lol.

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад +3

      feck - noun (scottish slang) : the greater part; the majority

  • Nad Aslam
    Nad Aslam Год назад +28

    Why is Morgile's mic always turned so high compared to everyone else's? It is so annoying, it's so off putting when listening, I might even stop.

    • nathan ellison
      nathan ellison Год назад

      Nad Aslam didn't noticed any difference

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith Год назад +2

      Bob's is almost always too low. He is soft spoken to begin with.

    • Jeff Lee Bass
      Jeff Lee Bass Год назад +1

      i listen with headphones and i didn't find so much differences

    • Adam Young
      Adam Young Год назад

      Nad Aslam it got fixed at about the 30 min mark.

  • truewrldseeker
    truewrldseeker Год назад +3

    I spent last night debating a globe monkey about the whole idea of perspectives and atmospheric lensing. Just found it funny that you guys brought that up agreeing to what I was claiming to a T

  • Thomas Massey
    Thomas Massey Год назад +1

    Great show guys...just as expected!

    • Thomas Massey
      Thomas Massey Год назад

      Ace Mcloud I don't blame you. Do your own research. However, I've confirmed enough of what these guys say that I feel like I can usually trust them.

    • Ace Mcloud
      Ace Mcloud Год назад

      Thomas Massey i dont trust strangers from the web ....
      I'll have to check myself

  • MsgtDonutGames
    MsgtDonutGames Год назад +1

    This was from the mars curiosity Facebook post they claimed this as real

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe Год назад +3

    Here we go again, Globetards, Flatheads, Round 1.........Fight!!!!