The Division 2 - Before You Buy

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) seeks to follow through on the potential of it's predecessor. How does it hold up? Let's talk.
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  • infinitelamboz
    infinitelamboz 14 hours ago +1

    whats better ghost recon or division 2

  • Ayy L'mayo
    Ayy L'mayo Day ago +1

    bruh who watching this as a fucking 45 gb patch installs

  • idk246
    idk246 Day ago +1

    I never played the divison 1 but i started by in the divison 2 i am intrested on what happend in the divison 1

  • Justiceshallprevail

    I always watch this after I buy games lol

  • Tomalo21
    Tomalo21 2 days ago

    Can somebody please game share this with me

  • CJ Lambert
    CJ Lambert 3 days ago

    Any word on a survival mode for this?

  • DH N
    DH N 3 days ago

    After some expansions it could be real good - wtf happened to the game that was? *I am not hating on gameranx, LOVE EM.* But, gaming is def. irritating sometimes.... lol - ty for the video Gr

  • giraffeisloveandlife FORTNITE AND OVERWATCH

    But, but...

    I have no friends...

  • The real Jericho Kyle

    Oh look it's a new map for ghost recon

  • T H O T S L A Y E R
    T H O T S L A Y E R 4 days ago

    Is this game like fallout 4 with online mode?

    • Bernd SchekelSchekel
      Bernd SchekelSchekel 12 hours ago

      stfu animecancer

    • Devona
      Devona Day ago

      I dont know but Fallout 76 belongs in the trash never played division

  • Nasir Harvell
    Nasir Harvell 4 days ago

    I kinda regret buying this because I HAD TO WAIT 24 HOURS TO PLAY A GAME

  • Alfie Playz
    Alfie Playz 4 days ago

    Should I get it I haven’t play any division at all

  • Twitchy Corpse
    Twitchy Corpse 6 days ago

    In conclusion: "It works and its satisfying"

  • robert nichols
    robert nichols 6 days ago

    spot on thx love both of division games

  • CrAzY PuG
    CrAzY PuG 6 days ago

    Its cool that you can shoot grenades

  • EcologicNickel ,
    EcologicNickel , 7 days ago +2

    I loved the first division and wanted to make sure if this one was worth my money

  • Herson Filho
    Herson Filho 7 days ago

    This game need of Psn Plus for play campaign solo?

    • CrAzY PuG
      CrAzY PuG 6 days ago

      Nah i think it needs ps+ for conflict which is sad :(

  • Nty_Logics Clan
    Nty_Logics Clan 7 days ago +2

    i got it free from a computer part so i dont need to buy :)

  • Mike Klim
    Mike Klim 8 days ago

    Love the game been a day 1player on both games the learned from division what needed improving I would have to say get game I don't think it's gonna disappoint

  • Natthakit Korsawatpat

    one question. is there any repetitive mission that you can do alone to get better or even high end gears ? i hate when you have to go online to get better items

  • Plague Doctor Seth
    Plague Doctor Seth 9 days ago

    When I played the beta of the first Division, the first thought in my head was "This seems like a test game. It's not gonna be very good but then over time get better." Sure enough, I was right. (Didn't buy Division 1.)
    Enter The Division 2 and comes out with some bugs, but in a...finished state? That's a rarity nowadays sadly. But anyways, tons of rewarding loot, great gameplay, awesome abilities and PvP? With more stuff to come? This game has far surpassed my expectations. It has also killed my thoughts on returning to Destiny 2. I wanted to go back to Destiny 2, but I just couldn't. The game is a failure, it's awful, it's unrewarding, the DLC costs way too much and is literally a barrier and my old clan mates have started shifting to The Division 2.
    All in all, I think this game is absolutely fantastic! I also feel Ubisoft is slowly gaining back their good name...slowly.

  • John Alexander Svensson

    Good review. The real question is if the player mass dies off after a while or not....

  • Jackson Mather
    Jackson Mather 10 days ago

    Coming from someone from Washington DC (Well, just outside of Arlington), I can attest that it looks amazing. I’m surprised I haven’t picked it up since I know the area so well. It seems great so far.

  • JinglePoops
    JinglePoops 11 days ago

    hmm maybe i just dont wanna play 60 for a game i wont like never really got into the first one

  • Dingo Egret
    Dingo Egret 12 days ago

    "steal declaration of independence" nobody cares

  • Astro Snipezz
    Astro Snipezz 12 days ago +1

    this game looks like shit on ps4 compared to this

  • InfiniteVegetables
    InfiniteVegetables 12 days ago +2

    this is crazy, I live near DC and go there a lot and a ton of the locations here i recognized and are nearly completely accurate to real life! Even the merry-go-round at 1:40 is a thing I walk by all the time IRL

  • A.Plosky
    A.Plosky 12 days ago +5

    I liked the Division 1. Only the single player though. Couldn't care less about multiplayer.
    If the sequel has good single player I'm happy.
    In general I think UBI has become the undisputed master in creating highly detailed open world games like this.

  • Stinky Buttquack
    Stinky Buttquack 12 days ago +1

    Whenever I think about getting games like this one, I literally ALWAYS watch ur videos! Ur the best man keep it up

  • ImWeiredDontAsk Gaming
    ImWeiredDontAsk Gaming 13 days ago +10

    You guys' before you buy series is SOOOOOOOO GOOD. i dont buy most games before i watch the before you by video on it. keep
    up the good work.

  • Stuart Derrick
    Stuart Derrick 13 days ago

    6:00 omfg i remember seeing that sign in the far north dark zone in the division 1, like if you saw it too.

  • MK100_BG
    MK100_BG 13 days ago

    The best thing that youget this game for free with a asus rog strix rx vega 56 oc for free... Just saying that this has ended

    • Doggo
      Doggo 12 days ago

      MK100_BG wait WHAT ?

  • Restedassassin
    Restedassassin 13 days ago

    Ok so I wanna buy this but should I buy it for Xbox or pc

  • CriMZoN LinK
    CriMZoN LinK 13 days ago +1

    that I'm trying to watch this video and the sound of your voice is literally killing the experience of wanting to even try this title. Haha

  • Trevor Sinlao
    Trevor Sinlao 13 days ago

    What I love about before you buy is that gameranx will actually give criticisms in the games they review. Unlike IGN reviews where they DROWN the games in buckets of sugar-coating

  • TooDamnRight
    TooDamnRight 13 days ago

    Bullet sponge is a deal breaker

    • Michael Dulaney
      Michael Dulaney 13 days ago

      Yeah. This Game would have been such a bad ass game if you didn't have to unload a full clip of ammo into one damn bad guy. Totally took an Awesome Game and made it feel like a game for 12 year olds.

  • Oceanic Games
    Oceanic Games 13 days ago

    I clocked about 1200 hours on the division, possibly more, unfortunately, I’ve had to wait more than two weeks while I repaired my pc. I’m going to completely grind this out over the weekend

  • redfoe77
    redfoe77 14 days ago

    Is this better than Anthem? If yes, why so?

  • Mister Drastic
    Mister Drastic 14 days ago

    Do I need to play division 1 first to understand story

    • Shwakoue
      Shwakoue 14 days ago

      No, the story is pretty bland and the only thing you'll miss is the enemy types(rikers, cleaners) are changed up/new.

  • Rih
    Rih 14 days ago

    Help. Im about to buy this RN. Is gold edition worth it? What exactly is the season pass for? Thanks

  • Adriano Izquierdo
    Adriano Izquierdo 14 days ago +2

    Guys I need help, should I buy the pass for this game

    • Oh Yeah Yeah
      Oh Yeah Yeah 13 days ago

      Adriano Izquierdo if you want year 2 3 and 4 for free then buy

    • lobster7799
      lobster7799 14 days ago

      It’s a must buy....I am having a blast with this game...its not what I expected

  • Joshua Lane
    Joshua Lane 15 days ago +1

    Awww i regret getting rid of my ps4 just because of this game i loved the division.

  • Jasper Joe
    Jasper Joe 15 days ago

    Division 2 = Shoot Dudes 2

  • MrBeastPicasso
    MrBeastPicasso 15 days ago

    Should I Play Division one first for the story?

  • L4Disillusion
    L4Disillusion 15 days ago

    Game looks incredibly boring and mediocre even for a loot shoot game.

  • Hit or Miss
    Hit or Miss 15 days ago

    Just gonna say the first division looked better than the second... Just sayin

  • Thomas Engermann
    Thomas Engermann 15 days ago +1

    This game is really boring me out. I never played the first game but this is not really that impressive in terms of gameplay. The graphics are great and so are the weapons. But everything from the character creation to the enemies and endless grinding is just dull. Just my oppinion though.

  • LayLow Lorre Watkins
    LayLow Lorre Watkins 16 days ago

    Yea im also a single player kind of guy. The only thing that I didn't like about the first game is as u said the bullet-spungeneas, I hope it's a little less in this installment of the game. I'm gonna pick up the game today. Great review by the way !

  • Martin Fast
    Martin Fast 16 days ago

    I don't understand what this game is about, can someone explain ?

    • Martin Fast
      Martin Fast 15 days ago

      +Thomas Engermann Sounds boring lol

    • Thomas Engermann
      Thomas Engermann 15 days ago

      You shoot and grind. Then you shoot... and then you grind some more.

  • Haus Garrett
    Haus Garrett 16 days ago

    I hated the first 2 hours it felt forced and kinda like my hand was held but after that I started to liberate and just mess around. I enjoy it a lot

  • Entrepreneurr
    Entrepreneurr 16 days ago

    Sounds like another boring grind

  • John Smith
    John Smith 17 days ago

    Where can I submit footage for your "dumb yet hilarious glitches" videos?

  • Barbod SAFARI
    Barbod SAFARI 17 days ago

    I was planning to buy the game but I have a question : can you play this in Iran?

  • MattstangGT500
    MattstangGT500 18 days ago

    Trash game

  • Momonga :D
    Momonga :D 18 days ago

    ok so u only go over minor things... and none of the end game content? how are they? considering its a looter shooter, ppl look for end game stuff...

  • Liam Banning
    Liam Banning 18 days ago +1

    Honestly, this games 'story' and lore is just garbage, but it gets away with it because the gameplay is addictive. I wouldn't say the gameplay is *good* per say, but it definitely has the ability to set its hooks in you and provide enjoyment, and I kinda think that ubisoft knew this from the start, and took advantage of the formula to slack off on the other elements of the game. I actually quite like the whole contaminated setting, but the different factions are just plain dull and generic, I feel like this game could have been an absolute knock out of the park if they had put just a little bit of effort into making an interesting story and enemies. Nevertheless, I'm really enjoying the game

  • Andrew Owens
    Andrew Owens 18 days ago

    I bought a Rx 580 and the game came with it

  • em bo
    em bo 18 days ago

    I buy first then watch Before you buy

  • Chief
    Chief 18 days ago

    New mic?

  • Gejamugam Latsoomanam
    Gejamugam Latsoomanam 18 days ago

    Switch owners be jealous

  • dave baldino
    dave baldino 19 days ago +2

    Great video , swaying me into buying. Rip life

  • gloria borger
    gloria borger 19 days ago

    I like division one that I just started too late like the second year after it came out is whenever I started so it's nice starting from the game actually came out

  • Erik Dahlborg
    Erik Dahlborg 20 days ago +3

    I dont like the way some people take less damage from the same weapon, it kinda makes this game that suppose to look realistic garbage.

    • 222
      222 14 days ago +1

      Tbf Irl if you shoot someone 10x's in the foot they aint gonna die as fast as a shot to the head. It all depends where you shoot the player, so that's pretty realistic imo

  • micheal earls playlist

    I bought the $126 version of this game cause of this review. It better be worth it.

  • Elite Image
    Elite Image 20 days ago

    I just wanna know if it’s worth it I played the first one too I stop beginning mid way it had potential but idk
    This one seems really good but I’m not sure I don’t wanna waste my money

    • Joey Brown
      Joey Brown 19 days ago

      Elite Image first game in awhile worth the money

  • Gr0llig3r
    Gr0llig3r 20 days ago

    I loooove division but the second title just got a few Bugs and glitches that Killed my imterest a few Times in part 2. Just a few T poses would be funny but like every third enemy is t posing. My darkzone missions Are bugged so that i cant complete them and a few abillitys need to be fixed. But The Division 2 is still a great game. Just a few fixes here and there and this game is going to be awesome. Look at the potential that game has. Its rising more and more. It has everything you need from looting to Shooting enemys and the missions. I love it. (I know i am standing on both sides like i love the game and i dont like it but most of the time i just love it. Like the First one)

  • Synthetic YT
    Synthetic YT 20 days ago

    Do you need ps plus to play it

  • DarthGaming
    DarthGaming 20 days ago

    Considering I used to play a lot of fallout, I really do enjoy the division

  • The English Gentleman
    The English Gentleman 20 days ago +2

    The attention to detail is phenomenal. I've eaten in the restaurant in to the mid-left at 10:03.

    • Nathan White
      Nathan White 17 days ago

      +King _ G4merr3 Yep, it's pretty cool!

    • King _ G4merr3
      King _ G4merr3 17 days ago +1

      Nathan White
      Wow that’s just.. wonderful.

    • Nathan White
      Nathan White 17 days ago

      +King _ G4merr3 The map is nearly 1:1 scale and designed to include real buildings, streets, landmarks, etc.

    • King _ G4merr3
      King _ G4merr3 18 days ago

      The English Gentleman
      WTF are you serious ?

  • Raven777777777777777
    Raven777777777777777 20 days ago

    I've spent over 950 hours in first Division mostly as solo player since all my friends stopped playing after a week since they started playing and that was in patch 1,7 not as me as i started in patch 1,3 so i can say that Division 2 really got most problems of first Division fixed but thing im most exited is if some kind of Survival will make it back as it was really good in first one. Bullet sponge enemies are still a thing but in that way that if you run accross some of those "Tanks" you notice that they wear bomb defusal heavy armor so it kind of make sense it will take time and bullets to take them out and good thing is that you can actually shoot off parts of their armor off so it feels little bit more immersive. Also story isnt bad, while exploring you come accross many references to first Division story and characters as you progress. Havent yet played much of an end game content but for now i can only recommend to anyone who is interested in 3rd person action shooter. Only thing that bugs me for now is that it kind of failed to drag my friends to play it but i kind of failed that part too so not sure if i can ever succeed on that. On game bugs part only what i have come accross since beta is occasional CTD (crash to desktop) but i suppose that caused by me having Division 2 graphics setting on max on 2k resolution and DX12 with firefox running on background and using Alt + Tab frequently so that one is on me but so far no bugs for my over 30 hours in the game (dont have so much time anymore). Sorry for long post and excuse any mistakes, im not an english native. "When chaos strikes there wont be resources to save us all, only question remain is - What will it take to save what remains? Good luck and see you around Agents.

  • Luke Cordero
    Luke Cordero 20 days ago +1

    Can you switch to first person (aiming down sights) while shooting?

  • Jason Vaccaro
    Jason Vaccaro 20 days ago

    Still looks like copy and paste from D1

  • nexus1g
    nexus1g 20 days ago +1

    I don't mind the grind as long as I get something with the progression. If I designed WOW like the Division, I'd have one dungeon, and the only thing that would change as you progressed was the HP of the enemies would increase. There would be no new mechanics for bosses, no new scenery, no real feeling of progression. That was my issue with the original game. I want new scenery, new mechanics to adjust for and learn in fights, new types of enemies, interesting new looks, deadly -- but not unfair -- enemies, etc. Can anyone tell me your experience with these things in the game?

  • Xray
    Xray 20 days ago

    Ubisoft is great

  • SL3R
    SL3R 20 days ago +1

    Anyone else getting real bad texture pop in for this game on console?

  • Defender of Video Games

    I used to love the division. Well then I got in a rough spot with my online friend. And he was a higher level and helped me enjoy the game. On my own I got wrecked. And I don't think any other friends will buy it. Can you still play solo successfully

  • Ryan Cho
    Ryan Cho 21 day ago

    I just watched this video and got Division 2. It looks like a genuinely good game, thanks for the unbiased review

    • Ryan Cho
      Ryan Cho 13 days ago

      Erebus , rly good. Although sometimes it is stressful and some missions are unnecessarily long. The game is good. Attention to detail is amazing and the feeling of completing missions and getting weapons is second to none

    • Erebus
      Erebus 13 days ago

      How is it

  • renobLE ELboner
    renobLE ELboner 21 day ago

    I really feel like they went the wrong way with how combat is, i feel like if it were more hardcore, like bullets are realistic with damage, and the AI is intelligent using team tactics and such trying to cut you off and or close the distance/keep suppression, making it dangerous for you, it would be really fun, maybe a little less run gun and more "how should I go about this?" Idk, I just feel like if two people have a VECTOR they should have the exact same chance as the other instead of "one has purple and the other has green" same with gear, ya know?

    • Weeabo Jones
      Weeabo Jones 19 days ago

      +renobLE ELboner i do like the idea of it being more realistic, but like I said, pretty much that would cut down the content (guns, armor) by about half. It could be something like PUBG but more in depth on armor, not just lvl 1. Lvl 2. That, although possible, its kinda hard to pull off. Very sensitive when it comes to balancing weapons and armor

    • renobLE ELboner
      renobLE ELboner 19 days ago

      +Weeabo Jones not if done right, it's hard to explain exactly but, maybe some guns have the ability to shoot through thicker objects, or armor, that's another factor, armor, there can be different levels of armor all ranging in different ways to protect. I'm not saying completely abolish the difference, but I think when an unarmored person gets shot 3 times in the chest no matter what gun is used they should go down, make it more slower and tactical rath than "jump in and shoot everything to hell cause we have op equipment "

    • Weeabo Jones
      Weeabo Jones 19 days ago

      Then the looting system would be cut down about 80%, thats the problem. I would prefer if it were a lot more realistic with bullet damage, but then there really wouldnt be bosses and a lot of difference in the guns since anything can kill you easily

  • Justin Head
    Justin Head 21 day ago +1

    Really solid analysis on D2. I bought it and I’m lovin’ it. Nice work 👍🏻

  • M Donovan
    M Donovan 22 days ago

    The Division is dumb.

  • J4CKT1C4L
    J4CKT1C4L 22 days ago

    This game is great but why is it so damn large
    Its size is 90+ GB with a 44 GB update and a 30+ GB update
    Its bigger than RDR2 lol

    • Raven777777777777777
      Raven777777777777777 20 days ago

      Dont remember how many GB i had to download but my game has only 43,6 GB.

  • XxZoikki xX
    XxZoikki xX 22 days ago

    Should i buy this game but i lose almost all my money or buy money with 20€ to rdr2 online?

  • lil balls out
    lil balls out 22 days ago

    Wait so how do you crouch

  • Dean Summers
    Dean Summers 22 days ago

    Yeah that was a mission in the private beta to retrieve the declaration of independence from the archive

    • Raven777777777777777
      Raven777777777777777 20 days ago

      Its in there and its pretty good mission also dont forget to rescue President of USA.

  • Dean Summers
    Dean Summers 22 days ago +2

    No division 2 loot system is completely different than Division 1 example world tiers back in division 1 you could choose any world tier that you want the only requirement was you had to be a certain gear score to access it there was no objectives to complete there was no side missions to complete it was unlocked when you hit a certain gear score and it increase your loot power drops.
    As for division 2 all of your end game loot drops is based off your world tier that you have access to. After you do very long side missions and strongholds things that players would normally wouldn't do.
    this kind of system prevents players to play by themselves it strongly forces players to play with groups. When we all know the division community is not a very helpful or a friendly community. they are full of people who curse on a daily basis who don't even understand the word being helpful or being friendly or being respectful for that matter. But yet we are forced to play with groups we are forced to join clans. We are forced to play with players who yell at other players for using a build that they don't approve of. don't say that's not true it is true multiple RUcliprs made videos about how toxic division 2 not the game the community. it's the reason why multiple RUcliprs been sharing videos on how to make a solo build, so you can actually solo strongholds so you can actually solo invaded missions so you won't be left out because of players terrible toxic behavior.

  • TETSUOx88
    TETSUOx88 22 days ago

    Thanks 🤙

  • Joshua
    Joshua 23 days ago

    0:38 "bullet sponges"... Enough said, not buying, thanks you guys

    • Joshua
      Joshua 20 days ago

      Thanks for the info! That was my main complaint, otherwise I liked the first game, so maybe I should get the second one after all

    • Raven777777777777777
      Raven777777777777777 20 days ago

      Its not bullet sponges as in first Division, this time you kill everything pretty fast its just tanks that wear bomb defusal heavy armor that are though but thats to be expected since that armor is really thick kevlar, also if you have good aim you can shoot off parts of that armor and then kill tank really fast. You may try it if you have someone who already has it but in the end its your decision to buy or not to buy, in any case good luck.

  • Jacob Peterson
    Jacob Peterson 23 days ago

    Great video shouldve watcged before i bought it i can see things that peiple like about this game but i fine myself searching for fun. Im lvl 19 and the missions all seem the same to me and it looks like they took a 3rd person shooter and added random building just to get attachments for guns that dont feel like they change anything

  • Borderline Personality Disorder 1978

    This game ain't worth jackshit, just after 2 weeks ive already given up on it my patience has run out
    So far ive tried everything & nothing seems to be working 2 hell with it that disc will never see the light of day again it can sit there & gather dust for all i give a shit.
    I should've trust my instincts & never bought it since the division 1 was also fuckin garbage

  • Jose diaz
    Jose diaz 24 days ago

    Let's be honest, all of these types of games exist thanks to the original borderlands game. And we fucking love it.

  • Glory Days31
    Glory Days31 24 days ago

    Meh...the game is a bit boring when it comes to pvp. Really hard to find players in the dz and the only option is to basically play another version of division 1’s skirmish over and over again ad nauseum. The pve players really ruined the pvp for division 2 unless the devs fix something in a future patch.

  • hot doggie
    hot doggie 24 days ago

    Is it an offline game??

  • Plague Doctor Seth
    Plague Doctor Seth 24 days ago +1

    I'd get this game...if I didn't already get Sekiro. Eh, whatever.

  • Simon Eriksson
    Simon Eriksson 24 days ago

    Atleast we feel less kachunkachunk in our steps.

  • Reverse Cowgirl Ryker
    Reverse Cowgirl Ryker 24 days ago

    Thanks! Imma buy the game today

  • I am Valentine
    I am Valentine 24 days ago

    Your character looks like a bad ass tho...

  • Phillip McCrevis
    Phillip McCrevis 25 days ago +1

    This game gets boring quick... very quick. It could have been done a whole lot better.

  • hoofhearted4
    hoofhearted4 25 days ago +11

    I didn't care for DC when I played the beta. I thought NY was waaaay better. But I think I'm still gunna grab this game soon. Just hearing too many good things.

  • th31and0nlyH1M
    th31and0nlyH1M 25 days ago +1

    Do I need to play the first one first?

  • MAPerez _
    MAPerez _ 25 days ago

    Still waiting on that pizza Jake