The Division 2 - Before You Buy

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) seeks to follow through on the potential of it's predecessor. How does it hold up? Let's talk.
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  • Chris Fishèrman

    On point, the ''Before you buy'' is awesome and I'm glad that you guys came up with the idea, how it serve to give us what we need to make a decision on whether or not to buy games. @gameranx is amazing as a group of content creators. I think I can say that all of us that follows this group of amazing people love their work (duh) and the time they put into it ^^
    Thank you gameranx!

  • Cyberrr
    Cyberrr Day ago +1

    Ugghhhh, if theres one thing i hate about this master piece is how enemies just take the bullets in while barely flinching, like the only time they move is when they die, any1 else?

  • High Caliber
    High Caliber Day ago +2

    1 millionth view

  • NotL1th
    NotL1th Day ago

    Millionth view baby

  • Night
    Night Day ago

    I used to be an Ubisoft hater but goddamn this game its amazing, it has its flawes but still a súper good looter shooter game, cant recommend it enough.

  • Jonax
    Jonax 2 days ago +6


    • Jonax
      Jonax Day ago

      Airs sadly it’s only a “free weekend so it’s free for a few days but when it ends you can purchase the full game with 40% off and with all the progress you made while playing it for free.I’d try it if i was you.

    • Airs
      Airs Day ago

      Jonax what’s free?? the whole game??

  • Arturo Avalos
    Arturo Avalos 4 days ago

    How can you save checkpoints

  • Nexus
    Nexus 5 days ago +1

    whats up with the audio quality

  • mark m
    mark m 7 days ago

    This Guy talks way too fast and has a real annoying voice

  • Domenic Nicholas
    Domenic Nicholas 10 days ago

    I like in division how orange computers push the most it makes you have to move and just have to all out get out of cover and would you like if they brung planes ✈️ in this game so you could dog fight or it would probably ruin the game ?

    • Domenic Nicholas
      Domenic Nicholas 10 days ago

      But I love this game and is anyone a fan of Tom Clancy’s ramebow six siege that’s also good

  • Fabio Lanzoni
    Fabio Lanzoni 11 days ago

    I wished for more story in the first one, instead of the online mess they focused on. Which sadly, to many developers try to make quick cash on....
    example of quick cash schemes. Days Gone, promoting and spending most of their money on Sam Witwer instead of focusing on story concept
    From the description in the video. I should avoid this

  • Victor Soares
    Victor Soares 12 days ago

    i freaking hated the first one, this one imma buy it!

  • Connor Hutchings
    Connor Hutchings 15 days ago

    I like the first 5 hours and then just found it really boring

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 14 days ago

      Connor Hutchings you been play games too much.

  • Mark Liberatore
    Mark Liberatore 15 days ago

    I shoot MF'S and steal shit. Reminds me of home.

  • Tina Karakatsani
    Tina Karakatsani 16 days ago

    Can we play to players together from the same console?

  • Dustin  Orgeron
    Dustin Orgeron 19 days ago

    If you have too choose division 2 or far cry 5

  • Ricardo Staffeleu
    Ricardo Staffeleu 19 days ago

    Honestly i love this game but the apparel keys that you get from leveling up its horrible everytime that i open a appearel cache its a fucking spray for my weapon bs

    CAMERON JEFFRIES 23 days ago

    I was gonna buy this game regardless of this review if you want to buy a game off of somebody else’s review go a head or you could view the game your fucking self chalk it up if the game is bad smfh

  • Kurt Schawacker
    Kurt Schawacker 24 days ago

    Frankly, he's right when he says you make your own adventure in these kinds of games. I get to go to midtown Manhattan every couple of years and at 2am in TimeSquare, yeah. It's a bit like that moment in the first game when you turn the lights back on. Like if you've seen this too and know what I mean.

  • kyle lopez
    kyle lopez 24 days ago

    I've never liked the bullet sponge enemies. That's my only problem

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 21 day ago

      kyle lopez Not Every Game needs to be realism.

    • FreeTime Player
      FreeTime Player 22 days ago

      Luckily bullet sponges in this game are 30% less spongey

  • John Chae
    John Chae 26 days ago +1

    is it worth buying if you dont hvae PSN? i remember Division 1 having sucha huge dark zone that you couldnt play 1/3 of the map without psn

  • Whoa Stairs
    Whoa Stairs 26 days ago

    Can you unequip weapons?

  • Kematt3130
    Kematt3130 27 days ago

    Just started the game. Show opening. I’m looking forward to making progress. This will be the only looter shooter I play most likely but I’m looking forward to the ride.

  • Aticus Smith
    Aticus Smith 27 days ago

    agh where are my classified gear sets I need to grind until I die

  • Saku Haapakka
    Saku Haapakka 28 days ago +1

    Usually don't like playing looter shooters for long, because it's basically the same stuff all over again while your brain cells die, UNLESS there's actually a good story and interesting characters. However, Division 2's world is SO BEAUTIFUL and vibrant that i find myself coming back again and again.
    While writing this comment I had Div 2 playing in the background and I started hearing this weird noise that I thought was coming from inside my pc case. Turns out it was crickets chirping in the game.

  • gozzyboy1989
    gozzyboy1989 28 days ago +1

    Is ok too buy it now or am I too far behind ?

  • Andre Mota
    Andre Mota 28 days ago +7

    buying it now. nice review btw.

  • Jean Garcia
    Jean Garcia 28 days ago

    How do you download it in pc

  • Mohammed Ahmad
    Mohammed Ahmad Month ago

    Something i want to know is if lets say im playing and just moving around can i find other online players in the open world?because im looking for a game like that

  • Ishaan Tomar
    Ishaan Tomar Month ago

    It’s good but it’s so repetitive. I got bored after level 26

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 27 days ago

      Ishaan Tomar you been play games too much.

  • Lofi Looney
    Lofi Looney Month ago +1

    division 2 is a ok game not going to lie your doing the same thing over and over and at first yes it fun but for me after 2 months i stop playing because it became really boring

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 27 days ago

      Lofi Looney you been play games too much.

  • DaeTheKnight
    DaeTheKnight Month ago

    Thaaaank you for this series. Everyone else over complicates things

  • Ark Gaming
    Ark Gaming Month ago

    Hard core divison fan here got all the exotic guns and classified gear sets 😂😂😂

  • Joe Demko
    Joe Demko Month ago +17

    I been sleeping on this game, gonna have to pick this up

  • Melleyne
    Melleyne Month ago +1

    Literally the copy of the previous game with some new updates

  • Aldrin John Alforja

    Do I need internet connection for this?

  • Mr Pieraldi
    Mr Pieraldi Month ago

    what do you use to play this game? controller or mouse and keys? asking for a friend.

  • Mr Pieraldi
    Mr Pieraldi Month ago

    i just got this game for free for buying a motherboard for my pc build. now ill actually try it. honestly the uplay environment is a pain in the butt and makes me to not want to play ubisoft titles. thanks for the video!

  • buddytheman44
    buddytheman44 Month ago

    Join the clan I just started, would love to meet new people. Ps4 HeadShotHunters is the clan name

  • William, the Tropical Scotsman

    Does it bother anyone else that whenever the camera shifts shoulder perspectives, so do the gun hands?

  • Joseph Biondi
    Joseph Biondi Month ago +7

    I'm from NYC too and they did a sick job with the map and graphics on the first game. I was in Hells Kitchen one night walking down a block, and Im 100% positive I was there in the Division once, and it was a total mindfuck. Not to mention being inside Madison Sq. Garden, Lincoln Tunnel etc

  • Chris Kokolios
    Chris Kokolios Month ago +1

    Can I play this game without ps plus ?

  • LLamamaH
    LLamamaH Month ago +3

    I just want a game like Mass Effect 2, but seems like my dream won't come true anytime soon.

  • siup zium ciach
    siup zium ciach Month ago

    how many more games about shooting will we get? why can't someone create something different? possibilities are endless yet EVERY fucking game is about walking and shooting

  • HenryRuins
    HenryRuins Month ago +1

    Gladly I bought this for like 50% off because this isn't worth of 70 dollars imo

  • TheSageocool
    TheSageocool Month ago

    This game has better parkour then assassin's creed odyssey

  • Bassam Kanaan
    Bassam Kanaan Month ago

    Is it online?

    • La'Tron Jackson
      La'Tron Jackson Month ago

      Bassam Kanaan basically the foundation of the game 👌

  • Tez .W
    Tez .W Month ago +2

    bullet sponges
    are my biggest pet peeve
    in gaming

    • Pokemon Trainer Blue
      Pokemon Trainer Blue 29 days ago

      I feel like I am the only one who likes bullet sponges (so long as the battle is engaging). I love having to use everything to your advantage to get more and more damage. I hate it when enemies die from a few bullets or a few well timed grenades.

  • amit yoel
    amit yoel Month ago


  • IgniteTheSkyy
    IgniteTheSkyy Month ago

    Man, this is the first time I've watched one of these videos and idk why. I have to say, this is a really solid review. Now I know where to go before future game purchases.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago

    I was amazing at division 1 .

  • Shadow Raven Gaming

    I didn’t like the Division 1 at all, but the Division 2 is a massive upgrade and it’s amazing. I’m having a ton of fun right now and I’m really impressed with almost everything in this game. I really love how the AI don’t just run around mindlessly, I love that it’s a little more challenging (especially in the DZ) to take them out and then you obtain the juicy rewards. I’m a solo player so I really love that, I’m really having a blast and I’m glad I copped this. (I got this before watching this I just came here to say I like it lol)

  • division friendster

    I am enjoying every minute of it while you explain about the division and 1 I very much love the division 2 too

    • Fortnite Is Trash
      Fortnite Is Trash Month ago

      Is it worth it im deciding i should pick this up btw is the game fulll of sweats or no

  • division friendster

    I am enjoying every minute of it while you explain about the division and 1 I very much love the division 2 too

  • Mr. Squareman
    Mr. Squareman Month ago

    I wish you could do all the missions solo instead of waiting an hour to play it because of matchmaking for other players

    • xfrassel
      xfrassel Month ago

      @Mr. Squareman no problem

    • Mr. Squareman
      Mr. Squareman Month ago

      xfrassel yes thank you

    • xfrassel
      xfrassel Month ago

      @Mr. Squareman did it work?

    • Mr. Squareman
      Mr. Squareman Month ago

      xfrassel ok I’ll try it thanks

    • xfrassel
      xfrassel Month ago

      I was able to play them solo. Start matchmaking, but instead of waiting for other playler, just run straight into the mission area and the mission should start, after this you can stop matchmaking and play completely alone. Worked every time for me except one early mission on lvl 10.

  • Kobe Johnson
    Kobe Johnson Month ago

    Can you tell me if you need PlayStation plus

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton Month ago

      Kobe Johnson Not If you play it alone.

  • cool user name
    cool user name Month ago

    I fucking love the first one and can’t wait to get this one

  • Gal Re
    Gal Re Month ago

    Wait, you’re saying I can pull a National Treasure in this game???
    I am on my way to buy this game rn

  • Shrek 68
    Shrek 68 Month ago

    Like division 2 comment for days gone

  • Sigurd Norris
    Sigurd Norris Month ago +3

    i wasnt af BIG fan of the divison 1 but THIS one is AWESOME

  • Luck Zero
    Luck Zero Month ago +2

    one of your guns bounced out of your bag, at 9:14 lmao. What was that!? lol

    • Luck Zero
      Luck Zero Month ago

      @A Barrel of Fun you know what, you ain't lying lol. Thanks, at first glance it looked as if it stayed behind, but now I see it moving

    • A Barrel of Fun
      A Barrel of Fun Month ago +1

      Was a drone thing

  • NYpsycho
    NYpsycho Month ago

    so do u just need ps plus to play online or another subscriprion to?

  • Marques King
    Marques King Month ago +1

    You have helped me with my buying decision to purchase The Division 2.
    And you're the very 1st reviewer of anything on RUclip I've commented upon.
    Such was your positive impact!
    Thankyou sir.

  • Isaiah Naranjo
    Isaiah Naranjo Month ago +1

    please make a Before You Buy for fortnite

    • Mikael
      Mikael Month ago

      It's free you shithead

  • WOLF
    WOLF Month ago

    Can I play this with bad internet ?

  • Jason X
    Jason X Month ago

    Division 2 or ac odyssey?

  • Gary Vee
    Gary Vee Month ago

    Already on sale with 30% off...., wait another month and it will be at least 50% off.., still wouldn't buy it after being so burnt with D1 and EVERYBODY that bought a yearly pass should of got this for free..., "may" have bought some credibility back. Played the Beta and just thought it was still total rubbish.

    • Nick Mcdaniel
      Nick Mcdaniel Month ago

      That's like saying anyone who bought the season pass for last years cod deserves to get a free preorder on the next one lol. This game is a huge improvement from td1 and worth the full price imo. Almost 300 hours in

  • Jeremy Fortini
    Jeremy Fortini Month ago

    I feel like its a sturdy game. I played the first division and occassionally i see the same bugs in the second division. Not common, but sometimes bullets don't do damage to the NPC's, or getting stuck in a narrow space. Overall i dont really feel its worth buying it $100 outright, to me it feels like it has much more game material the last. However the players that did play the first one probably still have a very sour taste in their mouth's after the first one. I know i still do a bit, at minimal though i think returning players should get some extra reward. Not nothing big, maybe like a few clothing crates and a few loot crates. My conclusion, its midly better than the first. Its still not going to win very many people over sadly.

  • FoxxyTrott
    FoxxyTrott Month ago

    Join my Clan (Xbox): Greymarch (GRM) PvE + PvP open to all!

  • Silas TW
    Silas TW Month ago

    Always getting the "easy anti-cheat integrity failure" when playing the game... Ubisoft really has to fix this issue .....

  • Z Z
    Z Z Month ago +1

    div 1 is better!

  • N_Nightmare
    N_Nightmare Month ago

    Should i buy the first game or just jump straight into the second

    • hijosu
      hijosu Month ago

      Just jump to the second. By this vid it seems the first is the same, and the story doesnt continue it seems.

  • Jynxy -
    Jynxy - Month ago

    i have an i5-8400 and a 1060, will i be able to play the division 2?

    • Michael Puzzo
      Michael Puzzo Month ago

      Jynxy - then hey man buy it and check it out

    • Jynxy -
      Jynxy - Month ago

      Michael Puzzo mine has 6 cores and 6 threads. It’s actually better than alot of i7s and it’s pretty good for its values

    • Michael Puzzo
      Michael Puzzo Month ago

      Jynxy - cuz you have an i5

    • Jynxy -
      Jynxy - Month ago

      Michael Puzzo why is that

    • Michael Puzzo
      Michael Puzzo Month ago

      Jynxy - no🤣

  • Ash The Duke
    Ash The Duke Month ago

    Not auto aim not fair

  • Branson Jones
    Branson Jones Month ago +3

    I love how I always watch these videos after I buy the game

    • Ezekiel Nephilim
      Ezekiel Nephilim 17 days ago

      Came here because I killing time while it installs lol

  • Spange Bobb
    Spange Bobb Month ago

    The dark zone doesn’t really excite me it’s just really small and not as big and exciting as it used to be in div 1

  • Mike Ashman
    Mike Ashman Month ago

    I don't put up with devs constantly changing their games, so I'll save my money. No, I've changed my mind, no wait, I changed it back. I don't mind change but changasoft does it way to much. STOP HIRING PEOPLE WITH A.D.D. DIZZYSOFT.

  • infinitelamboz
    infinitelamboz Month ago +5

    whats better ghost recon or division 2

    • Adnan Alagic
      Adnan Alagic Month ago

      infinitelamboz division 2. i got bored of wild lands in less than a week.

  • Ayy L'mayo
    Ayy L'mayo Month ago +1

    bruh who watching this as a fucking 45 gb patch installs

  • idk246
    idk246 Month ago +1

    I never played the divison 1 but i started by in the divison 2 i am intrested on what happend in the divison 1

  • Justiceshallprevail
    Justiceshallprevail Month ago +32

    I always watch this after I buy games lol

    • Agnes Mejia
      Agnes Mejia 7 days ago

      You should probably watch these videos BEFORE you buy a game.....just sayin

    • LuciusEsox1
      LuciusEsox1 Month ago

      Lol.. no, I think, like me he meant after Doh !

    • Dqy Zeus
      Dqy Zeus Month ago +1

      Justiceshallprevail you mean before...rrright?

  • Tomalo21
    Tomalo21 2 months ago

    Can somebody please game share this with me

  • CJ Lambert
    CJ Lambert 2 months ago +4

    Any word on a survival mode for this?

  • DH N
    DH N 2 months ago

    After some expansions it could be real good - wtf happened to the game that was? *I am not hating on gameranx, LOVE EM.* But, gaming is def. irritating sometimes.... lol - ty for the video Gr

  • _ _ziggy
    _ _ziggy 2 months ago +8

    But, but...

    I have no friends...

  • The real Jericho Kyle
    The real Jericho Kyle 2 months ago

    Oh look it's a new map for ghost recon

  • T H O T S L A Y E R
    T H O T S L A Y E R 2 months ago

    Is this game like fallout 4 with online mode?

    • Bernd SchekelSchekel
      Bernd SchekelSchekel Month ago

      stfu animecancer

    • Devona
      Devona Month ago

      I dont know but Fallout 76 belongs in the trash never played division

  • Nasir Harvell
    Nasir Harvell 2 months ago

    I kinda regret buying this because I HAD TO WAIT 24 HOURS TO PLAY A GAME

  • Alfie Playz
    Alfie Playz 2 months ago

    Should I get it I haven’t play any division at all

  • Twitchy Corpse
    Twitchy Corpse 2 months ago

    In conclusion: "It works and its satisfying"

  • robert nichols
    robert nichols 2 months ago

    spot on thx love both of division games

  • CrAzY PuG
    CrAzY PuG 2 months ago

    Its cool that you can shoot grenades

  • EcologicNickel ,
    EcologicNickel , 2 months ago +2

    I loved the first division and wanted to make sure if this one was worth my money

  • Herson Filho
    Herson Filho 2 months ago

    This game need of Psn Plus for play campaign solo?

    • CrAzY PuG
      CrAzY PuG 2 months ago

      Nah i think it needs ps+ for conflict which is sad :(

  • Nty_ Logics
    Nty_ Logics 2 months ago +2

    i got it free from a computer part so i dont need to buy :)

    • Nty_ Logics
      Nty_ Logics Month ago

      @FluitGeluid it was that geforce called part.. im not sure :P

    • FluitGeluid
      FluitGeluid Month ago

      Nice dude :D what PC part did u get?
      I got Call of duty Black ops 4 with my i9 9900k but I don't like the game at all xD

  • Mike Klim
    Mike Klim 2 months ago

    Love the game been a day 1player on both games the learned from division what needed improving I would have to say get game I don't think it's gonna disappoint

  • Natthakit Korsawatpat
    Natthakit Korsawatpat 2 months ago

    one question. is there any repetitive mission that you can do alone to get better or even high end gears ? i hate when you have to go online to get better items

  • Plague Doctor Seth
    Plague Doctor Seth 2 months ago

    When I played the beta of the first Division, the first thought in my head was "This seems like a test game. It's not gonna be very good but then over time get better." Sure enough, I was right. (Didn't buy Division 1.)
    Enter The Division 2 and comes out with some bugs, but in a...finished state? That's a rarity nowadays sadly. But anyways, tons of rewarding loot, great gameplay, awesome abilities and PvP? With more stuff to come? This game has far surpassed my expectations. It has also killed my thoughts on returning to Destiny 2. I wanted to go back to Destiny 2, but I just couldn't. The game is a failure, it's awful, it's unrewarding, the DLC costs way too much and is literally a barrier and my old clan mates have started shifting to The Division 2.
    All in all, I think this game is absolutely fantastic! I also feel Ubisoft is slowly gaining back their good name...slowly.

  • John Alexander Svensson

    Good review. The real question is if the player mass dies off after a while or not....

  • Jackson Mather
    Jackson Mather 2 months ago

    Coming from someone from Washington DC (Well, just outside of Arlington), I can attest that it looks amazing. I’m surprised I haven’t picked it up since I know the area so well. It seems great so far.