[MLP Comic Dub] Season 6 Alternate Ending (comedy)

Summary: Another Way things could have gone when Chrysalis spurned Starlight Glimmer's friendship.

Original comic can be found here:


Scribbler (Chrysalis)

Princess Flutterrose (Starlight Glimmer)


Fluffing a Duck (Kevin MacLeod)
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Bright Happy Cheery (Our Music Box)
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Автор Prof. T ( назад)
Or the Princesses or Discord could have stopped her.

Автор Pinkamena Diane Pie ( назад)
that was right thing to do Starlight Glimmer!!

Автор Lucymineplay 101 ( назад)
I TOTALY think Starlight would do that tho...

Автор BJ Kaye ( назад)
ha ha ha ha, got eem

Автор Momin Khan ( назад)
Puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrre eeeeeeeeeeeaviiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll

Автор Alexandro Moreno ( назад)
The results convince me.

Автор Ink 維峻 ( назад)

Автор ericb31 ( назад)
hah. i saw a different fan-comic where Starlight zapped Chrysalis with a mind-control spell...then made her take Starlight's place for a "friendship lesson"!
(the same spell she used on twilight's friends in "every little thing she does")

Автор thomasabramson100 ( назад)
NOOO Glimmy NO wings

Автор neoneode lilibeth ( назад)
actually... that was smart

Автор superswag 98 ( назад)
The looks on their faces when she killed Chrysalis XD

Автор angelo weeling ( назад)
A much better end than the original end XD (if it just was the original end do XD)

Автор Tony Alston ( назад)
Firestar: OMG I DO THAT!

Автор Idan Chen ( назад)
lol the buzz noises good one (^c^)

Автор Bronybrotherforever ( назад)
This was very well made good job @Scribbler.

Автор PrinceEverfree ( назад)
Welcome to gen 1

Автор lynx318therealone ( назад)
At the Canterlot wedding, if Cadance had just hit Chryssi with a love spell to love the first drone that came along.
Cadance, "A queen that doesn't love her subjects is not a true queen!"
*magic sparkle spell sound effect*
Chryssi, "I love you!" *ZAP* "What da!?!"

Автор Jonathan Ellis ( назад)
Wow. First time I cheered Starlight Glimmer on and it's in a fan reading of fanart. :p

Автор Tucsoncoyote ( назад)
There's a commercial somewhere in there. Oh right,

"Starlight Glimmer -- Kills bugs dead..." (From Johnson and Jonhson makers of "Raid")

Автор MightyDirk ( назад)

Автор Brainpuzzler ( назад)
Somepony should tell Glimmer that's not what ponies do with defeated villains

Автор Thomas Mettham ( назад)
Now are you sure you won't try to turn Equestria Equal again Starlight?

Автор ThunderSpeak VA ( назад)
Well then that just happend

Автор Nelson Demifur ( назад)
come on. we were all thinking it

Автор RoseRWORLD ( назад)
the real ending (aka deleted snece)

Автор Holly Dance ( назад)

Автор Adam Bozek ( назад)
Just goes to show, there are individuals in works of fiction and the real world who don't want to change their evil ways, and sometimes, they have to be put down for good, and this is a case in point. So indeed, thank you very much Starlight for making a Equestria a safer place. And you know what, this may sound for a kids show, maybe this might happen the next, and last time we see Chrysalis, someone may put her down for good, Twilight, Starlight, Thorax, Celestia, and besides, we've seen Sombra die, so why not Chrysalis, how's that for a message.

Автор neorenamon ( назад)
Ah, but you know in your heart that Chrysalis is going to be "reformed", right? Maybe this season or perhaps the next?

Автор Luna Luna Luna! ( назад)

Автор Mike Morris ( назад)
Not me Starlight, because I still hate you.

Автор Eduardo's Mind ( назад)
Wow, that was intense ._.

Автор Lotus Moon ( назад)
How can you do the echoing in Chrysalis' voice???

Автор The Tolakazak Channel ( назад)
You don't have to wait any longer Chyrsalis Twilight is getting rid of Starlight in the first episode of Season 7 by flushing her down a black hole all because her people of her town are still angry with her lol.

Автор SoundBrony ( назад)
You know, as much as I want to say that was overkill, we all wanted to see that happen.

Автор ThatOtherGuy 707 ( назад)
What the even

Автор MD-Twilight-Key ( назад)
And by safer place, you mean East Berlin during the 60's, then hell no!

Автор Eric Sep ( назад)
She ain't wrong

Автор Daniel F Velazquez ( назад)
That was a little too far but it would have been easier in the season 6 finally

Автор Drake-Silver ( назад)
#bugzapper lol

Автор Tyg Rahof ( назад)
Starlight knows that if she gets away, she might do something awful later like she did. So...Pew!

Автор Mlp PuppySunshine ( назад)
I hate how they let chrysalis go in the show but I guess starlight needs an enemy 😕

Автор Krash #42 ( назад)
Just like Far Cry 4

Автор Alan Antunes ( назад)
Makes way too much sense.

Автор Cookie Cat ( назад)
that's exactly what she should've done

Автор sentaimaster100 ( назад)
Starlight Glimmer is the bug zapper of ponies

Автор Ieatpaste23 ( назад)
I would love an Alien vs. Predator mlp episode.

Автор Sonic Dash. ( назад)
not gonna lie. i imagined something very close to this. instead of of a firey inferno explosion.
my ending: starlight fires a very bright beam at the queen as she is flying away. the beam hits her and knocks her unconcious. she is then stripped of her horn and locked away forever.

Автор probotboyxxx ( назад)
I'm in. C:

Автор Tomas Lopez ( назад)
Heck yeah Starlight!

Автор WolfX1120 ( назад)
lol great,,, /)

Автор Nick Collins ( назад)
So how long till princess starlight glimmer exist in cannon

Автор jamauln1 ( назад)
Starlight "Punisher" Glimmer.

Автор Sarah Jane ( назад)
Omg starlight..

Автор The Animation Guy ( назад)
Guess you could say. . .it was a blast!

*Puts on sunglasses while blaring CSI Miami's theme*

Автор Isdragon 98 ( назад)
Aaauch!!!........That had to hurt!!!!!

Автор Death Alchemist ( назад)
She zapped her like a bug.

Автор webkilla ( назад)
boom headshot

Автор UniqueSKD ( назад)
Just goes to show that in order to maintain harmony, you need to harm-many that would threaten it.

Автор Visiden ( назад)
Funny, I was hoping that Twilight had taken that option with you, Starlight.

Автор GuninGames ( назад)

Автор masterblasterT47 ( назад)
well that would have been the logical thing to do but it's a children's show so I guess you can't have a good guy outright killing a villan.

Автор Dragon Hero ( назад)
It is one the bast comic dub I seen this week and lol x2 and it made : )

Автор Cameron Smith ( назад)
damn Scribbler this just went Power Rangers 2017 territory!

Автор pusheen chan ( назад)
please, can you make polish lyricys?

Автор chocolate watermelon28 ( назад)
This would have made a better ending

Автор TheSpeedyPatriot ( назад)
That is exactly how I wanted season 6 to end

Автор Jean-Pierre Jewison ( назад)
she could have sealed chrysalis away inside of a giant crystal or amber like with most bugs. it's the equivalent to turning discord to stone.

Автор Zack Hall ( назад)
360 noscope, Doritos, Mountain Dew, smoke weed everyday. MLG memes everywhere in that comic dub.

Автор pink smile is cool ( назад)

Автор 064678543 ( назад)
(Chrysalis reappears)
You really have to work on your aim

Автор EaglesMan710 ( назад)
I honestly would love to see a MLP version of The Punisher in this show. There should come a time where friendship, forgiveness, and tolerance just aren't enough to stop one from doing evil.

Автор FlutterRose Va ( назад)
Haha That Starlight she always hast to have her magic save the day! That's the only thing she good at am I right? 😄 Eh?
No? Nothing?

Well this is Awkward! 😅

Автор sokesamurai ( назад)
Peace through superior firepower.

Автор WeegeeSlayer ( назад)
Rest in peices Chrysalis.

Автор [GD] BRBeginner ( назад)
These Ponies aren't doing anything to stop Queen Chrysalis, but now somepony stopped her. And, Now Equestria is totally Safe now.

Автор Adam Kay ( назад)
I think Chrysalis would've used this to her advantage. She'd pretend to be dead, amass her forces, and then attack at the first possible opportunity.

Автор The1Ryu ( назад)
My Little Pony: Regicide is Magic

Автор deathxanamon ( назад)
honestly I would have done that to every villain

Автор a1000face88 ( назад)
If this happened more mlp would be a whole different story

Автор Fuzzy Stripetail ( назад)
I, for one, am really anxious to see how Season 7 Starlight Glimmer's blue laser beam of death is going to make Equestria a safer place.

Автор Aki Laukkanen ( назад)
I agree with her that ponies often lack pragmatism when dealing with villains.

Автор Brony Meister ( назад)
this is the way to kill a bug queen XD

Автор Jake Austin ( назад)
Scribbler! You read my mind! If it ended like that, we would've finally had a good show without bad guys!

Автор Sour Note ( назад)
Well, that's one way to do it. xD

Автор BronyMasterYT:Gaming,Minecraft And More ILikeTf2 ( назад)
boom headshot go chrysalis :3

Автор Luis Misscellanio ( назад)
Saw this comic when it first came about and still hilarious especially with the great Scribbler's voice

Автор Travelin' Mama ( назад)
I love this video

Автор Jessica Pedley ( назад)
Amazing ending :)

Автор mlp forlife ( назад)

Автор shinjojin ( назад)
Honestly, this would have been a much better ending than what we got in the show.

Автор Equestira Girls Fan 94! ( назад)
Equestria saved. BOOM! DONE! Let's do something else!

Автор Bubble Diamondcz ( назад)
This is better ending :D

Автор DeltaPenta 414 ( назад)
Special Talent:
can cook minute rice in 58 seconds

Автор Pins And Needles Productions ( назад)
Wow...... I would probably have done the same...

Автор DeltaPenta 414 ( назад)
good vid

Автор RDash Sunset ( назад)

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