2019 Tesla Model S - Review & Road Test

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Lest you think we've forgotten about Tesla's Model S in all the 3, X and Y hullabaloo, you'd be mistaken. Here it is, the 2019 Tesla Model S. And how could we forget with Ludicrous mode and that insane dual-motor power. There's so much more to talk about, too, so that's why Micah Muzio is here. Also, he impresses some friends with launches.
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  • Lalodiegoworld
    Lalodiegoworld 11 hours ago

    Why does that worry me 😂 1:13

  • Jaxx Brat
    Jaxx Brat 14 hours ago

    Im gonna have trouble sharing this car with its robotics

  • Nat Shain
    Nat Shain 15 hours ago

    Chevy Volt uses less gas than Tesla, Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt The state of California gives a larger rebate to Tesla owners than to Chevy Volt owners because the Tesla is a “Zero Emission” car. In reality the Chevy Volt is closer to zero emission than the Tesla. This may not make sense to you so please read on to see my reasoning. As an owner of three different Chevy Volts Plug in electric / gas hybrid cars since 2011, I can affirm you that my experience with those three cars and my experience with the Chevy Volt is that they use much less fossil fuel (Gas) than Tesla, Nissan leaf or Chevy Bolt. This may sound as an absurd statement but if you let me explain to you why, then it may make more sense, When a person owns an all electric car (Tesla, Leaf, Bolt) it is never a primary car. The owner must own a second car as the primary car. This is usually a regular gas car that in the long run it uses much more fossil fuel than a Chevy Volt. In other words the total fossil fuel usage for this household is much more than that for a person who owns a Chevy Volt. The Chevy Volt for this household is the primary car (no range limit) and there is no need for a second (more long distant) reliable car. Also should note the environmental impact of owning two cars over one car which would include parts that needs to be replaced and those used parts will eventually end in the dump, 4 additional rubber tires to care for, oil changes, transmission oil, brake pads, tune ups, cost for the additional insurance etc. As soon as a person purchases an all electric car he develops a (RAD) range anxiety disorder, it is a disease I invented in my head to explain to you how a new owner of an all electric car starts to thinks shortly after purchasing the car ( sort of similar to buying a Boat: as the saying goes: the two happiest days in a man’s life is the day he buys a Boat and the day he sells it). Most of the general public (even most owners of the Chevy Volt) are not aware of this “RAD”. When an owner of a Chevy Volt travels any distant he will always be going from point A to point B. When an owner of a Tesla, Leaf, Bolt travel any distance that is close to the 50% range of the car’s battery capacity or more, he or she no longer can travel from point A to point B. It will always will be point A to point C. The reason is point B will HAVE TO BE a stop to use some form of a commercial charger thus diverting from A to B path (travel distance increased so is the fossil fuel usage) and the commercial charger uses of (fossil fuel) to charge the car. Example if a Tesla owner lives in Pasadena, Ca. wants to visit relatives in San Diego, Ca.. This Tesla owner will be very apprehensive that his or her car my not make the round trip and they could get stranded somewhere in between putting their life on the line. They have to stop at some Tesla charging station in between to get the Tesla charged or the battery switched while the relative who lives in San Diego will use their gas guzzling (fossil fuel) car to pick them up at the Tesla charging station to bring them to their house and when they are done visiting, this relative will have to take them back to the charging station using the same gas guzzling car, that is four trips. When owners of an all electric car taking any extended trip they must be on their toes learning and knowing the whole network that they can use to recharge their car (Point B to point C). If those charge stations are busy charging other cars then they must wait possibly buying foods and drinks (that used fossil fuel to make, and produce more trash to fill landfills). If the car is completely discharged then they will have to stay at a hotel overnight, because those All- Electric cars can take as much as 18 hours to fully recharge. Boy think about the amount of fossil fuel used to keep a person in a hotel overnight, electricity to operate AC / Heater, watching TV, hair drying, washing sheets and towels, laundry, food and the trash generated by such a one night stay. They also will need some form of transportation from the charging station to the hotel and back (more fossil fuel). Those all electric car companies may use sells gimmicks like DC charging where you can get quick charging in a short period of time. I say nonsense, you have to find a charging station with such a DC charging capability and hopefully there is nobody else ahead of you waiting to use it. Some people might thing in the back of their head that some hotels may have a one or two charging station for customers to use, I can guarantee you that those charging station will charge you an arm & a leg (more direct and indirect fossil fuel use) before you charge your car. In other word they: CHARGE LOTS OF MONEY TO CHARGE YOUR CAR. My experience with hotels chargers is that they either don't work or you can not charge your car with them (Tesla requires a special charger). If Tesla owners think that they can knock on peoples doors and ask them if they would allow them to use their electrical outlet in their garage to charge their car while they are sitting in their car, they better think again. It is not only unpractical, not workable and damn right dangerous. In some areas around the country if you knock on peoples door to recharge your car then you could end up on some TV true crime show. When I was a child my father told me the following saying “Good health is like a crown on the heads of healthy people, only sick people can see”. Chevy Volts drivers wear a crown (No Range Anxiety Disorder) only owners of Tesla, Leaf & Bolt drivers can see this crown. The state of California calls those all electric cars as “Zero Emission” while in fact they either directly or indirectly use more gas than the Chevy Volt. The Chevy Volt should be the car that gets the White pool lane sticker and should get more state rebate than the Tesla. People who have never owned a Chevy Volt have no idea how little gas it uses. Over the past almost 8 years of using my Chevy Volts most of the times I can not even remember the last time I purchased gas. Chevy Volt is also a great maintenance free car, I can write a real long article about all the benefits of owning a Chevy Volt but not this time. I think Mr. Bob Lutz (the person who forced GM to make the Volt) against all odds i.e. “GM engineers” should receive the Nobel prize for his idea and persistence. Had GM added a gas generator in the Chevy Bolt the same size as the gas generator in the Chevy Volt then the Chevy Bolt would have become (BVOLT) and would have become the greatest selling car in the world. Unfortunately Mr. Bob Lutz no longer works for GM and GM executive are now forced to listen to “GM engineers” to make their decisions. Even if I lived in an apartment building with no electric outlets in the parking section I will still purchase a Chevy Volt to use it as a gas only car. On gas only, without ever being plugged in for charging, it gets more than 40 miles per gallon. This mileage combined with almost no maintenance and the incredible torque this car has, makes this car better than the gas cars made by Honda, Toyota, Nissan combined. The 100% electric drive makes the main function of the gas engine is to charge the battery or run the electric motor. This means this gas engine is under no stress to propel the car which make this engine run under little mechanical degradation, which means it can easily run half a million to one million miles without much of a problems. Until someone makes an All-Electric car that is powered by a super-capacitor (or other means) that can be fully charged in minutes AND those charging facilities are present at all gas stations, then All-Electric cars are not “Zero Emission” and not even close to being the lowest emission cars on the market. Super-capacitor cars I do not envision to be around anytime soon and until such a car becomes a reality then I say to the whole world that is watching : “The Emperor's New Clothes, he hasn't got anything on,". To all the auto industry CEO's with visions, missions of a “Zero Emission” cars : the jig is up because it is not in the All-Electric cars. The Volt has the lowest emission of most if not all (including All-Electric) cars and should receive the Nobel prize for being the greatest car ever built. Owner of 3 Chevy Volts for 8 years.

  • JerseyMark
    JerseyMark 18 hours ago

    Any guy around my age that still plays Atari is okay in my book!

  • limodriven
    limodriven 20 hours ago

    Great, thorough review. Awesome job.

  • Jacob Peterson
    Jacob Peterson 3 days ago

    so how did he get the door handle open when you need to after the initial time walking up to the car?

  • cjcoolmoed
    cjcoolmoed 4 days ago

    Yeah I wouldn’t trust auto pilot either. Your still the one to get a ticket in an accident.

  • Andy Swift
    Andy Swift 5 days ago

    They never could explain why these cars lose a lot of baterry power over the night.
    Like 40 miles, on a Model 3 (said someone over RUclip)

  • Andrew Church
    Andrew Church 5 days ago

    Great video, but I’m really angry 😡 about it! 😂😂

  • Bill Pickney
    Bill Pickney 6 days ago

    “Keep right, except to pass.” PREACH

  • Julio casarez
    Julio casarez 6 days ago

    Go humans. ✌🏼🚶🏽

  • Sebastian Sefyu
    Sebastian Sefyu 7 days ago

    10:25 That's why blind spot mirrors need to be standard in every car. That turning over the shoulder is dangerous and inefficient. I'm in as soon as Tesla announces fully autonomous mode.

  • westerntui
    westerntui 8 days ago

    Oh god people, don't buy one unless your dumb or super rich and DGAF about blowing your money, just wait a few years and you will have heaps to choose from China, the quality will be better and you will be able to buy 2 for 1 lmfao America hasn't made a decent car since the 60s that's why their car companies went broke, and got a bail out.

  • HAL 9000
    HAL 9000 8 days ago

    I wanted to leave a negative comment about this, but I just couldn't after the fart feature made me smile and hearing Dancing Queen and a doggy chill mode.

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi 9 days ago

    ANTman doing car reviews.....arent you supposed to be joining the fight against Thanos

  • Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta 12 days ago

    The stock dropepd 9% after missing it's goal by only 3%. It delivered 50,900 vehicles in the 1st Qtr of 2019 out of their projected 52,450. That means that even when hitting it's target goal by 97% it still got dinged. Ouch.

  • caster cyrus
    caster cyrus 13 days ago

    whats the price tag?awesome vid btw..

  • Mark Arbuckle
    Mark Arbuckle 14 days ago

    Model x automatically closes the door

  • haz_dazzler009
    haz_dazzler009 15 days ago

    I hear Micah's voice, I press the like button; enough said!

  • Garry Nip
    Garry Nip 18 days ago

    Great review!

  • Nathasakorn somchit
    Nathasakorn somchit 18 days ago

    I dont get why auto pilot would slow down to get behind another car in order merge lanes when instead auto pilot should speed up since there isn't any cars in front of the driver.

  • Centaur Montano
    Centaur Montano 18 days ago

    so the autopilot does it work anywhere or just the US anyone?

    • 6210classick #
      6210classick # 13 days ago

      it works anywhere although, it'll stop working on certain roads because it doesn't know how to use handle them and ya will be notified before hand if you enter such road s

  • Dude Stylez
    Dude Stylez 18 days ago +1

    So can you fall asleep for a few hours, wake up and be at your destination?

    • 6210classick #
      6210classick # 13 days ago

      if it's a straight road, probably but otherwise, nope.
      it has level 2 autonomous driving capabilities which means that, the driver is required to be ready to assist at all times

  • DJRGRnl Surinaamse Hindoestaanse DJ

    4:53. How much does it actually cost to have this music play in your video?

  • Branko Badrljica
    Branko Badrljica 19 days ago

    Why is this needed now, in 2019 ?
    Haven't this been done bazillion times by now ?
    What new can be said about Model S ?

    • 6210classick #
      6210classick # 13 days ago

      well, this is the latest one, the 2019 version which was rumored to have an interior design change as well as other minor updates

  • Vincent Valentine
    Vincent Valentine 19 days ago +1

    So what happens when someone finds an exploit and uses it for evil?

  • Soak Mike Hawk
    Soak Mike Hawk 20 days ago

    this dude needs a raise bravo

  • DGLS_Official
    DGLS_Official 20 days ago +3

    Lane change was cancelled because you can’t cross double solid lines on the highway

  • Brody Osborne
    Brody Osborne 21 day ago

    Great review. Please review model X

  • LinusMLGTips
    LinusMLGTips 21 day ago +3

    That interior is just so bland for a $76k car. I'd think that was the base model for a $20k Honda or Toyota.

  • Accidental Relevance

    Yeah, my videos are not quite a polished as yours. lol You are a youtube superstar!

  • scharkalvin
    scharkalvin 21 day ago

    The screen should go to plaid in ludicrous mode!

  • Ian Harwood
    Ian Harwood 21 day ago

    You don’t get a Tesla because it’s a luxury car, you get it because it has the Tesla Logo in the back and front.

    • Chris Sadd
      Chris Sadd 15 days ago

      Technology is what you are buying. In the future these will be much cheaper like everything. Except Apple products.

  • MareosRoom
    MareosRoom 22 days ago

    People always talk good about Tesla’s and say it’s such a great car but the same people don’t own one, haven’t driven one, haven’t even sat in one.

  • I. Fawzy
    I. Fawzy 22 days ago

    You said in the video that autopilot mode made you more alert and worried than driving yourself. That why exactly I love watching you Micah and I think you are one of the greatest reviewers of all time. This opinion in Tesla is very unpopular and many choose to ignore. It's more stressful than regular cars, not comfortable, at least for now!

  • Matthieu Pesesse
    Matthieu Pesesse 22 days ago +1

    12:07 : that laugh says it all :D

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 22 days ago

    One thing we need in all models cooled and massaging seats

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 22 days ago +1

    We have a model x but there are two main things we regret not getting and that is 100d and the third row our car was one of those cars they already had there, we didn’t design ours also I’m very disappointed that right after we got our car with cloth seats they discontinued that option and made leather standard

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 22 days ago

    Hi. Cool.

  • Matt
    Matt 22 days ago


  • MACEDONIAbitola
    MACEDONIAbitola 23 days ago

    I would prefer BMW 740 or 750 any DAY

  • Xx king pro gamer Saifan 964

    This car looks sick man

  • inc0gnit0
    inc0gnit0 23 days ago

    just push the light itself...!?!

  • Hans Schmidt
    Hans Schmidt 23 days ago

    I am German and you‘ve just been awarded the honorary citizenship! Keep right exept for overtaking is what many people Even in Germany have not exepted yet

  • Mellow Minion
    Mellow Minion 23 days ago

    Great review 🤙🏻 fart blinkers huh...🤣

  • replica
    replica 24 days ago +1

    (the luxury feel of burning fossil fuel on a dying planet)

    • replica
      replica 23 days ago

      when you want to cool down our planet, windpower is best.
      when you want to waste our icreserve there are better alternatives
      (slowing down the wind reduce friction and evaporation of H2O to our atmosphere)

    • Rr
      Rr 23 days ago

      lol... what about the electricity which produced by burning coal or the extraction of lithium which literally destroys the entire ecosystem of the surrounding area

  • jack
    jack 24 days ago

    3:33 what the hell was that

  • (Original Mix)
    (Original Mix) 24 days ago

    2:37 my guy Micah produces electronic music!

  • PcarFan16
    PcarFan16 24 days ago +1

    BEST review of the Model S P100D I've seen, entertaining and good info!! 👍 Bravo kind sir!
    And you gave a great representation of where Autopilot currently is; I use it quite a bit in my S, but only because I have a lot of highway commuting that is fairly free of traffic. As you showed, it doesn't fair very well as being a human quite yet 😉

  • 8b64z
    8b64z 24 days ago +1

    My god ! It's raining, you're going to get electrocuted. You don't get that with petrol.

  • E M
    E M 24 days ago

    Porsche and Audi is garbage.

  • Israel Luna
    Israel Luna 25 days ago

    Gotohell kbb

  • NMEofdaST8
    NMEofdaST8 25 days ago

    Does anyone know it Tesla allows you to sync your Google Play Music account? Thank you

  • Bondy
    Bondy 25 days ago

    Nice looking car. Quite clearly the auto assist driving technology appears like a half baked work in progress. It still looks unsafe and experimental in a number of scenarios, which I think is more dangerous than good, by creating a false sense of driving security, induced by driver complacency from unrealistic expectations of its capability. I see this in part driven by the way the product is inappropriately marketed as all singing and dancing automated driver-less technology. I suspect it could take another 10 years to get this aspect right for mass consumption. The interior finish seems mediocre for a car costing that much. I think once the luxury car manufacturers bring out their own latest range of EVs, Telsa will have to lift its game and dot the finer points of build design and quality. At present they have a bit of a die-hard EV fan monopoly over much of the EV market, however that wont last indefinitely. I think BMW and Mercedes will eventually give Tesla a run for its money.

  • yt watcher
    yt watcher 25 days ago +1

    Genuine laughter when hes in ludacris upgrade.lol must be nice to drive.

  • fxp
    fxp 25 days ago

    I love the Tesla but I'm not shelling out $8k for it to drive itself. Nieoooo.... I'm gonna drive it myself because I enjoy driving. And I don't like panic attacks. I took my friends car for a test drive with auto pilot and it followed the road curve too well while a truck was barreling down the opposite side giving me a panic. See, normal people would let the bigger truck get more space and you would move a little to the right of the curved road rather than be precisely and stubbornly dead center in the road which the Tesla did.
    So, no, I think I'll just drive myself and save the money. But I will love to get the Tesla.

    • Glenn Millam
      Glenn Millam 24 days ago

      And the thing is... if they make it better and you change your mind, you aren’t stuck with the car as it is. You can just buy the features you want and get it later online. I hope every manufacturer takes this approach.

  • Luminiferous Aether
    Luminiferous Aether 25 days ago +1


  • Marcin25981
    Marcin25981 25 days ago

    Great video, 2 pointers form a Model S owner. Guess what you can press on the doom light, it turns on :) Passenger seat can be elevated to give you more room for your feet. Other than that, yeah interior trims could be better, sealants are quite ridiculous. However, I have seen some Mercedes models where you can see exterior paint panel at the bottom of the door, with doors closed Upss lol

  • johnyou35
    johnyou35 25 days ago

    Such a great car. I’ve driven four of them.
    It’s too bad you have to be a multimillionaire to be able to afford one.
    Tesla requires you to pay your sales tax on the car up front, and you can’t finance your taxes like any other normal car. You need RIDICULOUS amounts of money up front, and then have to pay a $1000 + car payment after that.
    Tesla is nothing but another toy ONLY for the SUPER RICH.

  • Hans Aaraas
    Hans Aaraas 26 days ago +1

    The Model S is awesome. I've had one for a couple of years now. Love it. You can turn on the interior lights by pressing on them btw. You don't need to use the main screen to operate them.

    • DragonSkaterrr
      DragonSkaterrr 22 days ago

      how long did you save up for that car and is it really expensive?

  • Jack
    Jack 26 days ago +1

    Yea but where’s the Dougscore?

  • Franklin Sharp
    Franklin Sharp 26 days ago +2

    There isn't much I like about Tesla car's, the are NOT sporty, luxurious, pretty. Basically they look like melted Ford's from the 80s.

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler 26 days ago

    11:55 .. the moment when Micah realized why so many people buy Tesla :)

  • Adithya Ramachandran
    Adithya Ramachandran 26 days ago

    In Tesla P100D vehicles, do the motors still overheat if you take the car for track day when it's hot out, or has Tesla launched an update to fix that ? I saw that some folks were having issues with motors overheating after just 2 laps.

    • Hodge Podge Productions
      Hodge Podge Productions 26 days ago

      The Model 3 fixed that issue for the most part with a better cooling system, but the S may still have issues.

  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner 27 days ago

    You can tell this guy isn’t a fan of cars of the future. He either doesn’t like fast cars or cars years ahead of the competition.

  • Ronin
    Ronin 27 days ago

    Even in a new car for a review the door handles are still a headache

  • FuzRModz
    FuzRModz 27 days ago

    All I want is to own a Tesla one day

  • Samuraisahsah
    Samuraisahsah 27 days ago

    He was laughing way too hard at that Whoopi cushion turn signal

  • Ziggi Mon
    Ziggi Mon 27 days ago

    This is nuts. Physical controls is what makes a good user experience, not the frigging ipad.

    • Ziggi Mon
      Ziggi Mon 13 days ago

      +6210classick # -- a typical response of every cult on the earth.

    • 6210classick #
      6210classick # 13 days ago

      until you get to try it

  • mamus4
    mamus4 27 days ago

    Tesla equals pure ripoff, for the cost of one option you can actually buy a decent used vehicle, these cars are unreliable and poor quality, you are getting a kit car for the price of a porsche

  • kickinbackinOC
    kickinbackinOC 27 days ago

    My Model 3 using Naviagte on AutoPilot was infuriating. When it was on a local road and approaching a freeway on-ramp, it dragged its ass to the ramp, then dragged its ass around the ramp, and by the time we actually got to merging into the slow lane of the 5 north, the traffic suffering behind me was so angry that they shot by me on the left, taking the space available in the slow lane before the Model 3 could move over. Then when it finally merged into traffic, it accelerated very slowly, again angering drivers behind. Horrendously awkward and unusable. Like driving with your 100 year old grandma.
    Also, when coming up to turn right at an intersection with a traffic light, the green was stale, and would soon turn red. Traffic generally hustles a bit at that juncture, to avoid missing the green. But not the Autopilot- it slowed down way too soon, allowing the light to turn red, and again angering drivers behind.
    When I want the car to go fast, it goes too slow. When I want it to go slow, it goes too fast. Not worth the $7000 they were asking for, so I gave it up.

  • Daniel Villalobos-Terrazas

    Great job, Micah! I liked your personality and presentation. Keep it up, my dude 👍🏽

  • j.hoover44_
    j.hoover44_ 27 days ago

    It’s not “faux” leather, it’s “vegan”🙄

  • Catioi Cat
    Catioi Cat 27 days ago

    I miss the Tesla with the fake grille wish the mod x came with one

  • BuzzFeedRight
    BuzzFeedRight 27 days ago


  • Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar

    I have a masters in Environmental Engineering, but common folk doesn't care about environment and we don't earn much to save the environment, there is nothing I can do.

  • Thomas Galvin
    Thomas Galvin 27 days ago

    For the dome lights, you can actually just tap the physical light and it turns on.

  • Prism Games
    Prism Games 27 days ago

    Looks amazing

  • Big0ldBear
    Big0ldBear 27 days ago

    It pulled to the left lane because you put it in Mad max mode. Mad max makes insane changes to be in the fastest lane.

  • Jonathan Woo
    Jonathan Woo 27 days ago +1

    looks like the autopilot still hasnt been improved.

  • Wacky R
    Wacky R 28 days ago +1

    Instructions unclear,Tesla on fire.

  • Sitwour Lor
    Sitwour Lor 28 days ago

    what if someone throw an emp grenade at your tesla

  • MyMd1111
    MyMd1111 28 days ago

    Not a Flamethrower

    LAESU DAN 28 days ago

    1:26 when 80.000$ car doesn't listen to u 😜😏💰💸

  • XP-8 TIM
    XP-8 TIM 28 days ago +1

    Unlike any other car, this car's systems will continue to improve long after you've bought it 😎

  • wooo weee
    wooo weee 28 days ago

    Think the mad max mode would change lanes more aggressively

  • Squashed8Ball
    Squashed8Ball 28 days ago

    ARRRBA? 😂😂😂😂

  • dalex7777
    dalex7777 28 days ago

    Hey Micah, waiting for your Kia Telluride review. Please review the SX AWD w/Prestige

  • jooky87
    jooky87 28 days ago

    Wow when did Kelley blue book become douche driven opinion instead of straight to the point facts.

  • Emese Szorenyi
    Emese Szorenyi 28 days ago +1

    Awesome review! First I thought you were a gas head, but glad to see you enjoyed the Model S!!!

  • Nicky W
    Nicky W 28 days ago +1

    He seems biased especially against autopilot when talking. Super annoying and un-thought through interview. Many details were incorrect such as the dome lights. He should modernize.

    • ZesPak
      ZesPak 27 days ago

      The dome lights and what else? One does not constitute many.

  • 2nd3rd1st
    2nd3rd1st 28 days ago

    13:40 "Ask an owner or spend time in one" ...
    I'll just ask, but thanks for the offer

  • Michael Hartman
    Michael Hartman 28 days ago

    The much acclaimed perfect autonomous driving was as expected, flawed. "Autonomous driving is better and safer than human driving." An experienced driver nervously wanting to intercede in moments, it dropping directly behind a tractor trailer, pissing off another driver, and missing the turnoff says volumes. The car is complicated bells and whistles.

  • Richard McKrell
    Richard McKrell 28 days ago

    7 years in production and the Tesla Model S quality is still garbage.

  • Electric Gainz
    Electric Gainz 28 days ago

    great video

  • pHD77
    pHD77 28 days ago

    Tesla cars compared to other EV manufacturers are currently at the point, where the iOS and Android system were some 10 years ago or so.
    iOS had features, which the Android OS struggled to compete with. Sure, they could do some of the same stuff, but not just as well as iOS.
    Today is a different story. The Android OS is actually a worthy competitor to iOS and manufacturers backing Android OS are actually offering innovative features.
    Some time in the future, legacy automakers (and some new(er) on the market) will be able to fully compete with Tesla. They just have to figure out what makes Tesla so special and top that.
    Right now, names like Hyundai and Kia are some or the names to offer Tesla-like range at somewhat affordable prices. But do not be surprised if a few years from now you'll see EVs being sold for far less than new ICE cars once the price on battery manufacturing drops significantly.

  • Cesar Silva
    Cesar Silva 28 days ago

    Luke Walton is that you?

  • Tong Tran
    Tong Tran 28 days ago

    model 3 in the background at 10:53. Were seeing more and more Teslas everywhere :)

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe 28 days ago +1

    If only my ludicrous rear motors would have lasted more than 6k miles. Autopilot is a joke

  • Harambo
    Harambo 28 days ago

    The Audi E-Tron GT will crush this piece of junk. 😂