2019 Bajaj Chetak Electric Unveiled | 95 km Range | Lithium-ion Battery

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Here is the most detailed first look video of 2019 Bajaj Chetak Electric unveiled today in India, all set to launch in January 2020
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  • Gaadiwaadi.com
    Gaadiwaadi.com  10 days ago +2

    Bajaj Chetak Electric Launched In India At Rs. 1 Lakh - Detailed Walkaround ruclip.com/video/2UJQL0HShLs/video.html

  • Avinash Bhuyan
    Avinash Bhuyan 6 hours ago

    Piche banda upsc ki tayari kar raha hai

  • Manish H
    Manish H 9 hours ago

    No mention of service/maintenance costs over 5/6 yrs...no mention of battery life & warrenty...no mention of charging (removable battery or not? Adapter type?) ...
    100 km range is too short for any major city w/ avg 35/40 km one way job commute...for b/c tier cities too not practical considering charging point scarcity ..
    In absence of any gov subsidy on EV charging points @ homes, economics do not add up with current discom electricity unit rates in most states & cities...plugging in EV to ur home meter also going to result in additional unit rates once meter crosses regular reading range...
    At 1.20 L INR, not many going to commit in absence of above info & limitations...only the rich with bungalows / row houses can charge these if no removable batteries..
    Additional 50/55 K spent compared to activa can buy you abt 3000km worth of petrol / yr if put in FD at 6.5-7.0% int. rate...and I am not even considering loan interest to be paid on additional 50 k at 12-14%...
    Over all, not worth the money & limitations...
    There are more effective ways to go green than this, given the long tail of power generation in India...(pollution gets dumped at thermal power plant location )

  • Punam Gavhane
    Punam Gavhane 16 hours ago

    How to book plj reply

    RADHESHYAM DAD 2 days ago


  • Vijay makwana
    Vijay makwana 3 days ago

    No one says,
    How much cost of chetak's full charge??!!
    Everyone say 95kms renge..😔

  • Gehlot Tanwar
    Gehlot Tanwar 4 days ago

    Rate bahut jyada Nikal Di
    Baki San thik hai

  • Md nawab Alam
    Md nawab Alam 4 days ago


  • Md nawab Alam
    Md nawab Alam 4 days ago


  • kands
    kands 5 days ago

    Bajaj we need atleast 150km range at below 1lakh price, to little to offer

  • musical badshah
    musical badshah 5 days ago

    1.15 kuj or money add krke me bullet naa le lu

  • musical badshah
    musical badshah 5 days ago

    Ye to chetak ka naam kharab kr rha h bekaar h

  • Home security system

    Pries bhut jada gvt ko tex khatm kr dena chahea

  • rabbani basha shaik
    rabbani basha shaik 7 days ago

    Super 😄😄 😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄

  • shan videos
    shan videos 7 days ago

    Nice vehicle👍 അടിപൊളി☺

  • Ansar Ahmad
    Ansar Ahmad 7 days ago

    Varanasi me kab lanc ho gi

  • Ishan Raina
    Ishan Raina 7 days ago

    Who will tell me about standby charging capability and battery backup ???

  • Mahendra Bhuvad
    Mahendra Bhuvad 7 days ago

    Charging down hone k baad kuch dusra option hai kya

  • Suresh Debata
    Suresh Debata 7 days ago

    Eisaka price kya

  • avinash kale
    avinash kale 8 days ago

    Price high

  • Shaikh Naaz
    Shaikh Naaz 8 days ago

    Acchi laghi gadi

  • syed zubair
    syed zubair 8 days ago

    Its looks good but over price.

  • Nipin odampally
    Nipin odampally 8 days ago

    Over Price

  • Rajkumar Ray
    Rajkumar Ray 8 days ago

    bajaj chetak RIP

  • Akshay Deshmukh
    Akshay Deshmukh 8 days ago

    If Tata rephrased the price of Tata Nano to Rs.1 lac, I would go for Tata Nano.

  • 뻐러빈 더깔Prabin dhakal

    Look like vespa 🛵

  • Sandip G
    Sandip G 9 days ago

    Charge karne me electric bill dabaake aayega..petrol pump ka electric pump bsn jayega ..aur kuch nai

  • GamingVideos
    GamingVideos 9 days ago

    bhai kitni der me charge hoga yeh tho bta dete🤨

  • Military Man
    Military Man 9 days ago


  • The Hunk
    The Hunk 9 days ago

    Charging time kitana hai.

  • vicky AR
    vicky AR 9 days ago +1

    Aap ko review karne nhi aata ok

  • Angry Bird
    Angry Bird 9 days ago

    Agar ye bike electric Nai hoti to book bhi karleta

  • Car Planet
    Car Planet 9 days ago

    Ghante jesa he. Chetak ke naam ka ejjat ka faldaa. Bakri nam rakh na chahiye

  • Manu S
    Manu S 9 days ago

    Charging the battery for 5 hours will give you 95 km. And it has no sytem / branches to avail public charging. And it's priced much higher than a 150 cc commuter bike. Most probably it may fail

    A ASHOK 9 days ago

    battery replacement cost?
    Why service required? only motor & battery is there. When compared to petrol bike. 80% of spares are not there in battery bike. so battery bike cost should be 80% lesser than petrol bike

    • Rajkumar Ray
      Rajkumar Ray 8 days ago

      @A ASHOK India me ye sab kiya ho raha he koi vi company apna nam marzi se price fix kar dete he

    • A ASHOK
      A ASHOK 8 days ago

      @Rajkumar Ray - So it clearly shows there is no saving in electric bikes. This how these company's makes fools of us.

    • Rajkumar Ray
      Rajkumar Ray 8 days ago

      aprox 30k batery price for 3 years ######

  • sethu raman
    sethu raman 9 days ago

    In this price range rv400 is better

  • Suryansh Magics
    Suryansh Magics 10 days ago

    Bakwaas review for good scooter

  • Rahul Mittal
    Rahul Mittal 10 days ago

    5 hrs. Charging required for 85-90 km...not a good option

  • Free ka Gyan
    Free ka Gyan 10 days ago +1

    Ek baar 0 to 100 full charge hone pe kitna electricity consume karta hai

  • Nazim Ansari
    Nazim Ansari 10 days ago

    Costly very costly .. garibo ka desh saheb aisa hi rahaa tu china ke scooter market cover lenga

  • studio 440hzz
    studio 440hzz 10 days ago


  • Shubham kumar Sharma
    Shubham kumar Sharma 10 days ago +1

    Yaar itna paisa is not justified :-( i am dissapointed

  • priyank thakur
    priyank thakur 10 days ago

    Bhai 1 lakh ka scooter who will buy that too electric, bajaj has lost it's mind.

    • Rajkumar Ray
      Rajkumar Ray 8 days ago

      yes there are many mad in india they will buy

  • Rinzler
    Rinzler 10 days ago

    Bring back retro Bajaj Classic 150 scooter

  • Rinzler
    Rinzler 10 days ago

    what about water proofing of LI-Ion Battery? is it good in rainy season?

  • vyshnav vv
    vyshnav vv 10 days ago


  • Manas Choudhary
    Manas Choudhary 10 days ago

    Damn, they legit changed my opinion on Chetak. That looks clean af!

  • Akshay Orange
    Akshay Orange 10 days ago

    how much electricity will it consume while charging? I have a 3KW eletricity load conection at my home. The specs say this has 4KW electric motor. Will I be able to charge?

  • Paresh Patel
    Paresh Patel 10 days ago

    Super scooter batteri achhi honi chayehai......... Excellent

  • Ram Krishna
    Ram Krishna 10 days ago

    Thumnail kuch or video kuch or nice trick to fool people.

  • Debasish Mitra
    Debasish Mitra 10 days ago

    top speed to apne bataya nahi

  • Aswini Pradhan
    Aswini Pradhan 10 days ago

    How can I recharge the battery? If I don't have any electricity in my parking lot

    SANTOSH PATEL 11 days ago

    Aapne to Sab to bataya par Ye Nahi bataya ki eski maximum speed Kitni hogi. Ya bailgadi ki Tarah chalegi. Kya hight par gaadi Chad sakti hai.

  • Anju Garg
    Anju Garg 11 days ago

    Bajaj is indian .hit like for indians

  • mahendrasingh dahiya
    mahendrasingh dahiya 11 days ago +1

    Good explanation

  • sawan kumar panigrahi
    sawan kumar panigrahi 11 days ago

    range thoda or hota to maja aata abhi nai le sakte isko
    bajaj ko or kam karna he
    but look wise ye mast he super

  • rajinder kumar
    rajinder kumar 12 days ago

    Price is so high

  • Shree Pathyara
    Shree Pathyara 12 days ago

    Y electric scooter price high it's too much

  • Saran Reddy
    Saran Reddy 12 days ago +2

    Not recommended as it's very expensive

  • Anil Padaya
    Anil Padaya 13 days ago