The Science of GOATS!

Yep. Goats!
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Who are those people in the intro? Say hi to Joe Nicolosi (director) and Katie Graham (camera)!

Goat field of vision: http://blogs.lifeandscience.org/keepers/tag/pupil/

Goat pupil shape: http://www.journalofvision.org/content/13/9/607.short

Radiolab story about a goat on a cow: http://www.radiolab.org/story/224292-behind-goat/

"Fainting goat" syndrome: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myotonia_congenita

Goats have "accents": http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2012/02/16/study-goats-have-accents.html

Goat tastebuds: http://bit.ly/1zFxhiY

Goat diet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goat#Diet

How goats climb so well: http://www.asknature.org/strategy/719058a39eea5af7f763bacda7c64ab4#.U_KPLbxdWm8

Billy Whiskers: http://www.childrensbooksonline.org/Billy_Whiskers/pages/001_Billy_Whiskers.htm

In case you're curious, the star cluster in the thumbnail is Messier 30, which is in the Capricorn constellation, because goats

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Joe Hanson - Host and writer
Joe Nicolosi - Director
Amanda Fox - Producer, Spotzen IncKate Eads - Associate Producer
Katie Graham - Camera
Editing/Motion Graphics - Andrew Matthews
Gaffer - John Knudsen/Philip Sheldon

Theme music:
"Ouroboros" by Kevin MacLeod

Stock images via Shutterstock

Produced by PBS Digital Studios: http://www.youtube.com/user/pbsdigitalstudios


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Автор Keefe Spence ( назад)
that ending. new snapchat filter anyone?

Автор Axena Wolfsong ( назад)

I'm only 11

Автор Lord Goat ( назад)
Woo my bros!

Автор Vinsensius Andre ( назад)
actually, this is my favorite episode 😀

Автор Deku Kitty ( назад)
Are we not going to talk about that ending? Who thought that was a good idea, holy crap!!!

Автор sayan ray ( назад)
Best video ever. at least there's a little space for metal in science. anyway, you can make a video about metal music and the culture and logic and its contradictions. might not be good enough for science though. but you can explore anyway.

Автор Fernando Bahena ( назад)
Jaja XD

Автор Linda Schirmer ( назад)
There are some flying around in space so I have heard.

Автор Vilhelmo De Okcidento ( назад)
Episode Suggestion: Car Exhaust VS. Second Hand Tobacco Smoke

Автор Sanjit Sehrawat ( назад)
What would happen if we go to the center of earth would we squeeze? ??

Автор Miko ( назад)
102 people may have had congenital myotonia from that jump scare, they accidentally clicked the thumbs down button instead of up.

Автор Braeden Doose ( назад)
3:53 AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор PlainsPup ( назад)
1:05 - How is a genetic disorder like congenital myotonia cute? It's sad. Stop intentionally breeding disability into domestic animals.

Автор KrazeeMonkee ( назад)
Not a single mention of Tom Brady. Interesting...

Автор The Fox Laboratory ( назад)
Goats are jerks. I had a goat and it chased me all the way up the street and the only reason I made it back is because I held by the horns and yelled at my friend to go get my brother so he could take care of the situation

Автор LiamTheLopez gaming ( назад)
This is my favourite video ive watched in my whole life!!!!

Автор Clay ( назад)
i live in zagros and my favorite animal is goat. lol my ancestors were like me so they domesticated this cute animals.

Автор Rage Gamer12440 ( назад)
the ending was hilarious

Автор Rosa Levender ( назад)
braum was right all along

Автор Awesome Lettuce ( назад)
the end petrified my little brother, he still crys about the "goat video"

Автор DavieBoy ( назад)
Pause at 3:37

Автор the goat is here ( назад)
my favorite video you've made!

Автор Matt Lane ( назад)
I bet they did that whole video just so they could put that pun in at the end

Автор Official Superficial ( назад)
That pun at the end... Was... Greatest Of All Time [G.O.A.T]

Автор Major Zipf ( назад)
Actually, the story of the man who invented the segue is a really good one. He's an incredible guy who has done SO much more than that one thing. His main project is inventing sustainable clean water devices for impoverished peoples and teaching them how to maintain them. Maybe you could do a video on him.

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
does someone play goat simulator?

Автор funny videos ( назад)
(insert screaming here)

Автор Amin EnJan ( назад)
that's where i live :-)

Автор john smith ( назад)
this guy needs to get a gf

Автор Alissa Taylor ( назад)
Worst pun ever lol

Автор Lord Goat ( назад)
I have been waiting for this

Автор TheTrueAAndy - Andy Long ( назад)
Goat Rule 34: if it exists the goat will stand on it

Автор St0rmtr00pah Itz_da_st0rm_:_ohh_nuu ( назад)
the only reason to why I watched this reason is one question: do the get any brain damage when ramming into things, if we humans would ram that much into stuff we would get some serious problems

Автор Ashtorn Sadowsky ( назад)
So are you telling me that Goat simulator goat's physics are legit....

Автор Eye Hates You ( назад)
I have a muslims friend
He knows a lot about goats! Lmao

Автор Samratt Verma ( назад)
and i thought only frogs and naruto have the Sage Mode

Автор Kevin Coggins ( назад)
My goat ate my homework...

Автор kratuna0 ( назад)
it was gooooooood

Автор Korsa ( назад)
I didn't know goats are so cute!

Автор XerneasJason Bathe-Taylor ( назад)
Lol 2:22

Автор Lucifer Broke ( назад)
Oh God that last part. I cannot unsee that. Oh God.

Автор nyandragons ( назад)
once I was on a class field trip to a farm and this goat SNUCK OUT OF ITS PEN AND SNUCK UP ON THE GROUP AND TRIED TO EAT MY WORKSHEET

Автор LazyElectron ( назад)

Автор XgamerdaveX ( назад)
The science of goats?

Автор Rasverix Xyleighraq ( назад)
Zagros Mountains are in Iran. I climbed them the other year, probably not as well as a goat would

Автор Goat ( назад)
i personally have a dutch accent (°-°)

Автор Hazelstorm ( назад)
Was that video brainstorming clip at the beginning real or restaged?

Автор EJBen007 ( назад)
Uhhh...goats utilize Sage Mode, hence their pupils being horizontal...

Автор Yuri Lu ( назад)
Press "3" every second on this video

Автор ayy lmao ( назад)

Автор nickopeters ( назад)
The lateral, depth-perception claim--?: "Neah-ah-ah-ah-ah--."

Автор Little Mr Dummy ( назад)
Mother fucking bats

Автор TPRSports ( назад)
Why would you make a video about the science of Tom Brady?

Автор Jenn Boink ( назад)

Автор EElectric_M ( назад)
Goats are strange, they are humanoids.

Автор Teth47 ( назад)
We have goats. One of them tried to eat a billiard ball, and another one of them likes to eat the soft touch buttons off electronic door locks.

Автор Who's Kavir? ( назад)
I'm pretty interested in the physics of riding a bike

Автор Mitchell Szarafinski ( назад)
Why do we need to breath to live?

Автор Nmethyltransferase ( назад)
You failed to mention that they're tasty! `_`

Автор Adam Hour14 ( назад)
it was baaaaaaahhhhhhd

Автор The Ceej ( назад)
Goats are awesome!

Автор MegaWhiteLord ( назад)
I just have the sudden urge to adopt a goat...

Автор Svetlana Budnikova ( назад)
1. Press "3"
2. Repeat

Автор ADAM12K ( назад)
goats are cool

Автор Sir Dragneel ( назад)
Well played sir... well played

Автор Serenia ( назад)
As a goat owner I must point out that while they certainly do focus on plants, they most certainly do eat other things. Ours have eaten half of a rainproof tarp, a good amount of peoples' hair, and one of them is damned determined to evolve to be able to eat and digest the metal fence and nibbles on it endlessly. They will also nibble on something to figure out what it is the same way dogs sniff things, so they'll certainly do that to everything...including you so be careful with your fingers -_-
As a side note they have this lovely habit where if they see you cleaning up their poop they'll come over and poop some more for you after you're done (literally every time). I like to think this is why some religious groups associate them with Satan.

Автор LeasLame ( назад)
you forgot to mention that they crave that mineral

Автор Klein Bottle ( назад)
lol I Fell down laughing when that goat said "HAAALP" Xd

Автор Zdt 71 ( назад)
Press 9 at the ending, you'll have unlimited goats!

Автор Behind The Curtain ( назад)
I now love goats

Автор svnhells ( назад)
When u crave that mineral

Автор Parkourior ( назад)

Автор Dodepict ( назад)
Yeah ok, you might be right but the main thing is that goats bleat too loud. As you can hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd4U5zCKuQY

Автор Brunneis Ursus ( назад)
the actual reason why goats with congenital myotonia disorder is not so uncommon is because goatherds would use this to their advantage and would have some in their herd so if a predator came by a "feinting" goat would lock up and it would be eaten instead of a good healthy goat

Автор тαѕυкєтє ( назад)
G. God
O. Of
A. All
T. Things

Автор TrollerpilotXIV Alpha (345 лет назад)
and I'm lying on the cold hard ground(goat screams)oh(goat screams)oh trouble trouble trouble

Автор Marybell Mae (930 лет назад)
That was cute amd informatic :D I loved it!

Автор After The Hunt ( назад)
omg the ending though...

im gonna have nightmares now...

Автор Andrew Burnett ( назад)

Автор radavar ( назад)
You should mention the first animation in the world was about a goat around 9000 years ago in The Burned city in Iran.
It was drawn on a vase.

Автор José de los Santos ( назад)
Does that congenital myotonia comes because of genetical drift? I don't think natural selection would favor that kind of trait.

Автор Timothy Germakovski ( назад)
i dont know why goats but this really funny

Автор Soham Banerjee (43 года назад)
The Goat! Passepartout, help me! I am being attacked by a ferocious animal! It has small horns.

Автор Blue Feather ( назад)
One of my goats actually ate my homework once. I was in the barn waiting for a pregnant mother to give birth, and the other one came up behind me and ripped the page I was working on out of my book.

Автор jakomean ( назад)
I love you guys

Автор umar khan ( назад)
make an episode of our great curiosity.

Автор Kalina Andrew ( назад)
that pun tho

Автор Puplic Channel ( назад)

Автор Lizard Man383 ( назад)
ohh god that final scene!

Автор Bricklord ( назад)

Автор MrBoh11 ( назад)
AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GOAT HEAD! im gonna have nightmares like that now.

Автор TCarrot Gaming ( назад)
You should do a video about the physics of cartoons!

Автор FCSΩ //FCSectorΩ ( назад)
Allow people to skip ads!

Автор Jeff Fraser ( назад)
If they can't see well on the vertical axis why do they inhabit sheer vertical surfaces? Is it enough of an advantage over predators that the penalty in situational awareness doesn't matter?

Автор Vamavid ( назад)
For a second there I felt bad that his co-worker would never get to see the awesome goat episode he dreamed about. lol

Автор lolcat Gaming ( назад)
liked before I watched because of the beautiful art that is the title

Автор iTz Been Revoked ( назад)
thumbs up for the ending loll

Автор Mitchell Dickson ( назад)
I now have nightmares. Thanks for the ending...

Автор turbohusque ( назад)
These have been True Facts about the *Goat.* Because that is how the Goat do.

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