Brexit bill: Parliament clears way for talks with EU - BBC News

Parliament has passed the Brexit bill, paving the way for the government to trigger Article 50 so the UK can leave the European Union. Peers backed down over the issues of EU residency rights and a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal after their objections were overturned by MPs.
The bill is expected to receive Royal Assent and become law on Tuesday. This means Theresa May is free to push the button on withdrawal talks - now expected in the last week of March.

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Автор Joe Bloger ( назад)
when all the the eu people go home please please please take the bias bbc with you thanks from all the people in the uk

Автор Andrew Sarchus ( назад)
Nick Clegg is one of the true greats. He is arguably the greatest political moron of our age and ranks well in any age. The truly astonishing thing though is that the Lib Dumbs may actually have found someone to top him in the form of the staggeringly stupid and utterly ridiculous tiny Tim Farron. How they managed to find someone to top Clegg in the stupid stakes and so quickly is just beyond me but really, I take my hat off to them.

Автор spagbol2323 ( назад)
If the Scots vote to leave the U.K. It will be "the will of the people" and "the people will have spoken" etc. etc.Will Brexiteers remember that it was those self same words that they were so proud of themselves? Why do I doubt they will want to give the Scots what the Brexiteers claimed were their British rights, a say on whether to leave a Union?

Автор spagbol2323 ( назад)
The snowball effect of the Brexit vote could be the split of the Union, well dur! The Brexiteers knew this was going to happen because the SNP repeatedly said they would try to leave the UK if the Brexit vote decided in favour of 'leave'. They got their wish they have no reason to complain now.

Автор Fernando Davillar ( назад)
C'mon Scotland. You can do it.

You 're a country, not a possession.

Автор denbydish ( назад)
Nick Cleg needs a spanking!

Автор ivan Testycle ( назад)
bullshit liars

Автор 7,500,000,000 views ( назад)
I'm urging all my fellow patriots of working age to please consider signing up to the British Armed Forces. Atleast as a reserve service man, woman or personnel.

Post Brexit, we are called to service.Please heed this call.#I'MIN

Автор News Today 2017 ( назад)
Great stuff. Looking forward to tomorrow morning when the army moves into the city centres and starts rounding up all the foreigners.

Автор Irishandtired ( назад)
The wealthy are worried that a labor shortage may cause higher wage demands. Open borders is only a means to drive down wages. Leaving the EU but keeping the borders open would be pointless. Ending the free movement would boost jobs for people in the oil and gas industry in Scotland. If the Scottish vote to stay in the EU (it's not really independence) it would be an own goal.

Автор Mike B ( назад)
Negotiations can even fail after at least two years.

Автор Vladimir OnOccasion ( назад)
people in fancy dress has your consent to tell you what to do, cause you register and vote...hahahahahahahahah

Автор 37persian ( назад)
Europe all going down

Автор Michael Mariner ( назад)
Thanks for doing your Jobs...Bunch of Pervert corrupt fuckers.

Автор KingofCabal ( назад)
PLease please please please let the Empire finally fall apart completely! PLEASE! Its time! The UK must die!

Автор Snow Rime ( назад)
The UK has to exit from EU within 2 years according to the article 50.

Автор Rafael Dumitru ( назад)
the price is 1£=1.10 euro

Автор Biggus Dickus ( назад)
Nick Clegg talking about returning parliamentary sovereignty, just to give it back to Brussels what a giant dickhwad.🖕🏻

Автор Phil Dobson ( назад)
Splendid! Now Theresa May is in a very powerful position over the EU.

Автор Canadiens Hockey ( назад)
The EU is overt gonna come crashing down and Capitalism and freedom shall return !

Автор Amanda Scott ( назад)
Does Nick Clegg ever stop moaning?

Автор linda clark ( назад)
It may be bad for foreign Nationals, but it's GOOD for UK! It's gonna work out my friends!

Автор linda clark ( назад)

Автор goff0103 ( назад)
Finally, times to leave the 4th reich run by Berlin.

Автор cary bary ( назад)
Remainers are little London weirdos with their steampunk costumes and bank accounts mummy and daddy gave them

Автор pablo9364 ( назад)
BBC Fake news

Автор Zombie Holocaust ( назад)
Great stuff. Looking forward to tomorrow morning when the army moves into the city centres and starts rounding up all the foreigners.

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