How I Make Some Of My Most Viral Tasty Recipes • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • Learn how Alvin makes his viral Tasty recipes!
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Comments • 2 876

  • ZTOX
    ZTOX 30 minutes ago

    Buzzfeed is uck. But good vid

  • Iza Mari Dela Rosa

    so yummy

  • Derunderscore
    Derunderscore 2 hours ago

    Come be my chef like pls

  • Kim Jon Un Official VEVO

    Oh my god, this guy is amazing.

  • Rayna Yi
    Rayna Yi 15 hours ago

    And finally make some friends..

  • just kidding yall mmm
    just kidding yall mmm 19 hours ago

    I want to taste the second one🤤🤤

  • Tim Harbison
    Tim Harbison Day ago

    I was full before now I need food lots of food

  • Scott
    Scott Day ago


  • Marilena Winter
    Marilena Winter Day ago +4

    "as I was about to fall asleep I think my brain just drifted off and I was thinking about Shrek" ~Alvin 2019

  • zombieNathan 05
    zombieNathan 05 Day ago

    I want some of those cookies

  • Gaming with maden
    Gaming with maden 2 days ago

    We watch but not try😂😊😊

  • Bogs Binny
    Bogs Binny 2 days ago

    making that cookie is my new life goal!

  • Yolostudios
    Yolostudios 2 days ago

    How much is 1 cup ?

  • Moritz Dörr
    Moritz Dörr 2 days ago

    What is a pancake mix?

  • 안뇽:D
    안뇽:D 2 days ago

    Alvin is so cool I really love his attitude 👍 in Korean : 멋있다!

  • 내가팀현
    내가팀현 2 days ago +3

    Alvin's chocochip cookies is my favorite recipe to follow whenever i crave cookies :)

  • Mild Snipes
    Mild Snipes 2 days ago

    im watching this 4 am, hungry, i didnt eat any dinner

  • Zaarow
    Zaarow 3 days ago +1

    cream cheese is disgusting

  • kOF.Readie
    kOF.Readie 3 days ago

    the biggest bribes/things that make you friends money and food

  • propjam2
    propjam2 3 days ago

    man that cheese onion ring is genius

  • plcott215
    plcott215 3 days ago

    11:28 Kinda Sad BtW

  • GregoryQ Gamer
    GregoryQ Gamer 3 days ago

    At 4:25 why does it look like his hand is broken or diformed

  • Emmy
    Emmy 3 days ago

    Plssss let me work there as your personal taster/jury/assistant idc, i just know i neeeedd to eat that food, god damn

  • Zekayea O’Clair
    Zekayea O’Clair 3 days ago +3

    💁‍♀️ I feel good today so I’m going to give my good day power to anyone reading this

  • Pink Llama
    Pink Llama 3 days ago

    1:58 I hate the little piece o the Sid!

  • Efisky Boom
    Efisky Boom 3 days ago

    In 0:20 Anyone See The Kichi Kichi Chef

  • Sarah Hansell
    Sarah Hansell 3 days ago

    You’re awesome thanks!

  • pewdiepie's war commander against T series

    ur a bakin god shrek is proud of u

  • Cam Forsyth
    Cam Forsyth 4 days ago

    bru i have to stop watching this stuff i am so hungry right now

  • drpygmr 24
    drpygmr 24 4 days ago



    Alvin just loves sweet things, and I applaud that.
    *_you are what you eat_*

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 4 days ago

    Alvin is a good person

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 4 days ago

    So different when he's not goofing around lol

  • Marvin Zhang
    Marvin Zhang 4 days ago

    Can you make Chinese food. It’s so tasty
    I studied Mechanical engineering in VT!

  • Xx SilverIcee xX
    Xx SilverIcee xX 4 days ago

    0:20 Hi happy asian dude who makes those egg things :D

  • Blaze
    Blaze 4 days ago

    I didn't know Martin Li had a cooking channel

  • bella p
    bella p 4 days ago

    wow imagine having a person with this level of cooking skill giving enough of a fuck about you to cook all their crazy creations for you i'd be ROUND

  • Tanna Wang
    Tanna Wang 4 days ago

    How does Alvin stay sexy by cooking eating everyday

  • Love rainbows Puppys
    Love rainbows Puppys 4 days ago +1

    Why do I low key ship Alvin and Rie.....

  • Not Yours
    Not Yours 5 days ago

    His passion for food is amazing and breathtaking. If we all felt that way about something in our lives this world would be a better place.

  • KillerWarfare 12279
    KillerWarfare 12279 5 days ago

    I found a great idea for a video, A Oreo brownie.

  • Habiba Khaled
    Habiba Khaled 5 days ago

    "99% of my friends are my friends cause I've given them food"

  • Sahro Maxamed
    Sahro Maxamed 5 days ago

    I love this video

  • Pouwhakaaro West
    Pouwhakaaro West 5 days ago +2

    All these foods made me feel sick ,the type of food when im seriously craving sugar

  • Gonzalez Kiara
    Gonzalez Kiara 6 days ago

    I like pickles

  • dan anamations
    dan anamations 6 days ago

    Ahh yes everyone thinks of shrek when falling asleep

  • Mokiiyu
    Mokiiyu 6 days ago

    Whenever I watch Buzzfeed (plus their other channels like Tasty, Ladylike, As/Is), I feel so happy and elated for some reason... Idk why, probs because the people are always so bubbly, funny and happy. I've been going through really tough times, and these videos give me hope and make those times much more bearable. So, thank you to all the awesome people in Buzzfeed. Love y'all

  • Z E R O
    Z E R O 6 days ago


  • Dulce Paredes
    Dulce Paredes 6 days ago

    You are living the dream in everyway possible. Coming to work not because you have to but because you want to! Amazing video btw!😍😍👌👍

  • Vance Corsey
    Vance Corsey 7 days ago

    4:24 was that mixing in reverse? Why?

  • Sonali Ghodhake
    Sonali Ghodhake 7 days ago

    Monster momo

  • luna bearess
    luna bearess 7 days ago

    Awwwe, omg this video touched me for some reason 😂😅 it was just so cute to listen to him talk about it

  • Trebor Gaming775
    Trebor Gaming775 7 days ago

    Is it weird that I like to eat soaked with milk and soggy cookies?

  • Collin Cusick
    Collin Cusick 7 days ago

    3:32 is the best creation he’s ever done

  • VeziusTheThird
    VeziusTheThird 7 days ago

    you started from the bottom and now you are at the top.
    its crazy how you went from buzzfeed to tasty

  • Paceso 7
    Paceso 7 7 days ago

    I want to go into culinary arts and stuff like this, but I guess I can try get into it from home

  • Aiden the baka
    Aiden the baka 8 days ago

    What kind of pancake mix?

  • The GBO Show
    The GBO Show 8 days ago

    Omg I want a 8 desert cake for my birthday

    DBHASUYIVBHDFS 8 days ago +1

    The dudes face on the thumbnail though

  • Super Dog
    Super Dog 8 days ago

    Japaneses cake are pupolar here in Phillipines

  • Makoimonno
    Makoimonno 8 days ago

    This is such a cool video! I need more videos like these!!

  • Jake Rodwell
    Jake Rodwell 8 days ago

    Cookies 1:20

  • Jhoshua Ross
    Jhoshua Ross 8 days ago

    extremely inspiring mahn...thank you.....

  • K4RMA
    K4RMA 8 days ago

    I don't understand how people eat stuff like this and still not get fat 😂😂😂

  • Spicy
    Spicy 8 days ago

    That white sugar pouring was the smoothest i've ever seen

  • AB 399
    AB 399 9 days ago

    2:39 I'm making today just marking where I left off

  • Nigga Malteser
    Nigga Malteser 9 days ago

    My brownie was a bit dry i just Brushed IT with milk?!

  • Thomas Homsombath
    Thomas Homsombath 9 days ago

    This guy’s a genius

  • BellaMari
    BellaMari 9 days ago +2

    He’s so fortunate to have an amazing job that doesn’t “feel” like a job and loves going to work.

  • Damilola Odebode
    Damilola Odebode 9 days ago +1

    Alvin + Rie (ik she’s married) = The Perfect Cooking Duo

  • Bike lane Exploration

    4:24 when his hand went 🧬, I felt that

  • Reuben Lardizabal
    Reuben Lardizabal 10 days ago +1

    So damn delicious!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Colwell
    Tyler Colwell 10 days ago

    Hey man you should make a vid on the foods that haven’t made the cut. Like the ones that have failed for whatever reason.

  • Uncle Abeeda
    Uncle Abeeda 10 days ago

    is my mans saying he invented mozzarella onion rings

  • Jordan Coffey
    Jordan Coffey 10 days ago

    Apple pie and cheesecake slice. Mmmm.

  • Bees ?
    Bees ? 10 days ago

    This video came out on my birthday. Huh.

  • Sparky Playz
    Sparky Playz 10 days ago

    8:09 that's the a masterpiece

  • Carmen I
    Carmen I 10 days ago

    This is a wise man

  • ya gurl Jada#gacha-panda des peeps

    Lol you said 99 percent of my friend and I was like omg what the my phone's on 99 percent😐lol love all the food y'all make hope you have the best future 😁😁😁😁

  • Shigeo Ka-gay-ama
    Shigeo Ka-gay-ama 10 days ago

    I hope my future boyfriend or girlfriend will love baking with me like this

  • Brendon Urie
    Brendon Urie 10 days ago

    *I stan you now since you love shrek just like me.*

  • Youtube Lightz
    Youtube Lightz 10 days ago

    Alvin and rie: TASTY POWER.
    Gordan: MY GOD. ITS GOOD.

  • Nol Arm
    Nol Arm 11 days ago

    I eat too much food, that’s the problem

  • Reid Howell
    Reid Howell 11 days ago

    I fr thought the apple pie was baked beans 😂

  • Itz JuXn
    Itz JuXn 11 days ago +2

    the chocolate chip cookies 😫😫🤤

  • Itz JuXn
    Itz JuXn 11 days ago +1

    0:01 🤤

  • Gelo Loco
    Gelo Loco 11 days ago

    I'm watching because of Alvin 🙈🙉🙊🐵

  • penueljoshbarrina
    penueljoshbarrina 11 days ago

    Great to see you doing awesome things you’re passionate about!

  • Sol HAN
    Sol HAN 11 days ago

    The cookies taste amazing, thank u sm

  • Dangerous Boi
    Dangerous Boi 11 days ago +4

    Anybody else sittin in they dorm broke ass heck cravin them onion mozzarella rings

  • ana Hasani
    ana Hasani 11 days ago +5

    If The 8 desserts in the 1 sheet pan was served into a party that i was in*
    Alvin: here is the dessert
    Me: Aww... this is mine right? Where is everybody else's?

  • Nayeli Gonzalez
    Nayeli Gonzalez 11 days ago

    Can I be your friend too??

  • Roslyn Harris
    Roslyn Harris 11 days ago

    Make chocolate chip pancakes

  • Toby Draper
    Toby Draper 12 days ago

    Im watching this at 4:30 am trying to get my life together before highschool

  • Chris Atkins
    Chris Atkins 12 days ago

    You wanna be friends? Cause i wanna learn how to cook, but ingredients can get expensive

  • Rejoice Chan
    Rejoice Chan 12 days ago

    This man created all of these ? We stan

  • AceVoyage Video
    AceVoyage Video 12 days ago

    At sonic I always get onions, mozzarella sticks, or onion rings and mozzarella sticks

  • Finnegan Killian
    Finnegan Killian 12 days ago

    I love hate food videos uggggg I’m hungry

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 12 days ago

    They are just reposting old videos in a compilation video

  • No More BS Please
    No More BS Please 12 days ago

    4 Layer Diabetes Cake? Yum. Does it come with blood strips and insulin?