- 1 Year of Playing ( Best Moments)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • 1 Year of playing That's how long I've been playing since 22nd March 2017. It was at a time when was at an early stage of its development. I played it 2 weeks after its release.
    There are over 80 videos featured in this video, with at least one great moment from every video I've posted on this channel, with some GIFS and potentially some unreleased footage that I never showed (though most of said "unreleased footage" eventually became actual highlights videos on my channel, so there won't be as many). has been the second staple of my channel ever since my inevitable decline in, and somehow managed to achieve some form of notoriety here as I did in, so it's only fitting that I make a 1 Year compilation of playing
    22nd March 2018 was when I was supposed to finish this, but to be honest, I am a slack fool that played too much of other games instead of making videos, so it will be released now.
    Will I quit Probably not. However, with the rise of Moomoo 2 possibly after this video is released, I may not play much more after this video. Enjoy the dominance that Corrupt X has shown over the year of playing!
    1 Year of Playing
    The Legend of the Bushido:
    The No Food Allowed Challenge:
    The Three Musketeers:
    Full Playlist:
    Intro: Made Of Steel
    Free Songs to use:
    Ethan Meixsell - In the Shadows (Track 1, Outro)
    Ethan Meixsell - Start Your Engines (Track 2)
    Ethan Meixsell - By the Sword (Track 5)
    Silent Partner - Give (Track 6)
    Ethan Meixsell - Demise (Track 9)
    Everet Almond - Chapstick (Track 12)
    Ethan Meixsell - Run (Track 14)
    Silent Partner - Cut It (Track 15)
    Ethan Meixsell - March On (Track 16)
    Other Music from Epidemic Sound ( (Tracks 3-4, 7-8, 10-11, 13, 17-18)
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  • Corrupt X
    Corrupt X  Year ago +47

    Have fun watching!
    Keep Calm and Potato. ◕‿◕

  • DoDO 7745
    DoDO 7745 4 months ago

    came for the gameplay
    stayed for the music

  • 2048 videos
    2048 videos 9 months ago

    come look my channel!

  • Bhaj Baj
    Bhaj Baj 10 months ago

    Oh my god old was so simple XD

  • MessClick
    MessClick 11 months ago

    Wheres your bull helmet now, Bitch.
    Old times, good times and the best ones.

  • BJMathania
    BJMathania Year ago

    i saw you at june 7 2018

  • Asian Kirby
    Asian Kirby Year ago

    When everyone didn’t use spikes....
    The good old days

  • tiron ellis
    tiron ellis Year ago

    your one of my little amout of favorite youtubers ;)

  • Vc-Trang Foxy xd
    Vc-Trang Foxy xd Year ago

    Moomoo.up 30 kills

  • Daneil Apiata
    Daneil Apiata Year ago

    Far back in the old days of moomoo everybody was usually a noob

  • Daneil Apiata
    Daneil Apiata Year ago

    Far back in the old days of moomoo everybody was usually a noob

  • Mr potato 2
    Mr potato 2 Year ago

    IM a potato XD

  • _ NaTu
    _ NaTu Year ago

    Nice Bro

  • Gring Draf 123
    Gring Draf 123 Year ago

    Im a pro I played it since 2017 xd

  • Hacks 4 Life
    Hacks 4 Life Year ago

    I liked my own comment. Because nobody else will.

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson Year ago

    Corrupt I finally got over 100 kills! 143 kills, 122k gold, diamond crossbow/hand axe, and 14k food. So proud.

  • K C
    K C Year ago


  • iKewl
    iKewl Year ago

    10,001th view :l

  • HeArT BrOkE
    HeArT BrOkE Year ago

    me to ive played 4 a year and one month at dis time :D

    NoTZGER Year ago

    A:who are you
    A: ...
    B:go to corrupt x video
    A: than what
    B:subcribe it
    B:like all video corrupt x
    B:Enjoy all corrupt x video
    A: ...

  • Ant Studios
    Ant Studios Year ago

    Voice reveal at 40k?

    • Ant Studios
      Ant Studios Year ago

      Oh wait you did voice reveal! Sorry!

  • adam brahimi
    adam brahimi Year ago

    You are awesome

  • GattoBomber
    GattoBomber Year ago

    Plague mask+corrupt x wing+diamond sword=you'll die soon

  • GattoBomber
    GattoBomber Year ago

    Hi corrupt! I'm a player and I'm good! Really! So maybe I can play with you just a match pls!

  • stephen aparejo
    stephen aparejo Year ago

    curropt x I got the weirdest thing when I played I was in the edge of the map there was a wolf whoa attacked me I got cornered I took alot of damage i healed while i was attacking then the wolf died i turned into panocio you cant heal in that phase when your panocio also he was wearing jester hat then its gone hopefully you will make a video about this

  • Walmart Man
    Walmart Man Year ago +2

    Corrupt you've grown really far I hope I can grow as far as you did I only have 26 subs plis shout me out

  • Laetitia Fretel
    Laetitia Fretel Year ago


    AQSA IMRAN Year ago

    Now corrupt x will start doomed io

  • Axi
    Axi Year ago

    The memories...

  • Leonard Goodison
    Leonard Goodison Year ago

    Wow i never realised how much you shaped moomoo’s “nature” you invented the circle of death and many other spike strategies and so on...

  • Ποπη Πιτσικοπουλου

    best mootuber ever!!!

  • Thylo X
    Thylo X Year ago

    a better title might be "Evolution of" baseball bats to katana
    I also don't get how you're so make it seem so easy

  • Lilei Ma
    Lilei Ma Year ago

    The day night cycle brings back memories and, the simplicity of pvp back then

    • Lilei Ma
      Lilei Ma Year ago

      Omfg those days when traps were doors

    • Lilei Ma
      Lilei Ma Year ago

      And the old hat textures

  • Anna Goździk
    Anna Goździk Year ago


  • Joe Sailo
    Joe Sailo Year ago

    Im Fan :)))))

  • Mortis
    Mortis Year ago

    Wow. has really changed.

  • Skill Z
    Skill Z Year ago

    So many memories and look how has changed and of course their are ao many haclers and scripters now with bots that lag that heppenned with me today well damn we need your help corrupt x to kill them pls help us. We cant do it without u...

  • Nukyyy
    Nukyyy Year ago

    This is the perfect summary of the evolution of MooMoo. Io... It's so lovley... New hats, new sword, new hats, dmg seeable, new hats, new animals , desert and winter biome,the skull icon, the *BULL HAT* , the circle of death

  • FireStar494
    FireStar494 Year ago +2

    Spike trolling is why I quit the game for a while but I’m going back into it because of this! Thx

  • Patricia Johnston

    Can this comment reply to you?

    • Corrupt X
      Corrupt X  Year ago

      Sure, but I have to reply first.

  • : KAERD :
    : KAERD : Year ago

    What a fun video~!!♥

  • ligma b
    ligma b Year ago

    pLaY fOrTNiTe

  • Donk
    Donk Year ago

    Today was weird but awesome. I was on top of the leaderboards on moomoo and i had a lot of gold. I was able to purchase wings too and this is exciting because i always spend my money cus i dont want to die with 100k gold without buying something. someone also told me that i reminded him of ix. I battled pros and i also achived new highscore of 40 kills :) and i let my self die after that

  • DaisyLovesChocolate101

    Happy Aniversary :o

  • Diego Alvarado
    Diego Alvarado Year ago

    Corrupt X here is one challenge for you. on spikes challenge you can do it?

  • lol troll
    lol troll Year ago

    Moomoo dies.

  • santinove A.R.G
    santinove A.R.G Year ago

    hello I'm the one who was playing with you to wings 14:00 I think we played I wanted to tell you that you play super good I want greetings from Argentina my name was (we all went) but haora called me (fan of corrupt X) xD

  • Allan Lim
    Allan Lim Year ago

    Congrats corrupt x.You did good on making vids and inspired people to play it and made it for one whole year. :3

  • Legendery pro
    Legendery pro Year ago

    You've been playing since a long time I played for 5 months

  • The Secret Lol
    The Secret Lol Year ago +2

    Hey bro, remember me(Br American), my friend(Neerd) and my enemy(NZ luan)?

  • UFO
    UFO Year ago

    lie evalution of but better can u pls do vid

  • Leonard Goodison
    Leonard Goodison Year ago

    1 year of the potato lord playing moomoo lol

  • SupXro Xro
    SupXro Xro Year ago

  • Holusi
    Holusi Year ago

    Did You Met LightThief YT? I Met Corrupt X, he said that he was real. Im fake LightThief YT

  • Harri B
    Harri B Year ago

    delete your channelllllllllllll

  • Harri B
    Harri B Year ago

    i hate your vids so muchhhhhh

  • TheYeZ
    TheYeZ Year ago

  • Kian Laroche
    Kian Laroche Year ago

    Atleast you haven't started playing fortnite, and let's keep it like that please? I would hate to unsubscribe

  • Town
    Town Year ago

    Lol nice

  • Freak Gamy
    Freak Gamy Year ago

    NIce vedio

  • Ilikehello2127
    Ilikehello2127 Year ago +1

    Honestly, some of us GMN people CAN heal that fast.

  • Dragana Kačarević


  • Dragana Kačarević


  • XelliX
    XelliX Year ago

    Already has passed a year....a year in whitch thousands of souls disapearred...they all have been taken...taken by the death....taking by the devil.... taken by Corrupt X .

    • XelliX
      XelliX Year ago +1

      well , enough Drama xD?

  • Vi Ngọc
    Vi Ngọc Year ago

    good video

  • TheGamer Pro YT
    TheGamer Pro YT Year ago

    Gg !!

  • davi moreira
    davi moreira Year ago

    Love currpet x

  • davi moreira
    davi moreira Year ago

    U killed goldmingget ;_; Al circule kill.u . Currpet is pro

  • Zenfiron
    Zenfiron Year ago

    Nice vid I enjoyed it.

  • XYZ Gaming
    XYZ Gaming Year ago

    ^_^ i hope you 100 years moomoo xD