Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Shows

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Although this channel has forever changed the landscape of television animation, it’s time to take a look at the worst Cartoon Network shows. As much as we love shows like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab, there’s no denying that Cartoon Network has put out its fair share of stinkers. Some shows were lazy, others were mean-spirited, and a few weren’t even cartoons. WatchMojo ranks the worst Cartoon Network shows. What do you think is the worst Cartoon Network show? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 3 099

  • Kluivert Boateng
    Kluivert Boateng 6 hours ago +1

    Johnny Test was amazing. An OG in my own opinion. It lasted 9 years and you think it was bad. Nah y’all on drugs

  • DarkKirby14
    DarkKirby14 11 hours ago

    Clarence is easily the worst show(so far), but Thundercats Roar might make my take of that age like milk
    I'd also disqualify Johnny Test from consideration because it originated on WB

  • PooPMAN & PooPoy
    PooPMAN & PooPoy 20 hours ago

    Teen titans is a good show the best show

  • Black Clover Toonami

    Wulin warriors should have been known as worst Cartoon Network show at the time Toonami aired on Cartoon Network

  • Explicit
    Explicit 3 days ago

    Uncle grandpa is amazing

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 6 days ago +1

    Johnny Test wasn't so Bad! ALSO, TTG SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariam Kaba
    Mariam Kaba 7 days ago

    Yay annoying orange! 😃

  • Minesh Nissanka
    Minesh Nissanka 7 days ago +1

    Oh come on! JOHNNY TEST IS AWESOME!!

  • Kathryn Franklin
    Kathryn Franklin 9 days ago

    Frick you

  • Ice Diamond
    Ice Diamond 9 days ago +1

    I like annoying orange

  • Alicia Monroe
    Alicia Monroe 10 days ago

    I hate you guys so much how dare you say uncle grandpa was terrible and teen titans go you can't even make your own animated tv show you jerk.

  • My'Kyla Hookfin
    My'Kyla Hookfin 10 days ago +3

    If Johnny Test was so bad why did it last 10 years? 😂

  • Highest laik21
    Highest laik21 11 days ago

    Why isnt My Knight And Me on here

  • Ella Windstorm
    Ella Windstorm 12 days ago

    Why is Annoying Orange here... I grew up with it lol

  • DoritoMudkip 64
    DoritoMudkip 64 14 days ago

    My reactions to this list
    #10. I remember cartoon Network had to trick DirecTV into thinking this was The Amazing World Of Gumball and it saddens me
    #9. Okay, This was the first show I ever vomited at...
    #8. I never saw this one, mostly because I didn't like the trailers, they came off as boring...Weird, considering I was a HUGE video game fan as a kid.
    #7. I remember lying to myself saying that I liked it...I didn't.
    #6. I remember this as a poor man's MAD.
    #5. is it weird how I remember hating this as well as Steven Universe at the same time? I was partly uncultured...
    #4. This was the opposite of Steven Universe for me. At first, I thought it was ok, then one day I watch it with m,y cousins and we all cringe.
    #3. I have never seen this one, Next.
    #2. I hated it ever since it became a TV show. It was mediocre at best as a web series, and now it's garbage. Only redeeming factor? Tobuscus.
    Honorable mentions:
    SMFA: Don't remember anything about it...
    Johnny Test: I wish I was a more cultured youth...I remember this show like the back of my hand...
    Squirrel Boy: Never seen it.
    #1. I remember one episode and knew it was garbage...Nowhere near as bad as #2, #5 or #4 in my opinion.

  • Justin Baini
    Justin Baini 19 days ago +2

    You might not like Teen Titans but us kids do

    • Bahama Jackson
      Bahama Jackson 17 days ago

      your opinion anyway. and i'm not one of them

  • Terry Ferguson
    Terry Ferguson 21 day ago +1

    Annoying Orange is awful. I can't it isn't cancelled yet.

  • Dominator Yt
    Dominator Yt 24 days ago

    Johnny test come on now That’s a classic

  • George Bolton
    George Bolton 25 days ago +2

    What’s wrong with annoying orange

  • Maxbotnick
    Maxbotnick 27 days ago

    Uncle Grandpa is overhated and slept on

  • Walnutbubble Bamer
    Walnutbubble Bamer 29 days ago

    You should do the Top 10 worst adult swim shows

  • Davida Ward
    Davida Ward Month ago

    Squirrel Boy and Johnny Test? REALLY?!! 😲😲

  • Kevin K. the last greatest cartoonist

    That was PhantomStrider idea for the video not WatchMojo

  • Shahenda Elkoptan
    Shahenda Elkoptan Month ago

    and annoying orange is cool

  • Shahenda Elkoptan
    Shahenda Elkoptan Month ago

    Hey teen titans and uncle grandpa are cool

  • Shahenda Elkoptan
    Shahenda Elkoptan Month ago

    Bad bad you are very bad

  • JLA judgment league avengers

    Johnny Test is the best

  • Nicolas Oliveira valls

    I ilke annoying orange

  • Icequeen NinjaWarrior
    Icequeen NinjaWarrior Month ago +3

    Teen Titans Go should've been #1. It teaches terrible lessons

  • Jeferson Oliveira
    Jeferson Oliveira Month ago

    Wow.... Problem Solvers is literally a crappy Flash animation from 2001. Goddamn

  • Scorpi0n Subzero
    Scorpi0n Subzero Month ago

    I don’t know about you but I enjoyed uncle grandpa

  • Eddie De Jesus
    Eddie De Jesus Month ago

    That's your opinion not mine

  • Rafael Castro
    Rafael Castro Month ago

    Oh and squirrel boy too!😖

  • Rafael Castro
    Rafael Castro Month ago

    Ok Teen titans go, really life shows and even the problem solvers Are all thing but Scaredy Squierrel, almost naked animals, and johnny test are good cartoons!😠

  • Ian Standing
    Ian Standing Month ago +1


  • Roberto 264
    Roberto 264 Month ago

    After the second episode of the problem solverz my mom came in and told me my dog died

  • boii01edoin 68
    boii01edoin 68 Month ago

    Can't you just like one of the shows on this list

  • Riverbrechan plays
    Riverbrechan plays Month ago

    I think that the legends of chima should have been on this list

  • M A R I A
    M A R I A Month ago

    Gumball should definently be here

  • Noah Rylander
    Noah Rylander Month ago

    You forgot to put in something....

    12 0z mouse
    The animation is literally microsoft paint! Less effort was put into the dialogue i

  • Sylveon jolteon 9000

    Hey there all cool cartoons😠😠😠😠😠

  • Savagejosh3381
    Savagejosh3381 Month ago

    I will never suscribe because of this list(Why is Johnny Test on this list?!)

  • Moonie
    Moonie Month ago

    I really liked Uncle Grandpa. Everything was so random. I never watched annoying orange much tho. The Problem SolverZ was one of the shows I remember but I never remember the name of it. A very unique show it is. Very.

  • GodzillaPowerPuffFan !

    Do top ten worst adult swim shows

  • Francesca Stewart
    Francesca Stewart 2 months ago

    Watchmojo: adventure time's Jeremy Shada
    Also watchMojo: shows a completely different actor at 4:55

  • Evan Taylor
    Evan Taylor 2 months ago +1

    I remember almost naked animals I loved it. Tbh I thought it was a weird dream I had before I saw this

  • Francisco Sanchez Mercado
    Francisco Sanchez Mercado 2 months ago +2

    sorry teen titans go fandom but your favorite show is horrible.

  • Francisco Sanchez Mercado
    Francisco Sanchez Mercado 2 months ago +3

    sorry teen titans go fandom but your favorite show is horrible.

  • Quinn Higgins
    Quinn Higgins 2 months ago

    I only disagree with annoying orange and incredible crew. Both were good.

  • Racha Abu assi
    Racha Abu assi 2 months ago +2

    Teen Titans Go is a terrible cartoon you're right

  • Racha Abu assi
    Racha Abu assi 2 months ago

    Uncle grandpa is good and so is terrible

  • Racha Abu assi
    Racha Abu assi 2 months ago

    I like Uncle grandpa the most

  • Racha Abu assi
    Racha Abu assi 2 months ago

    No no no no

  • Jacobs on Mobile
    Jacobs on Mobile 2 months ago

    Not teen titans

    • MacandBloo4ever
      MacandBloo4ever 2 months ago

      Jacobs on Mobile it’s teen titans GO, not the original one.

  • Erika Geter
    Erika Geter 2 months ago


  • Sam Ross
    Sam Ross 2 months ago

    I actually kinda liked the annoying orange show.

  • Keenan Wilkinson
    Keenan Wilkinson 2 months ago

    The reason why Annoying Orange show cut down it was because he wanted to be more focused on RUclip

  • Oli H
    Oli H 2 months ago

    Umm I liked almost naked animals and uncle grandpa!!!

  • Erick Praia Grande SP
    Erick Praia Grande SP 2 months ago

    Of Cartoons

  • Thomas the Tankin Dankin

    Why are you so happy when talking about this stuff