Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Shows

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Although this channel has forever changed the landscape of television animation, it’s time to take a look at the worst Cartoon Network shows. As much as we love shows like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab, there’s no denying that Cartoon Network has put out its fair share of stinkers. Some shows were lazy, others were mean-spirited, and a few weren’t even cartoons. WatchMojo ranks the worst Cartoon Network shows. What do you think is the worst Cartoon Network show? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 2 913

  • Gaspar Lares
    Gaspar Lares Day ago +1

    5:48 My guess is that you saw a lot of people wanting that show on the list Adrian?

  • Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers Day ago +1

    Annoying orange was funny but Jonhy test was trash

  • Chael Patcheo
    Chael Patcheo Day ago

    Why did annoying orange had to be on the list

  • Luna Zeppeli
    Luna Zeppeli 2 days ago

    I loved UG! the ORIGINAL TEEN TITANS was so much BETTER!

  • Barry Bostwick
    Barry Bostwick 4 days ago

    I love johnny test

  • Mario and Sonic 199
    Mario and Sonic 199 5 days ago

    I love uncle grandpa and I hate you

  • jude star
    jude star 5 days ago

    I don't think annoyig orange HFA is bad

  • Nightmare Danish
    Nightmare Danish 6 days ago

    why is most of these are worst?

  • Nesstalgia
    Nesstalgia 7 days ago

    in our country
    Scaredy Squirrel and Almost Naked Animals used to be YTV

  • Lamar Strauss
    Lamar Strauss 8 days ago

    Stop freaking out over Johnny test being in the video, it was just an Honorable mention

  • DC Comics Marvel
    DC Comics Marvel 8 days ago

    Teen titans go is not a bad show why do people say bad things about it it went longer than freaking teen titans season 5 of teen titans only have 13 episodes and they didn’t even have a theater movie so teen titans go is better in every way

  • LegitMan335
    LegitMan335 8 days ago

    I love the shit out of Level Up and Incredible Go, and I didn’t mind watching Almost Naked Animals back in the day, it was a decent show.

    But please, PLEASE, *FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST* I want Cartoon Network to take Teen Titans Go and Amazing World Of Gumball off the fucking air right now!! Take both shows, piss on them and light them on fire watch it burn in Hell!!!

  • Logan Cribbs
    Logan Cribbs 9 days ago +1

    teen titans go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simon Eden
    Simon Eden 9 days ago

    Ok Jonny test is honourable mention I

  • hasnahmad ahmad
    hasnahmad ahmad 9 days ago

    Why why you put uncle grampa and john test on this list

  • CoGates Walker
    CoGates Walker 9 days ago +1

    I totally agree Teen Titans Go was a huge mistake

  • egg soup
    egg soup 10 days ago +1

    TTG is the main reason why adults think cartoons are just for “kids”

  • Haliegh Summers
    Haliegh Summers 10 days ago


  • Bella The Dragon
    Bella The Dragon 10 days ago

    *my dad still watches teen titans go*

    *my moms divorcing him*

  • hot wheels racer 23
    hot wheels racer 23 10 days ago

    How dare you put The HFA of annoying orange? he's part of my heroes league

  • hot wheels racer 23
    hot wheels racer 23 10 days ago +1

    My top 10 worst cartoon shows
    10 : The simpsons
    9 : Banzi's secret diary
    8 : The powerpuff girls
    7 : Hotel Transylvania series
    6 : The Tom & Jerry show
    5 : Mr. Bean animated series
    4 : Uncle grandpa
    3 : Rick & Morty
    2 : Out of jimmy's head
    1 : Teen titans go

  • Ville Bryant
    Ville Bryant 11 days ago

    Where's Rick and Morty, that show should have been in the top 5

  • kaja gopal
    kaja gopal 11 days ago

    Hey I like johnny test and Annoying orange

  • Kanade 97
    Kanade 97 12 days ago

    But I like Johnny test and Uncle Grandpa and I don’t think their bad

  • Mark Braley
    Mark Braley 13 days ago You should’ve put Johnny Test (2005-14) on the list instead of on honorable or in this case dishonorable mentions.

  • Bandana Bomber
    Bandana Bomber 13 days ago

    johnny test was good,but only because of the chad man himself, bling bling boy

  • random channel
    random channel 13 days ago

    M.f you include johny test

  • Margarita Tamboboy
    Margarita Tamboboy 13 days ago


  • Arash TA
    Arash TA 14 days ago +2

    Actualy i liked uncle grandpa and level up😐😐😐
    Jhonny test wasnt bad either

    • Annie Banzon
      Annie Banzon 13 days ago

      so as "Level-Up"! I love how live-action and CG mix!

  • Aaron DH456
    Aaron DH456 15 days ago

    I liked almost naked animals. I thought it was weird but that’s why I liked it

  • Áron Békés
    Áron Békés 16 days ago

    Johnny Test? 😱😱

  • demari83 Damian1
    demari83 Damian1 16 days ago

    johnny test awesome

  • demari83 Damian1
    demari83 Damian1 16 days ago

    and incredible cru and uncle grampa and teen titans go

  • demari83 Damian1
    demari83 Damian1 16 days ago

    I love annoying orange and almost naked animals

  • Kimba Chen
    Kimba Chen 16 days ago

    My opinion (Hear, this is appears in the exam):
    10. I like this serie.
    9. This no. ¡Grow hairs!
    8. I like this serie by its adventure.
    7. I like much this serie. ¡Amazing! ¡Exploit!
    6. I wasn´t hear this serie.
    5. Some episodes are bad or disagreeable.
    4. My sister like that serie and want see the movie.
    3. Bad very bad.
    2. It was entertaining in much episodes.
    1* Boring
    2* What? It is very good that program.
    3* Boring
    1. Very boring. It deserves its extinction like the dinosaurs.

  • D 4 DM
    D 4 DM 17 days ago +1

    U know phantomstrider did this list right?

  • Star-bolt Lover
    Star-bolt Lover 17 days ago

    I remember some of these shows, but I wasn't allowed to see them. But I'm not going to cry about it

  • Wasis Danis
    Wasis Danis 17 days ago

    I love teen TEEN TITAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • P0TAT0 loves flan 24/7

    How dare u I use to live Johny test I'll Johny test u after I kick ur balls XD
    ( I'm just joking EXCEPT that John test is bad )

  • Angello Derrico
    Angello Derrico 18 days ago

    Cartoon Networks downfall began in 2012, Johnny Test did stink in the final season, but yes this list is full of Cartoon Networks worst. There cartoons for autistic kids or kids with serious bad taste

  • CutieSushis
    CutieSushis 18 days ago

    And teen titans

  • CutieSushis
    CutieSushis 18 days ago

    Oh come on the annoying orange show was good

  • I am Lindsay est 2002
    I am Lindsay est 2002 18 days ago +1

    Teen titans go should be number 1

  • Piero Giusseppe Salcedo Salcedo

    Thanks to God, incredible crew wasn't brought to CNLA

  • Piero Giusseppe Salcedo Salcedo

    Mr Young (until one point) and Level Up was for me a decent show in the Life-Action Era.

  • OllieBomb6
    OllieBomb6 18 days ago

    Why annoying orange I love his channel

  • latino_heat fan
    latino_heat fan 18 days ago +3

    Johnny Test was the best cartoon in my childhood

  • Chipie
    Chipie 18 days ago


  • voda phone
    voda phone 18 days ago

    Obviously obviously 😐

  • Your name here
    Your name here 18 days ago

    I can't believe you've missed out the cancerous PPG reboot!! Ben 10 reboot isn't great either.
    *come at me bro*

  • ayden mathews
    ayden mathews 18 days ago

    Uncle Grandpa is the best b👲👲

    JACKSON 19 days ago

    No no no
    Incredible crew was awesome

  • Carl K1106
    Carl K1106 19 days ago

    No Sonic Boom?

  • Artistar !
    Artistar ! 19 days ago

    Lets see...
    Scaredy Squirrel: This show was...questionable...The concept wasn't all that...great and the plot sucked...also like WatchMojo said, The voice acting sucked.
    Almost Naked Animals: The theme song (sadly) stuck with me for a while...but this show was obnoxious...and annoying to watch.
    #8-6: They werent even cartoons...Im not gonna rate these like do you though. I didn't watch these anyway😅😂
    Uncle Grandpa: Oh geez...I knew this was coming...okay, this show...literally maxe me loose brain cells. I agree it had to be in the Top 5 worst.
    Everyone's personality changed...and I hated it. I have to agree with WatchMojo...and literally everyone when I say this show sucks...I could go on...but lets not.
    4: Again, not a cartoon.
    *IMO, Johnny Test wasnt THAT bad*
    Annoying Orange: Just. No.
    Problem Solvers: Never heard of thus show, and just from seeing clips made me hate it

  • Supermoon Glider
    Supermoon Glider 19 days ago

    Teen titans
    Are u high

  • Jonathon McKinney
    Jonathon McKinney 19 days ago

    Uncle Grandpa was magical. My little brother and I loved that show. But the rest that tried to imitate it was trash.

  • Norman Borden
    Norman Borden 20 days ago

    Idk what you say i love most of the shows mentioned ih this video

  • mysterioussaiyan777
    mysterioussaiyan777 21 day ago

    I thought annoying orange was pretty funny

  • Hazel Brewster & Elmo FTW Ernie & GummiBAr FTL!

    Agreed On Scaredy Squirrel Almost Naked Animals! Level Up Dude What Would Happen! Incredible Crew! Teen Titans Go! Out Of Jimmy’s Head! The High Fructose’s Adventure’s Of Annoying Orange! Secret Mountain Fort Awesome! Squirrel Boy! & The Problem Solverz!
    I Respect Your Opinion On Uncle Grandpa! & Johnny Test!

  • Reathon Wessels
    Reathon Wessels 21 day ago +1

    Apple and Onion is the worst CN show ever

  • Gamerfan1927 A
    Gamerfan1927 A 21 day ago +1

    My top 10 worst cartoon shows
    10 Johnny test
    9 uncle grandpa
    8 out of Johnnys head
    7 incredible crew
    6 dude what will happen
    5 un kitty
    4 the high adventure of annoying orange
    3 M.A.D(hen it gets creepy
    2 secret Montian of awsome
    1 the problem szolvers

  • rev up those fryers
    rev up those fryers 21 day ago +1

    I actually liked dude, what would happen? When I was younger

  • Aubrianna Mayfield
    Aubrianna Mayfield 21 day ago

    Johnny Test was great. What the hell?

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds 22 days ago +1

    I actually Liked Level Up & Dude What Would Happen! BTW Incredible Crew > Nick Studio 10!

  • Jeremiah Hodge
    Jeremiah Hodge 22 days ago

    Teen Titans Go is Dope

  • Random Animelover
    Random Animelover 22 days ago

    incredible crew was i admit pointless, but then again so is my life without it

    it made me the weeb i am today and i am proud.

  • Joshua Brockington
    Joshua Brockington 22 days ago

    Don’t disrespect Incredible Crew like that ever again

  • ugh CRINGE
    ugh CRINGE 23 days ago

    Wait... JOHNNY TEST?!

  • XDashawnX Gaming
    XDashawnX Gaming 23 days ago

    How is teen titans and Johnny test on this list

  • Wither Kichian
    Wither Kichian 23 days ago

    Hello! You must be scrolling for kids who are defending TTG! Keep scrolling! You will find em