TEKKEN (Honest Game Trailers)

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In a genre dominated by 2D games about honor, combos and repetitive head trauma, discover a series that has quietly sold more than it's popular cousins but still doesn't get invited to all the parties - it's TEKKEN!

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see...

Honest Game Trailers: Tekken Series
Executive Producers: Matt Raub and Spencer Gilbert
Episode Written by: Andrew Bird, Max Song, Spencer Gilbert and Matt Raub
Edited by: Max Song

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

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Длительность: 4:0
Комментарии: 3067

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Автор Jeffery Allen ( назад)
it's a tiger mask

Автор Mimal .M ( назад)
Tekken Care Of Business can totally be a real title its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Necron00b ( назад)
"A Lion Mask" - It's a jaguar you fool! :P

Автор Hrk ( назад)
You should do Ultimate Marvel vs Capcon 3. Please, do it!

Автор Iron Dante ( назад)
Vegeta? I'm done...

Автор Я Безымянный ( назад)
How 'bout NieRAutomata?

Автор Edry Farkhan ( назад)
pls pls pls do ultimate ninja storm

Автор kbg12ila ( назад)
Tekken is by far the most challenging fighting game.

Автор Clueless Clitaurus ( назад)
It's weird how Tekken gets so many sales but the community seems so small compared to other fighters. New character trailers barely break a million youtube views and yet the game is so successful.

Автор Zack Smith ( назад)

Автор Wade Thimbey ( назад)
ME Andromeda!

Автор nautilus esquire ( назад)
as someone that has played every game in this series, this was pretty fuckin amazing.

Автор Berto Yulianto ( назад)
Do Yakuza please..

Автор Manuel John Masalta ( назад)
mega man trailer? perhaps..

Автор eyes667788 ( назад)
Wah-Rong. Fools. That's how it's pronounced.

Автор Ernesto D. ( назад)
man i'm a rabid tekken fan and this was awesome

Автор Neff Meño ( назад)
do a WWE Games honest game trailer...
please say: Ay Caramba!!

Автор ნიკოლოზ ოთარაშვილი ( назад)
do system shock 2 next.

Автор Andres Carrero ( назад)
do a zelda breath of the wild trailer

Автор max 16 ( назад)
Do smite!!!!!!!

Автор Alistair jones ( назад)
Please do soul caliber

Автор alphonso1111 ( назад)
can u do max payne?

Автор Mark Sayos Mejia ( назад)
Been waiting for this trailer for months no years.

Автор Brad Stratton ( назад)
Can you do an Honest Game Trailer for Alien Isolation?

Автор Dastardly Mime ( назад)
Surprised they didn't do the "Raven - Wesley Snipes" joke.

Автор Adrian IL Truce Fabbri ( назад)
To be clear one last time!

Автор Joel Davis ( назад)
holy shitfuck i always called him howard too

Автор Oscar Salazar ( назад)
really no jackie chan for lei wulong? he never gets any love. He's always my second favorite next to asuka though.

Автор Alexa Bernard ( назад)
tekken care your self.....ahhh, i see what you did there

Автор GutsRage ( назад)
if it wasn't for virtual fighter.. we wouldn't even had tekken in the first place, show some respect! lol

Автор Hassen Amadori ( назад)

Автор battlecraft14 ( назад)
do yakuza 0

Автор DoubleSunday ( назад)
Asuras Wrath would be a good one

Автор Diggy22 ( назад)
lol I actually have Death By Degrees. It's as if Nina Williams was in that Jet Li game, Rise To Honor

Автор Jay Tojino ( назад)
Tekken Care guy's!

Автор Yamen an ( назад)
Do Clash Royals Next

Автор killakaynyne ( назад)
He called him Dr. Wiley lololol #win - this is what eventually happens to Dr. Wiley after his robots were destroyed he became a fighter lolol

Автор Jin Kazama ( назад)
(Since it's a TK vid) I gotta ask you say "chikara ko sa subeteda!" ("power is everything"my own words!)

Автор Musical Art ( назад)
Lion mask? 🤔

Автор The Burko ( назад)

Автор bleachiniac ( назад)
clash of clans honest trailer please

Автор thefifthchord ( назад)
You have to do Soul Calibur now

Автор Arjun Dev ( назад)
AWESOME! yoshimitsu LMAO XD

Автор MrMikehunt87 ( назад)
Goro Majima......fuck yeah, Yakuza reference ftw

Автор Marius Amundsen ( назад)

Автор Jee Whizz ( назад)
I lost it at ahhnuld :D

Автор Arkadii Stepanian ( назад)
tekken is the best fighter of all games hands down, compared to tekken any other fighting game sucks donkey gock

Автор HighLanderPony ( назад)
Tekken care of business, god the pun. :D

Lost it at Dr. Wiley!

Автор Parker Brown ( назад)
now I can never unsee dr wywee as heihachi

Автор yahtoray3 ( назад)
"Howard?" 😂😂😂

Автор Crazy Jay ( назад)
I like how he says "or just choose Eddie and mash it out till you win

Автор MyCraft24 ( назад)
"vegeta" lmao

Автор The FireWeeblem ( назад)
Honest Trailer for Killer Instinct?

Автор Hail kspeeder ( назад)
I can't believe you didn't mention female easy mode

Автор Crow Slaw ( назад)
^_^ please say "your eyes deceive you. An illusion fools you all. I move for the kill."

Автор ElzinTheAnomaly ( назад)

Автор DigGil3 ( назад)
The Hollywood movie was the best movie.

Автор Kostas ( назад)
if you dont know how to play tekken just pick eddy gordo

Автор Max Caulfield ( назад)
Where's Lily ;-; her mechanics are the funnest imo!

Автор ambival1 ( назад)
Saying "Whore-ang" actually makes it sound the best.

Автор Ely Louise Compuesto ( назад)
Mortal Combat X?

Автор Andre John ( назад)

Автор Lady Duck ( назад)
Oh childhood memories.

Автор Shiyozushi ( назад)
"vegeta" hahahaha

Автор Marlon Manalese ( назад)
Do an honest trailor on Soul Calibur and maybe make a joke about Namco neglecting it because wtf...WHERE IS SCVI?!

Автор Rhys Moore ( назад)
yeah you gotta do a breath of the wild honest trailer

Автор Xeus Aron Perona ( назад)
Honest trailer for Tales of Berseria please :D

Автор ham wallet ( назад)
Mario kart 64 please​

Автор Erik The Tumor ( назад)
I like fighting viper's

Автор SonicBlue100 ( назад)
Just saying do a honest game trailer on WWE 2K17

Автор Alejandro Delgado Cañadas ( назад)
Vegeta LOL

Автор Julio Nazario ( назад)
Man, I remember the first Tekken trailer for PS1 and how awesome it was.

Автор Catherine L ( назад)
haha Kazuya = Vegeta brilliant 😂

Автор Solid Seth ( назад)
Do animal crossing please.

Автор Magg G ( назад)
legend of zelda, nintendo switch!!!! its about time !!!

Автор Oscar ( назад)
please do Dead or Alive!!

Автор I'm Damn British ( назад)
Why the hell is it age restricted!?

Автор Mepose ( назад)
Time right now is 4:20

Автор Macbain76 ( назад)
Answer: It's the best.

Автор Yayu Li ( назад)
I didn't get any of the reference in Starring lol

Автор Jack NightFire ( назад)
Lei Wulong: Jackie Chan

Автор Wilham Gustafatah ( назад)
uses king, spam kick their feet XD

Автор Rick Bomhof ( назад)
actually more than 8 titles

Автор Sorata Kanda ( назад)
PLEASE DO DYING LIGHT....................

Автор Xellos Metallium ( назад)
end ... yeah but he also create vf

Автор Rigo II ( назад)
Born in 1998. Tekken 3 the best lol I already played Tekken 1 and 2 in 2010 rofl

Автор corrales46 - ( назад)
Easy mode eddy xdddd

Автор shao khan ( назад)
Say "I, am not a rapist"

Автор callmewisdom ( назад)
Isn't it called "King of the Iron Fist Tournament"?

Автор Samir Hussain ( назад)
please do warframe.

Автор SuperSoldier84 ( назад)
say "Sparky Sparky Boom man"

Автор Amantai Moldogaziev ( назад)
Chivalry or Maunt&Blade honest trailer. please.

Автор Mitchx42 ( назад)
Now do Virtua Fighter

Автор Jiradevan ( назад)
Do a Silent Hill Honest trailer pllllssss

Автор Harry Singh ( назад)
Say "China, china? China!"

Автор Northgate Villa ( назад)
and what they said about yoshi.

Автор Northgate Villa ( назад)
this might be the most honest trailer.

Автор Berney Schwalger ( назад)
Been waiting for this trailer for ages!

Автор 7mnee 3 ( назад)
How is it a ripoff from real marshal artist if it was made to honor them ?

It's not a lion it's a leopard

Do you even research before making stupid videos ?

Автор Rafael Polo ( назад)
do Garou Mark of The Wolves or King Of Fighters!!!!!

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