TEKKEN (Honest Game Trailers)

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In a genre dominated by 2D games about honor, combos and repetitive head trauma, discover a series that has quietly sold more than it's popular cousins but still doesn't get invited to all the parties - it's TEKKEN!

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see...

Honest Game Trailers: Tekken Series
Executive Producers: Matt Raub and Spencer Gilbert
Episode Written by: Andrew Bird, Max Song, Spencer Gilbert and Matt Raub
Edited by: Max Song

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

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Просмотров: 699479
Длительность: 4:0
Комментарии: 3221

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Автор Rohit Sinha ( назад)
do king of fighters

Автор Munjee Syed ( назад)
you guy have accidently age restricted this might want to fix it

Автор Fabry ( назад)
I realise that they haven't done dead or alive

Автор Khandar William ( назад)

Автор Chris Lee ( назад)
OMG, Mary-kate and Ashley!!!! LOL

Автор Danilo II Morales ( назад)
Say "banana"

Автор Marixx ( назад)
I was expecting him to do the ENTIRE tekken roster

Автор Michael Eyob ( назад)
please do Virtua Fighter next!

Автор Cashiyado ( назад)
Eddy Gordo "easy mode" hahaha

Автор Astrid Parungao ( назад)
Do The King of Fighters next

Автор Isabelle Renfield ( назад)
omg you killed me. doctor fucking Wiley

Автор Robert Leland ( назад)
Yoshimitsu or fuk off

Автор Raj Kumar ( назад)
Waiting for your Far cry series

Автор First Last ( назад)
Fuck MOBAs!

Автор Blade Galewind ( назад)
Dr. Wily... I'm dying of laughter.

Автор uafc1 ( назад)
1:20 It's awful, make no mistake about it...

Автор JoeJoebinks ( назад)
why is this age restricted its not even bad

Автор ARX78 ( назад)
Always choose Howard

Автор Mazedul Akash ( назад)
This video doesn't have any sound, why?! :((

Автор Weird Roblox ( назад)
WWE 2K17

Автор Weird Roblox ( назад)
please do a WWE2K game

Автор The Legendary Golden Flash ( назад)
Bruh hold up....you joke on law??

Автор kawaii hitler ( назад)
yoshimitsu is one of the weirdest characters. you could be fighting him and then suddenly he:
stabs himself
regenerates health
spin his fucking sword so fast he becomes a helicopter
does a scorpion teleportation trick on you
sit down becasue fuck you and then start spinning around in place, dealing damage to you after he suddenlty jumps up and uppercuts you
he is pretty fun to play

Автор mongkolzin ( назад)
Dr Wiley ahahahaha XD

Автор Michael Mac Donagh ( назад)
Tekken Tag Tournament was released before Tekken 4...

Автор Mark Leavitt ( назад)
Do Total War Warhammer!

Автор Alejandro Romo ( назад)
Out of all the characters mentioned, Anna is the only one that hasn't been announced for Tekken 7. 😓

Автор Puteri Nor Atiqah ( назад)

Автор Thai Corralo Vigo ( назад)
Do Yakuza series!!

Автор My Game Is Caine ( назад)
y do I have an age restriction I'm 19

Автор Corbin Anderson ( назад)
omg I was gonna die if you didn't reference yoshimitsu and his Seppuku move

Автор Aivan Gustav Velasco ( назад)
my Starring Idea Names:

Jin Kazama - Sasuke Uchiha
Paul Phoenix - Chuck Norris
Kazuya Mishima - Vegeta
Jack - Arnold
King - Tiger Mask
the William Sisters - the Kardashian Sisters
Marshall Law - Bruce Lee
Bryan Fury - Terminator
Eddy Gordo - Jamie Foxx
Hwoarang - H-HOWARD?!
Kuma - Brother Bear
Lee Chaolan - Riku
Ling Xiaoyu - Lei Fang
Yoshimitsu - Genji
And Heihachi Mishima - Angry Grandpa

I'm a new Subscriber here and i'm from the Philippines

Автор machinegunStork ( назад)
do warframe next

Автор hęłp mę płəæßə ( назад)
Can you do Tomodachi Life?

Автор MrG4mer ( назад)
Do a honest trailer of Brawlhalla :)

Автор LoKaooww ( назад)
Streets of Rage rules

Автор Sarah Fields ( назад)
can you do a honest game trailer on Soulcalibur? please

Автор Amen Shan ( назад)
Shadow Warrior 2 trailer.

Автор Edipcan Erol ( назад)
plz do dont starve

Автор Arvind Ahanthem ( назад)
arnold hahahahahah esay mode

Автор Yehezkiel Siahaan ( назад)

Автор LeTheGenD ( назад)
Lost it at Dr. Wily lol.

Автор John Syzlack ( назад)
Do dead or alive!

Автор Gerald Butler ( назад)
should have been tekken bear of business

Автор Sekai Ori No Game No ( назад)
OK, the 3rd one is the best

Автор saturnrock35atyahoo ( назад)
honest trailer for EVE Online? it's one of my favorite games and i would love to see it here!

Автор Sven K ( назад)
World´s most brutal game of hacky sack Lmao!!!!

Автор Diego Rens ( назад)
Nin Legitsu :'d ahahah

Автор Amaury Sanchez ( назад)
Tekken Tag Tournament is still the shit. Endlessly fun.

Автор marco gonzalez ( назад)
Tekken is one of two fighting game that can interchangeably be called the best.

Автор EPM 101 ( назад)
2:19 don't forget Pokken!

Автор Jodaku ( назад)
Hahahaha, always got the Vegeta vibe from Kazuya!

Автор mooganfeman ( назад)
I have tekken tag torment 2 and it is fun

Автор Bisu master ( назад)
i just play because Nina tits.

Автор UltivoidThousand X 12 ( назад)
Ooooommmmmgggggg!!!!!! Imsoglad they did TEKKEN!!!!

Автор Diego Galan ( назад)
say "Thunder. Epic Epic Thunder."

Lol. Dr. Wiley

Автор Falmosta ( назад)

Автор Collin Smith ( назад)
Do Virtual On!!!

Автор Joonas Penttilä ( назад)

Автор Jack Bat ( назад)
What? Hey, Honest Trailer guy! You think they messed up the franchise with Street Fighter X Tekken? Come one!!! Am I the only one who actually likes Street Fighter X Tekken?

Автор Minh Huy Lê ( назад)
tekken care of business XD i laughed so hard

Автор Rykehuss ( назад)
Why is this video like 10fps?

Автор DuoMaxwell007 ( назад)
A guy in a Lion mask? Looks like a jaguar to me... Hell at east Tiger woulda been close.. but Lion? Really?

Автор Julio Mares ( назад)
Dr Wiley lol 😂

Автор Dead men tell no tales 1914 ( назад)
"A lion mask"...*shows footage of man in Cheetah mask*....Ok

Автор Kaioxys DarkMacro ( назад)
review nba street

Автор Arryn ( назад)
Leo best girl

Автор ScoutSpyScout ( назад)
I lost it at "Do not disturb"

Автор psychoretardgamer ( назад)
say: yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Автор Ty Jones ( назад)


Автор Crystal Blue Heart ( назад)
peter piper picked a pack of pickled pepper
a pack of pickled pepper peter piper picked
if peter piper picked a pack of pickled pepper
wheres the pack of peter piper picked?

Автор Crystal Blue Heart ( назад)
this is hilarious
im just laughing at my childhood game
Tekken was the First ever Video game i ever played
i couldn't beat my brother back then

Автор Gem Macaraeg ( назад)
Dr. Wiley!? as Heihachi?! now that's ACCURATE

Автор Hasif B. Hisham ( назад)
Majima Goro! I love Yakuza series. Please do the Yakuza series!!!!

Автор Markcus Go ( назад)
you know eddy is overpowered

Автор bowmansparks ( назад)
do Nier Automata!!!!!!!

Автор Sheldon Homonovus ( назад)
Give guilty gear some love already! Rev 2 is coming out soon and Xrd is already better than SFV in every aspect.

Автор Man man Boy ( назад)
Is it okay that I thought kuma was the best character in tekken 6

Автор Ajster1234 ( назад)
Ayyyyyy! Bootleg Streets of Rage. I rate that one haha. Tekken 6 local multiplayer was pretty fun tho

Автор Demon Rantz ( назад)
Tekken 2 - Slightly less dated
Tekken 3 - The one everyone loves
Tekken 4 - The one everyone hates
Tekken 5 - The OTHER one everyone loves
Tekken 6 - Dafuq was that?
Tekken Tag 2 - WHERE THE F*CK IS GON?!
Tekken 7 - They still make these?

Автор iAteYour Cupcakes ( назад)
dr wiley😂😂😂

Автор complex9999 ( назад)
Telencephalon is my all time favorite fighter and this video made my life complete

Автор Offical Tui Anderson TagataTV1.0 ( назад)

Автор I don't know what to put here ( назад)
"Easy mode"

That killed me

Автор Alexis Dawn ( назад)
you miss the MILFS

Автор Alex Vazquez ( назад)
I lost it at Ahhnuld

Автор Catman Delta ( назад)
howard is my favorite

Автор ნიკოლოზ ოთარაშვილი ( назад)
say "the phone is ringing and I cannot linger, so look out butt, here comes my finger"

Автор Daniel Chew ( назад)
Now do soul calibur

Автор ElladanKenet ( назад)
Fighting games that still need doing:

Dead or Alive
Soul Caliber
Clay Fighters
Sonic the Fighters
Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi
Marvel VS
Virtua Fighter

Автор Ricardo Monteiro da Silva ( назад)
Lei Wulong Is Jackie Chan, you missed that one

Автор Wolfwood ( назад)
I loved tekken growing up. I remember the farting dinosaur...

Eddie Gordo and paul >>>

Автор Caleb Kerns ( назад)
say: "you were expecting JOJO to be your first kiss, BUT IT WAS ME DIO!"

Автор Digitizeddragon ( назад)
Jump kicks will work.

Автор Jeffery Allen ( назад)
it's a tiger mask

Автор Mimal .M ( назад)
Tekken Care Of Business can totally be a real title its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Necron00b ( назад)
"A Lion Mask" - It's a jaguar you fool! :P

Автор Hrk ( назад)
You should do Ultimate Marvel vs Capcon 3. Please, do it!

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