20 Animals With Rare Color Patterns You Won't Believe Are Real

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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Длительность: 8:2
Комментарии: 2093

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Автор Summer D ( назад)
The orange alligator looks spray painted

Автор Francina Noriega ( назад)
Thr orange alligator looks very photo shop same thing as the pink grasshoper

Автор Francina Noriega ( назад)
Are pink dolphins real

Автор Francina Noriega ( назад)
Is the biocolored pecock a boy or a girl😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Khadijah Ruslan ( назад)
fun fact: polar bear fur actually does turn purple when sprayed with antiseptic

Автор Fahad Albalooshi ( назад)
I have a 10 years old lobster i swear

Автор PuaThePig, OINK ( назад)
Half the things on this list are so much bullshit. At least attempt to research, dude.

Автор Molly Dragonhill ( назад)
1. All Zebra babies have brown stripes. I know ALOT about horses and Zebra's are related to them, so I should know.
2. You mistook the Lion Cubs for Spotless Cheetah
3. The "Leopard" has obvious cheetah facial features and it was a King Cheetah
4. The Squirrel is fake

Автор Myrna Vendiola Banks ( назад)

Автор Kylie Mineiro ( назад)
the dolphin is fake

Автор Sophi Irvine ( назад)
Lol why is so much of this list bullshit? Piebald is present in literally every animal, you can find a piebald ball python just about anywhere there are a lot of them. And that peacock was just piebald too lol. That squirrel was fake as all get out. the 'chimera' parakeet was literally just a normal everyday budgie you can find at petsmart. And that stuff about the cat being twins fused together is the most made up story I have ever heard. She's just a tricolor tabby cat who happens to have that kind of coloration. The Erythristic black backed jackal that they showed looked very similar to a red wolf. And I'm 60% sure that that polar bear didn't have a reaction to the medicine but was abused and dyed purple by some jackass for kicks. But do what you gotta do for the views.

Автор XoxowolfieoxoX1 MSP ( назад)
The orange alligator...Donald Trump as an animal.

Автор Pilip Pilipus ( назад)
These are some rare shiny animals.

Автор Drew Skilla ( назад)

Автор Dying Wish ( назад)
That "leopard" is gorgeous! Oh, and those spotless cheetah cubs? Genius. Purple polar bear looks pretty, too. lmao

Автор Danica Kaiser ( назад)
its not a leopard its a cheetah

Автор bad ink poop ( назад)
Purple everything ugh that's my least favorite color 😱

Автор 『 Shiropon 』 ( назад)
That is called a Boto...
Its not so rare... Here in Brazil we even have a legend for them

Автор kenya walker ( назад)
Pied bald pythons are easy to find, really. Any reptile expo you sure to find one for sale. I have even seen one at Petco for sale. Not as rare as told. They are beautiful. :)

Автор NikNak ( назад)
The black chicken is an Ayam Cemani Chicken from Indonesia. King Cheetahs are indeed a rare color mutation, but they are cheetahs, not leopards and they aren't in India (unless someone imported one). The real "golden horses" are Akhal-Teke from Turkmenistan

Автор Diana Barahona-Martinez ( назад)
13 reasons why ad 😊 I am watching it

Автор Gabriella Haskell ( назад)
How many of these are photo shopped?

Автор lilypop12343 ( назад)
That pink squirrel tho! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Автор Fonix Anim ( назад)
you are so stupid, a purple squirrel ? srxl ? it's photoshop and it's visible -_-

Автор Fonix Anim ( назад)
it's not a loepard or a lion, it's guepard

Автор K Sichman-Quinn ( назад)

Автор lilly42586 AJ ( назад)
I've seen a blue lobster before!
But it was in a very big pond

Автор maria hemmø ( назад)
6:06 But isn't a leopard, actually that's a cheetah

Автор wolf love cats ( назад)
on 6:25 that is no what u talk about

Автор Nate Malaniak ( назад)
I saw a pink grasshopper, but squished it.

Автор Marvel Kid ( назад)
the leperd was a cheetah

Автор Olivia Horvath ( назад)
Ya it is a pink river dolphin

Автор Delilah Silvervalley ( назад)
The golden horse? Thats an Akal-Teke.

Автор Difheo XD ( назад)
The polar bear and squirrel is so fake!!

Автор FoxxTaco ( назад)
I once saw a blue lobster in the wild I feel so special

Автор HappysNotHappy ( назад)
i saw a lot of brown zebras when i was little

Автор Tomasz Miszkiel ( назад)
Number 20:
1. Why isnt this video about 21 animals
2.You didnt show a golden horse, just a black and white one

Автор Tomasz Miszkiel ( назад)
6:29 This one does too. Theyre just faint.

Автор rats for life leigh ( назад)
all baby zebras have brown stripes

Автор CrudeHen ( назад)
I seen the pink grasshopper but i didn't know it was rare ;-;

Автор Rach P ( назад)
The Spotless Cheetah. Also known as a lion.

Автор Sublime 9 ( назад)
silly that leopard is a king cheetah its a rare marking found on nearly none of cheetahs have this rare marking.

Автор KAE Official Channel ( назад)
I have the same thing as number two ! Yay I'm not alone !!!

Автор Annie C L I Q U E ( назад)
"Leopard found in India" is a cheetah, hun

Автор Sparky Snow ( назад)
2:58 ... I needa tell u, I HAVE A ROTTIE LIEK DAT

Автор Wolf Lover ( назад)

Автор Zoe Paez ( назад)
i loved the rottraller

Автор Rhys Tal Cernunnos ( назад)
The "leopard" in India is actually a King Cheetah.

Автор NOTjustaPINEAPPLE ( назад)
That isn't a leopard that's a king cheetah

Автор Mady Deluna ( назад)
Lol ppl baby raging how coot XD

Автор Joel Wyatt ( назад)
It's cute!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Mbteck3792 ( назад)
cheetah not leapord

Автор JassenHaley Manrrique ( назад)
that's a king cheetah not a leopard 😒😒

Автор Angeline Mincone ( назад)
I love how much this guy fucks up and lies

Автор Jacy Dyer ( назад)
Number 16 looks just like a Cheetah! I mean the shape of the head and body and everything! So much so that it must be!

For number 17, the first pic looks like an anorexic leopard but the following pics do look like a Spotless Cheetah!

Also, the 2nd and 3rd pics of Squirrely Pete are definitely photoshopped!

Автор schleich horse lover 8288 ( назад)
the horse colour is normal to me

Автор Sassy Sugar ( назад)
Thats a fucking cheeta you dimwitts. Its called a king cheeta.

Автор Kira Hall ( назад)
plus if the spotless cheetah was seen once, why are there 2 'spotless cheetah' cubs? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Kira Hall ( назад)
that 'leopard' is actually a king cheetah, it is simply a rare genetic mutation.

Автор Lpspotato_ Pictures ( назад)
That wasn't a leopard it was a cheetah with a very beautiful coat

Автор Kaelyn Chen ( назад)
That 'leopard' is a king cheetah.

Автор nina kaye ( назад)
facts verse you should probably change or add a note that the 'leopard' is actually a cheetah, and you also have pictures of lions on the spotless cheetah bit.

Автор tardisvworp Spacegirl ( назад)
I found a pink grasshopper with neon green eyes when I was with my class on a trip.😄

Автор Rachel Stramrood ( назад)
"next we have the golden horse!"
-gets picture of a grey-
"these are one of a kind"
me: *face palm*

Автор kittysleap aj ( назад)
16 is not a leopard i take this exstremly offensive because i love big cats!! its a king cheetah

Автор Mootis Baby ( назад)
just sying you forgot the black lion and the blue tiger they are really rare and they are not photoshopped but sadly the blue tigers colors if i remember they're colors fade away to bblue to that orange color

Автор Alex Harvie ( назад)
He called a cheetah a leopard! I burst out in laughter when I heard this 😂

Автор Kittay Rivera ( назад)

Автор billy hoyt ( назад)
this is the worst i ever saw to mant un facts

Автор Zecronite Gaming101 ( назад)
the black chicken in Indonesia is called "ayam cemani"

Автор saad hashmi ( назад)
i wasn't expecting such a stupidity from fact vers but they do it so on fact vers its a lie cheetah can never be a leopard and from India ? WTF

Автор Rex Bryan Montolo ( назад)
yhe crocodile is not true they paint the crocodile baby

Автор Julian Glenister ( назад)
This is so funnny most of them were fake facts😂

Автор Fluffy Bunny ( назад)
there are more pink dolphins than you would think they live in the amazon

Автор Bailey MacIver ( назад)
Did anyone else notice that at 2:38 the jackals are mating?

Автор swedish girl ( назад)
Was anyone else creeped out by the cat?

Автор Aquanda Craft ( назад)

Автор the coyote kids :o ( назад)
6:33 those are lions not cheatas

Автор Vivien Govea ( назад)
that is a cheetah not a leopard you can tell cause if it has the black tear lines it's a cheetah

Автор Shaki3Senpai williams ( назад)
The shinys of the real world

Автор Isabella Ballesteros ( назад)
The "golden horse" was white.

Автор mayborn pyngrope ( назад)
the pink dolphin looks like it has a leprosy

Автор Alisa CandyGirl ( назад)
that leopard is a long cheetah dummys and there are tons of them

Автор PrincessBoobado Mistress of the Elements ( назад)
Funny how brown elks aren't considered beutiful but a blonde one is😝! White people can be so racist😩! F.Y.I. Brown n Black r 2 of the most beutiful colors n the crayon box😘! #BrownPanda! #BlackRooster!

Автор Mina Lee ( назад)
number 16 is actually a king cheetah

Автор anonimous someone ( назад)
also "golden" horses aren't that rare. It's also called palomino. look it up sometime.

Автор BreeKayBe ( назад)
The first horse was a silver dapple Rocky, the second horse is a grey, see the grey on the muzzle and the leg, what's so rare about them. The black chicken isn't rare either, you can order them from hatcheries.

Автор Ayashi Majumder ( назад)
First, that's a king cheetah and certainly not a leopard.
Second, they are found in Africa EXCLUSIVELY.
Third, they are very rare and the unique pattern of their coat is a result of homozygous recessive gene.

Автор Fiona Fernandez ( назад)
I love the snake

Автор memorex terrx ( назад)
fail copiador de mr tops puto kaka concha tu madre

Автор Brooke Lauderback ( назад)
Chimera animals can exist in almost any species, but having one sibling completely absorbed is more rare. In humans, fraternal twins can share DNA in a few organs, and some children who are not twins can absorb some DNA from their mothers. The most noticeable symptom of chimerism in humans is heterochromia iridium, or having eyes of two different colors, though heterochromia does not automatically mean that you are a human chimera.

Автор slap a hoe ( назад)
purple bear and squarial lol

Автор Cheryl Walters ( назад)
that cheetah is a dam puma and the lion was a cheetah stupid

Автор Lil Gamer Owl ( назад)
The orange alligator isn't really orange, it had gotten into water that temporarily stained it that color.

Автор ferrarigirl666 ( назад)
sooo , they all have genetic problems...

Автор Aparna Vastrad ( назад)
everything is gods creation

Автор rzz lol ( назад)
find the diffrence
like if u find dislike if u dont

Автор Inu no Taisho ( назад)
Oh, and that was not the golden horse. The gold horse is a lustrous color that defies explanation. It's also built like a race horse.

Автор Inu no Taisho ( назад)
Look up the term leucism or leucistic. Many of these animals are also known as leucistic. Leucism is characterized by white fur or fur patches and normally pigmented nose while the eyes can be normal color or blue. It is differentiated from albinos since leucistics never have pink eyes.

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