20 Animals With Rare Color Patterns You Won't Believe Are Real

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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Длительность: 8:2
Комментарии: 1673

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Автор Lauren Burton ( назад)
a purple polar bear?And a squirrel

Автор Imcats02ak3 AJ ( назад)
WTF That is NOT a leopard! For your information the leopard is actually a KING CHEETAH!! I swear to god look up King Cheetah. Also I don't see no fucking golden horse. I see a silver dark bay horse, the silver being the white/gray mane. The reasoning for their being a golden color in it's tail is more than likely from a dorsal stripe, lighter than it's coat. Also why is there a picture of a bay colored horse and then a white horse? Wtf

Автор Katelyn Ramos ( назад)
its not a leopard its a king cheetah

Автор Genisay ( назад)
The images of the 'purple' squirrel are clearly Photoshop'd...and badly as well. You can see the purple filter layer bleeding off the edges of the squirrel. Your 'leapord' is actually a cheetah, and that last one....the black rooster is a bit odd, but 'never see them' about the horse? Really? Do you even know how common white horses with blonde mane and tails are? That is by no means an odd color combination for a horse, and you even give two different images for your 'golden horse' that only have blonde hair in common. You guys are getting lazy.

Автор MHIXXJHEY sTAR ( назад)
The Squirelle is so fake look at the outline it's been photo shopped

Автор stampylongnose11233 ( назад)
I have a cat named Alfie with Chimera

Автор Harley Quinn kitty ( назад)
u could say spotless cheetah but not king cheetah WHYYYYY!?!?!?

Автор Cherry Bomb ( назад)
Shiny Pokémons

Автор Lundvalnaden ( назад)
purple fake and the last picture was normal white horse, not the gold one

Автор John Parks ( назад)
Piebald pythons aren't that rare because they can be genetically bred by snake breeders. I have one and they are everywhere in reptile shows and shops

Автор goldiedoggy aj ( назад)
the "spotless cheetah" is probably a mix between a mountain lion (also known as panther or cougar) and a cheetah.

Автор Dacharged27 ( назад)
U r retarded #16 is called a king cheetah not a leopard stupid ass

Автор C Sawick ( назад)
my sister used to have a black chicken.🐔🐓

Автор CrAzY ScEnE GiRL 1133 ( назад)
um that "Lepord" was actually a cheetah

Автор Jolene Rowland ( назад)
the ''leopard was a cheetah

Автор Margarita Cynthia Crisostomo ( назад)
Purple Polar Bear?!My Deam Came True!

Автор DERPZILA 21 ( назад)
we found our shiny pokemons XD

Автор Rochelle aight ( назад)
I hate photshops

Автор Wicked Julia ( назад)
the black chicken is a breed more common in the tropics. there is an animal known as the golden horse. it is an akhal teke with a cremello coat and is the official horse of Turkmenistan. You didn't have time to put that in this video?

Автор PoofAJ ( назад)
It is not a leopard it is a cheetah and once you get closer you can see the peacock is draw/fake and the squirrel and maybe the polar bear are fake/dyed

Автор MatrixGaming 101 ( назад)
0:40 i have owne

Автор fortheloveof fish ( назад)
"golden horse" shows a white horse, this video sucks and is like 99% untrue

Автор personal account ( назад)
All zebras are brown when young. The black color comes when it gets older

Автор Alexa Cervantes ( назад)
the squirrel is Photoshoped

Автор WONDERingNymph 14 ( назад)
Number 16 is a freaking cheetah, not a leopard. It just has leopard-like markings.

Автор cybertank2 ( назад)
the leopard looks more like a cheetah

Автор kyra Nortje ( назад)
so all the animals are beautiful but the piebald ball python is not really so rare I have a ball python collection of 17 ball pythons and 4 of them are piebald

Автор Princess Cold ivy cakes ( назад)

Автор Socandpaf ( назад)
who created the video is probably laughing because he MUST be aware that this is bullshit

Автор Socandpaf ( назад)
fused together? the cat? oh god why I even ended here...

Автор XJustice Leaguex ( назад)
the rooster is common in some areas I got a purple Black rooster.

Автор Diomil Yancy Guleng ( назад)
ive ever. see. black rooster.

Автор Doctor Awesomeness ( назад)
The polar bear was wearing medicine because he had some type of skin condition. I read about it in the news.

Автор Emma Persson ( назад)
That black rooster is not unique, they are very common.

Автор Fiona Brua ( назад)
Omg that 'leopard' was a king cheetah

Автор Fionathepic73 ( назад)
Oh and also the spotted cheetah has frickin spots. Are u blind.

Автор Fionathepic73 ( назад)

Автор CATastrophe ( назад)
at 6:06 that's a king cheetah, not a leopard, not to be rude just wanted to point it out 🐈

Автор TheCraftingCat ( назад)
6:13 I'm no big cat expert, but, uh... that's NOT a leopard. That's a cheetah with a cool pattern of spots.

Автор HorseyTube ( назад)
A "golden" horse is not real. It is actually a palomino.

Автор Firoth ( назад)
Piebald pythons may be rare in the wild, but they're quite easily found as pets.

Автор Wolf Dreams ( назад)
I was triggered when he called the obvious cheetah a leopard. The pattern on the cheetah was pretty though

Автор Trash ._. ( назад)
I've seen many pink dolphins before

Автор dracochan1 ( назад)
the leopard was in fact a kings cheetah it's a rare genetic trait

Автор Christy Shireman ( назад)
hey HyperDontia not to sound rude, but, why do you haft to be a hater! he has a job to do ya know i think those animals are beatuiful

Автор David Bacote ( назад)
I'm sorry but I've got to comment being blonde somehow magically imparts beauty on anything that happens to be blonde?!?
Would this also apply to suit a dismembered corpse or any foul of vile thing
ex. Don tRump ?
Just asking.

Автор armani love prada ( назад)
i only believe video but not picture

Автор Xavier A. ( назад)
6:12 says it's a Leopard when it's actually a King Cheetah, (it's called a king cheetah because of its coat pattern)

Автор CurlyHairJesTv ( назад)
i seen a cat like #14 a few months ago. i actually know were it lives didn't know they were rare tho

Автор Erin Murphy ( назад)
piedbald pythons aren't rare. you can buy them in many pet stores.

Автор Swift Ocelot ( назад)
6:07 Its not a leopard it's a king cheetah

Автор india holeman ( назад)
bitch that's a fucking cheetah

Автор EriVaWolfFang ( назад)
I have the wierd feeling that one of my guinea pigs is a cimera btw because he's a perfect split between brown and black fur.

Twix is best guinea pig XD

Автор Nessy Müller ( назад)
yeah, because a white horse is soooooo rare..... you can find at least one white horse in EVERY fucking stable you go! the other "golden" horse is also far from rare. in germany we call them "windfarben" wich translates to "windcolored" and they are very common in icelandic horses. do you research before telling bullshit!

Автор EriVaWolfFang ( назад)
number then is a king cheetah, the striped fur is caused by an mutation and it isn't found in india, but in africa ( I think west africa)

Автор Green gamer 5007 ( назад)
Hey I've got the same cat but different colors 😮😮

Автор Dark Metal ( назад)
typed black cock on google got horrible results😂

Автор Sofie Amalie Poulsen ( назад)
He says ''very rare'' to almost all of them but like half of the coat patterns are actually not as rare as he depicts. I facepalmed when he said 'leopard'' instead of cheetah and also when he showed the cheetah without spots and then right after a picture of two lion cubs fighting. Also when he showed the ''golden horse'' beside a black rooster and he showed two different horses. So much facepalm.

Автор Traun Fugil ( назад)
They're like shiny Pokemon...

Автор Xatinum ( назад)
thats no leopard its a cheetah.

Автор Kylie Adams ( назад)
"Golden horse" Do you mean palomino or perlino? Or cream? If you're going to include it, get a real pic of it and specify the actual color.

Автор Pred Prag ( назад)
Ok so the half white pythons are real and not rare it's a morph. The leopard is a cheetah. The black rooster is a breed of chicken and it is common. The spotless cheetah has pigment. The pink grasshopper is a breed that is common and does get to adulthood.
You really have no knowledge, and what's even worse...people might believe you. Can't believe what idiots will do for views.

Автор Logan Oosthuizen ( назад)
i once had an black hen her feathers were black and her face was black

Автор Pizza Pocket ( назад)
White white white and blue. It's obvious that rich white people are fuckin with the animal kingdom. Trying to make everything white

Автор Denise Buenaventura ( назад)
You so mean!!! to that chicken you called him/her black 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😊🙂😐😑🙁☹️😞
👆🏻I'm that one

Автор GamingWithEna! ( назад)
The purple squirrel is photoshopped.

Автор Aly Kat ( назад)
the first horse was Flaxen, and the second horse was grey/white. neither were gold

Автор lps Poppy Pearce ( назад)

Автор lps Poppy Pearce ( назад)
that squirrel was photo shopped

Автор Krischael Barroga ( назад)
hahaha shiny pokemon

Автор haziel flores ( назад)
6:24 is the king cheetah

Автор Skylergaming - Roblox and more ( назад)
Lol that "leopard" is a cheetah xD

Автор Icycat Art ( назад)
Hey the brown panda is that same panda from that boruto movie.

Автор Bích ngọc ( назад)
the black chicken is not that rara maybe in America it's unique but in asia there are so many of this chicken people don't even give a shit about them and NO it isn't a mutation or wtf you are talking about!

Автор Diane Peter ( назад)
The leopard is a king cheetah, they are cheetahs with the tabby pattern.

Автор Midnight The Wolf ( назад)
that ermm... "Pink dolphin" is a river dolphin,,, there are tons of them..

Автор Scarlett Horan ( назад)
The purple polar bear must hav feel down in a huge bucket of Purple color During Holi in India

Автор Gayle Gordon ( назад)
Your "leopard" is a very rare King Cheetah.

Автор Bryant Dailing ( назад)
it's a cheetah, Duh

Автор Kevin Poe ( назад)
That "leopard" is a "king" cheetah

Автор Husky The DerpyDog ( назад)
4:49 I want a teddy that looks like my pet! Can someone tell me where I can get one? Link? Ad?

Автор Baby Kiwifruit ( назад)
really, a lion cub is not a fucking spotless cheetah

Автор Baby Kiwifruit ( назад)
wtf that's not a leopard found in India that's a king cheetah!!! Get yah fucking facts right!!😐

Автор TheyCallMeChips ( назад)
"The Golden Horse"
*shows image of a white/grey horse*

Автор Samantha Kaufman ( назад)
we have one of those peakocks at the beardsley zoo

Автор Cat Bomb2977 ( назад)
I saw the piebald snake in real life up close! *yes!*

Автор Aservis Roturier ( назад)
Not only is the leopard a cheetah, it's a cheetah of a distinct variety called a "King" cheetah. And like the tabby cats with the swirly patterns instead of stripes, they are a natural variation that crops up now and again. Just not seen too often.

Автор Khemosabi ( назад)
Piebald ball pythons are extremely common.... And that "pink" dolphin is nothing more than albino.

Автор Chickens And Ducks ( назад)
They couldn't even tell you anything about the rooster they didn't even say what breed. For anyone who doesn't know it's an ayam cemani it's a very rare breed everything is black from there bones organs everything the eggs are a white or light cream color if you look up there eggs on google and you see they are black it's a photo shopped picture it's not the real deal. For show quality stock they will run you about 1000 dollars per bird and for breeder quality stock they will run you about 200+

Автор Leopardgirl_ 99 ( назад)
Um... isn't that Leopard in India a cheetah or is it a crossbreed🤔

Автор Arvaiah's Lair ( назад)
We have a national park were I live and we have lots of white deer and just a few blond elk

Автор season change but bts is always in kookie ( назад)
i thought there would be a gold horse?

Автор Sierra Paulin ( назад)
Lobsters are bluish brown when not cooked. Once they're cooked, they're red.

Автор daniela perez ( назад)
I saw a pink dolphin with my sister

Автор Nufung Subba ( назад)
I thing this is not real ..

Автор Moon Howler8 ( назад)
That is not a leapord it is a cheetah but I loved the video it rocks I never knew there were so many different fur colors

Автор THỦY TRẦN ( назад)
The cat is absolutely amazing

Автор Kirayshalie Adorno ( назад)
That's not a leopard...

Автор MagicalDog2006 and KittyCat2010 ( назад)
The pink dolphin is a Pink River Dolphin it's now extinct though they might have a 10% chance of existing!!

Автор benny seror ( назад)
the Leopard that you have shown is not a Leopard is a Chita and some of the spotless Chita pics are lions! don't treat people as stupid.

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