Oral Sex From Your iPhone!

The future is here and blowjobs are forever. Steven and Ava breakdown Camsoda's newest online sex app for sending your tongue's movements across the interwebs to your partner- or your favorite pornstar.

Chokers Secretly Symbolize BDSM? https://youtu.be/_eipdlbHsQI

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Автор Mexiguido ( назад)

Автор Mexiguido ( назад)

Автор Zisira ( назад)
I can see why this show was canceled

Автор Robbin Kalaamalho ( назад)

Автор Risky ( назад)
My pattern would be a recreation of the choreography in high school musical "were all in this together", I believe this would have some youthful undertones mixed with the artful movements created by Kenny Ortega.

Автор Lindir Lavathor ( назад)
My pattern would be a spelling of the entire script of Bee Movie

Автор the hananimal ( назад)
My pattern would be called Beards of Sourcefed and it would just be me outlining the various beards of Sourcefed hosts with my tongue.

Автор Mike Delong ( назад)
my pattern would be lick A B C D E F G H I J K L.... then my second pattern wood be like M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y & Z... Because. who can lick th whole alphabet in one minute. Amirite?

P.S. gotta include that "and sign" because it is significant.

Автор izzyalistair ( назад)
Ava + Suptic = Win...never has sourcefed made me laugh so hard

Автор Jamie Trun ( назад)
My pattern would involve a lot of spitting and crying. Can the vibrator recreate that too?

Автор Den1108 oo ( назад)
Ava is hot!!

Автор Your_ w1_f1 ( назад)
my pattern's the macarena on Adderall..

Автор Marisa Mercado ( назад)
I love Ava Gordy. New fave

Автор Armitige Shanks ( назад)
iphone users.....

Автор MrLuc12367 ( назад)
My pattern would look like suptic's tangerine sized balls

Автор Dairy Queen ( назад)
It's the guy off of bam lounge

Автор Hugh McLean ( назад)
My pattern would mimic a python biting the shit outta that pusssay

Автор NinjaWiz ( назад)
Ava and Steven should do more stories together, they're both hilarious, and my pattern would look like a spastic drawing a tornado.

Автор Trevie Lambier ( назад)
can i meet Steve's grandfather

Автор lU Beekeeper ( назад)

Автор Catter Peener ( назад)
I laughed really hard at "cumulo nimbus" hahahahaha

Автор Willy Hunt ( назад)
R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Автор Donavin Eddy ( назад)
My pattern would be a csgo ak spray pattern

Автор can ( назад)
Okay but this is a smart idea for long distance couples

Автор Tother Gravy ( назад)
My tongue pattern would feel like, and be called jailbait tornado. Steven will get it, maybe

Автор gonzostwin1 ( назад)
My pattern would be deemed "Two finger culdesac"

Автор Chris Stcyr ( назад)
my pattern would look like Ava pulling on my hair in response to a toe curling climax and even calling her in the morning asking if she wanted to grab breakfast, and by breakfast I mean round two.

Автор DyingForBooks ( назад)
My pattern would me spelling out "I am dead inside"

Автор MMProductions IndustryIncorporated ( назад)
Imagine a beautiful golden retriever sticking its head out or a car window, blissfully unaware of everything around it, enjoying life to its fullest. The wind blowing through its fur, it's tongue waggling all over the darn place. That is my pattern. The dog window waggle.

Автор Funyuns Inc. ( назад)
Why did they bleep the 'hole' in Asshole? Isn't it supposed to be the other way?

Автор j ( назад)
bad boy tommy wins the race using his bionic legs

Автор Erica Duda ( назад)
I guess my pattern would, uh, start out with a little 1, a 2, a 1-2-3, a 3, a 5, a 4, a 3-2, 2, a 2-4-6, 2-4-6, 4, 2, 2, 4-7, 5-7, 6-7, 7…7…7…7 7 7 7 7 7… *seven*.

Автор Riley Cihak ( назад)

Автор Josh Solly ( назад)
I'd Go Bolero of Fire

Автор Marina Umihanic ( назад)
Licking stuff is really not that bad for your health, our mouths are pretty well accustomed to foreign objects because of foods and stuff. It's touching your eyes and nose with dirty hands that gets you

Автор FLØENZA ( назад)
why do you have to put full monetization on

Автор Scott Torres ( назад)
If Ava's choker gets any bigger Candace might die

Автор Mr L. ( назад)
Oohhh boy I sure did laugh during the last five minutes.

Автор From my point of view, you are upside down. ( назад)
My pattern would, be: left, right, down, down, up, a+b then you die from a Mortal kombat fatality.

Автор Shortruler ( назад)
My pattern would just be me writing out the alphabet.

Автор Mark Cavender ( назад)
She really wants you to put that pussy in a coma. Go after it bro, lick that pussy like a Porn star bro.

Автор jacob burt ( назад)
Im so glad I could find somewhere to escape from the fake news bubble. We needed a network to report on the real shit, getting in the nitty gritty and reporting some real news. Your doing gods work SourceFed, and your a true credit to humanity. Keep it up.

Автор Kaleb Rojas ( назад)
Please just make a shirt of Ava's stupidly large smile, that shit is hilarious.

Автор Sd, Sid & Siddy ( назад)
I put that pussy on the chainwax

Автор Beto Guevara ( назад)
I think this chemistry is underrated and brilliant

Автор JELLOFACTORY ( назад)
Next Time on Maury: "My girl thinks my online tongue game is strong 'cause I let my dog lick nut butter off my phone that one time."

Автор alex prater ( назад)
my tongue pattern will be like you just placed something sour on your tongue and spit it out as soon as the sourness hit you taste buds. I will call it curdled milk

Автор drinksling93 ( назад)
This was one of the best bloopers videos!

Автор Isabella C ( назад)
SuckDick looks like a weak little boy. Like with one pump of a fist and he'd fall to the ground, never to rise again.

Автор Mijail Brambilla ( назад)
i'd make a "David Blane" pattern for Candace... just saying

Автор The Film Guy ( назад)
- - - - - - - - - I
I - - - - - - - - I
I - - - - - - - - I
- - - - - - - - - I

Автор Tatarync ( назад)
This might be the funniest white wall since the days of the original three.

Автор Tatarync ( назад)

Автор Reanimal Xp ( назад)
my pattern would look like a Picasso an it will be called little johnny's great adventure anime style

Автор DeusExMachina725 ( назад)
Ava's actual reactions to things makes all the SourceFed videos ten times more hilarious, combine that with the ridiculousness of Steven.

Автор Eirik Hagen ( назад)
best and funniest story of the week. right here. yes.

Автор Squizznot ( назад)
Ah...the future...

Автор matt ( назад)
i guess mine would have to be "up, down, left, right, A, B, start, select " ....

Автор Rob Low ( назад)
septic and ava need to bang already

Автор yasmina kerjieh ( назад)
Dinosaur feeding on some grass then vomiting because meat

Автор Youbring ( назад)
omg Ava SOOO HOT lol!

Автор Seriously ( назад)
This is probably the best video I will watch all day and it's 4 am right now but I'm confident nothing else will be as funny as these two today

Автор Paul Mat ( назад)
May be the best of SourceFed tbh. Like, normally I drop half way through most of the videos with steven suptic but this time was an exception.

Автор TwistedOracle ( назад)

Автор Andrew Cornless ( назад)
i don't even watch for the stories anymore honestly i'm just here to see the hosts

Автор churjle ( назад)
This could be used to transmit morse code right? My pattern will tell Mike Pence he's a bad bad boy (via his dusty old man butt)

Автор Brandon Torres ( назад)
Ava's choker is even bigger from the last video. What does this mean?! Is she reeeaaaallly into bdsm now? Or is she the captain now? Help.

Автор Jormugand0 ( назад)
I am SO looking forward to the next comment commentary.

Автор Moskyy ( назад)
my pattern would be in the shape of a swastika and it would be called "burnin up 4 you baby"

Автор DiabolicNick ( назад)
Btw, as a cyber security major, quick fact, these devices can be hacked and cause injury. It's actually quite funny. Look up "hacking teledildonic devices" lol

Автор sayinwolf ( назад)
Ava and Suptic have been killing it for the past couple of weeks.

Автор ShiKaMe7 ( назад)
My pattern would spell HELP
And my pattern would touch a vagina before me.

Автор George Ivanchikov ( назад)

Автор jman8904 ( назад)
ava kinky and Steven suckdick made my lunch break with this shit

Автор Alx Flour ( назад)
Suptic's script writing is godlike!

Автор ShortButDeadly89 ( назад)
I think this is my favorite sourcefed episode ever! The best part of this whole video isn't even the word subject, it's their responses to reading the lines. Can we please have more episodes like this! At the very least can we leave in some of the bloopers?

Автор Kathleen Provenzano ( назад)
I've never laughed harder at a Sourcefed vid. Love u boo thangs, thank u for the laughs

Автор imkluu ( назад)
This was hilarious and I'm becoming much more a fan of Ava. I love her reactions to the others.

Автор Domhnall Mac Auliffe ( назад)

Автор msfattytroll ( назад)
I used tohave a friend who was a quadraplegic. He had basically zero use of his legs and arms. However, he liked to play video games but obviously couldn't really use a standard controller

He ended up having a special apparatus made so that he could operate a rudimentary controller with his mouth. There were certain controls for biting down and breathing out but a lot of the control was with his tongue... I bet he could make a killing with this app, tell him to pretend like he's playing super mario bros 3 or something

Автор Troyer ( назад)
My pattern is one I got from my grandma, because she makes the best clothes.

Автор AJSpence33 ( назад)
⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️ B A START

Автор Jordan Mok ( назад)
Oh jesus, poor Ava. Although I can imagine someone doing this in public, just going to town on there phone. I am not sure what I would think if I saw that. Do I get turned on? Do I join in?

Автор Steven Price ( назад)
My pattern would be called "The sticky kid that asks if you have games on your phone" it would be made by letting a sticky child play with your phone.

Автор Cain Stewart ( назад)
Suptic. Suptic... thank you.

Автор Mattteus ( назад)
having someone perform cumulonimbus on me puts my head in the clouds...

Автор barkevvv ( назад)
This was next level hilarious and brilliant and charming.

Good job you guys

Автор Enzur ( назад)
Ava Chokers game on point.

Автор Optimus Prhyme ( назад)
These two are perfect together

Автор Microfoot ( назад)
Is it weird that my mind went to the Seinfeld episode where Puddy stole Jerry's technique?

Автор Tommy P ( назад)
Thanks for the shoutout, Suptic

Автор Alberto Pérez Musik ( назад)
I read oral, sex and Iphone and I Inmediatly thought of Steven, thats weird.

Автор Omni G ( назад)
Technology evolved for this

Автор Alfio Lescano ( назад)
Obviously my pattern would be LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Автор Gurdeep Hanspal ( назад)
Nice choker Ava 😏

Автор Jarrah Clark ( назад)
My Pattern Looks like this: Squirch numnum slllllllllooop

Автор Xaruxi ( назад)
My pattern would look like this : Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

Автор moj89 ( назад)
i'd call mine, "The dying Cockroach" and have my tongue spaz around all right up in there

Автор Manuel Martinez ( назад)
Stevie don needy da appy, Stevie touchy da ladyeee. Yay Stevie.

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