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    Hey guys, you've all been requested this a lot ever since kraken came out and I was ready to go for this but came across a friendly kraken already there! Here is footage of what happens when you get 5 million xp as a kraken and max size!
    As always, hope you enjoy! :)
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  • Edward Selvanovich
    Edward Selvanovich 2 месяца назад

    somebuty watch 2018

    RIFQY ADDIN 5 месяцев назад

    Wut da 5m to mouse so crazy

  • Kogamian Gameplays
    Kogamian Gameplays 7 месяцев назад


  • Sadguya 24
    Sadguya 24 7 месяцев назад

    that ihasy not fan he like baby srry i say taht he wannas ur name to he get dragon//not die

  • wei ji
    wei ji Год назад


  • DiaboltxGT
    DiaboltxGT Год назад +1

    Wait for that faker to see this vid lol

  • Brianne Thomas
    Brianne Thomas Год назад

    How do you go in maps

  • The Exotic Shorthair
    The Exotic Shorthair Год назад

    Yes, hippo and orca are the same power. The only reason you can kill him is because you can take advantage of the and there water level.AND I HATE THAT. THE SAME LEVELS TRYING DESPRATLEY TO KILL ONE ANOTHER!!!!!!!! I MEAN COME ON GUYS DONT YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO!?!?!?

  • nation rap koroheke
    nation rap koroheke Год назад


  • Kawa Edyta
    Kawa Edyta Год назад


  • hoom the cute bird
    hoom the cute bird Год назад

    Who’s says I was an rhino and I has you killed me??

  • hoom the cute bird
    hoom the cute bird Год назад

    Wtf a tiny mouse!?!!

  • Dawna Bradley
    Dawna Bradley Год назад

    This feels wrong when u are watching this in 2017

  • Keong Lai
    Keong Lai Год назад

    If someone will kill me I will go in a hole and tell them' if you kill me,I quit'

  • Davis Robinson
    Davis Robinson Год назад

    That's the funniest thing I've ever seen in!!!! ;'DDDDDDDD

  • One Big Boi
    One Big Boi Год назад

    ahem... dragoni dont make Lion sounds...

  • נבו חן
    נבו חן Год назад +1

    In this time is no changed and we hava a black dragon

  • Adri Recio
    Adri Recio Год назад

    mpè.io in that time its so bad i prefer now

  • Gaurdians Hope
    Gaurdians Hope Год назад

    iXplode is better

    • Florin Danoiu
      Florin Danoiu Год назад

      Gaurdians Hope I like both and why are you even here then

  • register_2N50
    register_2N50 Год назад

    So apparently Kraken was belong from mouse

    and if theres mouse in this game, why theres no cheese? so kraken would like to eat cheese

  • Dexter Zayas
    Dexter Zayas Год назад

    That happend to mean when I was a blue whale about to be a kraken

  • *Yung Dagger Dick*
    *Yung Dagger Dick* Год назад

    and crocs can hold breath for a while but good vid

  • *Yung Dagger Dick*
    *Yung Dagger Dick* Год назад

    u picked zebra over donkey😮

  • team władców
    team władców Год назад


  • Callum Zhu
    Callum Zhu Год назад

    Mean to orca I'm dissipointed

  • Kaylakitty6 Minecraft
    Kaylakitty6 Minecraft Год назад

    The pig was me by the baby hippo [fangirlling]

  • Tawassul Elsir
    Tawassul Elsir Год назад

    i hate faeck fans!!!!!!!!!!!

  • awsamar
    awsamar Год назад

    Wow lion used to come before cheeta..... wow

  • Joshy Sims
    Joshy Sims Год назад +2

    If that "fan" watched this
    He be embarrassing that he real

  • gloria amarilez
    gloria amarilez Год назад

    the game lose connection because not the server but my worst enemy insternet has to do this

  • fariq syahin
    fariq syahin Год назад

    trolled developer was such funny kranken 5mps to a tiny mouse
    that was very unfunny that's inbearingsing
    it wud be a sulution

  • Smokeysmo kedawg
    Smokeysmo kedawg Год назад

    I got a BIG question what server does he play on?

  • Aimattarget Gamer019
    Aimattarget Gamer019 Год назад


  • Ollie games
    Ollie games Год назад

    I love it'$ so edicting!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ollie games
    Ollie games Год назад


  • Wagner Gamers
    Wagner Gamers Год назад

    open the theca

  • Dubsy Dubstep
    Dubsy Dubstep Год назад

    Gets more views than subs... Pewdiepie gets 1/10 views of his subs....

  • wolf girl123
    wolf girl123 Год назад

    I tried playing it how do you move underwater?

  • zAlanBr22 Walker
    zAlanBr22 Walker Год назад

    4:51 LoL

  • Roblox PlayzYt
    Roblox PlayzYt Год назад

    IHASYOU im your biggest fan ever i wish i can see you rire

  • Idk What this name
    Idk What this name Год назад


  • Mortal H4RD
    Mortal H4RD Год назад


  • Oposek
    Oposek Год назад


  • Dałniak
    Dałniak Год назад

    Click bait

  • Fling Gonza
    Fling Gonza Год назад

    after you go to max you become a mouse

  • ShinCraft 65
    ShinCraft 65 Год назад

    can I get 10 likes cos I have a sore ankle

  • TheFrustarted Gaming
    TheFrustarted Gaming Год назад

    Best fan? More like worst fan...

  • zSr_Luan Gamer
    zSr_Luan Gamer Год назад

    Is fake you using a

  • KopsSlogJelly
    KopsSlogJelly Год назад

    Iproug you can get 120 likes

  • neraigel martha
    neraigel martha Год назад

    Some IHY members keep killing me

  • Nathan Stevens
    Nathan Stevens Год назад

    5k not 5m

  • AlexGould 3384
    AlexGould 3384 Год назад

    My Nan tragically passed away 2 days ago, please may I have some likes to make me feel better (you don't have to)

  • IsabelMalmberg
    IsabelMalmberg Год назад

    Awesome click bait video bro! Don't keep it up XD

  • Inkling
    Inkling Год назад

    biting the 5M mouse as a hippo and you turn into a mouse

  • Nick Flicks
    Nick Flicks Год назад

    i wish my mope worked

  • Trinity 7707
    Trinity 7707 Год назад

    lol worst fan ever XD

  • Ethan Wright
    Ethan Wright Год назад

    i saw a 5m yeti yesterday

  • TheLion
    TheLion Год назад

    When it's my birthday can you make a video date 13/5/17

  • beau cameron
    beau cameron Год назад

    XD wot the heck happened to the kraken did he just tried in to a Mose :( but I think he was hack I do not know but I think you know:/ :/

  • SON 4399 ver มังกร
    SON 4399 ver มังกร Год назад

    the lord of is MOUSE!!!?!?!?!?!? XD

  • Jimmy Hendrix
    Jimmy Hendrix Год назад

    Fake iHASY piss of

  • Lime the lime flavored Leimon
    Lime the lime flavored Leimon Год назад

    what if lvld up an became krak again and then again and again and again..

  • GrapeTube 486
    GrapeTube 486 Год назад

    5:48 you wrote TMN instead of TIME

  • Yeetus Feetus
    Yeetus Feetus Год назад

    THESE VIDS ARE GREAT dont ever stop making them and u will have so amny subs u cant even count!

  • Some IS-2
    Some IS-2 Год назад

    omg ihas you you fan are so stupd in video

  • Gabriel Williams
    Gabriel Williams Год назад

    why do you not kill him

  • Weaselstorm Sorensen
    Weaselstorm Sorensen Год назад

    i cant tell if its clickbait or not @-@

  • Jayden Lang
    Jayden Lang Год назад

    mouse frend

  • мертвое чмо
    мертвое чмо Год назад


  • joni merquita
    joni merquita Год назад

    trolling a mouse! why the mouse still in the leaderboard?
    his mouse and still in leaderboard haha!

  • 杰佣
    杰佣 Год назад


  • A Hardly Used Channel
    A Hardly Used Channel Год назад


  • Flipgirl 808
    Flipgirl 808 Год назад

    This is my guess that the kraken was about to go to the next level but the creator of the game did make the next animal. So the little mouse is actually the next animal. My theory

  • braden newell
    braden newell Год назад

    This was the first score above 5 mil that didn't include the banana glitch or coconut glitch

  • Jama Cat xD
    Jama Cat xD Год назад

    хей пасматрите канал маей падруги плих

  • Wyatt Riddle
    Wyatt Riddle Год назад


  • Bryan Russell
    Bryan Russell Год назад +28

    Im Sick I Have The Flu Can I Get 3 Likes ?

  • GUARDIAN of the crashers
    GUARDIAN of the crashers Год назад

    that kraken probably got pissed off XD lmfao

  • Mac
    Mac Год назад

    love your channel c:

  • Gug4mer
    Gug4mer Год назад

    eu já consegui vira o dragão 3 vezes e o Kraken 2,máximo de pontos q consegui até hoje foi 1 milhão e 500 mil

  • Алексей
    Алексей Год назад

  • William Martinez
    William Martinez Год назад

    I was the orca :(

  • Noah versteeg
    Noah versteeg Год назад

    i saw you play today when i was dead it showed you name and animal

  • Lucas Y
    Lucas Y Год назад

    click bate...!

  • An Airplane
    An Airplane Год назад

    Fake, when he turned into a mouse, he's still a Top Players 1.

  • Т Др
    Т Др Год назад

    как он кракин стал мышай

  • Random Claw
    Random Claw Год назад

    Fuck that dragon

  • CoVe
    CoVe Год назад

    Umm I don't understand why a swordfish runs out of breath in the water....That just makes no cycling sense

  • AzeriBey
    AzeriBey Год назад

    good you

  • Mister PugI
    Mister PugI Год назад

    Siempre perdonas inventando clanes con nombre stupidos...

  • Pavlika Beast
    Pavlika Beast Год назад

    F U

  • patty8653
    patty8653 Год назад

    he becomes a ***** at 4:50 not supposed to tell you what he is

  • Clark Keefer
    Clark Keefer Год назад

    the kraken turned to mouse

  • Clark Keefer
    Clark Keefer Год назад


  • madeinsumy
    madeinsumy Год назад +1

    могби залесть в норку

  • Miki Miki
    Miki Miki Год назад


  • Ngo Lucy
    Ngo Lucy Год назад

    I let him bite me some shot when im a shark and he is croc

  • Ngo Lucy
    Ngo Lucy Год назад

    I meet i has you in

  • sahraoui rami
    sahraoui rami Год назад

    your to good for that server so u just began kicked :p

  • Aidan C
    Aidan C Год назад

    Which Server do you usually play on?

    • shaq1
      shaq1 Год назад

      London 1