2016 Olympic Cheat Meal Challenge (Sawan Serasinghe's McD's Feast)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2016
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    Inspired by the Australian Olympian Sawan Serasinghe, I decided to take on this 8,000+ calorie Food Challenge.
    - 1 Big Mac
    - 1 1/4 Pounder w/ Cheese
    - 2 McChickens
    - 2 Hamburgers
    - 40 McNuggets
    - 6 Large French Fries
    - 6 Brownies (I subbed for Cookies. My McD's doesn't have Brownies..)
    - 1 Strawberry Banana Smoothie
    - 1 Bottle of Water
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    Photo Credit:
    Photo 1: 2016 Rio Olympics - DAVID RAMOS/GETTY IMAGES
    Photo 2: Instagram - @Sawansera
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Comments • 13 782

  • brent eaddy
    brent eaddy 2 hours ago

    Stonie 1 - MC D's 0

  • awelys
    awelys 4 hours ago

    matt stonie: eats a month's worth of food in one day and is still thin
    me: eats 2 fries, gains 17 pounds

  • SolvedWinner147 Biggy
    SolvedWinner147 Biggy 8 hours ago

    They thought the longer the video is, the better, but in this case the faster the better XD

  • DavidDayz nicolai
    DavidDayz nicolai 16 hours ago +1

    Insane video!

  • Alexanderpro _1
    Alexanderpro _1 16 hours ago +1

    The he ate the fries is me all the time...

  • Miranda A
    Miranda A Day ago

    Who else gets hungry while watching Matt stonie

  • leo dokkan
    leo dokkan Day ago +1

    You failed the challenge you used your own water 😂

  • Duhcapn crunch
    Duhcapn crunch 2 days ago

    If Matt ever eats ass his girl she dedd

  • definitelykaris Jones


  • KR Mystic
    KR Mystic 2 days ago

    How the hell does he stay skinny the fuck

  • Awhat Deezpezz
    Awhat Deezpezz 2 days ago +1


  • Mr.Chubbynugget 776
    Mr.Chubbynugget 776 2 days ago

    Matt: *arrives at McDonalds*
    Matt:*walks in*
    Employees: aw shit, here we go again....

  • Emperor_Pengis 7
    Emperor_Pengis 7 3 days ago

    How is this guy still alive? How does he not have heart disease

  • Vera DotA
    Vera DotA 3 days ago +2

    Imagine someone was doing eating what ever the person in front of me eats challenge😬😬😬🤭🤯🤫

  • Michaela Adu
    Michaela Adu 4 days ago

    Ok how did he not have to take a pee break after like 4 drinks

  • Virus Eh 30
    Virus Eh 30 4 days ago +1

    I wonder if he has ever bit his fingers while eating that burger so fast 😂😂

  • creeper guy
    creeper guy 5 days ago

    You gonna turn into a french fries soon

  • John Wick
    John Wick 6 days ago

    Don't you know you have to have a PhD, be a rocket scientist, and a brain surgeon to work at Mickey D's?! There job is literally rocket science! Hardest job in the universe! Takes a group of think-tank geniuses to place a patty and a pickle correctly on a bun! 😐

  • Gunner Spy
    Gunner Spy 7 days ago

    It’s not French fries it friend fries

  • Wonton Brothers
    Wonton Brothers 8 days ago +1

    Me: *Eats half a burger in 20 minutes*
    Also me: *Watches this and attempts to eat faster*
    Me again: *Chokes*

  • Wonton Brothers
    Wonton Brothers 8 days ago

    Me: *Eats half a burger in 20 minutes*
    Also me: *Watches this and attempts to eat faster*
    Me again: *Chokes*

  • xsxsxs xs
    xsxsxs xs 9 days ago +1

    i can feel the pressure in his chest 😆

  • Martin Lo
    Martin Lo 9 days ago

    Each time I skip 10 seconds Matt’s nearly finished half of the meal.

  • KSTXCKZ Jackson
    KSTXCKZ Jackson 9 days ago


  • Jimena Salguero
    Jimena Salguero 10 days ago +1

    Smart people eat while watching this

  • cupcake 12
    cupcake 12 10 days ago +1

    When he's ordering lol, the worker's there are probably like "oh great, here we go again"

  • Jared Todd
    Jared Todd 12 days ago

    Why was he drinking a glass of water when he had a water bottle and smoothie to drink instead

  • Lord GotGame
    Lord GotGame 12 days ago

    This is how hungry I am

  • jason woody
    jason woody 12 days ago


    GREGORY JOHNSON 13 days ago

    No sauce?

    GREGORY JOHNSON 13 days ago

    No sauce?

  • shockwave god of darkness

    And I know what some people are going to say why is he eating a single burger then drinking water. Because it helps him make the food easy to swallow just saying

  • Nugget ツ Chicken
    Nugget ツ Chicken 14 days ago

    I will call the policeeee you eat a lot of food

  • definitelykaris Jones
    definitelykaris Jones 15 days ago

    I was hoping that you’d save that last cookie😶

  • holly mack
    holly mack 16 days ago

    I just ate two top ramen and I'm full

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 16 days ago

    I'm Australian and our large fry's are a Medium size in the USA
    So Matt ate too much

  • Maddy Regan
    Maddy Regan 17 days ago +1

    Why do I feel like I’m gaining weight when I watch Matt🤔

  • syke_l3tdown
    syke_l3tdown 17 days ago +4

    friend orders McDonald's : alright heres ur big Mac
    Matt: good I'm starving
    10 seconds later
    Friend: wtf we dinted even leave McDonald's yet
    Matt: I said I was starving 😏

  • syke_l3tdown
    syke_l3tdown 17 days ago +2

    Matt: Olympic cheat meal challenge McDonald's

    Heart disease: hold my beer

  • AceIsMehh
    AceIsMehh 18 days ago

    He eats this faster than me eating a plain cheeseburger

  • JesusAteMyToaster
    JesusAteMyToaster 18 days ago +1

    Matt: yeah add extra diabetes and a side of heart problems
    Also Matt: oh and a bottle of water

  • Kayla Seargi
    Kayla Seargi 19 days ago

    _stops the timer_
    Matt:**eats another fry**

  • Sushi Rice
    Sushi Rice 20 days ago +1

    5:25 *Matt flexes at nuggets with malicious intent*

  • Jamie Day
    Jamie Day 20 days ago

    Ur fat m8

  • James Guido
    James Guido 20 days ago

    Jeez I ate 2 mcchickens and I was full

  • Kathy Pesima
    Kathy Pesima 21 day ago +1

    Dont talk and eat

  • XMAN 0709
    XMAN 0709 22 days ago

    Cool😒you did it😃

  • gamer 108
    gamer 108 22 days ago

    Best eater ever

  • Alexzander Meza
    Alexzander Meza 22 days ago

    Matt stonie you are a beast! Your videos are always 10/10. Thanks

  • boi :
    boi : 23 days ago

    Guys relax he got a bottle of water

  • chickenplayz24
    chickenplayz24 24 days ago

    1:52 how what where huh the burger dissapeared

  • ZeusHD Gaming
    ZeusHD Gaming 24 days ago +2

    Mcdonalds Cashier:What wil be your order sir?
    Matt Stonie :Yes

  • Ninja Noob
    Ninja Noob 24 days ago

    Look at this beast, he isn't using Ketchup to eat with his fries.

  • Lukas Stevens
    Lukas Stevens 25 days ago

    Me: I got faster at eating food
    Matt: hold my Diet Coke

  • Zero Alpha
    Zero Alpha 27 days ago

    did he eat the first pack of fries one by one ?

  • Denise Renteria
    Denise Renteria 27 days ago

    Go try the monster pizza at grazianos pizza

  • Peanut Gem
    Peanut Gem 27 days ago

    3 burgers in 1 minute 😱 Face hits floor.

  • Mobile Task Force Unit Nu-7

    *Epic music plays while eating junk food that can make you die*

  • HungarianBoiyo
    HungarianBoiyo 29 days ago +1

    Breaking News! Scientists have just discovered a wristband, which shocks the consumer when having eaten too much fast food.
    Matt Stone: *Hold my 8000 calorie meal*

  • Majed Chelhot
    Majed Chelhot Month ago

    I dont know why the people paid in McDonald's for burgers that you can do in your house!

  • Hasib Majumder
    Hasib Majumder Month ago

    Its looks that he eats so slow when theres no music

  • Frances Grace Iledan

    Matt: doc can i get a check up
    Doctor: im out!!!!!

  • Moonlight Playz
    Moonlight Playz Month ago

    i love ❤️ your vids matt!

  • Montana Thompson
    Montana Thompson Month ago

    Me - i need to exercise ugh
    Mind - just stay here hes fun to watchEdit - *did my exercise from 11:06 to 11:55 ugh done! if you want i can share what i do!

  • Montana Thompson
    Montana Thompson Month ago +1

    Order taker - Barbecue sauce sir?
    Matt- Uh yeah, sure whatever

  • Tammy Kirk
    Tammy Kirk Month ago

    How the hell is this guy still alive

  • Hi -_-
    Hi -_- Month ago

    The last time I saw the mcdonalds cookies flies were in top of them

  • Patrick Fleming
    Patrick Fleming Month ago

    Let's say it was under 20min since u break the 4th wall to keep us extra entertained aye

  • Singroop singh Negi
    Singroop singh Negi Month ago +5

    That Girl must be thinking was that big smoke?

  • Se Do
    Se Do Month ago

    Matt doesn’t just do cheat days...
    Cheat days fear him

  • Igor Nogueira
    Igor Nogueira Month ago


  • Waffle Ranger
    Waffle Ranger Month ago +3

    Me: what’s the sodium content on all that?
    Stonie: yes

  • abdilahi mahamoud
    abdilahi mahamoud Month ago +1

    So he eats a buger in 7 secs but i can't in like 20 mins

  • Daniel Rathburn
    Daniel Rathburn Month ago

    Minus the cookies

  • Daniel Rathburn
    Daniel Rathburn Month ago

    I wanna say i could do this one

  • puSSislaya300
    puSSislaya300 Month ago

    God i can imagine the hassle for the food employees like maybe call ahead of time idk

  • Simple Vortex
    Simple Vortex Month ago +1

    So nobody’s gonna talk about his shirt?

  • Clap_Z YT
    Clap_Z YT Month ago +6

    *So this is the guy I had to wait 30 minutes in the drive thru*

  • Gabi Jones
    Gabi Jones Month ago +1

    Matt ate this faster than my boyfriend from another Nation stayed with me.

    If you’re wondering what Nation he’s from it’s called imagiNATION

  • echo supreme
    echo supreme Month ago

    Should of a munkgang with mc chicken @nd the hamburger

  • Ultra Gamer YT
    Ultra Gamer YT Month ago +1

    How is this not more calories than big smokes order?

  • Desiree chilo's
    Desiree chilo's Month ago

    Matt's friends so what are you doing tonight?
    Matt eat an Olympic meal in 4 seconds
    Friends sureeee
    Friends watches this video holy mother of diabetes my man is a God!!

  • ItsMe Jadaaa
    ItsMe Jadaaa Month ago +1

    How does he not get hiccups?

  • Nigga Nigga
    Nigga Nigga Month ago

    $50 for all that bruh I paid $50 for 1/3 of that

  • Foxy
    Foxy Month ago +1

    This guy literally makes me starving everytime.

  • David Milosevic
    David Milosevic Month ago +1

    Cashier: what food do you want?
    Matt stonie: YES!

  • Ciann Oxley
    Ciann Oxley Month ago +1

    If you subtract the talking, he would be finished faster

  • Matthew Hahn
    Matthew Hahn Month ago

    Boy that lot food of McDonalds

  • Omar Moghrabi
    Omar Moghrabi Month ago +4

    Roses are red
    Chocolate is brown
    You get neither
    so calm the f*** down

  • bruh dab
    bruh dab Month ago

    Chugging fries as if it's a drink and DAMN

  • bruh dab
    bruh dab Month ago

    I'd give this guy free food

  • bruh dab
    bruh dab Month ago

    How does he stay fit

  • Max The Random Lepurchaun

    my mans matt stonie flexing on me and im sad

  • timothy790110
    timothy790110 Month ago

    those french fries dont look nearly full. I always get cheated at the drive thru.

  • Umma Kulsum
    Umma Kulsum Month ago

    I feel bad for his toilet

  • Alex Rangel
    Alex Rangel Month ago

    You should of had milk with the cookies.

  • Matilde Caballero
    Matilde Caballero Month ago +1

    Yo at 5:26 that shit got me dying he said HMM🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Li
    Ryan Li Month ago

    Matt Stonie: Buys water for a challenge
    Also Matt Stonie: Drinks his own water (green cup)

  • Dark._.playz
    Dark._.playz Month ago +2

    Emagain his heart burn after🔥🔥🔥 lol 😂 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • King Fort
    King Fort Month ago +1

    How long it took u to finish everything dats how long or more for me too finish a big Mac🤣🤣🤣🤣