2016 Olympic Cheat Meal Challenge (Sawan Serasinghe's McD's Feast)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2016
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    Inspired by the Australian Olympian Sawan Serasinghe, I decided to take on this 8,000+ calorie Food Challenge.
    - 1 Big Mac
    - 1 1/4 Pounder w/ Cheese
    - 2 McChickens
    - 2 Hamburgers
    - 40 McNuggets
    - 6 Large French Fries
    - 6 Brownies (I subbed for Cookies. My McD's doesn't have Brownies..)
    - 1 Strawberry Banana Smoothie
    - 1 Bottle of Water
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    Photo Credit:
    Photo 1: 2016 Rio Olympics - DAVID RAMOS/GETTY IMAGES
    Photo 2: Instagram - @Sawansera
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  • onlyusayd
    onlyusayd Hour ago

    0:24 that’s what she said 😏

  • Xoti ic
    Xoti ic 9 hours ago

    How can he eat this much and not gain weight but I eat 1 bowl of cereal and I gain weight

  • benny beetv
    benny beetv 9 hours ago

    This nigga don’t enjoy his food

  • Dylan McCormick
    Dylan McCormick 11 hours ago

    Mcdonalds rip s you off on there large frys it sapost to not show the yellow stripes

  • Mandy Caplis
    Mandy Caplis 13 hours ago

    Do u just do food challenges

  • Alexander Xiong
    Alexander Xiong 14 hours ago

    Why do u drink ur own water if u have water 😂

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 22 hours ago

    “And one bottle of water!”

  • Bowel Movements
    Bowel Movements Day ago

    Dsani is tap water. Google it

  • DemonEye YT
    DemonEye YT Day ago

    It takes me like 30 mins to eat 4 Big Macs

  • Robin Jaynes
    Robin Jaynes Day ago +1

    Me: *walks into McDonald’s*
    “Hey what can I get for 10$”

    Mcd employee: 0:44

  • Pedro Guzman
    Pedro Guzman Day ago

    His digestive system: cntfkyfuludfglygibugigihkgkgigjvigigjgkgufygufkxxxrhcgjigit

  • Theresa Alwahsh
    Theresa Alwahsh Day ago

    I like big Mack too

  • YoSolar GD
    YoSolar GD 2 days ago

    Matt Stonie takes 1 minute in eating 2 hamburgers and 2 mc chickens
    It takes me like a fuckin hour to eat one

  • Elie Ghanem
    Elie Ghanem 2 days ago +1

    Wait a second !! He already have water why is he drinking from the green cup also LOL LOL LOL LOL ...

  • Satyam Agarwal
    Satyam Agarwal 2 days ago

    Go for it

  • Satyam Agarwal
    Satyam Agarwal 2 days ago

    Biggest indian thali challenge in Delhi if for yu

    TAB BTS 2 days ago

    Imagine ordering this and then yo friend ask can he get any and you say some ice

    ISAAC BUSBY 2 days ago

    You eat a lot yet u stay skinny NO OFFENCE

  • Alyson Salvador
    Alyson Salvador 2 days ago

    I always wonder why he can't injoy his food

  • jayden ragnarok
    jayden ragnarok 3 days ago

    Matt: *eats the whole 2016 olympic cheat meal and doesnt get full*
    Me: *eats 4 small waffles and gets really full*

  • Envy Adams
    Envy Adams 3 days ago

    Watching this while polishing off my double cheeseburger

  • Shania12 hoani
    Shania12 hoani 4 days ago

    I feel sad 4 the guy who films just watches him eat

  • Shania12 hoani
    Shania12 hoani 4 days ago

    New challenge how many veggies can u eat in 5 minutes cooked in whatever way you want

  • YNW jay
    YNW jay 5 days ago

    Ion care what nobody says them mcchickens be bussin

  • Darren Kannangara
    Darren Kannangara 5 days ago

    Bruh matt stonie finna be drinking fries

  • Steam Mugiwara
    Steam Mugiwara 6 days ago


  • Satanic Nerd
    Satanic Nerd 6 days ago

    *Food Consumed*
    Big Mac
    Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese
    2 Hamburgers
    2 McChickens
    40 McNuggets
    6 Large Fries
    6 Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Large Strawberry Banana Smoothie
    Dasani Bottled Water

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 6 days ago


    JAYLIANA POCHVATILLA 7 days ago +1

    i LOVE mcdonalds fries!!!! there soo good and i love big macs i cat help mysl but eat mcdonalds once in a while

  • umer ammer
    umer ammer 7 days ago

    Who can see this with hungry stomach???

  • Aussie MTB Rider
    Aussie MTB Rider 7 days ago

    I think he ment to say bad-mit-in not bad-min-ti at 1:09

  • Jake Smart
    Jake Smart 7 days ago

    Is there a 2020 version of this coming up this year during the Olympics? I hope someone comes up with a different cheat meal to change it up.

  • sub to this YT for no reason at all ples

    I don’t know if anyone will read this but if you could plz subscribe I would appreciated it m8, no hate

  • Nicole Clarke Davies

    Your diddcusting your a descrase

  • Nicole Clarke Davies

    Your greedy you know you actually are no joke I have a six pack

  • Vivian Ju
    Vivian Ju 8 days ago

    He clearly wasn’t even trying and still finished an OLYMPIC cheat meal in like 20 minutes

  • Daryl Njambilo
    Daryl Njambilo 9 days ago

    me why do i like to watch a grown man eat seemingly huge amounts of food and calories and finish them like its nothing

  • Rosella Capobiano
    Rosella Capobiano 9 days ago

    Its sad bc he haves all this good food but he haves to eat it fast so he cant really enjoy it that much

  • erika molina
    erika molina 9 days ago

    0:45 Holy cow the fries aren’t filled up all the way, 😆 the McDs I work at make’em full 😛

  • محمد محمدی
    محمد محمدی 10 days ago

    It is not best way for death

  • Alan Aranda
    Alan Aranda 10 days ago +1

    Love the way you rich and get a lot of views but you have like a crapy samsung😂

  • josh cool
    josh cool 11 days ago

    saw that tiktok and thought about this video

    DARKEN 11 days ago

    At 1:45 skip ten seconds

    DARKEN 11 days ago

    Matt :orders a meal big enough to feed a family.
    Also Matt:oh and can I just have one bottle of water

  • Cube and Cyan JSAB
    Cube and Cyan JSAB 13 days ago +6

    “Do not forget the bottle of water”
    *Starts eating*

    *Gets his own cup of water*

  • FoVer Be
    FoVer Be 14 days ago

    Кушай а не говори

  • SUS Chris
    SUS Chris 14 days ago

    Me:Works at McDonalds causally
    Matt:Can I get half of the menu?
    Me:You have called diabetes on you
    His mom:He’s a disgrace

  • Wethen-_- Yt
    Wethen-_- Yt 15 days ago

    how do you eat so fast when i eat fast and i dont chew enof my neck hurts

  • RJ Tuc
    RJ Tuc 16 days ago

    And I get full after eating a kitkat

  • Leah Garbellini
    Leah Garbellini 16 days ago

    *grabs McChicken*
    "hmmmm no"
    *grabs hamburger*

  • Nate Vinsek
    Nate Vinsek 17 days ago

    Ho elts is hungry watching this.

  • Cretu Mariana
    Cretu Mariana 17 days ago


  • Sultan Althani
    Sultan Althani 18 days ago

    ياخي يسولف واجد

  • Thor
    Thor 18 days ago +1

    Guys I think he just starves for a few days and then eats all of a sudden😂

  • Logan Gilliam
    Logan Gilliam 18 days ago

    the sad thing is that he could eat way faster thatn he did 😂😂😂

  • Caleb Mountz
    Caleb Mountz 19 days ago

    This man eats faster than I can make a decision

  • lil hum
    lil hum 21 day ago

    You goin get high blood pressure

  • TheNeonRedstone
    TheNeonRedstone 22 days ago +2

    Matt: *stops the timer then eats the single fry*
    Me: wait, that's illegal

  • AcidDome
    AcidDome 22 days ago

    Those poor employees :(

  • doggy go wolf
    doggy go wolf 22 days ago

    And ur not fat ok buddy