10 Terrifying Animals You're Glad Are Extinct

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Автор Story and reaction's with Sw9k ( назад)
The bird because I could get to fly

Автор Scorpion Union ( назад)
when i was in 2nd grade i went on a field trip to the smithsonian and saw a model of how big the titanoboa

Автор Janna Navarro ( назад)
I pick the shark with the thing on his jaws

Автор FaZe Storm ( назад)
Kaprosuhus would be my car because it would one of the Fastest

Автор Maurice Harrison ( назад)

Автор Ger And Alex ( назад)
I would either choose the Kaprosuchus because it's really fast or the megalodon because how cool is it if u had a car that could drive on water

Автор nicole art ( назад)
definitely the first one as my ride, and the to come back I'd choose the first one, so it can actually be my ride lmao

Автор Victoria Decker ( назад)
Can you use inches and feet cause here in America, we don't use meters

Автор Monkey Cloy ( назад)
Kaprosuchus because you jump over cars and peoplo

Автор Craig Mactaggart ( назад)
I wood pick the dinisor and aligatar

Автор Directie Repronde ( назад)
i would pick kaprosuchus as me ca but i don't have one

Автор Unicorngamer5765 UNICORNSAREAWSOME ( назад)
The alligator with arms

Автор king shabby ( назад)

Автор Che Abbott ( назад)

Автор Trinity Maree ( назад)
all these dunks and mamles are on ark

Автор Potato Siblings ( назад)
megaldodon who has more bite force than a trex

Автор That Savage Terrarian 777 ( назад)
I would Replace the Andrewsarchus for my car because he is fast and large and would be comfortable to ride

Автор Amanda MC ( назад)
I would choose terror birds!

Автор Gustavo R. SILVA ( назад)
the kapro because it's faaaast

Автор Alejandro Fernandez ( назад)


Автор Speeders ( назад)
The saw shark

Автор Tisha Trieschman ( назад)
save me

Автор vilius pranauskas ( назад)

Автор S o u l ( назад)
Its late,but I want a Terror Bird as a car xD

Автор Jazemine Banks ( назад)

Автор shadow Wolf123 ( назад)
kaprosuchus because it can attack anyone you want and also it can run really fast so it can out run the police

Автор Madmax Wutter ( назад)
The shark with a SAW🙁

Автор Angel Ramon Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор SS Oberstumbannfuhrer Battleship Bismarck ( назад)
I want Megalodon

Автор Killer Gamer ( назад)
Velociraptor and kaprosuchus

Автор Faith Wolf ( назад)
the kaprosuchus I love that crock I play too much are lol

Автор Slime And Stuff ( назад)
Okay now I'm scared of the past world😂😂😱😂

Автор ashleigh martin ( назад)

Автор Andrew Ramer ( назад)

Автор juhupugaming ( назад)
megalodon couse i dont need to ride a boat anymore

Автор Brian Hanna ( назад)

Автор Brian Hanna ( назад)

Автор Platypus Gaming ( назад)

Автор Is this name taken? ( назад)
I pick megalodon, megapirana and titanobua

Автор Adrian Rimando ( назад)

Автор Sara has crazy Hair ( назад)
A nice megaladon

Автор sefer mehmedi ( назад)
all pick the crocodile trex thing cuz it's fast and ai love crocodiles and dinosaurs so this is the perfect thing to help me

Автор Pickachu Ex ( назад)
The legend crocodile because he could run fast and he could go in the water and he must be faster than a budget veron

Автор the dog lover ( назад)
I want to go to the past
*sees video and watch's*
never mind

Автор Flexuss Gaming ( назад)
Secret books say the Megalodon is still alive deep in the ocean, 30 000ft waiting for the right moment to come up...

Автор Hugo Plascencia ( назад)
Saw shark

Автор Hugo Plascencia ( назад)

Автор Julissa Lindsey ( назад)
Andrewsarcous because it could eat the people in my way

Автор Austyn Jiraphat ( назад)
the andrew one

Автор Mark Jeffrey Cubilo ( назад)
my favorite is helicoprion

Автор Golden freddy ( назад)
I'll go with the Andrewsarchus and the terror bird

Автор Gaming John ( назад)
the terror birds,because there so large birds also they run fast

Автор Rhianna Ancheta ( назад)
I choose megalodon to travel the water

Автор Noah Larsson ( назад)

Автор Shou ( назад)
I choose Kaprosuchus. Da fuc cause you cant outrun with them.

Автор Cinnamon Robrts ( назад)
I think they played ark before the recorded this video

Автор The gaming dino yay ( назад)
Titanaboa to get around fast

Автор Natsu Wolf ( назад)
Megalodon are not extinct😡😡😡😡😡

Автор Patricia Gomez ( назад)
i will take the megalodon on wate and on land titanoboa

Автор Khalil Garnett ( назад)
bork Rock

Автор Alana Turgieva ( назад)
My friends name is Andrew!

Автор LoL ! ( назад)
Titans boa is actually anacondas in anaconda movies .....when I didn knew about it the only thing I believed was no snake can be this much bigger that shown in the movie.....but now I got to know

Автор GenuineReyon ( назад)
terror birds definitly... but i dont have a car

Автор Michaelroman12388@gmail.com Roman ( назад)
caprasucoz because it can swimm and run

Автор Vivienne Saunders ( назад)

Автор Mylifebydrawings ( назад)
I'd pick the terror birds

Автор Purple Panda Gaming/Vlogs ( назад)
1. The T. rex/croc

Автор Frans123 ( назад)
Megaladon cause even tho they are dangerous think of all the deadly animals it could kill to save us!!

Автор Jayden Erby ( назад)
Mine would be the Karposuchus

Автор the first thing ( назад)

Автор kittycatlover ( назад)
I would ride a terror bird!I WANNA BREAK THINGS WITH A SINGLE STEP!!!

Автор Steven Rodríguez ( назад)
velicorapyer because i love dinosaurs

Автор yuki marli ( назад)
id take the Terror Bird!

Автор Snowflake Breeze ( назад)
Aww The Ka- oh god that's the devil animal =0

Автор Snowflake Breeze ( назад)

Автор Undead Wolf ( назад)
I would choose the crocodile T. rex thing

Автор Jon Rojas ( назад)
Croc cus I have a nife

Автор KatLynn White ( назад)
Jurassic world the game picture

Автор AndroidCreep Gaming ( назад)
i would replace my car with...KAPROSUSCHUS i can take him to ky school and eat all bully 😈😈

Автор Antonio Moreno ( назад)
My Quiz answer: I would have to pick the Megaladon because of its inmense size and power that know one dares to challenge

Автор Totally not a chicken ( назад)
wow megaladon must be huge

Автор MCPEGamer 101 ( назад)
The Gigantopithecus I would want to be here still

Автор MCPEGamer 101 ( назад)
I still choose the Gigantopithecus because it is the best animal I've ever seen in this video!!!!!

Автор Sailor Venus ( назад)
Megaladons are still alive! They just have not found evidence but I know they are bye guys ILYSM<3

Автор Ezekiel Arevalo ( назад)

Автор sceanicflower ( назад)
I would totally choose Andrewsarchus to be my ride

Автор sim connolly ( назад)
the big ape for both because apes are the closest animal to humans

Автор Paige Eagle ( назад)
The boarcroc one

Автор Reyna Angel ( назад)
hm un my puppy XD

Автор Albino Spino ( назад)
I would shoos the mega Landon because it's stronger then a mosa

Автор Cam Goes Wild ( назад)
A terror bird would be a friendly car

Автор Lightburst11 # ( назад)
Hey! How did you know at 1:41 that my friend is called Andrew?!

Автор Brandon Louthan ( назад)

Автор Brandon Louthan ( назад)

Автор WHITE STAMPY ( назад)

Автор Jesus Rios ( назад)
i would replace my car with a megaladon because if i choose anything else then the megaladon will eat me and my animal car so yeah megaladon for sure and it is the scariest one

Автор NightcoreBeats ( назад)
There are conspiracies that megalodon still exists

Автор Tessa Calabrese ( назад)
Quiz answer: Terror Birds because everyone would be "terrified" and move out of the way, so there would be no traffic. No traffic-everyone's dream 💭💭💭

Автор Henry Liu ( назад)
I would choose the t-Rex because if u would have trouble I would just bust them down!

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