Rep. Swalwell on CNN discussing Intelligence Committee hearing on Trump-Russia ties

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017

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  • J Orteg
    J Orteg Год назад

    Thanks again Eric!

  • S M
    S M Год назад +1

    Jeff Sessions should be ousted and IS NOT qualified to be AG. He should be on his way to jail for PERJURY. I wish you the best Congressman Swalwell because Trump and his "goons" are going to do whatever it takes to make this go away.

    • S M
      S M Год назад

      Red flags or not. I don't want an AG that conveniently forgets meeting with Russians. There is no good reason to meet with a representative of a foreign adversary for any reason [alone].

    • D Knight
      D Knight Год назад

      S M I think you're overreacting. AG Sessions obviously did a poor job testifying in front of Congress. If you really wanted to make a stretch, you could call it perjury by the merest of technicalities.
      The bar for being charged wirh perjury is quite high, and this falls short. If anything, you would expect the chief attorney for our country to have a better handle on court proceedings than this.
      As for meeting with Russian Ambassadors, while its not necessarily a crime, obviously lying about it does raise red flags.