• Published on Mar 9, 2019
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  • Fitz
    Fitz  4 months ago +20315

    like the video if you're a good person!
    also like the video if you're a terrible person like us...

    • ObFxW YT
      ObFxW YT 3 days ago +1

      @Sec Boi y not

    • Sec Boi
      Sec Boi 3 days ago


    • ObFxW YT
      ObFxW YT 5 days ago

      When Amy Schumer said she wanted to be a comedian everyone laughed and made fun of her now that she is a comedian no ones laughing now

    • Poland ball
      Poland ball 7 days ago

      Fitz Shut the fuck up NIGGGGGGGGGGER

  • GamersEd
    GamersEd 5 hours ago

    My name is Emanuel

  • Ranibow Sprimbkle
    Ranibow Sprimbkle 9 hours ago

    i love fitz's content but he rlly needs to tone down on the rape jokes, so does everyone else :/

  • DezzLow
    DezzLow 10 hours ago

    Did i´m the only German?


  • Cat Weasel
    Cat Weasel 11 hours ago

    Swagger sounds like Howard Steen

  • Acid Biscuit
    Acid Biscuit 19 hours ago

    Fitz is just Rated R vanoss

  • MrMemeMan
    MrMemeMan Day ago

    Le Craig

  • Emviks
    Emviks Day ago

    Thats my name Emmanuel

  • Johnathan Neal
    Johnathan Neal Day ago

    I would be mad at the nigga bombs but it was hilarious

  • Elixir 256
    Elixir 256 2 days ago

    Ninja: negger
    Fitz: *NI**A CHILL*
    Me: Ninja is racist

  • eilay G
    eilay G 2 days ago +1

    i love your video's but when you said not good things about Jewish so i started get med

    • eilay G
      eilay G 21 hour ago +1

      why they do to you??... nothing so shut your mouth

    • Lucas just lucas
      Lucas just lucas 23 hours ago

      eilay G kil th jewls

  • some Extra
    some Extra 2 days ago

    As a member of the black community I give the members of misfits the n-word pass

  • Consumer
    Consumer 2 days ago

    4:38 Someone laughing sounds like beep

  • MR ConCuber
    MR ConCuber 3 days ago

    Go to 9.26 that's the best part

  • SillyLP
    SillyLP 3 days ago +2

    Me as a german says that fitz cannot talk german at all😂😂

  • Kill Me Now
    Kill Me Now 3 days ago

    Nick-a these guys are funny

  • Gianny
    Gianny 3 days ago

    imma german but i can laugh anyways

  • Hxdra
    Hxdra 3 days ago +1


  • LukeDaiki TOO
    LukeDaiki TOO 4 days ago

    9:01 lmaoo

  • PanicArtist Gamer
    PanicArtist Gamer 4 days ago

    Love the videos reminds me of me and my bros IGN

  • Nickels
    Nickels 4 days ago +1

    Kryoz: You have a stepdad when was he born?

  • Big Balls
    Big Balls 5 days ago

    7:21 so this video isnt getting monitized then

  • ispxmed -Fortnite
    ispxmed -Fortnite 5 days ago

    I have 2 month n word pass nigga

  •  5 days ago

    Fitz while you were doing an Amy Schumer impression, you were accidentally doing an impression of Justina Valentine and it’s funny because AS is a comedian and JV is a rapper so... yeah

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 5 days ago

    8:05 its so weird hearing him say the n wordddddd 🤣

  • ObFxW YT
    ObFxW YT 5 days ago

    8:11 Grizzy turned into woody woodpecker

  • katana 257257
    katana 257257 5 days ago

    bitch white people get more offended by the n word then black people cus whites r weird they buy star bucks , take selfies and clap when the plane lands oh and also dabs

    • Joseph Nelson
      Joseph Nelson 3 days ago

      I'm a white 13 year old and do none of those things.

      Cause I actually have my own thought process unlike thousands of mindless children.

  • Ultra_Cake123
    Ultra_Cake123 6 days ago

    This videos proves why we should stan the Goop squad and not the Misfits

  • Scicool Gamique
    Scicool Gamique 6 days ago

    Apologise to society. 6:28

  • • Qubit •
    • Qubit • 7 days ago

    My stepgrandfathers name is Craig

  • Savage Nachoes69
    Savage Nachoes69 7 days ago

    do more fortnite content

  • The MeeMiest MeeM
    The MeeMiest MeeM 7 days ago +1

    Fitz never uploads but whenever he does it makes my day all of their jokes make me laugh my ass off and im sure everyone else agrees.

  • Itz Kaz
    Itz Kaz 7 days ago +6

    6:49 the funniest part of the whole video

  • Cheesy Bugger
    Cheesy Bugger 8 days ago +2

    When swagger is not high *which will be a very low chance* I dare you and the others to act supper high and be weird towards swagger. Pleeaaaaase

  • Cry The Panda
    Cry The Panda 8 days ago

    People are like why did pewdiepie say it and people are mad but fitz does it and it's fine. First fitz knows his limits he knows when to say and not say it and also grizzy is a black man who like gave them the pass. Pewdiepie said it out of anger no one gave him the pass and it was a live stream

  • Nex doc
    Nex doc 8 days ago

    I leek pernheb

  • Adyn J
    Adyn J 8 days ago


  • Ben R4m-Z
    Ben R4m-Z 8 days ago

    How did he get aways with putting this on the main channel?

  • x8px 328
    x8px 328 9 days ago

    joined your discord fitz

  • Weird Noemi
    Weird Noemi 9 days ago

    "I was here for the A-A meeting" 😂😂😂

  • Rex55YT
    Rex55YT 9 days ago

    6:00 wut i came for

  • DontWorryWhoIAm
    DontWorryWhoIAm 10 days ago

    Mini says nothing funny at all basically making him irrelevant to the video

  • DontWorryWhoIAm
    DontWorryWhoIAm 10 days ago

    What a fucked session lol

  • madz
    madz 10 days ago

    This is the best video in 2019 dont @ me

  • PastelBaby Bïtch
    PastelBaby Bïtch 11 days ago

    swagger: mhm..that’s sucks...he died...mhm
    fitz and *me* : me at a funeral.

  • SND _Poseidon
    SND _Poseidon 11 days ago

    Damn the jew jokes are insane

  • Ayanna Jackson
    Ayanna Jackson 11 days ago

    Fitz: *says n word*
    My black ass: again!

  • Mino Saurzz
    Mino Saurzz 11 days ago

    epic Craigs moments reasons why you shouldn't divorce Craig lol "no longer stepdad name"

  • Mike Pokerbaarcode
    Mike Pokerbaarcode 12 days ago

    Funniest group of people

  • Snowball STN
    Snowball STN 12 days ago


  • Gatcha Cam
    Gatcha Cam 12 days ago

    I wAnT tO CuMsYs In My MuMsYs

  • smol boi
    smol boi 12 days ago

    this is my ideal friendship

  • Tamir Benezra
    Tamir Benezra 12 days ago

    I fucking died when he said “that’s an epic Craig moment”

  • Darq
    Darq 12 days ago

    your anime character sound like solid snake

  • Dav Zad
    Dav Zad 12 days ago

    As a jew, i'm hurt.

  • FFridee
    FFridee 13 days ago

    How does Fitz get monetized

  • Tyler Kunze
    Tyler Kunze 13 days ago

    I'm Jewish and this funny as fuck

  • Canned Meats
    Canned Meats 14 days ago

    7:21 LMAO

  • Craig Burch
    Craig Burch 14 days ago

    Hey, it’s me, your step dad

  • ColinZ
    ColinZ 14 days ago

    If I get 1,000 views on my new video I will cry 🥺🙏❤️🚫🧢

  • Deimos 22
    Deimos 22 14 days ago

    The thing about fitz’s vids is that the subtitles compensate the fact that if you make one sudden noise everyone at the sleepover will wake up and get pissed because they told you to sleep but you’re not sleepy yet so you wait for them to fall asleep so you can watch it

  • The cool gamer
    The cool gamer 14 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who's not black but was actually offended when fitz said the n word again and again.

    BIGDADDY MARTIN 15 days ago

    Swagger was so happy for that nigga pass bruuuu😂😂

  • In A World
    In A World 15 days ago

    Censored the first n-word leaves the next 3 uncensored

    DAVID CRUMPLER 15 days ago

    hey Fitz So my gf summer texted me and told me that her mom can't trust me and she broke up with me so I just said Lol so she's pissed and also you're the first youtuber I watch when im upset

  • Hoddie Aj
    Hoddie Aj 15 days ago


  • Hoddie Aj
    Hoddie Aj 15 days ago


  • Tonyx
    Tonyx 16 days ago

    One of this guys sounds like Tom Holland

  • logan1111
    logan1111 16 days ago

    Alright, honestly I don't care for people who say they n-word, people literally need to toughen their skin and quit crying over something so stupid. It's like another defensive word among many others that we don't realize so don't let it drag on you, society if you hear me now... y'all wussies need to toughen up because people are going to be mean and say rude stuff it's your decision to take that and drag it on or walk away from it. 🤗😇 Thanks for reading this entire, long, probably exhausting message.

  • Bones Jr
    Bones Jr 16 days ago

    Get this man a diamond play button