Private Jet Burger King Mukbang 🍔 Trying The Impossible Whopper

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Hi, How Are Ya? Today Nathan, Zach, Christian and all 5 dogs hop on the private jet and head to our second home in Grand Rapids, Michigan! We HAD to try the new Burger King Impossible Whopper so we did a mukbang on the plane and ate ALOT of food.. Maybe too much! Time to enjoy some vacation time here in the mitten... Love you guys so much!
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  • Wikktor Sanchez
    Wikktor Sanchez Hour ago

    I would eat that

  • Abby Herrera
    Abby Herrera Hour ago

    “can i show you guys- can i show you guys what time it is?! its 8:45 in the morNING”

  • Belal Uddin
    Belal Uddin 2 hours ago

    I love u

  • Jessica Wabasse
    Jessica Wabasse 2 hours ago

    17:24 nate prolly has someone else , so awkward when jeffree looks at him ... puts his phone away

  • Sam B
    Sam B 3 hours ago

    Jeffree getting excited over free wifi is a mood

  • Cori Kublank
    Cori Kublank 3 hours ago

    Nate's hair reminded me of a cheeto

  • Devyn C
    Devyn C 4 hours ago

    i love how jeffree sits on the floor while diva is on the chair❤️😭😭

  • Sofia Schafer
    Sofia Schafer 4 hours ago +2

    The shade when he said “ your machine actually works here” 😂😂

  • Monique Twyman
    Monique Twyman 4 hours ago

    C4 drink would look real nice in that Birkin 🔥🔥🔥

  • Waffl3panda 17
    Waffl3panda 17 5 hours ago

    The impossible burger is not vegetarian

  • berberys tabaluga
    berberys tabaluga 5 hours ago

    god, is he really ordering the food 4 minutes straight geezzzz

  • Lee Kazama
    Lee Kazama 5 hours ago

    Jeffree: "Frozen coke? Sounds like a drug dealers dream" 😂😂

  • Sarah Shae
    Sarah Shae 6 hours ago

    Omg idk what I’d do if I got in the air and they forgot my icing🙊 like parachute back down 😂

  • Alanis Loarte
    Alanis Loarte 6 hours ago

    I love the fact that Nate is humble and doesn’t try to take Jeffre’s fame for clout. Like he’s just chilling there eating a burger 😂😂

  • Гуля Жумабекова

    hi Jeniferr! you are the brightest star. I am writing from Kyrgyzstan, give me some kind of gift I ask for a keepsake from you. ask for a money gift I think I’ll hurt you.

  • Nikki Walker
    Nikki Walker 6 hours ago

    diamonds are ALWAYS forever I was just thinking of her as you were giving them all treats made me so emotional you guys are always in my thoughts

  • ccc sss
    ccc sss 7 hours ago +1

    nate: it's like a waffle?
    jeffree: looks lika gucci wicker basket
    if that doesn't sum him up in one sentence idk what does

  • Jolina Lee
    Jolina Lee 7 hours ago

    Who else was dying when Jeffree mentions that Nate is into ‘both’😂😂

  • Jfskyw Tqjtwkt
    Jfskyw Tqjtwkt 7 hours ago +1

    Hi Jeffrey star I love you with I can meet u all my kids watch u I'm a single mother from Canada Regina Saskatchewan my house was broken into and robbed and u guys give me hope I wish I can meet u guys I would cry

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 8 hours ago

    Nate and his brothers hair is more together than my damn life!!!!!

  • Veronica O Juarez
    Veronica O Juarez 8 hours ago

    Jeffree I fucking love you 😘

  • Blaide gameing
    Blaide gameing 9 hours ago +1

    Jeffree is always so happy

  • Dez Ryan
    Dez Ryan 9 hours ago


  • xoxox alicia
    xoxox alicia 9 hours ago


  • Embrace Beauty Magazine

    would never eat burger king but all that fruit YAS! please... watermelon water is my fav!

  • Brandy Stevens
    Brandy Stevens 10 hours ago

    I like to actually talk to humans to and not use the kiosk! Thank You for supporting jobs!! Kiosks take jobs away!

  • Brandy Stevens
    Brandy Stevens 10 hours ago

    Sweeeeet cars!!!

  • Brigitta Nathania Claire

    OMG you look freaking beautiful this time like better than ever(i dont mean that youre not beautiful on the other video)

  • Ikemi14
    Ikemi14 10 hours ago

    that hair pin is so cute

  • Cc Odasl
    Cc Odasl 11 hours ago

    Omg when you have to take your Lamborghini cuz your pink Tesla has to charge.

  • justQueen Bianca
    justQueen Bianca 13 hours ago

    I just hate my self for discovering this channel God I am in love. Just subscribed all the way from South Africa.

  • Lcat RN
    Lcat RN 13 hours ago

    Home is where the heart is, Jeffree! I've tried the impossible burger at White Castle before. It does taste like heme but the heme is not meat. My impression was that it was the best "veggie" burger I've had with no bowel side effects!
    Btw the edible flowers are dandelions! The one you picked up. I like to garnish sometimes with them like when I bring people food in the hospital!

  • BlkButterfly
    BlkButterfly 14 hours ago

    I have made a shocking and terrible mistake in watching this video... while I am hungry.... I am now hungrier and unable to eat anything *cry*

  • Hallowene 420
    Hallowene 420 14 hours ago

    Nate gets tired of the attention. He may love you but Nate is a hetero and he does all this for u and your money. Let Nate breathe, yes?

  • Hallowene 420
    Hallowene 420 14 hours ago +1

    My husband goes out of his way to get our retriever what he likes from fast food. He says what I eat, he eats.

    • Hallowene 420
      Hallowene 420 14 hours ago

      Life is short let them experience what YOU do.

  • Misgudied Megan
    Misgudied Megan 15 hours ago

    Pahahaha 11:00 with Nathan pulling that face and Jeffrey making that noise. I’m dead😭😂

  • Misgudied Megan
    Misgudied Megan 15 hours ago

    Ah ha I’m watching this video at 8:45am

  • Nikki Hughes
    Nikki Hughes 16 hours ago

    I love how Jeffree’s mind is blown over a waffle and Nate just looks so confused 😂 I just love their relationship!

  • DeathMayBeTheBiggestBlessing x

    Nate looks so irritated during this whole video, hes trying so hard not to show it

  • Brigitt Villatoro
    Brigitt Villatoro 16 hours ago

    Jeffree’s face when Nate took the breakfast croissant 😂🤣🤣🤣 at 11:28

  • Taylor J
    Taylor J 16 hours ago

    "I have a real whopper over here incase you need a reminder" hahaha

  • Ariana Esparza
    Ariana Esparza 17 hours ago

    You and nate are the cutest !💛
    The look in his eyes whenever you grabbed something you can tell he wanted a bite 😂

  • Honey Finau
    Honey Finau 17 hours ago

    Here in Australia we have hungry jacks and the foods shit. Back home in New Zealand we have Burger king ,best burgers ever god i miss home after watching this.

  • Jerika Baldwin
    Jerika Baldwin 18 hours ago

    Nate!!!! Cinni-minis are where it's at!!!

  • von roberts
    von roberts 18 hours ago

    Watching Jeffree makes me feel rich🥰

  • Jerika Baldwin
    Jerika Baldwin 18 hours ago

    Look at the dogs🤣🤣🤣 like yaaassss bitched we on the jet today hos!

  • Gardening 4Me
    Gardening 4Me 18 hours ago

    Such a beautiful face !

  • Deborah Rodriguez
    Deborah Rodriguez 19 hours ago

    Is that a pekingense in the middle of all poms?

  • Sarah Rego
    Sarah Rego 19 hours ago

    I like how naturally nate shares the French toast sticks

  • Makeup By Rxqueen
    Makeup By Rxqueen 20 hours ago

    Dog living a better life than me, shit! Lol, love you, Jeffree!

  • Vlone Boy
    Vlone Boy 20 hours ago

    And im in my bed eating goldfish 😐

  • Princess Unicornia
    Princess Unicornia 20 hours ago

    I drooled the whole time

  • Starboy__Finesse Xo
    Starboy__Finesse Xo 20 hours ago +1

    It nate is gay why doesn't he get a man, why u dating a dude that's pretending to be a girl, he should just get a girl

  • Lady Kennie Frog
    Lady Kennie Frog 20 hours ago

    I want to be his dog, I'd be living my best life.

  • Brian Hensley
    Brian Hensley 20 hours ago

    I'm sorry, I was trying to hit the "not interested" and accidentally ended up seeing too much of this horror.

  • Itz Nikk
    Itz Nikk 21 hour ago

    Edible Flowers and Hibiscus :)

  • Kelly Gearlds
    Kelly Gearlds 21 hour ago

    You said diamond forever, and I thought, that would be a wonderful name for a new highlighter.....

  • Michelle Perez
    Michelle Perez 21 hour ago

    Yessss Jeffree!!!! I’m coming to your show on October 5 can’t wait too finally meet you!!!! 💗 I wanna be entered to win your give away it would be an honor! 😩💕 Insta : michelleparis_

  • ali Deasy
    ali Deasy 21 hour ago

    have to chime in One more time ,,

  • ali Deasy
    ali Deasy 21 hour ago

    Love it when ya Hit the FOODIE ,,,,,,,