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  • Published on Sep 16, 2017
  • Across RUclip, thousands of strange videos featuring the "Finger Family" nursery rhyme have appeared over the last few years, with poor animation and low-quality sound while racking up millions of views, sometimes hundreds of millions.. But where do they come from, and how are they so popular?
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  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil Hour ago

    7:35 Führer finger Führer finger where are ze juden ...

  • Trance End
    Trance End 21 hour ago

    Good ol cr1t

  • ImmoralWombat
    ImmoralWombat 23 hours ago

    Imagine letting your child watch this trash in their developmental years.

  • FengxianLeTerrible
    FengxianLeTerrible Day ago +1

    .... Is this what COPPA is trying to stop?

  • Wanttofanta
    Wanttofanta Day ago

    420 dislikes

  • buckeyeshine
    buckeyeshine Day ago

    when i hear that song , I get physically sick , and i imagine human trafficking and kidnapped kids...

  • My wifes son
    My wifes son 2 days ago

    I grew up watching between the lions on pbs and kids these days get shit like this

  • Eravaash
    Eravaash 2 days ago

    10:09 My sleep paralysis demons exiting from the closet

  • Grima the Fell Dragon

    Ok, that's enough of that side of the internet for me today. Sweet Raptor Jesus that's disturbing.

  • PiraticalNonsense
    PiraticalNonsense 2 days ago

    Two of my closest friends have a three year old. I love them dearly, but they are always giving their daughter a tablet to watch this kind of garbage. I can't speak with any authority on whether or not this stuff has any negative impact on mental development in children, but I have to believe that constantly absorbing this low-effort dribble can't be good. Children's programming may be simple and not necessarily something that would actively engage an adult too much, but this stuff is empty and nonconstructive. I know anyone who doesn't have kids can easily say "I'd never let my kid watch something like that," only to fall into those same habits when they do have kids, but if I ever have a kid, I will actively do everything in my power to ensure that I never let them watch this brain numbing nonsense.

  • wizzaroot. The CRINGE Channel

    Hopefully COPPA will eradicate this garbage from RUclip, and these creators won't be able to make money for this shit anymore.

  • Masterge77
    Masterge77 4 days ago +1

    Ah, Finger Family videos, or as they're nowadays called, "Elsagate videos" due to their bizarre nature as children's content. People debate if they're actually made by humans or by bots, yet they have the same characteristics you'd normally see on a Chinese bootleg. They always show up in the recommended videos, even if they have nothing to do with the video you just watched, and often tend to be either written with ALL CAPS TITLES that are a word-salad you'd see on bootlegs and badly-translated NES games, or they're in completely different languages (Hindi, Arabic and Korean seemingly being the most common).

  • rk kwc
    rk kwc 4 days ago

    I tell you, I didn't wake up this morning expecting to see a dancing 3D model of a woman in a bikini with hitler's face superimposed onto it, but I suppose I'm here now

  • Roby Ramoslugo
    Roby Ramoslugo 5 days ago

    I swear some of these videos are some kind of parody.

  • μ Ted
    μ Ted 5 days ago

    Another quality contribution to the world by the pajeets.

  • SquidCultist0 02
    SquidCultist0 02 7 days ago

    DADDY FINGER... hol up

  • SquidCultist0 02
    SquidCultist0 02 7 days ago

    Why was Hitler in there? In a superhero outfit?

  • Anthony Rivas
    Anthony Rivas 9 days ago

    At time 14:57 in the video if u look right next to the jar u can see the body of a nude female boobs then if u look down a belly button n vagina blended in the background sms this is sad

  • Hyfryd !
    Hyfryd ! 9 days ago +1

    Someone uses 3 seconds of copyrighted music and RUclip goes nuts, but all this is just fine.

  • OtherMomo
    OtherMomo 10 days ago

    This explains why RUclip locks out comments for children's content, as an attempt to snub the algorithm...

  • PTSNaruto
    PTSNaruto 10 days ago

    We never should've let the 3rd worlders have internet access

  • boitahaki
    boitahaki 10 days ago

    2 words: shitty parents

  • The Only David
    The Only David 11 days ago

    im gonna finger my family

  • crabby gamer
    crabby gamer 13 days ago

    Love charlie

  • Cripplingly Depressed Gamer

    The crackling sound makes it seem like the animations are ripping ass while singing

  • An_Annoying_Cat
    An_Annoying_Cat 15 days ago

    I don’t remember the name for this concept, but there is a point where something is so bad that parodies are indistinguishable from the real thing. I think some of these are parodies that have gone past that point.

  • Harvey
    Harvey 15 days ago

    babies love this shit. i remember my boy watching this when he was 2-3 years

  • Mopp Empire v0rt3x14
    Mopp Empire v0rt3x14 17 days ago

    This video's are cancer, if I have kids I will never allow them to watch such videos... If dumbs down your kids and borderline turns them into short attention spanned zombies. Probs some Indian man in thier basement doing this shit.

  • Rasenpapi On ig
    Rasenpapi On ig 18 days ago

    Honestly I’m not gonna let my kids on children’s RUclip, they’re gonna watch Vanoss, PewDiePie, and other greats from our generation

  • Venom
    Venom 23 days ago

    Fucking Indians I hate them sons of bitches

  • Nicholas Lienandjaja
    Nicholas Lienandjaja 25 days ago

    This is what happens when some stupid Indian animators make videos and rely on both ignorant parents and RUclip algorithm.

    • Nicholas Lienandjaja
      Nicholas Lienandjaja 25 days ago

      Fun fact: They made fun of these videos in an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball. At one point, Gumball, Darwin, and their classmates watch a stupid video called "32 Donkeys Playing on a Sleigh". It ends with the TV committing "suicide" using a remote control as if it's a gun.

  • shad covert
    shad covert 25 days ago

    What kind of dirtbag would allow their kid to watch this disturbing nonsensical garbage anyway? Sad.

  • Torrs
    Torrs 26 days ago

    Okay, but none of that explains why Hitler is in these videos

    • Aquila
      Aquila 22 days ago

      Indians have a bizarre fascination with Adolf Hitler. Somewhere along the lines, the invocation of Hitler's name to connotate horrific evil got lost in translation with them, and it somehow devolved into a cutesy pejorative for overly strict or bad-tempered people.
      And that's how you get shit like the Hitler Ice Cream brand. Hitler is being used here to represent "Father Finger" because many Indian parents, uncles, et al. are often considered "Hitlers" and represented as such.
      ...I have no explanation for Sports Bra Hitler representing mother finger.

  • Patryk Żukowski
    Patryk Żukowski 26 days ago

    Put JonTron reaction here.

  • PooDot StinkPants
    PooDot StinkPants 27 days ago +2

    "Cancelling" these type of channels targeting children is the *only* benefit of the upcoming YT update. Creators are NOT replacement baby sitters for bad parenting.

  • Cube Squared
    Cube Squared 27 days ago

    not a very deep rabbit hole is it

  • Kyle Marshall
    Kyle Marshall 27 days ago

    What is the tune in this vid?

  • Moose Itself
    Moose Itself 28 days ago

    Saying this is caused by lack of parental guidance is bs. For the most part, these are just nursery rhymes with animations, they are exploiting how we tune out repetitive sounds, your drier or your kid saying "hey dad" 20 times, whatever, i'm always listening, but the disturbing bits are visual. example: "hey dad looks" for the 100th time in a few hours. One hears the "Finger Family" song, shakes head and said "uh huh". Video has actual animal disembowelment in it.
    These things are practically malicious, using childrens curiosity and simplicity and the adult reactions to it to generate youtube revenue. it's... pretty genius tbh... and gross.

  • videoluver7
    videoluver7 29 days ago

    This *has got* to be related to #ElsaGate somehow.

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  • Youtube is trash stop feeding Moloch

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  • Thick Rebar
    Thick Rebar Month ago

    This creeps me out.

  • scose
    scose Month ago

    you should make an Elsagate video!

  • Xyphr
    Xyphr Month ago

    4:46 looks like a pre rendered image from final fantasy

  • asoom
    asoom Month ago

    its babies if you have a babies you know why this happens

  • asoom
    asoom Month ago

    pajeet makes a living off american kids

  • Goose
    Goose Month ago

    10:12 *mom come pick me up im scared*

  • NocturnalXenon
    NocturnalXenon Month ago

    I think I lost all my brain cells to 10:07

  • LeakyLine
    LeakyLine Month ago

    The fucking wheels on the bus video is terrifying. Why is the intro music bedroom RnB? Why does the singer sound like an Indian man trying to sound like a lightskinned American black dude? Why is the bus bouncing instead of driving? Who would ride on this bus? Seems very unsafe.

  • SupaStellaShiba
    SupaStellaShiba Month ago

    So, basically, it’s just a disgusting amount of exploitative creeps, and a ludicrous amount of impossibly irresponsible parents. How many hours of this garbage have humans collectively wasted their time with? Will these abomination machines ever cease? This is haunting.

  • AnimeEyes 4t23
    AnimeEyes 4t23 Month ago +1

    I'm sorry but Hitler in a bikini made me laugh for five minutes

  • Kys Lol
    Kys Lol Month ago

    i could just imagine a child with an ipad watching these videos and the mother just comes over
    "hey timmy what are you watching"
    "i'm just watching five little hitlers jumping on a bed"

  • Agsma, Just Agsma
    Agsma, Just Agsma Month ago +2

    Are we gonna get a followup video, focused mostly on the Elsagate controversy?

  • Shawn
    Shawn Month ago

    Hitler and mickey. Haha

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S Month ago

    I think toys in Japan was a joke channel

  • Pan Samuio
    Pan Samuio Month ago

    Basically your saying the Hindu pantheon created these things

  • bad1080
    bad1080 Month ago

    oh god, the psychopaths who created those videos

    not to speak of the psychopaths these videos must have created...

  • Phillip Larsen
    Phillip Larsen Month ago +1

    Every time I see any kind of poorly produced video such as those showcased in this video, I can't help but imagine Jon Jafari saying, "It's. It's awful."

  • Will Woods
    Will Woods Month ago +2

    "Gummy Bear Crying Eating Lollipop Fidget Spinner Finger Family Rhymes For Kid Gummy Bear Toys Fun" what classic from my youth

  • Happyface Killa
    Happyface Killa Month ago

    13:50, 3rd thumbnail. Ur welk