Spider-Man Missing Easter Egg! Howard the Duck FOUND! (Homecoming Rewatch)

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • UPDATE! Spider-Man director JON WATTS himself responded to this video, and we posted an update video -- watch it here: ruclip.com/video/ATBLBZBBE-Y/video.html
    Spider-Man Far From Home director Jon Watts reveals that a Howard the Duck Easter Egg was hidden, and remains, undiscovered in Spider-Man Homecoming (2017). Where is Howard the Duck hiding in Spider-Man Homecoming, and does his Avengers Endgame cameo mean Marvel Studios has big plans for him? Erik Voss rewatched Spider-Man Homecoming and... he thinks he found Howard! Along with a bunch of other interesting details we missed the first time around. What other Spider-Man Easter Eggs in Homecoming point to Miles Morales and other issues of Marvel comics?
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  • Dylan Maxwell
    Dylan Maxwell Day ago

    Ok so I'm starting a theory, I'm starting to think that they are making more Howard the duck cameos in future MCU movies. Like if you agree

  • Fortnite Tournaments
    Fortnite Tournaments 5 days ago +1

    but how are you going to forget alantutorials

  • Javier Raudel
    Javier Raudel 6 days ago

    I find his nerdiness so cute!

  • Oof Kermy
    Oof Kermy 10 days ago

    You probably came for 4:10

  • zahirul ashraf zailani


  • Contexual Harassment
    Contexual Harassment 14 days ago

    Rocket and Howard will team up... you heard it here first

  • K.Daveed
    K.Daveed 15 days ago

    I believe I seen a Venom paining in Far From Home... it was a black abstract painting in the background but it looked to have Venoms face in it

  • StarrOrbitzAgent
    StarrOrbitzAgent 16 days ago

    Wow, by Jove I think you’ve got it!

  • HeyitsmeNumber3
    HeyitsmeNumber3 19 days ago

    If Howard the Duck takes on the cameo slot of Stan Lee in a lesser capacity, i will be ecstatic and disappointed all at once

  • Miguel Chay
    Miguel Chay 19 days ago

    Me,🦆Daffe dukc

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 19 days ago

    I rewatched it, i forgot the Easter egg hunt thing..

  • Timothy Dark
    Timothy Dark 20 days ago

    I think you nailed it with the license plate Easter Egg. Also, bringing Howard the Duck in might be necessary if they lose Bradley Cooper as Rocket. They’ll need another big mouth animal character.

  • AshDenisRB
    AshDenisRB 21 day ago +3

    You just called out my dad having drugs. HOW DARE YOU!

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 21 day ago

    Howard and Rocket are going to end up being “related” (or at least made at the same place by the same person) in As-Guardians 3!

  • Rae’Quan Morgan
    Rae’Quan Morgan 21 day ago +1

    So basically, license plates give a lot away in MCU movies

  • circlez yt
    circlez yt 21 day ago

    Howard id donald duck but in comics

  • spider mans channel
    spider mans channel 21 day ago

    I saw this easter egg

  • Xavier Gomez
    Xavier Gomez 21 day ago


  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 21 day ago

    Duck hunt????!? Not that horror game! NOOOOoOoOoOOoOoOooOOoOoOoOOO

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 21 day ago

    It really doesn’t matter

  • Zodiac 10813
    Zodiac 10813 21 day ago

    Howard the duck is my favorite Easter eggs and all of MCU movies 😎😃😎

  • ChomperCreeper II
    ChomperCreeper II 21 day ago

    WTD? (What the duck?)

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 21 day ago

    Very nice video...Great :)?

    THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 21 day ago +1

    MCU Howard the Duck is Donald Duck confirmed!

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 22 days ago

    Very nice video...Great :)?

  • Mochi's Game Hut
    Mochi's Game Hut 22 days ago

    They said REFERENCE, not Cameo.

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 22 days ago


  • Legit Bros
    Legit Bros 22 days ago

    Homecoming will never get old......

  • Supreme Yang
    Supreme Yang 22 days ago

    I've been knowing this because my cousin reads the news

  • Joanna
    Joanna 22 days ago

    Any bagley would be good as long as it’s not marvin the third cause he’s super shit. he got baby bars.

  • Phoenix 707
    Phoenix 707 22 days ago

    There is Howard the duck is in endgame as well

  • Samuel Davidson
    Samuel Davidson 22 days ago

    You're still babyfaced!

  • Fortnite4life1
    Fortnite4life1 22 days ago

    It is on the train he is on a women's lap

  • M.V.H. PZ 32767
    M.V.H. PZ 32767 22 days ago

    I figured this out the second time i watched the movie and i have seen it over 10 times

  • Fernando Mercado
    Fernando Mercado 22 days ago

    Remember he said in the tall grass

  • Gerrit Fyver
    Gerrit Fyver 22 days ago

    Well Done @eavoss

  • Need you now
    Need you now 22 days ago

    Legend said that Howard the duck is more powerful than galactus

  • Mady _vocals
    Mady _vocals 22 days ago

    I watched almost every Mcu movie and never realized what Howard the duck was except for I think it was guardians? The SL cameo? And even then I was confused lol I guess it was a nod to the comic fans which I am not haha

  • Undertalemastergaming 503

    Duck hunt????!? Not that horror game! NOOOOoOoOoOOoOoOooOOoOoOoOOO

  • tobco lol
    tobco lol 22 days ago

    It really doesn’t matter

  • Joshua Crowder
    Joshua Crowder 22 days ago


  • OFFWHITE Skechers
    OFFWHITE Skechers 22 days ago

    I want a movie for howard

  • OFFWHITE Skechers
    OFFWHITE Skechers 22 days ago

    Wait I thought that Easter egg was already found... so I found it first?

  • Eggs Benedict Cumberbuns

    What the actual duck

  • Cassie
    Cassie 22 days ago

    Very nice video...Great :)?

  • Chris.presto 16
    Chris.presto 16 22 days ago

    He’s in endgame when all the women group up together he is behind them

  • Gibby
    Gibby 22 days ago


  • Savage Panda
    Savage Panda 23 days ago

    I miss Stan Lee

  • MaVuss
    MaVuss 23 days ago

    RIP etika

  • Vince De Leon
    Vince De Leon 23 days ago

    Any bagley would be good as long as it’s not marvin the third cause he’s super shit. he got baby bars.

  • CR3D DisPhit
    CR3D DisPhit 23 days ago +1

    I was the 2,222,222 sub

  • Bryan Love
    Bryan Love 23 days ago

    You're really awesome and funny don't let anyone tell you different

  • Debbie McVegan
    Debbie McVegan 23 days ago

    You're the best!

  • Jonathan Dominguez
    Jonathan Dominguez 23 days ago +1


    RAFEMI 23 days ago +1

    5:46 - So I see Howard The Ducks face in the right back light of the left car (the one with HTD 003). Anyone else? I see the white head with the orange beak.

  • Anime Consumer
    Anime Consumer 23 days ago +1

    Ah yes


  • Yousef Kustantini
    Yousef Kustantini 23 days ago

    Legend said that Howard the duck is more powerful than galactus

  • admi
    admi 23 days ago

    I like the vids but ur a bit sad no offence

  • MidgetKing
    MidgetKing 23 days ago +1

    Anyone who likes this comment is legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali Whiting
    Ali Whiting 23 days ago

    I think he's correct

  • ShadowGhost|Minecraft&more

    # Spidey duck hunt

  • YoTe Wolf625
    YoTe Wolf625 23 days ago

    How did you find that!!!!?????

  • Oliver Herman
    Oliver Herman 23 days ago

    Htd was in guardians of the galaxy vol 2 how did he get to nyc

  • i m
    i m 23 days ago

    Some people have too much time on their hands

  • Cryonic Two3
    Cryonic Two3 23 days ago

    in homecoming theres talk about caps prototype shield, maybe thats the one tony gives to steve and he uses in endgame also why thanos was able to break it?

  • tigar2308
    tigar2308 23 days ago

    I think that Howard the Duck will replace Stan Lee in movies... :D

  • TheCrookedGuy
    TheCrookedGuy 23 days ago

    Jeeez how much fking time do you have just all of this nerdy research wtf

  • NigNag 2000
    NigNag 2000 23 days ago

    Master of quack fu, could also be a reference for Shang Chi

  • The Comic Joint
    The Comic Joint 23 days ago

    I just want to say thank you for always having great videos, never ripping other people's styles or content, keeping it original and actually providing some real information! I am getting SO tired of all these dumb RUclip guys who just copy each other and mumble nonsense for 5 minutes (up to 5 times a day because they know 1 video wouldn't do anything for their weak ass channels) Always excited to watch your vidoes.

  • Nerdboss3000 gaming
    Nerdboss3000 gaming 23 days ago

    Howard the duck could be the one who makes the cameos now that Stan Lee is gone. Always think about the future, not the past. Still R.I.P Stan Lee