• Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • Thanks for watching guys. I love you all. From the bottom of my heart. WOOOT WOOOOTTTTT
    We look at three topics: guys who love their dogs too much, kissing your parents, and retailers not making me smile ear-to-ear.
    Let me know what you guys think of the Editing. Should I keep the editor? Or throw them off a tall object?
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  • Franky Hall
    Franky Hall 11 minutes ago

    Congrats on 1 Billion views

  • ka lai chan
    ka lai chan 54 minutes ago +1

    diss track t-series and project zorgo!!!!!

  • The Unknown Fish
    The Unknown Fish Hour ago

    I want to get neutered

  • wut
    wut Hour ago

    I think the fact that Ian has an opportunity to make WAY more money off of his RUclip channel, given his audience size, but chooses to upload rarely is what gives him a lot of his appeal.

  • Roxanne Andrea
    Roxanne Andrea 2 hours ago

    You look handsome my BEAUTIFUL

  • I am bread Donnie
    I am bread Donnie 2 hours ago

    Make a content cop on t-series

  • ashley
    ashley 3 hours ago

    i think "pushing off a slightly tall object" is a bit harsh but definitely do not allow your editor to work on another video

  • Max BT
    Max BT 5 hours ago

    I know content cop is kind of dead but please make a content cop on t series. For the people. 🙏

    SUPERHERO GAMING 5 hours ago


  • something studios
    something studios 7 hours ago

    No mustache

  • No Life
    No Life 7 hours ago

    I feel like when max and frank left everything went to dust

  • PonyBoy
    PonyBoy 7 hours ago

    I never knew me and idubbz agreed on something, also I want more Idubbz complains

  • Mal. ann
    Mal. ann 7 hours ago

    Can you like, post?

  • Core
    Core 8 hours ago


  • Toasted Butter
    Toasted Butter 8 hours ago +1

    how high wsas your editor

  • loudThunderbolt1003
    loudThunderbolt1003 8 hours ago

    Yeah please execute your mustache

  • UrMemeDosage
    UrMemeDosage 8 hours ago

    No mustache nihga

  • Nate Pelz
    Nate Pelz 10 hours ago

    Stop copying Chris ray gun smh my head

  • MrBeastFanPage
    MrBeastFanPage 10 hours ago

    He should a content cop on Tseries so pewds can win back

  • J&J KobbleDick
    J&J KobbleDick 10 hours ago +3

    Keep the facial hair
    Lose the editor

    SHKITLES 11 hours ago


  • Ramemeli
    Ramemeli 11 hours ago

    Ok but can I have your phone number now?

  • BenL
    BenL 12 hours ago

    No your facial hair looks like balls

  • Ansel KYLE
    Ansel KYLE 12 hours ago

    Filthy Frank>iDubbbz

  • Alanzoka
    Alanzoka 13 hours ago

    Im Gay

  • Ricky, Please leave
    Ricky, Please leave 13 hours ago +2

    hey idubbbz, you will probably never see this but i just want to say, your video's make me happy even if my day was the worst ever, you still make me smile, thank you, for making me have a laugh. from lots of love, Richard

  • Matthew Fritch
    Matthew Fritch 14 hours ago

    Grow a beard lol

  • Reese Mowen
    Reese Mowen 15 hours ago

    U look like ur gonna molest children

  • Exodiac47
    Exodiac47 17 hours ago

    People who brag about their kid's junk on ultrasounds are downright creepy.

  • phsychomonkey
    phsychomonkey 18 hours ago


  • Ali Khalid
    Ali Khalid 19 hours ago

    but edubz but edubz where are you?

  • PNKeo
    PNKeo 19 hours ago


  • DJScuff edJays
    DJScuff edJays 20 hours ago +1

    Editor: this aint even my full time job idgaf

  • Quinn Jarvis
    Quinn Jarvis 22 hours ago

    Idubbbz is soon gonna have more subs than rice gum

  • golden spring lock gaming

    Yes men are retarded
    Oh and how do you feel about filthy frank 2?

  • mikehawxlong
    mikehawxlong 23 hours ago

    Hey, do a content cop on T series

  • Braedon 28
    Braedon 28 23 hours ago

    My mom wanted to get my dogs balls cut off😪😭😭😭😭

  • Mr. King
    Mr. King Day ago

    Say no to the mustache you look a sarcastic pedophile

    YOYOSUGAR Day ago

    Holy shit I could be born go through puberty get fucked then get married in the time it takes you to upload.

  • Random little boy that eats carrots

    He should make a t series content cop

  • Fix Me
    Fix Me Day ago +1

    Your mustache covers up your fat ass.

  • Shatter
    Shatter Day ago

    Kissing on the lips is a way to show affection, kissing anywhere is. If you love someone, and they love you, kissing is common because it is a way to show affection. Kissing on the lips for more than 1 second is strictly for pornstars and should be illegal. Lol

  • recardo milos
    recardo milos Day ago

    Wher is the pee stored if the balls are removed😕

  • Vince offer
    Vince offer Day ago


  • Xen T
    Xen T Day ago

    Idubzz pls content cop “rawvana” the vegan Thot, I’d like to see he crumble

  • Jim M
    Jim M Day ago

    I have a bernese-mountain dog that is mixed with a black lab. He's tall and about 100 pounds with bernese markings and when he is excited he hops around like a deer. When I take to him to the dog park, he steals the spotlight and everybody who encounters him lights up. He is the best dog, I challenge you Idubby to meet him and honestly say he isn't.

  • GofoufiCH Gamer
    GofoufiCH Gamer Day ago


  • Background noise

    Balls arent beautiful :v

  • RHS / RedheadedSnake

    4:56 i have a meme in relation to this:
    Mother:my kids an angel
    me: whispers* - so was Lucifer

  • Angrewebthatlikesraccons BOI

    Its sad Frank's gone but we still I'm glad idubbz is still around

  • Mason Bourne 0077
    Mason Bourne 0077 Day ago +1

    pewdiepie needs you

  • Bleys McNutt
    Bleys McNutt Day ago


  • XxAngelxX Took the L

    Im gayyyy

  • Spitfire
    Spitfire Day ago

    your editor needs die

  • More like doper
    More like doper Day ago


  • Xexo
    Xexo Day ago

    Take off the fuckin mustache

  • papa cringe
    papa cringe Day ago

    Make a new content cop before we replace you like frank

  • captin saveaho
    captin saveaho Day ago +1

    No you look like a pedo

  • party boy gaming


  • Tanner Stertz
    Tanner Stertz Day ago

    Are you going to make more videos of unboxing because those are awsome

  • why protests and autism exists

    my dogs a piece of shit

  • Hakxy
    Hakxy Day ago

    Hey idubbz, i love ur videos but, your views are falling. Quit youtube now and die a ledgend

  • bravo one-niner
    bravo one-niner Day ago

    100% white person problem I’m
    White and I’m owning up to it it’s a white people problem

  • 5,000 subs With no videos?????????!

    Dude, you need to upload you’re going to fucking kill your channel, I’m literally about to unsub

  • grimtaco 910
    grimtaco 910 Day ago


  • The Female
    The Female Day ago +1

    *You look like ElvisTheAlien*

  • yarivs vlog channel Avila

    Get back with filthy frank he is a singer now and he changed his name joji

  • Alex 5 rebooted
    Alex 5 rebooted Day ago

    You look like you fuck your sister and maybe cousin, but I think you should keep the look

  • Coolman Official

    What’s wrong with the editing it’s kinda trash

  • CaptainJaxParrow

    Hey you, I’m still waiting on an update on the Mouth of Hell

  • Jacob P.
    Jacob P. Day ago

    So this is what scraping the bottom of the barrel looks like for Idubbz

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya Day ago

    I am one of those people who kisses their parents on the lips, now I am kinda scared.

  • Sonic Anti
    Sonic Anti Day ago +3

    With the mustache, he looks like Mr. Beast. I think that's just me.

  • Lucas Kadukyytffcfdcc

    I just woke up boy dogs need their small balls cut off gay are pretty good reasons why now I know that

  • dramtic end
    dramtic end Day ago

    the editing is bad

  • Aaron Baek
    Aaron Baek Day ago +4

    youtube content is getting out of control we need the cops again

    • Tore Strandin Pers
      Tore Strandin Pers 23 hours ago

      Aaron Baek NINJA content cop
      AL-IA content cop LOL EEEH hmmm MORGZ content cop
      LOGAN PAUL content cop about flat earth and other shit
      REAL JAKE PAUL content cop
      GAMBLEING CHANNELS content cop

  • Luca DiFlavio
    Luca DiFlavio Day ago

    That High School Video was Very GROSS, And Unnecessary

  • Hunter Hardeman
    Hunter Hardeman Day ago

    Dear senpai(insert Misaki voice) you have not posted in a while and I was hoping to see when you might post again

  • PapaWheelie 47
    PapaWheelie 47 Day ago +1

    Content cop on prank invasion

  • High IQ Memes
    High IQ Memes Day ago

    nay on the beard but you know do what you want

  • PapaWheelie 47
    PapaWheelie 47 Day ago

    Content cop on prank invasion!!

  • cool yep
    cool yep Day ago

    Mustache naaa

  • Anton Pedersen
    Anton Pedersen Day ago +1

    9:41 there is no such thing called the white race, its called Caucasian

  • The Paper Bag
    The Paper Bag Day ago

    mustache: yay or gay

  • TwoBay Bugs Clips


  • Gregus
    Gregus Day ago

    Facial hair makes you look sexy

  • Panexplosivo H
    Panexplosivo H Day ago +1


  • Mr Funreal
    Mr Funreal Day ago

    not only white people kiss their kids on the lips. i remember steve harvey telling his audience on "ask steve" that its normal to kiss your own kids on the mouth and he does it every day.
    so, it's a retard human problem, not a white people problem.

  • armin faizi
    armin faizi Day ago

    Real gay

  • David Tyler
    David Tyler Day ago

    That mustache is nasty af

  • Phantomknight 45
    Phantomknight 45 Day ago +1

    You look like a dad in his 30s

  • *Elite* Yeet*
    *Elite* Yeet* Day ago +2

    Idubbz is dying

  • Mr. Merry Walrus

    Please do a content cop on Ninja I hate him so much

  • LegacyMeme
    LegacyMeme Day ago

    Do a content cop on the actual jake paul

  • Prastee
    Prastee Day ago

    Just imagine how disastrous truth or dare is for some of these kids
    Friend1: Truth or Dare?
    Friend2: Truth cuz I'm just a coward
    Friend1: ooh okay, what was you first kiss?
    Friend2: uhh, (Ponders all life choices and gets ready for a reputation ending answer) my dad.

  • Fruitiiik 1
    Fruitiiik 1 Day ago

    I like gyros from dog meat it's pretty good

    btw. your mustache is gay

  • Bannerlord Peron Edition

    Most of his vídeos are demonetized. This is the end

  • Itz Not Hudson
    Itz Not Hudson Day ago


  • 666deathandbutthole Films


  • bro toast gaming

    uh oh the cops are coming for idubbz 3:08