Love and Leslie - SNL

Leslie Jones discusses her search for love and reveals she's dating a fellow SNL cast member.

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Длительность: 3:48
Комментарии: 829

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Автор Lauren Dill ( назад)
Is this 4 real

*You sexy vanilla muffin. Lol*

Автор Dennis Schohan ( назад)
I'm in love with Leslie

Автор KittycatDaddy ( назад)
The secretary at 1:38....I'm DEAD. Hahahahaha!

Автор ERIKA DOWDY ( назад)
This is a SKIT right?? Its made up, im pretty sure.

Автор Veljko Simovic ( назад)
It's kinda disturbing... Funny, but still... :)

Автор natalie l ( назад)
i am like leslie

Автор Anna G ( назад)

Автор KING KATT ( назад)
Leslie? Kyle? WTF?!!? I know it's fake, but.... HA HA!! Leslie? Kyle? 😂

Автор Barbara RhodenF ( назад)
I am weak 😂😂

Автор Stuart Hartman ( назад)
I'd date Leslie jones

Автор Claudia ( назад)
"You little bitch"

Автор Miche Farle ( назад)
His is SO funny!

Автор Dolphin Comet ( назад)
If Leslie was gay or bi I would date her

Автор Andrew Patterson ( назад)
0:24 Look at the woman's shirt on the left! Yay! Nice to see SNL supporting choice.

Автор shabri green ( назад)
Favorite Leslie skit

Автор Luis valladares ( назад)
I love Leslie

Автор critter spigot ( назад)
Aw, they're sweet together.

Автор Javi094 ( назад)
Why is he dressed like a woman?

Автор Zee Cable ( назад)
But...what about Beck and Kyle??

Автор Kylee McPugLover ( назад)
I.....ship it?

Автор Monika Wheeler ( назад)
I love you Leslie!

Автор LR G ( назад)
luv leslie!!!!

Автор Tyaine Wright Shirley ( назад)
colin and leslie otp

Автор MsBrat90210 ( назад)
I know this is fake, but I was smiling so damn hard for them two

Автор Jaguar7444 ( назад)
Colin IS sexy...

Автор Kennedi Scurry ( назад)
I still can't tell if this real our not

Автор Stefan23 C ( назад)
1:27 😂😂 the girl face 😂😂

Автор Davis Herrick ( назад)

Автор bushbaby 1 ( назад)
it looks like a bigfoot . a bigfoot!

Автор Grace ( назад)
Colin and Leslie Forever!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Quack The Duck ( назад)
is this real?XD

Автор mara.iara ( назад)
I would happily replace every memory of the Jacob/Bella/Edward triangle with an ongoing Kyle/Leslie/Colin saga

Автор niagra898 ( назад)
Low brow absolute crap.With THIS talent-THIS is what the writers give us? Yo,I'd be strangling mother fuckers in the writers room.

Автор randy wood ( назад)

Автор AngryOwl ( назад)
Leslie Jones is more man than me. And I have an actual penis.

Автор LegendofClerey ( назад)
Cringiest thing ever

Автор Anna DiNenna ( назад)
Hilarious! I love Leslie!

Автор Sandrine Nozil ( назад)
lol leslie so funny. I like this skit

Автор Church of the Latter Day Shrek ( назад)
wow look they taught a gorrilla how to act.

Автор Haze Man ( назад)
god dang shes ugly.

Автор Kim ( назад)
leslie is 49 she looks great, i never would've guessed

Автор jamiia butler ( назад)
I love Leslie Jones she is so funny

Автор racheljaii ( назад)
Ok but Colin is s fucking cute so Leslie on weekend update is meeeee

Автор SirBullet754 ( назад)
she looks like a gorilla

Автор David Chandler ( назад)
GODDAMN, did y'all FUCK in my DRESSING ROOM? LMAOOOOOOooooooo!!!

Автор Ivanna Lupu ( назад)
I'll have Colin then thanks

Автор Dodgers Gaming ( назад)
Don't know whether to put shipped or is this actually true

Автор Lanie Santiago ( назад)
Collin Jost is very hot though😍😍😍

Автор Sori Yazz ( назад)
leslie. if ypu read this ..i think if you wear your hair forward with a swoop band it will make you look more feminine. No shade @ all. Try it and see the difference

Автор [Insert Name] ( назад)
"I'm working all the time" Don't they only work on Saturdays?

Автор E D ( назад)

Автор airheadmrng ( назад)
can't tell if this is real or nah

Автор Samantha Noble ( назад)
Forward baby tight capable inspection paper.

Автор Bamasnazzy13 ( назад)
But Colin so cute though

Автор Monica Mohapatra ( назад)
love leslie

Автор Kristoff Minus ( назад)

Автор Carly Preston ( назад)
I'm crying. Love Leslie

Автор Ananka Brand ( назад)
hi I'm @anankaisis on Instagram

Автор TheSniper Gaming ( назад)
on and off 17 yrs ahhahahahahaahh

Автор Abe Grimm ( назад)
Hey she should ask Milo Yiannopoulos out on a date

Автор Yann Bertrand ( назад)
Gene odds effect acid lots function hope

Автор Courtney Wilkerson ( назад)
Love you Leslie! You're the best!

Автор ariesleorising ( назад)
Leslie is the best!!!!

Автор roxanar ( назад)
wish i had her personality <3

Автор David Ruiz ( назад)

Автор Sim ( назад)
She's big but she's cute and everything a girl should be. She isn't ugly or fat or anything. This sketch isn't funny.

Автор inlight2024 ( назад)
Leslie Rocks !! ;)

Автор Alexia Tr ( назад)
that was so cute

Автор eustagoesout ( назад)
Chef special!

Автор dudebot ( назад)
Leslie is great. Fuck Milo.

Автор groudon 909 ( назад)
Was that Dave Chappelle at the end?

Автор Elina Esme ( назад)
Is this real

Автор faythmomto5 ( назад)

Автор K Gnosis ( назад)
No one wants to date her cause she is ulgy... I dont get the joke

Автор Jordan Washington ( назад)
#LoveForLeslie lol.

Автор Kyle Craig ( назад)
God you are not funny cunt!

Автор derrick spurlock ( назад)
honestly, not a fan of leslie jones, she's just annoying and not funny

Автор Ice_fly ( назад)
She should meet harambe

Автор le Potterhead ( назад)

Автор The Weirdos ( назад)
Looks that 1 guy from that ghost scooby dooby doo movie

Автор alex time low ( назад)
I am both Leslie and Kyle in this sketch

Автор Nite Hawk ( назад)
I saw your nudes and I'm just sayin... If you're ever in the U.P call me up

Автор Nite Hawk ( назад)
I saw your nudes and I'm just sayin... If you're ever in the U.P call me up

Автор Emily ( назад)
At first, I thought this was real. Then I realized, oh nope it isn't.

Автор Donte DeBose ( назад)
think I might have missed the joke

Автор Alyssa Kelly ( назад)
In what alternate reality is any human male attracted to that? Ewwww

Автор Naomi Nguyen ( назад)
"I got my first boyfriend at 18. We were on and off for like 17 years." LMAAAOOOO

Автор Marcus Wright ( назад)
That ending tho... lol

Автор Mikki Jasmine ( назад)
I feel as though Leslie is beautiful and does not look like harambe or whatever or looks like a piece of crap. She is beautiful inside and out to me.

Автор Hysterical Outrage ( назад)
Leslie! You are so beautiful and funny as hell! We love you!

Автор Michelle Talley ( назад)
Wow SNL didn't bleep the GD word

Автор wishuwazmeh121 ( назад)
That's right, SNL. Keep giving Leslie the spotlight. Let her shine. This country is so angry at black women simply for existing lol it's entertaining to read these stank ass comments. Leslie is great. Keep this Kyleslie ship going!

Автор Fuck you ( назад)
i honestly, ugh this is cute.
i shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

Автор Chappy523 ( назад)
I'd date Kyle or Colin.

Автор Liberbär ( назад)
Harambe <3

Автор Bertha Lovejoy ( назад)
the intro felt a little too real..

Автор Skipatronio ( назад)
This is like a drunk man made a soap opera

Автор teenygozer ( назад)
Leslie has the best dimples when she smiles!

Автор dner75 ( назад)
Close that door! You're lettin the stank out!

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