Stranger Things Season 3 Official trailer HD | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • NETFLIX have released the first trailer for the highly anticipated new series of Stranger Things.
    Mike admits Eleven and his pals are "not kids anymore" as they face the return of a terrifying monster as the town of Hawkins is once again threatened by The Upside Down.
    Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Max (Sadie Sink) and Will (Noah Schnapp) appear at the surprise birthday party of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).
    Season three is based around the summertime and begins with the American town's Fourth of July celebrations.
    "We’re not kids anymore," Mike says.
    "I mean what did you think, we’re just gonna sit in my basement all day and play games for the rest of our lives?"
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    Stranger Things season three - Netflix release date, cast, trailer and episode titles:
    Are Eleven and Mike together in Stranger Things and what happens to the couple in season three?
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Comments • 1 285

  • Ellen Scott
    Ellen Scott Day ago

    what is that song???

  • Diego Savala
    Diego Savala 13 days ago

    please don't end stranger things on season 3

  • bts army & blackpink blink

    2 MORE DAYS!!

  • Xali Lolo
    Xali Lolo 16 days ago

    I feel like this season will is going too miss his friends and feel not close to them anymore

  • Cookie and Angel Animations

    Wonder what monster is it called

  • Cookie and Angel Animations

    That’s scream tho

  • N D
    N D 19 days ago

    What song is that in the beginning

  • Fronky 190
    Fronky 190 20 days ago

    The song sounds like a song from Minecraft lol

  • Nathan Cody
    Nathan Cody 25 days ago

    Anyone here after watching the entire Season 3..?? (The fuTure)

  • Accidently on Purpose


  • stop reading my username

    "We're not kids anymore"

    -*Mike Wheeler 2019*

  • Shaiwalker Official
    Shaiwalker Official Month ago +1

    1:24 is it raining inside????

  • Izzy Zee Artist
    Izzy Zee Artist Month ago

    I met milly before in Florida when I went to Disney world, I have a picture.

  • Xiakal
    Xiakal Month ago

    millie bobby brown is a pretty actor omg :(

  • •MintGamerPlayzz• :DD

    *When is season 4 coming out then?*

  • LoL LOL
    LoL LOL 2 months ago


  • Nia Akzumatsu
    Nia Akzumatsu 2 months ago

    What happened to dustin’s voice

    • Alan Barrett
      Alan Barrett 27 days ago

      He’s going puberty and his voice is getting deeper

  • Joel Grey
    Joel Grey 3 months ago +1

    0:39 played at 0.25x speed
    Careful he spray and he bite 😂

  • Ärîänâ •-•
    Ärîänâ •-• 3 months ago

    I died when Mike said
    *We aren’t kids anymore *

  • Kayleigh O'Dell
    Kayleigh O'Dell 3 months ago

    Damn that looks amazing

  • Bradford Curran
    Bradford Curran 3 months ago

    Wow ... what a rush I actually dropped my coffee cup and sat forward on the couch when I saw this well done PR people well done !!

  • Eric Manning
    Eric Manning 3 months ago

    Nice 12th birthday present for me lol

  • Strangers? ????
    Strangers? ???? 3 months ago

    After everything they’ve been through, why would he think robots moving on their own was a dream???

  • AramDaSpade
    AramDaSpade 3 months ago

    Pause somewhere in 2:17 you see Billy talking to Mikes mom 🤪

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 3 months ago

    suited do to in go millie love you ft car steady full goth fourth

  • riirii woo
    riirii woo 3 months ago

    July????!! Augh, you’re killing me, Smalls!

  • Lorienne Gallegos
    Lorienne Gallegos 3 months ago +1

    Steve: Hum, excuse me?, friend?, no, honey, I'm mother of six.

  • Peaceful Brooke
    Peaceful Brooke 3 months ago


  • itts yuh boii
    itts yuh boii 3 months ago

    Aww its sad there all grown

  • abby g
    abby g 3 months ago

    If you pause at 2.16 you will see billy and mikes mom at the pool

  • Riley Miller
    Riley Miller 3 months ago


  • Allison Quatrini
    Allison Quatrini 3 months ago

    After all these years yurtle is back!!!

  • Dragon Queen
    Dragon Queen 3 months ago

    No teeth? Yuck! 🤮

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 3 months ago

    My theory is that billy is the monster because it showed him in the shower with black stuff on his arm

  • Zay Whiskey
    Zay Whiskey 3 months ago

    Where's my guys teeth at?

  • Aymen Rashad
    Aymen Rashad 3 months ago

    if steve dies we riot

  • Charlotte Howell
    Charlotte Howell 3 months ago

    wait is it still Eleven or are we calling her Jane?

  • gno
    gno 3 months ago

    here before 1M views

  • LittleBlu Sofia
    LittleBlu Sofia 3 months ago

    Hype is real for new monsters

  • Steve Minecraft
    Steve Minecraft 3 months ago

    What happend to dustins teeth

  • madelyn sullivan
    madelyn sullivan 3 months ago +1

    Go at .25 speed at 2:18

  • Elyas Stephens
    Elyas Stephens 3 months ago

    So hypeee

  • Jacob T
    Jacob T 3 months ago +1


  • Nessa Moore
    Nessa Moore 3 months ago

    Literally I ship mike and eleven so freaking much

  • Gilbert Robinson
    Gilbert Robinson 3 months ago

    i can't wait THAT long

  • Cam Watson
    Cam Watson 3 months ago

    why is no one talking about how my guy dustin straight up lost his teeth

  • A r c t i c
    A r c t i c 3 months ago

    WAIT WAIT WAIT is that Blood on Billy's arm? Ain't watching this if he doesn't get the love he deserves

  • Mallly Lally
    Mallly Lally 3 months ago

    Yaasssssssssss 😈

  • Shyam Sunder
    Shyam Sunder 3 months ago

    Song Name???

  • simona agostino
    simona agostino 3 months ago

    omg i’m so excited!!

  • Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

    Please make the person that chose the music the director

  • Cool girl Abbie Newman
    Cool girl Abbie Newman 3 months ago

    I really want this to come on Netflix

  • AP’s awesome channel
    AP’s awesome channel 3 months ago

    That hurt my heart when mike said were not kids anymore

  • Dylan Wood
    Dylan Wood 3 months ago

    Out here in the fields
    Me: breathes in
    I fight for my meals

  • Alvin Razalom
    Alvin Razalom 3 months ago

    My faverouit part is:
    Toothless spraying on his eyes lol

  • Marcusishere -
    Marcusishere - 3 months ago

    I’m calling it now the new monster’s name is the beholder.

  • Archie Cattell
    Archie Cattell 3 months ago

    I Love Stranger Things So Much!!

  • Madz_ Sophia
    Madz_ Sophia 3 months ago

    I really want to watch it when it comes out but I don’t have Netflix 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😤

  • cRaCkHeAd CiCi !!
    cRaCkHeAd CiCi !! 3 months ago

    mileven is saveddddd !! mike and eleven kissed at 2:17 - 2:18 , you have to pause quick ! yay im so excited 😻

  • HARL33N Q.
    HARL33N Q. 3 months ago


  • I Like Cheeze
    I Like Cheeze 3 months ago

    SiSTeR Sh0oK

  • Alicia Pearce
    Alicia Pearce 3 months ago

    July seems so far away! ;-;

  • RPete100
    RPete100 3 months ago

    anyone know what happened to steve 2:16

  • kevin Osmondson
    kevin Osmondson 3 months ago


  • Franchise334
    Franchise334 3 months ago

    My god, with the amount of time it takes to make another season, these should just be movies. 2-3 years?!?! That’s crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. But this is supposed to take place 1 year after season 2 I believe. They were like 10-13 (not counting teens) in season 2, they are like 15-16 now, they better hurry up.

  • Nicholas TheBrave
    Nicholas TheBrave 3 months ago

    Steve is still the best character in the show and nobody can change my mind.

  • Uh
    Uh 3 months ago

    Let the fight begin.

  • JimmyIsTheBest1
    JimmyIsTheBest1 3 months ago

    Perfect trailer well done to the people that made it. Soundtrack alone is amazing

  • My Name Is Sarah
    My Name Is Sarah 3 months ago

    If Steve dies, we riot.

  • Mary Smile
    Mary Smile 3 months ago

    The Who brought me here