Bastards Official Trailer #1 (2017) Owen Wilson, Ed Helms Comedy Movie HD

  • Опубликовано: 15 сен 2016
  • Bastards Trailer 1 (2017) Owen Wilson, Ed Helms Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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  • Frank Di
    Frank Di 5 месяцев назад

    Well, after watching this trailer I found full movie for free on boxxy software and wasn’t disappoint. A lot of laught.

  • jhon lewis
    jhon lewis Год назад

    Will this film ever come out ??

  • Justin Westbrook
    Justin Westbrook Год назад

    They changed the name to father figures lol

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke Год назад


  • haryatib
    haryatib Год назад

    same jokes as the hangover..nothing new

  • dezastruos
    dezastruos Год назад

    That "Dick Whisperer" thing got me!

  • Paweł Łukasz
    Paweł Łukasz Год назад

    Spoiler their mother is a slut. So many people she dated xDDDD

  • SecretDimension
    SecretDimension Год назад +1

    I wonder HOW long before they can go before they are forced to change the title of the movie.. because MOST people are literally Bastards these days, and will be offended..

  • MetalHeadZ
    MetalHeadZ Год назад

    leme tickle the bottom of Bradshaws feet

  • Moo N Oink Gaming
    Moo N Oink Gaming Год назад

    jeez. will nard dog and big nose give it a rest. they werent funny 8 years ago, definitely not funny now

  • Michael Olson
    Michael Olson Год назад

    He said that is not the soul train!

  • Hammi
    Hammi Год назад

    when will it be released

  • Ifocus Media
    Ifocus Media Год назад

    typical ignorant Hollywood crap

  • salamango81
    salamango81 Год назад

    Hallpass 2

  • nd4spd
    nd4spd Год назад

    They could have at-least gotten Luke Wilson so that they actually looked like bros

  • Derek Martz
    Derek Martz Год назад +1

    Poor Luke Wilson.

  • codpieceofjustice
    codpieceofjustice Год назад


  • Susie MacLean
    Susie MacLean Год назад

    but it's coming out again now year later?? as 'father figures'

  • Silvano Lubian
    Silvano Lubian Год назад

    🙉🙈🙊Only ficcion!

  • Savannah Mayor
    Savannah Mayor Год назад

    katt, yes

  • BoneCrusherofOlde
    BoneCrusherofOlde Год назад

    Lol, was this run through the family guy manatee formula system?

  • SenileTomato
    SenileTomato Год назад

    I'm glad you didn't take your life.

  • jasieq •
    jasieq • Год назад +1


  • joe fedi
    joe fedi Год назад

    is owen wilson ever gonna get a different haircut?

  • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth
    Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Год назад


  • Charles Carter
    Charles Carter Год назад

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  • Ben
    Ben Год назад +3

    Basically this is that few episodes of South Park where they were trying to figure out who Cartmans Dad was... remember that?

  • Slick ill
    Slick ill Год назад

    Looks funny as Hell and Owen does need a new haircut.

  • Jimbag Jimster
    Jimbag Jimster Год назад


  • Silvana Zito
    Silvana Zito Год назад

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  • Kitty Cow
    Kitty Cow Год назад


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    빌론너choiin Год назад

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  • Steve Maggers
    Steve Maggers Год назад

    I see Ving Rhames is still eating for three.

  • zaher god
    zaher god Год назад

    Here is reaallyууу full and goooood quality Baastaаaards =>

  • Eric R. Gonzalez
    Eric R. Gonzalez Год назад

    " Wow." - Owen Wilson

  • José ART
    José ART Год назад

    Ha, exactly what I've been saying! #Funny #Hilarious #Comical

  • HuB Hitz | AFL
    HuB Hitz | AFL Год назад

    Will Ferrell will be the father

  • Patrick Odonnell
    Patrick Odonnell Год назад

    One minute

  • Vildan Morina
    Vildan Morina Год назад

    Hеeey guys wаtсccсh Bааstards onlineee hеeеreеee =>

  • Esteban Dufanzo
    Esteban Dufanzo Год назад

    This looks like it might actually be fun to watch. Good to see Owen Wilson back in classic form.

  • Blake Mortimer
    Blake Mortimer Год назад +3

    I love Ed Helms!!! ...and Owen Wilson!!!!

  • Pramadyka Deffa
    Pramadyka Deffa Год назад

    You саn wаtсh Bаstaaаrds heerеее

  • Swinny
    Swinny Год назад

    that train shot was epic

  • QuabmasM
    QuabmasM Год назад

    This trailer is September 2016 but this movie dont come out til December 2017.............what gives?

  • Craig Titus
    Craig Titus Год назад

    all we did was cuddle

  • Fido Starman
    Fido Starman Год назад

    Another crap movie.

  • YoungBlaze
    YoungBlaze Год назад

    Katt williams is t he Father............"Saved you time and life"

  • YoungBlaze
    YoungBlaze Год назад

    when kat williams is the funniest part...........

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera Год назад

    White Guys: The Movie.

  • Hakan U.
    Hakan U. Год назад

    change the title as "sons of a slutty bitch" i like it that way.

  • talari sumanth
    talari sumanth Год назад

    Bastaaaards moooviе herе =>

  • xXDoodleyGodXx
    xXDoodleyGodXx Год назад

    This is the niceist movieeее i eveer sеe!!! I aaаadvise eveerуbodyyуy to watcсcсh it :)

  • syafiq muhammad
    syafiq muhammad Год назад

    what is a dick whispers??

  • gavril gavris
    gavril gavris Год назад

    I watched Bastards full mоvieee here

  • david beardy-kam
    david beardy-kam Год назад

    I suppose they've cloned Kat and put him back in the spotlight.

  • lazylank
    lazylank Год назад

    This looks halfway decent. And anything with J.K. Simmons has me hooked!

    TEAM6USA Год назад


  • Valon Miftari
    Valon Miftari Год назад


  • Valon Miftari
    Valon Miftari Год назад


  • Bugra Ozverel
    Bugra Ozverel Год назад

    what the fuck is this shit? ı fucking hate hollywood

  • Oscar Blake
    Oscar Blake Год назад

    All we did was cuddle lool

  • gangsta bear
    gangsta bear Год назад +1

    WOW- Owen Wilson 2k17

  • BozzyRL
    BozzyRL Год назад +5

    Why wasn't Luke Wilson cast with Owen Wilson if they're supposed to be brothers in the film? "Yes, hello, Hollywood? I'd like to make a suggestion."

  • Clayton Keever
    Clayton Keever Год назад


  • kilafice
    kilafice Год назад


  • Ender2016
    Ender2016 Год назад

    So can south park sue them for stealing their story?

  • pleasebringmeback
    pleasebringmeback Год назад

    so this is the hangover part 4?

  • RacingWespe
    RacingWespe Год назад

    Wow -Owen Wilson

  • anzechiba
    anzechiba Год назад

    idk.. the greatest road trip was probably Due Date for me

  • Patrick Pin
    Patrick Pin Год назад

    when is RUclip gonna get off its ass, and let us use fuqin Emoji's in the comment section...

  • Simon Shaninga
    Simon Shaninga Год назад

    Hahaha, "The woman was like a D$%k whisperer"..

  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith Год назад


  • Rusnurmat
    Rusnurmat Год назад

    all what this trailer told me that she was a big floozy...

  • Herne0011
    Herne0011 Год назад

    Wow looks like someone in marketing didn't do their work very well. The title of the movie in combination with its subject matter is going to alienate and offend a fuck ton of people. You might as well make a movie called "scum who don't know who their dad was". Seriously it would take an intern and a coffee to come up with a better name for the movie ffs. Who the hell was the executive that let this shitbird get to print?!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Год назад

    His negro spider sense should have told him not to get in that car.

  • haris Abd
    haris Abd Год назад

    'all we did was cuddle " LOL

  • Mo Jo
    Mo Jo Год назад

    "The woman was like a dick whisperer" 😂😂😂

  • Keith James
    Keith James Год назад

    This actually looks funny. Has this come out yet (comment to my inner brain...)?

  • Axhiro Madlander
    Axhiro Madlander Год назад

    was that melissa sagemiller

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    صادق ال بداي Год назад

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  • Obscure Entertainment
    Obscure Entertainment Год назад

    Oh JK Simmons, don't do this....

  • Patryk Stachowiak
    Patryk Stachowiak Год назад

    She was such a dick wisperer xD , I mean we just cuddled xD

  • Luke Acerra
    Luke Acerra Год назад

    So it's just Mama Mia for dudes?

  • James zuburman
    James zuburman Год назад


  • yamageyorker
    yamageyorker 2 года назад

    What the fuck is it with weddings in movies these days

  • BurzumVEVO
    BurzumVEVO 2 года назад

    Ed Helms is a CUCK

  • gyshalom
    gyshalom 2 года назад

    all we did was cuddle...hahhahaha

  • Old-Style 86
    Old-Style 86 2 года назад

    ruined this movie by having that nigga Rat Williams... They really reached low..

  • B Gail
    B Gail 2 года назад

    wow Glenn Close's dudeness is really showing as it ages

  • Keefe Brown
    Keefe Brown 2 года назад

    Ed Helms got the AIDS ??

  • vanderbrock
    vanderbrock 2 года назад

    This has inspired me. I reckon I can write a better comedy in two days and blind drunk.

  • Steven Lippold
    Steven Lippold 2 года назад

    'All we did was cuddle."

  • mindaugas jurevicius
    mindaugas jurevicius 2 года назад

    Glenn Close looks like Johny Knoxville in his grandma disguise

  • Jan Pisek
    Jan Pisek 2 года назад

    That black guy looks soooo much like Allen Iverson hahah xD

  • Hazbar Khan
    Hazbar Khan 2 года назад

    Pivot into plastic Surgery or something less, Butt related!!! HahaHahAhAhAaa....

  • Franco Pacaña
    Franco Pacaña 2 года назад

    You can't find this moovieeee with better quaaaality thaaaan heeeere =>

  • 95 R
    95 R 2 года назад +1

    "all we did was cuddle" ahahahhahaha

  • volikoto
    volikoto 2 года назад +3

    I don't think they're old enough to find their parents.

  • Freeride Forever
    Freeride Forever 2 года назад

    Ving Rhames. I'm in.