Funniest Prescription Medicine Commercial Never Shown...

watch this video because...IF YOUR DISEASE DOESN'T KILL YOU, YOUR PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE WILL.....check out this hilarious spoof on prescription medicine advertising featuring the world's longest medical disclaimer and a powerful performance by renowned Butt Doctor, Moses Morgan, B.M.D.

Haven't you noticed that drug companies think it is okay to poison you AS LONG as they warn you ahead of time. And the warnings have gotten longer, and longer, and longer.

Veteran ad man and voice over artist Marty Morgan (www.crayonmouth.com) takes it to the next level in this little spin on a product designed to make you less gaseous. Seriously? Are these guy serious. Shot on location in Nashville, Tennessee by Nathan Morgan Videography. In honor of the funniest guy I ever knew: Chris Petrosky--- who's idea this was. You were one funny guy, Bear Man! visit www.crayonmouth.com

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Автор meschelle deen ( назад)
HILARIOUS!!!  LMAO lololololololo!

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