Money Heist: Season 3 | Now In Production | Netflix

  • Published on Oct 25, 2018
  • The gang is back.
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    Money Heist: Season 3 | Now In Production | Netflix
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Comments • 1 484

  • Reyna A
    Reyna A 20 hours ago

    f in the chat for berlin

  • Ritam Talukdar
    Ritam Talukdar 3 days ago


  • Naomin khongsai
    Naomin khongsai 3 days ago

    Too excited to continue watching this series, Best show on Netflix ever...

  • Rene Leo Andrian
    Rene Leo Andrian 3 days ago

    Ini kapan atuh release nya, can't hardly waitto see them!!

  • Mahmoud jamal Mahmoud

    I love spanish originals by netflix

  • Karissa Escalante
    Karissa Escalante 5 days ago

    Professor 😍😍

  • Tanya Tots
    Tanya Tots 5 days ago


  • moinmoin
    moinmoin 6 days ago +1

    1&2 were incredibly good. Would I love to see more of it? He'll yes, but I really hope they don't ruin it by forcing a part 3 that was never planned for this show in the first place...

  • Hirusha Nimsara
    Hirusha Nimsara 7 days ago

    Berlin ❤️

  • WhiteAss4ssin11
    WhiteAss4ssin11 10 days ago

    Jaw drop when Berlin arrived

  • Madhur Gandhi
    Madhur Gandhi 11 days ago

    i can't tell u how much i am waiting for this one

  • stahouo
    stahouo 19 days ago

    The money heist is the worst translation ever

  • Dylan Carrick
    Dylan Carrick 20 days ago +1

    My favoirite show cant wait for season 3

  • olubalogun kemi
    olubalogun kemi 20 days ago


  • AsYong Show
    AsYong Show 20 days ago

    I think Berlin now is on the other side ...

  • Dę Koline
    Dę Koline 26 days ago


  • Noman Asim
    Noman Asim 27 days ago

    Berlin is such a sweetheart ❤️

  • Daniel Noris
    Daniel Noris 29 days ago

    Bella ciao


    Who wants to hit the federal reserve 🤓

    EH3AN EMI Month ago +1

    i love you so much Berlin

  • :/-_-
    :/-_- Month ago

    the only thing I didn't like was all the cursing
    there was a little too much but otherwise its amazing

    DHARMA Month ago

    0:52 who?

  • nana kyohyun
    nana kyohyun Month ago

    Berlin????? Yes yes yes

  • ipadrekz
    ipadrekz Month ago

    O cara com a roupa dos assaltantes de lá casa de papel é quem?

  • Lorenzo Ferrari
    Lorenzo Ferrari Month ago

    Oh... O Bella ciao just a partigian song initalian

  • ghdfid dgwew
    ghdfid dgwew Month ago +1

    in Spain we always see American or English series translated into Spanish and now it's sooooo strange to see the Americans translating a Spanish series and it's a laugh to hear "Reikel" or "Andrues di fonollousa" 😂, but I love it and I want it to come the 3 season!!!
    Viva La casa de Papel!! 🇪🇸

  • Francis Mbagi
    Francis Mbagi Month ago

    Arturo is such a character.

  • Tonny Cocco
    Tonny Cocco Month ago

    Secret crush for the Professoooooor ❤️

  • Fariz Afaf
    Fariz Afaf Month ago +1

    I can already see that Arturito will tell where they are :)

    LECXIS Month ago

    I will miss you Berlin! Lots of love from the Philippines!

  • Olerilwe Ntsie
    Olerilwe Ntsie Month ago

    Reminds me of prison break professor being Michael Scofield

  • Youtuber Abhishek
    Youtuber Abhishek Month ago

    i got goosebumps after the music started.

  • Dylan Carrick
    Dylan Carrick Month ago

    Probably my one of my favourite shows 50/50 with breaking bad

  • The Joker
    The Joker Month ago

    OMG Berlin :O

  • Ashis bar
    Ashis bar Month ago

    that berlin gave me goosebumps

  • Abhayy Abhay
    Abhayy Abhay Month ago

    Omg these people are literally dope.....just fab.......

  • thepoiuyt98
    thepoiuyt98 Month ago

    Berlin 👌🏾

    SOVND Month ago +1

    Why is no one mentioning Moscow I loved that guy 😭😣😪

  • Dylan Carrick
    Dylan Carrick Month ago

    Bella ciao

  • Arjun B
    Arjun B Month ago

    എന്റമ്മേ അത് നമ്മടെ Berlin അല്ലേ !!!! Big like from Kerala.. Lacasa de papal rocks !!!!

  • SupGays
    SupGays Month ago +2

    I’ve watched 100+ Netflix Shows and This Is My Favorite

  • Michelle Contreras
    Michelle Contreras Month ago


  • amer abuain
    amer abuain Month ago

    July 19😍😍😍😍

  • Creepony
    Creepony Month ago +1

    "Part 3 Coming 19 July"

  • Young Digger Dick
    Young Digger Dick Month ago

    Money heist ??
    I know just la casa de papel

  • He Bo Jr.
    He Bo Jr. Month ago

    Wheres Arturito?

  • Adrian King
    Adrian King Month ago +2

    I gonna learn spanish because of my love for this show..

  • Dimas Domínguez
    Dimas Domínguez Month ago

    Who know when Is gonna start the third season

  • Yousaf jamal
    Yousaf jamal Month ago

    One of the best shows

  • Chris Nero
    Chris Nero Month ago +1

    How to find this artist

  • MercyY 450
    MercyY 450 Month ago

    who else thought all of them will escape ?
    but sadly berlin wanted to stay ? like it would be so cool to watch him and ariadna on the beach 😂

  • MercyY 450
    MercyY 450 Month ago

    the only guy i will miss is Berlin !

  • Spancify
    Spancify Month ago

    Berlin was my favorite character, him dying was emotional for me.

  • vedant srivastava
    vedant srivastava Month ago

    0:41 watch closely.....who's hugging the professor? :)

  • Kumar
    Kumar Month ago

    please bring Berlin back😭😭😭😭

  • John Brianna Bronio

    who else is ecstatic not to see the annoying arturito here. haha. he is the worst villain i have ever seen.

  • Jackolinski Vlogs
    Jackolinski Vlogs Month ago

    Didn't Berlin die? And does anyone know release dates! I want a REAL trailer, and they finished the heist so what is part 3 about? After the heist? Going back into the mint? I'm confused? Everyone predictions and where is Raquel? Raquel needs to be here! Arturo isnt there by the looks of it but tbh I ain't fased with him, Monica is back yay 😂

  • khaled bashir
    khaled bashir Month ago

    Arturito caused more trouble than the police..

  • яͥιͫςн ML
    яͥιͫςн ML Month ago

    I just finished it in two days... Couldn't stop watching it now I'm waiting for season 3!!
    Whitout Arturito I hope😂

  • Josilin T
    Josilin T Month ago

    Please please moreeeee

  • Hailey Daniels
    Hailey Daniels Month ago


  • gayathri reddy
    gayathri reddy Month ago


  • gayathri reddy
    gayathri reddy Month ago

    I miss berlin..nd i hate fuckin aturo..

  • Omri shahar
    Omri shahar 2 months ago

    La merda di questa canzone in spagnolo sul viso è davvero una merda

  • Shashank Javagal
    Shashank Javagal 2 months ago

    This is the best series ever..... At the level of breaking bad.👌🏼 S2 ended in a perfect way, Intelligence win over foolish Rather than good over bad. I liked the climax.

  • Hello There
    Hello There 2 months ago

    why is it called Money Heist in some country’s? La casa de papel sounds waaaaaay cooler

  • lnxreddy
    lnxreddy 2 months ago

    Berlin and Naroibi I would love to see you back on stage.

  • Jesse Lona
    Jesse Lona 2 months ago

    The intro song to the video is a classic

  • Tanto Poranto
    Tanto Poranto 2 months ago +2

    Undeniably the best Show on NETFLIX

  • Inferno
    Inferno 2 months ago

    Fuck yes

  • yarin
    yarin 2 months ago

    Maybe they found a cure for hem (berlin) and they both it they have milions.

  • Divyesh kumar
    Divyesh kumar 2 months ago

    Best show in crime Genre 👏👏👏

  • puneet agarwal
    puneet agarwal 2 months ago

    Some Competition for Breaking Bad Lovers!!!

    • Tanto Poranto
      Tanto Poranto 2 months ago

      Breaking bad ain't got no shit on La Casa...

  • Obert Mulewa
    Obert Mulewa 2 months ago

    Tsup people is season 3 out

  • laurila kate
    laurila kate 2 months ago

    maybe in season 3 Denver's gonna find out tokyo is his mom

    • yanga mangisa
      yanga mangisa Month ago

      I wish Moscow had told him when he was dying..

    RBK KURD 2 months ago

    The Best 💥

  • Aurhorah
    Aurhorah 2 months ago

    R.I.P. Oslo, Moscow, & Berlin🖤🙏🏽
    ~Bella Ciao~

  • Rizky TS
    Rizky TS 2 months ago +1

    the one who passes is helping me answer this question, why is Berlin still alive? isn't he dead?

    MAD MIKE 2 months ago

    This is the best show ever in my opinion

  • AyItsYourBoyJC I
    AyItsYourBoyJC I 2 months ago

    How is Berlin still alive?Or they just showed him for fun🤔

  • Biggest Fan
    Biggest Fan 2 months ago +1


  • Vitorina Cumbana
    Vitorina Cumbana 2 months ago

    Berlin 😻😻😻😻😻👏🏾

  • Burak Üstün
    Burak Üstün 2 months ago

    Berlin Kralsın Profesör Sende Kralsın ★●●★

  • harleen gray
    harleen gray 2 months ago

    I won’t watch it without Berlin

  • Anais Gouati
    Anais Gouati 2 months ago +1

    *When I saw Berlin at the end I literally nutted*

  • Johnny Calderon
    Johnny Calderon 2 months ago

    They better come up with a better plot than part 1 and 2 to keep things interesting I totally was expecting part 2 to be the end.

  • Jimmy Francois
    Jimmy Francois 2 months ago

    My boy Berlin

  • Mimi Ali
    Mimi Ali 2 months ago

    برلين احلى شي❤

  • Jal
    Jal 2 months ago

    Katta waiting... Berlin the real legend..hats off the entire team ..

  • Tamara Petviashvili
    Tamara Petviashvili 2 months ago


  • Melissaeatss !
    Melissaeatss ! 2 months ago


  • Surya Senguttuvan
    Surya Senguttuvan 2 months ago

    So Berlin is back?

  • cual quiera
    cual quiera 2 months ago

    Maybe Berlin was wearing a bulletproof vest with something inside that seems like blood, maybe they took him to the hospital due to the fact he is the only gang member they got, the only chance to catch them. I know he was terminally ill but i remember some character saying 10 out of nine die and that unless he was that one he was going to be dead very soon. If he is indeed that one, he could be perfectly alive rotting in a cell or something, the fact that he "shh" at the audience in the trailer makes me think all the hype is for something more than just a couple of flashblacks from the professor

  • Hello People
    Hello People 2 months ago +1

    I come every month to watch this 😂

  • mary cyber
    mary cyber 2 months ago +1

    oohh men am waiting for this show like crazy meeeeeeeen....Mr Professa my favorite........

  • zachary lee
    zachary lee 2 months ago

    Money heist is becoming the real money heist with how popular its getting

  • TheRealDragon Man266
    TheRealDragon Man266 2 months ago +3

    I dont know why but I love how berlin died he kinda deserved it but over all the best show ever

  • Dobre Dobre
    Dobre Dobre 2 months ago +25

    Bruh if you watch this show in any other languages than spanish you re MISSING OUT a lot

    • bella hadid
      bella hadid 5 days ago

      Me encantan sus acentos 😍

    • bella hadid
      bella hadid 5 days ago

      Me encantan sus acentos 😍

    • jmchez
      jmchez 2 months ago +1

      Most Latin Americans are not used to much of Castilian Spanish slang, like North Americans with British English. I was often confused by some words that I've never heard of. I actually had to turn the English subtitles to catch up on some words.
      Also, their constant blasphemous cursing was weird to me. Their ostia, this, ostia that sounds off-putting to, again, most Latin Americans. Spaniards tend to curse more with nasty religious images than with sexual ones. As with the blood curdling, "I sh_T on the Mother of Christ". Good Lord!
      However, we are all familiar with "coño", which my British made subtitles read as "c_nt", although it actually means hymen. There was also a lot of "blimey" and "bloody" in my subtitles.

  • Abdulla Demce
    Abdulla Demce 2 months ago

    The real question is who is that in the jump suit?🤔

  • Setj Huden
    Setj Huden 2 months ago +2