Jeffree Star Funniest Moments

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019

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  • englishfire23
    englishfire23 Day ago

    I love Jeffree!

  • Thi Cardozo
    Thi Cardozo 2 days ago

    now he can date shanows friend (he always had a crush on him )

  • Da Raxus
    Da Raxus 3 days ago +1

    Actually Jeffree had occation to kill James while fly so why he didnt do that

  • Kimberley Vanderlinden

    I LOVE U JEFFREE!! U r so gorgeous!! Haters gonna hate, dont let them get 2 u, it's just serious jealousy

  • Maggie Mae
    Maggie Mae 4 days ago

    Who is here after the break up?? 😭

  • The Skar
    The Skar 4 days ago

    I cant watch this knowing they broke up

  • Laura Beaton
    Laura Beaton 5 days ago

    "Holy Shit Theres A Robe In Here"

  • Poopy Snooper
    Poopy Snooper 9 days ago

    You make me hate gay people

  • lil_ Peach
    lil_ Peach 11 days ago

    I would love to be friends with him 😂💞

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty 13 days ago +1

    What sucks is that jeffree and Nate aren’t dating anymore 😞

  • Mrs. Peña
    Mrs. Peña 16 days ago +3

    Is it weird that I'm obsessed with Jeffrey's hand movements? It's mesmerizing to watch.

  • Jennie Wright
    Jennie Wright 17 days ago +6

    No one deserves everything they have, as much as this man. He's proof that if you work hard, tell the truth and know when to admit you're wrong, you WILL achieve your dreams.

  • anabel velasquez
    anabel velasquez 18 days ago

    Today I have a pimple I don’t know of I wanna live anymore!!! 💀

  • Living Listers
    Living Listers 18 days ago +3

    “Wait can you spray aerosol on here? What if it catches on fire”
    Jeffree: “we’re not on United”

  • Ava Marisa
    Ava Marisa 20 days ago +19

    “*gasp* there’s a robe in here! Nate find the robe!!” 😂😂

  • Scott Delaney
    Scott Delaney 21 day ago +8

    "What's that in the background?"


  • Maria Cortese
    Maria Cortese 21 day ago

    James is so fucking annoying like he is so dumb he has no pull acting like that nobody thinks hes too level shit period what a joke. Jeffree is so funny and has great spirit

  • Jarrod C.
    Jarrod C. 21 day ago

    1:08 beautiful

  • Tara Allen
    Tara Allen 23 days ago +9

    Jeffree is a good looking man, but damn, he's a beautiful woman.

  • Huma K
    Huma K 25 days ago

    Somebody put jeffree in an escape room and film it

  • Victoria Chivers
    Victoria Chivers 26 days ago +2

    “Mild Star, how are ya?”

  • Uby Ayoub
    Uby Ayoub 26 days ago

    -Jeffree Star

  • Carley Craige
    Carley Craige 26 days ago

    “Ooooh SIly mE”

  • Reece Holland
    Reece Holland 27 days ago

    He needs his own TV show 😂 I live for Jeffree 😍

  • Ash
    Ash 28 days ago

    When you have enough money to say whatever you want. Haha

  • jana Dew
    jana Dew 29 days ago

    Fucking hilarious!! My morning high! Loves it 💕 💋

  • Romaan Breezy101
    Romaan Breezy101 29 days ago


  • Savvy Savage
    Savvy Savage Month ago

    People are worshipping this dude? He looks like the walking definition of AIDS

  • John H. Farris
    John H. Farris Month ago

    This is literally gay

  • sanithma pathirana
    sanithma pathirana Month ago

    “Nate find the robe” 😂😂😂😂

  • amdoc5
    amdoc5 Month ago

    Aww, I miss Jeffrey and Manny together 😔

  • Babs E
    Babs E Month ago

    I love when you and Shane make a video. I laugh so hard I watch it over and over!

  • Ey K
    Ey K Month ago


  • jeffreestar
    jeffreestar Month ago

    Эму так идут очки ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • jeffreestar
    jeffreestar Month ago

    Джеффри ты охуел курить?

  • Pilar Cintron
    Pilar Cintron Month ago


  • hjkl
    hjkl Month ago +1

    "Buying my friend new eyes *emotional*"💀💀😂😂

  • Wakky
    Wakky Month ago

    ICI Paris XL, een online cosmeticawinkel, werkt samen met de flitsende RUclipr Jeffree Star

    PURPLE_ FREAK Month ago +2

    😭🤣🤣🤣jeffree is my favourite youtuber if all time

  • Mortricia_Heller
    Mortricia_Heller Month ago


  • Wüstenfuchs
    Wüstenfuchs Month ago

    The end times are truly upon us

  • Sara Sghaier
    Sara Sghaier Month ago

    0:57 when you find out your crush is gay.

    LEAD BELLY Month ago

    Imagine if Jeff wasn’t hilarious....he would be repulsive!

  • ThunderWitch010
    ThunderWitch010 Month ago +1

    7:10 That laugh tho, why is this laugh so cute! Oh wait, it's like genuine laughing because of your own joke thing :D nice

  • arixtrbl
    arixtrbl Month ago +2

    Jeffrey: I've been dying to contour you, give you that chiseled look...
    Shane: FiX mE

  • Cassandra Osborne
    Cassandra Osborne Month ago

    Everytime I'm late somewhere I'm going to start saying "sorry I was fucking my husband"

  • HeavenlyLace
    HeavenlyLace Month ago +2

    Omg, Jeffree looks stunning with that makeup :o

  • hanna cave
    hanna cave Month ago

    *S I L L Y M E*

  • Min Hope
    Min Hope Month ago

    *"siLLY ME"*

  • BeautyCookie
    BeautyCookie Month ago

    ‘NatE FiND tHé ROBe’ 😂

  • lillian evans
    lillian evans Month ago

    I hit my pipe when jeffree hit his.. lol

  • Espresso Bliss
    Espresso Bliss Month ago

    Shane saying “it’s bad... fuck” had me 💀 😂 😂

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby Month ago +3

    I died at 6:28 the way he turned around was everything

  • うさちゃん。
    うさちゃん。 Month ago

    1:16 o james falando "posso pegar esse?" haushsus

  • Melissa Metivier
    Melissa Metivier 2 months ago

    Omg jeffree🤣

  • Strawberry Shortcake
    Strawberry Shortcake 2 months ago +3

    Plastic straws? We don't know her...

  • Urban chicana
    Urban chicana 2 months ago

    There’s a robe in here
    Nate find the robe

  • Кристина Kозура


  • Landawille
    Landawille 2 months ago

    No one is talking about "Roses are red, violets are blue, the number of genders is only two".... why tho?

    • RC
      RC Month ago

      Because it’s irrelevant

    DJC AMADURE 2 months ago +2