Migraines: Not Just Another Headache

If you've never had a migraine, you might think it's just a really bad headache. But if you've ever had them, or you know someone who does, you know that they're much worse -- and much more complicated -- than that. Hank explains the biology behind this disorder of the central nervous system, and how it can be treated.
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Автор Maggie Wolff ( назад)
In high school one of my teachers got a lot of migraines, especially during the last few hours of school. I always felt so bad for her. She would always put her head down on her desk before class started, and you could tell she was in a ton of pain. I offered her ibuprofen, but she had a blood condition and couldn't take it. My family never bought any Advil, so I couldn't really help her besides lowering my voice. Despite the pain she was in, my teacher would always teach the class. She was awesome.

Автор Dominique Mayer ( назад)
Does anyone else see black spots when they experience migraines?

Автор Luke Burr ( назад)
I actually get so furious when you get a migraine and someone is like "oh yeah lol I get those too they're not nice" like no... they're worse then "not nice" they're a week of torture and suffering and another week of not being functional

Автор spange bab ( назад)
My vision was blurry and I couldn't hear properly

Автор spange bab ( назад)
I had a migraine in public and I had to sleep and we had to leave the pub early it was so bad 😭

Автор ANNETTE TABI ( назад)
Ohhhh ......this man!!! i just love to listen to you. Very interesting and funny!!!

Автор SnipingPipe ( назад)
Who else has sneezed during a migraine?

Автор The Chaotic Phoenixx ( назад)
I've always had migraines when I wake up and it is the awfulest shit.Especially on school days.
So bad that days I have migraines I actually miss school because basic actions like getting out of bed, walking or eating, are just impossible to do because of the severe nausea i get.I have to hold onto the walls to get anywhere, try not to fall down the stairs, all while my head feels like it's going to explode and I try not to throw up with every step.
Laying down and accepting this nightmare is my only relief from it.

Автор Brett Olivella ( назад)
I've never had a headache and can't find a reason why..pleeeeaaasssee explain why

Автор Hunter Belch ( назад)
they feel like needles in your nerves. like someone sank a thousand needles through your skull and into your undisturbed brain. and the brain is so rarely disturbed it doesnt know what to do. complete overload of the senses. a physical shut down of the body because the only thing the brain can think about are these fucking needles being pushed deeper. and deeper.

Автор PeriKoala ( назад)
My migraines get so bad that I puke, and I know the horrible heaving is coming every time the pain kicks in T~T

Автор Tayah Flint ( назад)
With migraines I usually have aura that blocks part of my vision and I have to close my eyes. I also get nausea.

Автор Tayderr ( назад)
Ha finally us men don't have to bad end of the deal

Автор Mary Nauta ( назад)
I had a weird migraine once and I was convinced I was having a stroke.

Автор Colin Byrne ( назад)
I watched this because I was at a birthday party today and someone had to leave because they got a migraine. I felt so bad because I have only gotten one in my life and that was when I was really little so I didn't understand🙁

Автор Chel Tsunami ( назад)
Isn't anyone gonna talk about twenty one pilots?? 😐

Автор James Mallinson ( назад)
you can tell this is old because of the shitty green screen

Автор Lily_the_ Aussie_girl ( назад)
I just sleep and it goes

Автор Ginelle The Loremaster ( назад)
I have chronic migraines from bad genetics! Yay!

Автор Ayenate' Lawson ( назад)
I take an SSRI and if I miss a dose or am late, I get an insane migraine. I can't even look at my phone or listen to music.

Автор Zara Hoffman ( назад)
I get migraines and THANK YOU for giving me a link to direct people to now when they call it a bad headache.

Автор Past Monster ( назад)
It really helps me to take a shower for a migraine

Автор Lana ( назад)
I do get occasional migraines that are triggered by sleeping in and have never been severe. More of an annoying headache that is sometimes accompanied by mild nausea. Typically just popping an excedrin will take care of it, otherwise it'll last about a day. I've known people that have had severe migraines so I've seen the effects they can have and have to consider myself lucky.

Автор K9 YLVA ( назад)
I sometimes have migraines at school when I am in the lunch line, so it usually only happens when I am hungry. Don't ask. Yes I'm weird like that. :)

Автор plant tank ( назад)
soundslike the guy from crash course

Автор J Black ( назад)
You know when you close your eyes really hard or rub them really hard, you see colors and shapes? I get that during migraines when I close my eyes so it's extra miserable because it makes it hurt worse

Автор Brandon Burchatz ( назад)
I go practically blind. Then I can see again. Then the PAIN sets in.

Much fun! Such ow.

Автор Thoughtfull Oreo ( назад)
my hands get numb whenever I have a migraine

Автор *Mare Gryff* ( назад)
My first migraine i had was in school when i was 11, i was to weak to even hold a pencil.

Автор Daniel Singery ( назад)
As a victim of migrains myself, I can verify that this is quite accurate

Автор Gregor McIntosh ( назад)
Is it bad that I get literally every single one of these symptoms?
But then mine don't seem to last for 4 hours most of the time. it's usually just a hectic and painful 2 hours of agony followed by feeling weak and sick for a while

Автор stewietsheking ( назад)
I had a migraine just the other day. Felt like somebody was stabbing me in the head. Tried to take tylenol, but ended up seeing them again shortly after, still only half dissolved. Some people try cold rags, i buried my head in a pillow and just hoped to pass out again. These things are no joke.

Автор cet 96 ( назад)
referring to the aura section- i haven't had a migraine in years, but on the rare occasion i got one the only symptom listed here i experienced was blurred vision, and i mean very, very blurred. Would start in patches, where a few spots are blurred and spread. When possible, i could barricade myself in my room with lights out and head buried in my pillow. That would would, and i wouldn't have to go though hrs of pain :D

Автор Gabriel Williams ( назад)
Kill me I have terrible migraines every day the pills make worse. A dollar a day prevents people from migraines every day donate now becuz it doesn't help we are just trying to get your money

Автор realcolataste97 ( назад)
i suffers from migraine with aura and it's the worst thing ever in my life

Автор NessaWyvern ( назад)
I find that for a month after I have had a migraine, I would get carsick waaaay more easily.

Автор Mrs Green ( назад)
I have found my place in the internet you are all my people let's have a convention where we all get together just so we can unanimously sympathise with each other

Автор Mary Murphy ( назад)
I've never made the this connection before but our also sounds like pregnancy.

Автор Armand Alegg ( назад)
I get the "scintillating scotoma" (in a black and white zigzag pattern) a few times a year, but I haven't had a migraine since 2007. I just try to drink some water and get rid of some wind. When I had a migraine I would belch a lot but couldn't break wind. Intestinal gas seems to magnify any other aches and pains so it surely exacerbates headache too.

Автор Mia Hansen ( назад)
As a migraine sufferer, I can't even begin to explain how much I love the title of this video.

Автор Jetzy Franco ( назад)
I have no vision but still get ocular pain during a migraine. Sucks.

Автор Yunaii 00 ( назад)
Whenever i get a migrain i can not function anymore... My vision gets worse, every sound and light hurts, smells make me extremely nauseous. Plus i can o ly sit perfectly straight without looking down more then about 10° because then it gets even worse... :/
Yet my work forced me to continue working a few times, because "it's just a bad headache". I worked in retail... :/ As a cashier. Mainly during the busiest hours. Staring at a computer screen all day...
Glad i don't work there anymore

Автор Francie Mc Cool ( назад)
ive suffered migraines since i was young i used to vomit when i was younger i couldn't keep food down if i tried eating i was sick. but now i just get headaches with blurry vision and cant sit in light

Автор Tramithic ( назад)

Автор el cucumber ( назад)
Ahhh, the advantages of being a male...

Also don't forget the disadvantages

Автор Izzy Conley ( назад)
I have a migraine right now it's been going on since I woke up it's now 7 pm

Автор Kennybarr 98 ( назад)
I have chronic migraines. I have a migraine 24/7. I dont get a break from them. I have had one solid migraine since I was 2. I can't tell you how bad mine get at times.

Автор Drago ( назад)
kill me now

Автор Self-replicating whatnot ( назад)
So, if you can stop it with pain meds it's not a migrane?

Автор XCITYWHITEBOY ( назад)
I'm 14 I get daily migraines and I take a very expensive medicine called rizatriptan It works really well for anyone else who has migraines you should ask your doctor

Автор Hannah Lehat ( назад)
I get migraines during PMS and it usually lasts 3 days

Автор Cerinaya ( назад)
I get the change in weather and strong smell headaches but for me they are sinus issues, not migraines, and they are bad enough. I've have one definite migraine that blurred my vision and felt like someone was driving railroad spikes into my skull from several angles, nothing helped but sleeping. I will never tell someone who suffers from genuine migraines to take a pill and get over it.

Автор Quake Swift ( назад)
I've never had a migraine,
But my brother suffers from them bad. But I may think I have one now.
I was on Xbox and I saw some kind of lines and then it moved abit. And then it lasted for 20 mins. And then after the lines appeared behind my eyes kills and it hurts so bad
What is this
Migraine or not?

Автор Heaven Lee ( назад)
Silent migraines are a thing too. I've had them my entire life but only started feeling actual pain in my head around a year ago. It's absolutely awful. Really the best thing you can do for someone who's having a migraine is to just leave them alone.

Автор littleblu33 ( назад)
The last terrible migraine I had, I felt dizzy and couldn't think straight, before the nausea set in, then an aching neck and a KILLER headache that just didn't go away. I fell asleep for five hours in the middle of the day, while at a county fair with 4H. Excellent.

Автор Blurryface's Best Fren ( назад)
My nanny thinks she gets migraines but she doesn't get a headache or anything she just vomits because she rushes around everywhere

Автор Kelvin De Jesus Perez ( назад)
thank you for telling people whe i go through i had one during school and my school nurse had the nerve to tell me that it was just a small head ache and told me to hold on and go back to my class and it just getting worse and worse until i almost fainted in class thankfully i had called my mom beforehand so she got there and took me home gave me medication and put me in a silent and dark room and i fell a sleep and woke up still sort of feeling the migraine

Автор PeachesforMe ( назад)
I have a malformation in my brain and it causes migraines like crazy. Stress and Sleep usually are what cause it. I have had to stumble to my boss and tell him "Somethings wrong" several times. Usually I'll go lay down somewhere because, I suffer from seizures due to the aforementioned malformation. A lot of the time I can't tell it's a migraine or a seizure about to happen. I get the 'aura' of seizures, as my doctors called it; Ie I can tell when one is about to happen due to changes in body

Автор SuperGirl1659 ( назад)
migrains are fucked up especially the visual aura I hate it so much

Автор Blade Bolt ( назад)
Wow. This sounds uncomfortabely similar to me.

Автор Tsha4life ( назад)
Yep it was period period

Автор Alex Cantlow ( назад)
i got one right now fucking kills but dus anyone have mentle health will that effect migrains i have phycosis and angzity

Автор Jonathan Lowenthal ( назад)
I have migraines often, I have all those symptoms accept slurred speech and bad vision. I take nasal spray but usually the only way to really fix it is to go to sleep

Автор masmantour ( назад)
My TBI puts me in migraine cycles, where if I don't have a full blown migraine I know it's lurking. I fight it, but then bam! I'm unable to turn my head without wanting to bash my own head in.

Thanks a lot. I found this very useful😘

Автор Raspberry Bomb ( назад)
i got a mirgrine and the pain will range from up down and sideways. Thank god its friday cause friday will always be better than sundays cause sundays are my suicide days. I dont why they allways seem so dismal thunderstorms cloud snow and a slight drizzle. (sorry carry it on because i cant remember the rest)

Автор jessy fancy vlogs ( назад)
I have one rn that's why I'm watching 😂

Автор Piero Lujan Pedreschi ( назад)
I suffer of it

Автор Storm Huffman ( назад)
I feel like a huge pussy now. When I was 10ish, I had a brain surgery to remove an egg size cyst from the right hand vascular of my brain. As far as I remember, I had MASSIVE headaches but no migraines.

Автор Kai Germinario ( назад)
I don't think I get migraines I just get a really bad headache and nausea until I fall asleep but it happens every time I get a head ache
help I think there is something wrong with me

Автор Michael Moline ( назад)
I had my worst migraine working in the middle of nowhere on BPA transmission lines. Fainting, vomiting, all of it. It was about a 40 minute drive down a shitty gravel road off the mountain and then another 30 minutes to the nearest hospital. Before that I had never had to get help for a migraine, but this one was on a whole new level. By far the sickest I've ever felt in my life.

Автор M. GREENFIELD ( назад)
oh nice, what i'm experiencing isn't a series of untreated strokes, but just migraines.


Автор Khadija Elhassouni ( назад)

Автор SheepCow ( назад)
I had a migraine. I still have it and it hurts so bad. When we went to Taco John's tonight, my mom went on a bump fast, and my head hurt worse.

Автор wiamoaw ( назад)
It's even worse when it turns out your 'migraines' are actually being caused by a colloid cyst (a rare type of benign brain tumour) which blocks the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid from the brain resulting in unbelievably painful headaches, nausea, visual disturbance, disorientation, photophobia and memory loss. I was left with two options, brain surgery or certain death.

Автор Albin ( назад)
I have migrains 1-3 times a week, ive had that since much since i was 14 (16 now) and i see rainbows and shit and sometimes i cant feel my arms, legs or other body parts. Its not fun at all, but i've learnt how to deal with it

Автор Kay Cray_108 ( назад)
I have a migraine, and my pain ranges from up, down, and sideways

Автор Alex Hoare ( назад)
I get migraines and it is caused by caffeine I also have to take medication for them

Автор Bigdestiny888 ( назад)
fuck i almost died from a confusion migraine worst xmas ever

Автор twentyønepiløts23 ( назад)
can you get a migraine and not suffer from a migraine disorder because I've gotten them before at least I'm pretty sure I have like it started with a stabbing pain in my forehead and got worse like my speech started to slurr a bit and I became extremely nauseous and I guess it didn't help that we were at cedar point (im a michigander) but I've never been diagnosed with a migraine condition

Автор Not A troll ( назад)
When I was younger I had migraines about 3 -7 times every 6 months. I had all the symptoms (including sensitivity to smell and the aura). The worst times of my life ever.

Автор James Buchanan ( назад)
If I take, like, 4 head ache pills at once my head ache WILL go away, but would the need for 4 pills not indicate that I had in fact had a migraine??

Автор Roxy Jones ( назад)
for someone who is talking about a migraine, he sure is loud and inconsiderate of those looking to find out what's going on.

Автор Jahir Contreras ( назад)
i could see lines trow up a lot when i get migranes I've had been going trew them about a year

Автор Esmee Sutton ( назад)
Migraines are horrible I feel like I'm the only one. I can barley see when I have it and my head throbs I also get pins and needles and sensitive to light

Автор Tiger/in learning Lillee ( назад)
I'm living in the worst place ever if you have migraines Alice springs Australia I'm suffering from migraines and I have the worst case migraines in my age group and they gave me tablets to stop them but I gave up on the tablets because of the side affects

Автор Jacob Andrews ( назад)
I suffer from frequent migraines (minimum 4-7 a month) and I now have this video to show to people who say "they can't be that bad"

Автор Rinku Ganon-San ( назад)
My migraines turn into something similar to seizures if I'm not careful (my neurologist doesn't know why but he believes its something to do with my Cerebral Palsy). I get migraines frequently and can't find a source because of how odd my situation is.

Автор Black Bird Noodle ( назад)
Idon't know why but I'm trying to search something "how to get a headache"
I just wanna feel.
And sometimes I get those flying object things and I feel dizzy...
So yeah. but I believe it not migraine...

Автор Adjuni ( назад)
Yippie. I have migraines. I also have ADHD and Aspergers. You know what those two do sometimes? Increase sensitivity to light, sounds, and temperature. >_<

Автор Preston Downey ( назад)
i get really bad migraines every time I cough sneeze fart laugh, they only last 40 seconds, but they make my legs weak, make me dizzy, and, worst part, since i live in a house filled with dogs and cats, which im allergic to, they're about as common as sci show being awesome

Автор gonger03 ( назад)
I used to get the worst migraines ever, I would start bleeding through my nose with no way of stopping it and then I would choke with my blood.... yeah not very nice, fortunately I discovered through my own trial and error that Monosodic Glutamate (MSG) is what triggers it in me. I've never had one migraine since I stopped eating msg and I have a much more healthy diet now... So don't eat MSG and demand copanies to remove them from their products

Автор Hellven Legend ( назад)
my life as a whole

Автор Tuff Emily ( назад)
11 had a migraine 2 times in the last year

Автор POOTIS SPENCER ( назад)
Every time I have to call in to school and tell them I'm having a migraine I get scolded by my teachers the next day. Like the fuck? It's not my fault.

Автор POOTIS SPENCER ( назад)
Migraine ad for this video. Not even joking.

Автор Dennis Bristol ( назад)
as long as it's not fatal...

Автор Luísa Souza ( назад)
I had really severe ones, the kind I would get hospitalized for and they still wouldn't go away. One day a doctor asked if I drank coffee and I said no, sounds really stupid but drinking black coffee, no sugar, every day, changed everything. No idea why but it worked

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