WS1988 Gm1: Scully's call of Gibson memorable at-bat

  • Published on Sep 21, 2016
  • 10/15/88: Vin Scully calls Kirk Gibson's full at-bat that finishes with a legendary walk-off homer during Game 1 of the World Series
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Comments • 4 324

  • Art Robledo
    Art Robledo 16 hours ago

    What a game! GO DODGERS!!!!

  • The Flayed Man
    The Flayed Man 20 hours ago +1

    I'll always remember this Game. 6:48 in particular, as that was the first time I achieved sexual climax. Thank you, Mr. Gibson. You were Gentle.

  • Greg Leggett
    Greg Leggett 22 hours ago

    The best ever

  • les antoine
    les antoine Day ago

    Hollywood got nothing on this , nothing

  • vkorchnoifan
    vkorchnoifan Day ago

    A most memorable game for the Lasorda era.

  • Bloody Angelo
    Bloody Angelo Day ago

    And now they're on pay per view and can only be seen on television if they make it to the playoffs... An entire generation of fans lost over a cable contract. Thanks Lost Angeles Dodgers for betraying your fans, city, and baseball. You'll never win another world series with the curse brought upon yourselves.

    《TEXAS GOLDIE》 Day ago +1


  • stripervince1
    stripervince1 Day ago

    This is the most overrated Homer ever. It only won game one. Big deal

  • Io Io
    Io Io Day ago

    When baseball was magical ...

  • Rob Demare
    Rob Demare Day ago +3

    PERFECT call by Vin...when you have his experience, you know and can see history unfolding...

  • Luis Santana
    Luis Santana Day ago

    I remember watching this as a kid back home in the Dominican Republic, I still get goosebumps

  • Richard Santivong
    Richard Santivong Day ago +2

    I just picked up my girlfriend from a night class at ELA college. We got in a packed pizza place with standing room only. Just in time for the first strike. The place erupted with that sound of crack of the bat. it was memorable night in LA.

  • Karen Vincent
    Karen Vincent 2 days ago +1

    I could watch this a million times and never get tired of it!

  • Robin Richards
    Robin Richards 3 days ago +1

    And let us not forget the poor schmo who left early, got in their car, and slammed on the brakes as that ball was flying out of the park. I bet he’s still kicking himself today. 🤦‍♂️

  • Ram Ificationz
    Ram Ificationz 3 days ago +2

    The greatest home run in baseball history! Sorry “shot heard round world!” Gibson’s was better. The man should be in the Hall of Fame just for this ONE at bat!

  • Eisof Truth
    Eisof Truth 3 days ago +3

    Gutsiest move by any major league manager EVER.

  • HotAugust Nights
    HotAugust Nights 3 days ago

    Remember that so well...after the stolen base we said WALK HIM WALK HIM

  • James Michael
    James Michael 3 days ago +1

    One of the greatest moments in baseball post-season play. The electricity and energy of the crowd upon seeing Gibson come to the plate with the game on the line, and then produce a memory for all time, was simply magical.

  • alan betts
    alan betts 3 days ago

    The look on tony phillips face.

  • Logan Frost
    Logan Frost 3 days ago


  • Randy Heckman
    Randy Heckman 3 days ago

    Brings a smile to my face every time I watch it!

  • Travis Devos
    Travis Devos 4 days ago

    That's what baseball with real men looks like!

  • Chris Constantine
    Chris Constantine 4 days ago

    This is the greatest at bat (Gibson) I have ever seen and the greatest call (Scully) I’ve ever heard.

  • jerome2022
    jerome2022 4 days ago

    If your a Dodger fan from Brooklyn....

  • jeff hammers
    jeff hammers 5 days ago

    On the day of this game I was at a friend's and someone stopped there on the way to drop a beautiful black and white springer spaniel at the animal shelter.. I called my wife and she said bring him home. I went home and watched the ballgame. Afterwards, "Dodger" had a name.

  • Boxcar Bubba
    Boxcar Bubba 6 days ago +3


  • bmo
    bmo 6 days ago

    "The impossible has happened!"

  • Tensile Strength
    Tensile Strength 6 days ago

    Watch this on 2x speed. It's hilarious!

  • Andrew Andrew
    Andrew Andrew 6 days ago

    Best moment ever in baseball history.... for me anyways I’ll never forget it

  • Ronald Zent
    Ronald Zent 6 days ago

    Never get tired of watching this clip, every team, regardless of the sport, should have a Kirk Gibson, he was a smart, patient hitter, in college, (Michigan State), heard he was pretty good at football as well

    MARK E. MARK 6 days ago +1

    The BEST BB call of the past 30yrs!! Nobody or nothing else compares or can compete with this Scully call str8up!!!

  • EDUSA Diaz-54
    EDUSA Diaz-54 7 days ago

    Dammm!! Feels soooooo gooood to witness this day!!!!🤓😎

  • Hector Villanueva
    Hector Villanueva 7 days ago +1

    Greatest Homerun in World Series

  • Donna Donna
    Donna Donna 7 days ago +2

    I've seen so many great plays in my lifetime. Being a Phillies fan right out of the womb. I saw Mike Schmidt do things with bad wheels that were amazing. But nothing tops this and I could watch this everyday. 1.6 thousand A's fans disliked this video!! Rich

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo 7 days ago +5

    I miss the 80's. Long hair instead of shaved heads along with those glorious porn 'staches. Most importantly none of those damned sloppy looking loose pants.

  • veerchasm1
    veerchasm1 7 days ago


  • fred farkel
    fred farkel 7 days ago

    Not hating but this Dodgers team was the least talented team ever to win a World Series

  • bobby hoffman
    bobby hoffman 7 days ago

    i live it , seen it on tv live , i scream, he did it he did it , i was it heaven when the Dodgers won

  • Danny Montoya
    Danny Montoya 7 days ago

    Was in LA that night 😁

  • kalebpost20
    kalebpost20 7 days ago +1

    Arguably the greatest HR in the history of baseball

  • ScrappleCheesesteaks

    STILL remembering watching this on TV, 11th grade at the time. One of the most incredible, most dramatic moments in baseball history. Of course I always remembered mentioning those who left early - see a few cars leaving the parking lot, brake lights as the ball is outta here. I always felt bad for them...but in the Playoffs, especially WS. NEVER leave a game early!

  • J MarsMc
    J MarsMc 8 days ago

    It gets NO better than this!

  • Mac Guffin
    Mac Guffin 9 days ago

    Manny Mota.....Mota.....Mota.....

  • Detective HoodBruh
    Detective HoodBruh 9 days ago

    Gibson...was all will and his body attributes were none existent..Period.
    1 of thee Top 5 moments of the Era...Hands Down!!”

  • peterfrknpan
    peterfrknpan 9 days ago

    Most over rated call and Hr in history

  • Ken French
    Ken French 9 days ago

    Was watching this at age 13 in 88. The game, the moment, the backstory and Scully on the call. There may never be a more perfect baseball moment than this ever again.

  • dakota
    dakota 10 days ago

    I'm a Pirates fan, was in the Air Force at the time, not paying much attention to baseball at the time, because if the Pirates ain't in it, I don't care...(which means I don't care most of the time)...but I am amazed at how many of those Dodger players I was familiar with. They were legends in my dsy.

  • Rogue Ldr1123
    Rogue Ldr1123 10 days ago

    What about Yu Darvish’s performance in game 7???

  • Gary Garber
    Gary Garber 10 days ago

    Saw it live. STILL IS SWEET. Will remember all my life. INCREDIBLE !

  • Yellow Submarine
    Yellow Submarine 10 days ago

    What a moment..

  • steve m
    steve m 11 days ago +7

    I'm from Scotland. Saw this on UK TV at the time. Makes my all time top 10 greatest sporting moments. The drama of the situation and called by the legendary Vin Scully. I know I'm repeating what's been said already, but it has to be said😃

  • sellbullion
    sellbullion 11 days ago

    he missed second base.

  • Gregory Kendrick
    Gregory Kendrick 11 days ago

    I remember watching this live

  • Benjamin Reeves
    Benjamin Reeves 11 days ago +1

    We don’t want to see 1988 footage anymore Dodgers gonna take it 2019

  • wes zarsky
    wes zarsky 11 days ago

    The best call of Lasortas" career! Hell of a job managing!

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo 11 days ago +1

    I fell in love with baseball in 1975 when I was 11 years old. My first "moment" was the Fisk homerun against my Reds in the '75 Series. My second was this one. Growing up in Phoenix I had the great honor to listen to Vin Scully every night. This still gives me chills.

  • CJ S
    CJ S 12 days ago

    Looked like he didn't touch 2nd in the replay.

    • CJ S
      CJ S 10 days ago

      @JM Camacho I just noticed it lol. Maybe he hit the side of the base but I don't think he did. Looked like he took a wide turn around 2nd and missed it completely

    • JM Camacho
      JM Camacho 10 days ago

      CJ S holy shit, he didn’t. 30 yrs later, someone pointed it out. Lol

  • stag3t-m uspsa
    stag3t-m uspsa 12 days ago

    Greatest moment in baseball

  • Luke Dalton
    Luke Dalton 12 days ago

    I will never forget this at bat.
    I was a 10 year old, from the east coast who didnt really care either way who won this series, but, i cared about baseball. And this moment perfectly embodied the very life or death baseball situation that me and every one of my friends had been pretending to be in, every day.
    This was magical baseball.

  • tejash patel
    tejash patel 12 days ago

    Why would you throw that many fastballs

  • Iloveyoudad1 9
    Iloveyoudad1 9 12 days ago

    .....When baseball players used to be in great shape WOW all of them!

  • N G
    N G 12 days ago

    L E G E N D

    ALLUPINYA 13 days ago

    How long are you dumb ass Dodger fans going to relive this moment? You can't even buy a championship no matter how much money you have.

  • Sensei Raven
    Sensei Raven 13 days ago

    Of all the historic sports plays I've witnessed over my life, this one was equivalent to Secretariat's record-breaking run at the Belmont to win the Triple Crown. Whether you were there or watching it live on TV, if you didn't have tears running down your face, you weren't human. The one thing those 2 events also had were unbelievable announcers, both absolute masters of their craft, able to literally pull the emotions out of you just by describing the events as they happen. Or as Dennis Cassley said, they know when to be silent and just let history unfold visually.

  • Trogg
    Trogg 13 days ago +1

    After Gibson hit that home run, you couldn't help but notice the look on the faces of the Oakland A's players, that the series was pretty much over after this first game. The momentum of it created a tsunami for the Dodgers.

  • Sideler74
    Sideler74 13 days ago

    Look how skinny (normal human size) McGwire was in 1988.

  • unclebugspayton
    unclebugspayton 13 days ago

    When baseball was baseball! I was 12 when I watched this and still remember it like it was yesterday.

  • Dillon Heimerl
    Dillon Heimerl 13 days ago

    Lol the pitcher...and gibson now that i think of it look like my father?!

  • John g.
    John g. 13 days ago

    Best pinch hit in baseball

  • Patrick Hawkinson
    Patrick Hawkinson 13 days ago

    That was quite the mustache duel.

  • normstanley
    normstanley 13 days ago

    This was Gibson's only at bat in the entire series.

    1UTUBEUSERNAME 13 days ago

    What a fucking at bat!!!

  • Jason Balcaitis
    Jason Balcaitis 14 days ago

    This is my first memory of watching baseball on tv as a kid, i was 6 yo.

  • Timothy Chicirda
    Timothy Chicirda 14 days ago

    This isn’t when he said “I don’t believe what I just saw.”??

  • wreckim
    wreckim 14 days ago +7

    There are only a few perfect things in this world, and Scully calling a Dodger game was one of those. Simply the best. What a moment, what a game.

  • Head Librarian
    Head Librarian 14 days ago

    As an A's fan, this broke my heart.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 days ago

    Michigan State Spartan! And the L.A. Lakers got another great Spartan too. Another Spartan ended up with the Warriors.

  • holypowers
    holypowers 14 days ago +2

    i remember watching this. i cried. gimme a break i was a kid who loved baseball.

    • Eddie Andersen
      Eddie Andersen 12 days ago

      It still brings tears to my eyes and I'm in my 40s

  • Tom Bechtold
    Tom Bechtold 14 days ago

    Twins fan Kirby was great this is the best

  • Bawb the Revelator
    Bawb the Revelator 14 days ago

    Literally, I was out buying diapers for my then year old daughter during this at bat. Thanks big time for posting

  • ruru_ esco
    ruru_ esco 15 days ago

    Damn i still get nervous watching this even thou i knw the outcome. But i guess Thts what makes history💯

  • Fred Smurf
    Fred Smurf 15 days ago

    Eckersley hung one out over the middle.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 15 days ago

    You know you hurt when you hit a walkoff homer in the world series and your don't want anyone touching you when you reach home

  • Robert Wardle jr
    Robert Wardle jr 15 days ago

    A'S WIN

    • Dave Jenn
      Dave Jenn 14 days ago

      Sure looked like he missed it.
      If he did,. It was a base hit,. And game would have been tied.

  • InConTruth
    InConTruth 16 days ago

    Scully was great because he knew when not to talk.

  • Positive K
    Positive K 16 days ago +1

    I was trying to enjoy myself in a fancy hotel when this happened---spoiled my evening. If only the nubber went fair. Davis was almost picked off ! Eckersley has always been gracious about this shocking and historical moment! Great call by Vin Scully!

  • Mark Winiars
    Mark Winiars 16 days ago

    This is when baseball players earned their money and weren't a bunch of fucking sissies like Chris Davis.

  • JO3haNsum
    JO3haNsum 16 days ago +16

    Why does this clip tear me up? I didn't even exist in that time. Go Dodgers💙

  • DPir1320
    DPir1320 16 days ago

    Porn 'staches in full effect

  • The Most Interesting Man
    The Most Interesting Man 16 days ago +4

    3-2, 2 outs, Bottom of the 9th
    Fatass Tommy Lasorda running out of the dugout like a kid on a sugar high
    Gibson's iconic fist bump as he rounds 2nd base
    What a great moment in baseball history.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 16 days ago

    I was living in NYC at dyckman projects at this exact time.⚾️

  • Keith Brenner
    Keith Brenner 16 days ago


  • Jim Torres
    Jim Torres 16 days ago +3

    @6:54 Freddie Mercury looks great in this clip

  • RealityHurts923
    RealityHurts923 16 days ago +1

    Harry Carry and Vin Scully. Legends.

  • Dev Kim
    Dev Kim 16 days ago


  • John-Del
    John-Del 17 days ago +1

    OK, gonna say it: Lasorda looks like ET when he's running with his arms in the air...

  • John Mooncloud
    John Mooncloud 17 days ago

    What an amazing moment in time! One of the most beautiful at bats in WS history! Gotta love baseball!

  • Shadow banned
    Shadow banned 17 days ago

    Help me!!!!!

  • Jimmy Hunt
    Jimmy Hunt 17 days ago

    Pre-doping MLB...That was cool shit

  • Lucas1978
    Lucas1978 17 days ago +3

    “Gibson memorable at bat?!”
    This is one of THE GREATEST at bats, and calls, in history.

    • Ben Nelson
      Ben Nelson 16 days ago

      Knew the outcome. Never knew how good the at bat was.