Summer Project - Make an INSANELY LOUD Bluetooth Amplifier!

Here's the amp we'll be using Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gNimAD
eBay (ships globally): http://ebay.to/2mc8Q0g

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B018FX57IS/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B018FX57IS&linkCode=as2&tag=di05e-21

In this video we'll be making a wireless bluetooth-enabled amplifier so that we can put old bookshelf speakers to good use!
Not only is the sound quality fantastic, but it can also go super loud! It's also quite easy to build, and doesn't require any special tools - you can get away with just a hammer, nail, and a screwdriver if needed. Seriously!

Full parts list (includes international purchasing links):

Happy building!

Oh, by the way, here's the note about the little switches:

These switches change the gain mode of the amp. If they're both on, the amp can reach insane(er) volume levels. However, to hit these volume levels without distortion, the amp needs 25v, which is more than our batteries can provide. The amp is loud enough with them off, and it also means that the signal to noise ratio is MUCH improved, so I don't really recommend messing with them.

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Автор DIY Perks ( назад)
Now it's even cheaper! $11.88 from here, and it ships from the US: http://amzn.to/2gNimAD

Автор nikoloko112 ( назад)
Hi!! How long does the battery takes?

Автор BobbyJay ( назад)
I see you've overshot your drilling once by the mark on the table..

Автор Mark Davis ( назад)
What song is playing at the 1 minute mark?

Автор ajith chandrasiri ( назад)

Автор PC_McCheese :D ( назад)
What is that song?

Автор BP Music ( назад)
what is the polarity of the power jack

Автор Daniy ( назад)
*Очень Крутая идея!!! Видео Снято на высшем уровне!!!*
*Лайк из РОССИИ*

Автор SpaceDoge ( назад)
$12 for the board is a friggin steal

Автор diablowrathltd ( назад)
Can anyone tell me the song at 1:10?

Автор jonas Andersen ( назад)
What kind of speakers did you use?

Автор TheIronDan ( назад)
Can this be done with any speakers

Автор George Clarke ( назад)
Subbed instantly :D

Автор anonymous one ( назад)
This is two years late saying as I just have watched the video, but I can confirm that he isn't lying about the audio. Having watched his portable mic build before this I know he has the audio gear to record at a level that is going to be higher quality then what most peoples headsets and or speakers can reproduce, an added bonus to my claim is I have recreated this genius device and tested it, and it really does work. Keep up the amazing work +DIY Perks

Автор Aze Vdrf ( назад)
hi how does it charge ? please

Автор LEZevil ( назад)
Can I just buy it from you lol. I've always wanted that for my stereo speakers.

Автор Payton Seats ( назад)
Mr. Perks,
First off this is an excellent resource for all kinds of out of the box creative projects - I especially love all of the audio related videos! I am trying to see if I could use a set of bookshelf speakers as recording monitors instead of buying expensive ones at the audio store. I realize the sound output would be different and lead to differences in mixing because of the nature of studio monitors, but for my wallet's sake - I thought I would give it a try.
The only problem is see is the latency and signal load created by Bluetooth as well as a lack of Bluetooth output on my audio interface. Can you think of any way to make the connection between the interface and the amp a physical one? Or at least a way to convert 2, 1/4 audio jacks to Bluetooth without loosing too much quality?
Thank you for your help & seemingly endless wisdom!

Автор Floris Van den Dool ( назад)
If I am going to use 2 50w 8ohm speakers and connect them with this amp, how big does my battery pack has to be in Mah?

Автор locoo1 ( назад)
I like your videos but this is already second video where you use Nicd bat and not Liion ?

Автор I Am Ayce ( назад)
what model of speakers is he usuing?

Автор Zeissler Music ( назад)
Very funny video, i like it and how you make the amp.

Автор drag0n4122 ( назад)
this is not what your title implies thanks for misleading me and costing me money!

Автор Philip Wheeler ( назад)
Thanks for the build, could I add a rotary volume control, if so could I just put it between the amp and speaker?

Автор Lazy Keys ( назад)
DIY Perks i did everything u said and its perfect but how do i charge the batteries without taking it out every time

Автор yO_SoaR ( назад)
It's possible tout use the jack for music with this card ?

Автор Lewis_ L1 ( назад)
Quick clarification if I was to buy a 12v 2.1mm jack male power supply and change the male jack to female would that work as a charger for the batteries

Автор brian peterson ( назад)
Who did your landscaping?

Автор Sanjay Shrestha ( назад)
Hi, i like this idea of building powerful bluetooth Amplifier & thanks for the video. I would like to know how much volt is required for the Amplifier when both the little switches are in off state? Can you recommend any other battery instead of using AA batteries?? Thanks !

Автор esqueue ( назад)
I like how you said 12 - 15 volts. I was wondering about nimh batteries. I wonder if it would be possible to run 8 Li-ion batteries with 4 in series x 2. That would give 16.8 volts after charging but eventually work it's way down to 14.0 Volts at it's lowest. That or use 6 in a 3 in series x 2 setup that would give 12.6 volts down to 10.5 volts which may be too low.

Автор peterpeterpeter101 ( назад)
should have used 18650s

Автор Gmoney Inthebank ( назад)
Any idea what the frequency response on the unit is? 20KHz?
I'm going to use one to make a super boosted dog whistle using the dog whistle app on my phone.

Автор Dexter Lee ( назад)
Do you have a follow-up video on how to charge those batteries?

Автор Yuda GAS ( назад)
question will it work with normal bluetooth dongle instead Bluetooth audio reciver??

Автор Mrga Mrgesa ( назад)
does anyone know what is the current consumption of the board he is using? please

Автор Da'Silva Silva ( назад)
Need 25v and amperage?

Автор Lars Anders Myklebust ( назад)
How long is the battery life?

Автор ChillStop ( назад)
Cap the splice

Автор THOMAS SVENSSON ( назад)
I just finished my own speakers + subs. waiting for the amp to arrive in april! Thanks for the tutorial!

Автор russell heintzelman ( назад)
What charger would you recommend to charge the 10 AA?

Автор Dean Tinsley ( назад)
does help when you happen to have INSANELY LOUD tannoy speakers like in this vid

Автор Ed More ( назад)
Not so ecological way to make it... and the worst part of it it's the rubbish piece of chinese little amp used. They can last a playlist or 3 months putting aside the amount of distortion put over those speakers and into your ears!

Автор Jarvie Stenhouse ( назад)
thank god he's getting the subs he deserves ive known about this for almost 2 years and ive only just bought the amp, waiting for it to come

Автор joshua arnott ( назад)
how do you charge the pack, or do you have to remove the batteries and put them on a separate charger?

Автор icaro nascimento ( назад)
can i plug directly a headphone on audio out? my ideia is to put a female audio jack and switch from my speaker to my headset

Автор Giwrgos Theophanous ( назад)
If i put 12 vdc with 90w speaker is okay?

Автор MrTechnoholding ( назад)
looks like a case for the iphone 6+

Автор matannn405 ( назад)
just ordered the parts
how do you charge the battery's without removing them ti a charging socket?

Автор Bob Marley ( назад)
Couldn't a 9 volt battery holder be used instead of the big battery holder that you used? I suppose that would cut down size a fair bit :) Or maybe you could tweak it to use 2 of those 9-volts, then it would be even smaller. I'm not sure if 18 volts would be too much no matter what...I'm that much of a handy man xD

Автор bopha ( назад)
What is a mains cable? I'm not a native speaker or an engineer. What did he do with the mains cable? Stick one end to one socket and the other end to the other socket?

Автор Leandro Brocco ( назад)
How come 562 people dislike this? Great project man!

Автор Da Champ Guam ( назад)
Just purchased all my parts, can't wait to build this.

Автор dustin bender ( назад)
i have a "making of" question : what camera do you use to shoot this video ? what are the framerate and format ?
i find the video very fluid, pleasant to see and very nice.
thanks for your answer.

Автор Seyfullah Demirkaya ( назад)
Dear Perks, I am not good at electronics. I would like to use such a system open area for instance one hour speech. Is it usable for wireless microphone? And can you say for the specifications speakers( watt, ohm, amper etc)? Thanks.

Автор Benjamin Okello ( назад)
how do you charge the batteries

Автор Alejandro Gallardo ( назад)
awesome great videos...suscribing

Автор Iamace Terror ( назад)

Автор shine pakkers ( назад)
DIY Perks, i have a question how you charge te batteries easy

Автор rupesh malik ( назад)
bro what happens if we put two 9 Volt's battery to it??😓😓😓

Автор Duane Janzen Elloso ( назад)
nice 😀😀😀

Автор WO3RN ( назад)
Hi DIY Perks, how long does the battery last?

Автор porto42 ( назад)
What camera are you using? Its very nice. Very Good amplifier also with Bluetooth.

Автор kimeiga ( назад)
that's super cool!

Автор Mark White ( назад)
How long did you battery setup last you? What kind of batteries did you use?

Автор Overjustification ( назад)
Neat project! Does it mean that there the bluetooth amplifier completely powers the speakers? Or has there been some external power source at the test on the field?

Автор Suraj V ( назад)
good idea ... could u try doing a portable Multifunctional (fm,usb,bluetooth,aux..etc) boom box using car speakers and a bigger battery

Автор AMAL VINCENT ( назад)
I got an old. 6ohm and 100W 2 speaker , is there any way I can connect TDA7492P 2*50W

Автор Coconutty ( назад)
I've watched this like 20 times purely because of the inspiration. Voice over is 10/10 and video tutorial 10/10.

Автор Roderick Bugeja ( назад)
DIY Perks may I ask you what was the RMS wattage of your speakers?
Thank you.

Автор marmion joondalup ( назад)
For those that think this is a load of wank take a close look at the board. This is a bridge-tied load class D amplifier runs around 90% efficient . Or for the cloth heads Pulse-width modulation. Very real.

Автор ANkUr NAraYaN ( назад)
Amazing Bro!

Автор B0M0A0K ( назад)
I am getting terrible feedback through this board, I suspect it's coming from the bluetooth chip. Did you experience anything like this?

Автор B0M0A0K ( назад)
This is a great tutorial, but I notice that the board your links point to is not the board you are using, the links seem to point to a board that does not include the on/off and aux connector. Has your specific board been discontinued?

Автор Bullwinkle69 ( назад)
Awesome 👍🏻🇦🇺

Автор youkorny ( назад)
What a kind of camera is that? that can supply 48v phantom power that
is needed for the Rode NT1a and you can still hold it in your own hand
while walking ? Hmmmm that's a little questionable!

Автор keshlalish ( назад)
wondering if you could do an update with 18650 battery cell ?!

Автор David Flores ( назад)
what's the max range till it disconnects out did it have to be right next to the device

Автор Modestas Buda ( назад)
hello can I use the 12 v baterry

Автор sephirotic87 ( назад)
>bluetooth quality

Stopped right there.

Автор Tim J ( назад)
how is the song called?

Автор Ráduly Róbert ( назад)
+DIY Perks what is the last songs name ?

Автор iakuzaa ( назад)
can i use it with 14volt battery from laptop?

Автор D4niela - ( назад)
yes its super awesome

Автор Peter Godward ( назад)
What speakers did you use? Watt and ohm please ? I have just ordered a board and going to run 4, 18650s

Автор Aragorn Elessar ( назад)
This guy narrates excellently.

Автор Nestor Lopez ( назад)
How Long you can use it with Full Batteris and Full voloomen ?

Автор Henkka Driver ( назад)
Awesome 😍 ai instal this in my car stock radio back and play musik on Spotify

Автор Nikola Jovanoski ( назад)
very good keep up

Автор RoatanLife ( назад)
Super Awesome indeed!

Автор Burrito Otaku ( назад)
Lol looks like a how it's made episode

Автор TaZeR_DK Gaming ( назад)
what song is it that you are playing?

Автор jammy jam ( назад)
ABSOLUTELY awesome! I'll be making one of these soon!

Автор Emmet S ( назад)
30m diametet. Because in back of speakers the range would be less

Автор Rosina Tupua ( назад)
can you use a 12v drill battery to power the amp

Автор Nebojsa tane ( назад)
Nice video dude! If i use AC 12V rectifier, how many Amper should it have?

Автор SYED BUKHARI ( назад)
how to get in pakistan?

Автор Moshiour Rahman ( назад)
How is the battery life ....?

Автор Malia Petelo ( назад)
DIY Perks when i try to buy the amp it keeps on saying cant ship it to you

Автор RoonyKingXL ( назад)
Sorry for the dumb question, but...
...can I use this one too?


Автор bananasLPwelt ( назад)
cool video😁

Автор Scion XB ( назад)

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