thrift with me + haul | portland, oregon

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • I traveled to the beautiful Portland, Oregon and hit up some of their thrift stores, which were so amazing I already want to go back (just not in winter lol).
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Comments • 156

  • Lan Solo
    Lan Solo Month ago

    I really love the redlight. Its one of my favorite spots!!!

  • Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott Month ago

    i can taste the aesthetic

  • Hoseoktrashxox 28
    Hoseoktrashxox 28 3 months ago

    that marilyn manson shirt tho

  • Dianne Hoffman
    Dianne Hoffman 3 months ago

    You do a great job ! I want to thrift in Portland it's on my list !

  • Una Autumn
    Una Autumn 6 months ago

    My friend runs Red Light.

  • fancifulimpression
    fancifulimpression 7 months ago

    You hit up some great spots there are so many cool thrift spots in Portland 👍

  • fancifulimpression
    fancifulimpression 7 months ago

    Oh my gosh you were in my city that’s so cool ❣️

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen 7 months ago

    Oh how I wish we had thrift stores like these in my country🙈 They are so small,and not really that popular as in America. I go there regulary though. The few we have ☺️😅

  • Georgie
    Georgie 7 months ago

    i’m in the uk and wish so bad we had giant thrift stores omg

  • HappyBonBon
    HappyBonBon 7 months ago +2

    I went to Buffalo Exchange when I visited this week. I got some nice stuff, including a $35 Kate Spade watch that was originally $195!!

  • Unspoken Voices
    Unspoken Voices 8 months ago +2

    I found this really relaxing to watch and I love thrift with me videos 🖤

  • Chelsey Katherine
    Chelsey Katherine 8 months ago

    I have a goodwill like that where I live and I hate it. I can never find anything! All my best finds are from the normal one.

  • armyexo-lmonbebenctzenshawolatinyfuse

    I need those boots at 2:47 I love platform boots.

  • jessie
    jessie 8 months ago

    Sarah’s wearing a Backtrack sweatshirt at the end of the video and i’m losing my mind because I grew up with those dudes in New York!!! So random to see that in this video haha

  • Rebecca Lauren
    Rebecca Lauren 8 months ago

    i actually really dont like redlight, next time youre in portland, rent a car and drive through, i LOVE the VV in tigard, the goodwills over in beaverton and tigard are good too, and the red white and blue thrift store - rerun is terrible, dont bother. hmmm. yeah thats it. that buffalo exchange you went to is my favorite though. a lot of the thrift stores in the heart of portland really suck, you need to go to the thrifts outside of the city, where the hipsters dont live haha

  • Randomark3087
    Randomark3087 8 months ago

    That Marilyn Manson shirt! 😍

  • Connor/Howell
    Connor/Howell 8 months ago

    Mannn I need that Manson shirt!!

  • The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

    I wanna go to Portland now damn!!

  • Cinnamom
    Cinnamom 8 months ago +3

    5:30 that goodwill is huge omg mine are so small
    I loved the editing in the beginning ! x can’t wait for ur next video :)) I really hope u do another styling clothes u don’t wear video soon !

  • Emily Zahrt
    Emily Zahrt 8 months ago

    I've lived in Portland for 7 years and am STILL blown away by the awesome thrifting here! (I thrift waaay too often lol) Hawthorne is a must go the first time you visit, mainly for the Red Light store so I'm glad you got to check out the cool vibes there. I used to work a few stores down from the Goodwill and have to say I only ever went in there when I was looking for vintage Dooney and Bourke bags. 🤷 Hopefully you're able to make more trips up here for thrifting!

  • beautyplayground
    beautyplayground 8 months ago +2

    Most of these would be too expensive for me 😂😂😂 Guess I'm too cheap haha

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton 8 months ago

    something in me was like "i wonder if she'll find a fall out boy shirt" and when you held it up i literally screamed

  • kali s
    kali s 8 months ago

    Damn can’t believe y’all didn’t go to house of vintage that place is the best vintage shopping and it’s on hawthorne

  • Kanga Toro
    Kanga Toro 8 months ago

    Ooo I live by Portland and I love the thrifting there! I hope you guys had a nice visit!

  • gwen valen
    gwen valen 8 months ago

    I love buffalo exchange, they used to have one where I live but they got rid of it, so bummed

  • danzachick
    danzachick 8 months ago

    Ayye old school vibe vlog. I like it

  • She Is Sami
    She Is Sami 8 months ago

    I have that same guitar painting at 5:46 currently hanging up in my dining room! 😃

  • Grace Justic
    Grace Justic 8 months ago

    omg wow you got such good stuff!!

  • TheUnicorni
    TheUnicorni 8 months ago

    Will there be another portland video? Would love to see some restaurants and other cool spots that you guys enjoyed ☺️

  • Olivia S
    Olivia S 8 months ago +6

    Can we get a fckn collective high five to Sarah for driving through a snow storm

  • Alicia Bryanna
    Alicia Bryanna 8 months ago

    You need to go to the #HouseOfVintage. I spent 6 hours there I didn’t look at everything; it’s like a warehouse of consignment.

    • Amelia Shaw
      Amelia Shaw 7 months ago

      Alicia Bryanna it’s sooo expensive though. but it’s so fun. It’s like high end thrifting

  • Kiva Mitrea
    Kiva Mitrea 8 months ago

    I think Portland is definitely pretty overrated in the thrift store department. A lot of stores are pretty overpriced, but as a local you can find a few hidden gem stores! I'm glad you liked Portland:)

    • Amelia Shaw
      Amelia Shaw 7 months ago

      Kiva Mitrea i stopped going to any thrift store on hawthorne. i swear house of vintage is a scam. I usually go to the goodwill on southeast powell and 90th. Or the hillsboro bins.

  • Yoyo Bear
    Yoyo Bear 8 months ago +1

    ugh that fall out boy shirt tho!!!!, 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙

  • hey you pikachu
    hey you pikachu 8 months ago

    AAHH!! I live in Portland!!! I would have loved to see you!!!

  • Krystal
    Krystal 8 months ago

    i live in portland!!! i wish i could've run into you but even if i had, i would've been too shy to say hi :'( lol

  • Sierra Marquez
    Sierra Marquez 8 months ago

    Uhgggg I’m screaming! I live in Tillamook which is 1.5 away from Portland!! Uhgg love you!!

  • Meghan Hughes Vlogs
    Meghan Hughes Vlogs 8 months ago +16

    if u ever come back, PLEASE hit me up on insta or twitter! would love to be pals & show u around!

    • Creed Bratton
      Creed Bratton 8 months ago +3

      i am stanning so hard rn

    • Sarah Hawkinson
      Sarah Hawkinson  8 months ago +4

      omg Meghan! 😭 I’m definitely coming back and I would LOVE that 💛

  • Silke Strempa
    Silke Strempa 8 months ago

    I ❤ your hair Sarah! 😎🤘😘

  • julita ruar
    julita ruar 8 months ago

    Oh my god!!!! LOVE these shops!!!! I wish buy online!!! There aren't in my city 😩😩😩😩😢😍😍😍

  • jayy-jay anderson
    jayy-jay anderson 8 months ago

    You should also hit up the Tigard value village next time :) we are the only store close to Portland and actually price things well lol

  • _lupehhh Lopez_
    _lupehhh Lopez_ 8 months ago

    Omg i really wanna get vintage/old horror movie shirts😭 the dawn of the dead one is so niceee👻

  • Scarin Myself
    Scarin Myself 8 months ago

    This city looks gorgeous. Can you, please show us more of the city? That would be really interesting. I feel like you're moving the chanel to more fashion direction, I kinda miss the old videos where you'd just sit and talk to us, or clips like "do nothing with me" :)

    • nicole avery
      nicole avery 7 months ago

      She doesn’t live there, maybe travel there yourself?

  • Débora Teixeira
    Débora Teixeira 8 months ago

    you look so nice, sarah! you go girl and i die a little bit everytime i see little snippets of things with nice prints etc that are my taste and you just pass by them hahahaha

  • Lalala123
    Lalala123 8 months ago

    I remember going to that Goodwill when I went to Portland and being outraged at their prices lol

  • Ren Bennett
    Ren Bennett 8 months ago +2

    Does America not have trains? I’ve never understood why you guys will drive for so long to get to a place, I think 9 hours in a car would drive me crazy

    • Ren Bennett
      Ren Bennett 7 months ago

      @nicole avery i never said that i just think that 9 hours is a really long time and ive heard americans say theyve driven for even longer but act like its not that long. its not really a thing where i live and i was just curious theres really no need to get so defensive its not that deep

    • nicole avery
      nicole avery 7 months ago

      It’s called a road trip and many people enjoy it. You can stop and see different places and explore, do what you want without being crowded with strangers ect., either way it’s stupid to imply everyone should take trains because YOU don’t like cars

    • Bryana Alyse
      Bryana Alyse 8 months ago

      We have trains more so on the east coast. The west coast is.....different 😂

    • fulan 83
      fulan 83 8 months ago

      I think they don't?

  • Dani Burns Performer
    Dani Burns Performer 8 months ago +2

    Shocked that you didn't get the yellow Marilyn Manson t shirt!

  • jj
    jj 8 months ago

    The editing!! Hope you had fun in Portland

  • I didn't sign up for this

    I don’t know if it’s make up or the shirt, the background or something else but you looked 👌👌👌 here

  • thangerstrings
    thangerstrings 8 months ago

    sarahs style n make up is incredible

  • Lena-Elea Hopf
    Lena-Elea Hopf 8 months ago +1

    I LOVE your thrift Videos. They are so inspiring and relaxing

  • Brittany Marie
    Brittany Marie 8 months ago +1

    YOU DIDNT GO TO HOUSE OF VINTAGE you would die in that store!

    • fancifulimpression
      fancifulimpression 7 months ago

      Brittany Marie that place is amazing! You reminded me I haven’t been back in months.

  • amethyst boy
    amethyst boy 8 months ago +4

    Going to thrift stores in Portland is definitely one of my life goals aaah (greetings from Germany :D)

  • Peachgeist
    Peachgeist 8 months ago +8

    Amazing that you were here for like the two days we had snow. Literally grocery stores ran out of kale because of people prepping to be snowed in. 😂😂

  • Andi Rogynous
    Andi Rogynous 8 months ago

    Yooo I live in Salem! I go to Portland to thrift all the time 😄

  • Susanna
    Susanna 8 months ago

    I'm face palming over here how y'all were on Hawthorne and didn't set foot in House of Vintage. That place seriously puts Red Light to shame. And then you went into silly Buffalo Exchange and that joke of a Goodwill? Arrrrrgggggg. I've lived here for two years and House of Vintage is a dream come true for serious thrifters. Just rooms upon rooms of endless treasures. I've legit gotten lost in there. Girl, you missed OUT.

    • Sarah Hawkinson
      Sarah Hawkinson  8 months ago

      I’m going next time don’t worry! I wanted to go in since we passed it but we didn’t end up having time we were EXHAUSTED lol

  • Andrea G Kimura
    Andrea G Kimura 8 months ago

    The Joy Division shirt is an AMAZING find! I'm always looking for bands like that and have yet to be successful where I live.

  • incubusroker
    incubusroker 8 months ago +1

    I saw the Incubus shirt and automatically pressed the like button before finishing the video 🤘🏻

  • Julia Fletcher
    Julia Fletcher 8 months ago

    lmao i went to that buffalo exchange in december when i was visiting from the east coast and that denim jacket you showed on camera was there

  • Shawna Marie
    Shawna Marie 8 months ago

    Omg that incubus shirt is life!

  • Evy Morgan
    Evy Morgan 8 months ago

    You should go back in the summer if you don't like the cold. The summers there are beautiful and it's super fun to walk around when you aren't freezing cold :)