Aisareru Karada Part 1/2

  • Опубликовано:  10 лет назад
  • Well here comes part 1 again!
    Fingers crossed

    Yaoi Manga, please do not watch if you are gonna be offended! No Flagging either
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  • Длительность: 4:36
  • Yaoi  Manga  Aisareru  Karada  

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  • MissRavenPoe
    MissRavenPoe 7 лет назад

    OOH Snap! Old guy ewwie XP yuck!

  • eden077
    eden077 8 лет назад

    he will train him all right!

  • Aubrey Bulacan
    Aubrey Bulacan 8 лет назад

    the new instructor looks like a manianc. peace out guys. just my opinion. :|

  • TaÖz74
    TaÖz74 9 лет назад

    thanks for your hard work...baka-flagger!!!

  • sakura hikaru kamui
    sakura hikaru kamui 9 лет назад


  • theresiatl1
    theresiatl1 9 лет назад

    Great manga I didn't see any reason for a flag. I think they just didn't have anything better to do.

  • stacylee2
    stacylee2 10 лет назад

    They didn't show anything. Why would they flag this. Stupid flaggers. Forget them. This was good. Thx 4 the upload......

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 10 лет назад

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  • firefly10023
    firefly10023 10 лет назад

    maybe someone flagged this because they were half naked witch is stupid, who cares if there in little swim trunks? people these days

  • Rose89513
    Rose89513 10 лет назад

    That was so so good thank you for uploading lol great

  • BlazeEruption
    BlazeEruption 10 лет назад

    thanks for the upload!!!

  • cheery cho
    cheery cho 10 лет назад

    thanks for uploading! i can't believe somone flagged this!!!

  • Riannu Algecera
    Riannu Algecera 10 лет назад

    this is pretty good :-) i can't believe someone who flagged your video... keep uploadin'.:-)

  • Kate Macdonald
    Kate Macdonald 10 лет назад

    love it... no reson to flag fuck hater