Why We Started Our Own Company

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • The guys reveal how they started a new company and channel, detailing unexpected challenges leading up to the launch, and answer why we left BuzzFeed.
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  • Clout
    Clout 19 hours ago

    Finally I can subscribe

  • Aida Manzano
    Aida Manzano Day ago

    Okay I rarely ever comment on videos, and I'm only subscribed to maths revision and electronics channels, but for some reason I watched one of your videos that popped up in my recommended and I was blown away. I remember watching BuzzFeed 2 or 3 years ago and you guys were my favourite, but it always felt like the video concept was never fully ready yet. It's strange to explain, but it was just so obvious how mass produced they felt, it felt clear that you were under pressure to have the viral element and meet a schedule. But after the first video I saw from your new channel, I just could not stop watching you guys. I had no idea that your new channel was independent from BuzzFeed until now, but these past days I've been bingeing on your videos and I could so visibly notice the difference in quality! The concepts are great, you guys just work so well together, it doesn't feel forced, I can't stop laughing and I just love it!
    After watching this video I have even more respect for you guys, to have the courage to take control of your own creative work and execute it exquisitely. I am so proud of your journey, and a new subscriber. I can tell you guys are here to stay, and I'm all for it!

  • Julia York
    Julia York Day ago

    total clickbait. should have been named how we started our own production company. i wanted tea

  • Jenn N
    Jenn N Day ago

    5.7mil subscribers now ❤ you guys are amazing 🤗

  • Danielle Reid
    Danielle Reid Day ago

    Um... can we talk about who throws trash away at Zack's house?

  • faraaz akhtar
    faraaz akhtar 3 days ago

    i was born 3.5 weeks eaarrly too

  • Aerohk
    Aerohk 3 days ago

    If each of them can take their own outside gigs, what if one guy spend most of his time doing his own gig and not contributing to the company as much as others? Does he still get to share the profit?

  • daiseechain
    daiseechain 3 days ago

    “This is how we left buzz feed”
    What does this red button do *presses button
    try guys: I don’t know I don’t know but you suck and are anoying so byeeee

  • Ericel Versteegen
    Ericel Versteegen 4 days ago +1

    I’m so proud of you guys! ❤️

  • Joshua Clowe
    Joshua Clowe 4 days ago +1

    Eugene was in BrooklynNineNine

  • Rachel Dupré
    Rachel Dupré 4 days ago +1

    Now there's more than 5 and a half million subscribers 😁

    GXN3SIS 4 days ago

    “The Try Guys try to start a company”

  • 1Original Fortnite1
    1Original Fortnite1 5 days ago +3

    Now the channel is 5.7mil subs

  • Litterisse
    Litterisse 5 days ago

    please hire kelsey.

  • Litterisse
    Litterisse 5 days ago +1

    I love you guys. Hugs from Brazil. Waiting to be paid to buy some merch.... yeahhhh

    GROOVY TRAIN 5 days ago

    Hey! After a whole year it’s safe to say you all fucking did it !

  • Rachel Varghese
    Rachel Varghese 5 days ago +1

    I'm crying 😭

  • clarice santana
    clarice santana 6 days ago

    I littertly thought have I subscribed and when I saw I diet I was like HOW DARE xD then i subed and turned on bell

  • Coby Thomas
    Coby Thomas 6 days ago +1

    You guys have 5.7 million now

  • Ai Cen
    Ai Cen 6 days ago +1

    The Try Guys is one of the reasons I'm still alive. xD

  • Ralph
    Ralph 6 days ago

    Was it reminiscent of leaving a cult?

  • Katie Anderson
    Katie Anderson 7 days ago +3

    I never realized that The Try Guys was an actual business and a real company until they said they went to the bank to make it official and everything.
    But how do you explain that kind of business to a bank? 😂

  • Sophia R
    Sophia R 7 days ago +2

    And now a year later, you guys have 5.7M, I’m so proud

  • Rio Colgan
    Rio Colgan 8 days ago

    I don’t know how I’m so slow, but I just realized you guys left buzzfeed. You guys were the best part of that company, and I am so pumped for your future!

  • Estefy N
    Estefy N 8 days ago

    Knew about the Try Guys from Buzzfeed but I didn't watch them cause I didn't like Buzzfeed. But now, I definitely love the Try Guys and I hope you are all doing well :D

  • BTS X TXT K-POP kpop
    BTS X TXT K-POP kpop 8 days ago +3

    Please take your time please 💞❤️👍love you try guys

  • Jennice E Wa
    Jennice E Wa 8 days ago

    Were they dancing to BLACKPINK’s Ddu-du-Ddu-du? Lol

  • Helen
    Helen 8 days ago

    Please subscribe because I have a baby and I need to feed it 👌 I got you Ned

  • Tr33E00
    Tr33E00 8 days ago +3

    I respect Eugene so much for having a doge poster.

  • Kittywitter
    Kittywitter 9 days ago +19

    "I haven't slept for three days"

  • Orae
    Orae 9 days ago +2

    Ned:..and then my wife went i-..*ad*
    Me: WHAT?! Where did she go?!!!

  • Crystal Chung
    Crystal Chung 9 days ago

    They're at 5.7 million!

  • Madeline Scott
    Madeline Scott 9 days ago +1

    I’m so excited for you guys! Definitely love these new videos more 👌🏻😁

  • Maggie Buchanan
    Maggie Buchanan 10 days ago

    i was today years old when i found out try guys left buzzfeed

  • Paris Truong
    Paris Truong 10 days ago +4

    “riNg THaT bELL”

  • lioness 300
    lioness 300 12 days ago

    Who here didn't even know they made their own channel and left buzzfeed until now???

  • SooSouljah
    SooSouljah 12 days ago

    I knew you started your new channel and stuff. But I am so disappointed at myself for not subscribing last year when I’ve been watching your videos for almost a year. So...hate on me all you want, but I wish you guys the best of lck.

  • Clara Karas
    Clara Karas 13 days ago +2


  • Stacy Ojwang
    Stacy Ojwang 14 days ago +14

    I've subscribed for two reasons;
    1. To help feed Ned's baby.
    2. I'm secretly in love with Eugene 😍

  • Ariel Ross
    Ariel Ross 14 days ago +6

    I thought they just made a channel. Didn’t realize they made their own production company. So smart. So cool.

  • Talon Sage
    Talon Sage 14 days ago +3

    Try Guys 4EVA!!!
    Yeah, I've been binging.
    I STILL haven't had enough!!!

  • Lila Aparicio
    Lila Aparicio 14 days ago +2

    where was your child made? point my finger..
    Ned: lil weirddd

  • Sonya Gonzalez
    Sonya Gonzalez 14 days ago

    Keith worrying about being weird.... haha. Everything they did really payed off. So much better now!

  • Sonya Gonzalez
    Sonya Gonzalez 14 days ago

    Probably the best thing they’ve done.

  • Ally G
    Ally G 14 days ago

    I've just realized they left buzzfeed right now

  • Talia Heta
    Talia Heta 15 days ago +1

    Your success is the product of all your hard work, all your effort, and it comes down to the fact that you all are sooooo fucking hilarious, relatable and so so cool.
    You always make me happy!!!
    Wishing you continual success guys 🤙🏽

  • roro
    roro 15 days ago +1

    its takes lot of courage. i respect u!

  • Kimmee Blakeney
    Kimmee Blakeney 15 days ago

    I came back to this because I'm about to launch my own photography business and while it's not remotely the same, this gives me a lot of confidence to go through with the LLC and the website and everything else that goes into this. Thank you guys so much!

  • Ryder Cane
    Ryder Cane 16 days ago

    It might just be me being gay af but how the hell does Eugene looks so fucking hot even though he's sleep deprived and so fucking stressed. Teach me your ways!!

  • GoldGambit12
    GoldGambit12 16 days ago


  • Rebekah
    Rebekah 16 days ago

    wait. You left buzzfeed ? woah. Well, again!> That makes senseee!! because I couldn't see buzzfeed allowing you guys to film everything personal. But I much prefer knowing you guys' life over the try guys vs buzzfeed although it wasn't horrible on buzzfeed either ! :) and like the content didn't get weirder - but honestly - more relevant and Good job :))))))

  • Noelle Iconic
    Noelle Iconic 16 days ago

    i am just so proud of them im crYING

  • Joyce Lai
    Joyce Lai 17 days ago +5

    "Also please subscribe cuz I have a baby and I need to feed it" -Ned, 2018

  • Sam F
    Sam F 17 days ago +1

    i just realized try guys and lady like both left buzzfeed and are similar chanels of opposite genders😂😂😂

  • maaa hoee
    maaa hoee 18 days ago

    This is the easiest way to get subs

  • poppamint
    poppamint 18 days ago

    Wtf I thought this was buzzfeed

  • Gabriel Ganesa Mohan
    Gabriel Ganesa Mohan 19 days ago +1

    Will support Ur team all the way ,Even for donations

  • Abigail Humphrey
    Abigail Humphrey 20 days ago


  • Laiba Hussain
    Laiba Hussain 20 days ago +2

    *What up Jake Paul?*

  • Rachel Elizabeth
    Rachel Elizabeth 20 days ago

    I want to know what movie Eugene was in.

  • alizee maree Senduu
    alizee maree Senduu 20 days ago

    I didnt know the left buzzfeed til now!!!!

  • alix SIVs
    alix SIVs 20 days ago

    “Keith and Zach are running the company alone” gave me such a shot of anxiety... like it’s not that I don’t trust them, but what the hell happened without the dad and wine aunt supervising

  • Zobia Ahmad
    Zobia Ahmad 20 days ago

    Who is Buzzfeed paying to dislike these videos 😂 I mean 4.5 k ?????!!!! HOW

  • 6abriela
    6abriela 20 days ago

    Ok... I´m in, i´m suscribing, i just happend to bump in to a try guys video and i loved it!!! hope you guys keep growing :)

  • Clipsing I’m bored
    Clipsing I’m bored 22 days ago +1

    1 mil on RUclip in 2 weeks never done before

  • Roxanna Monjaras
    Roxanna Monjaras 22 days ago


  • cera j
    cera j 22 days ago

    If the Try Guys worked for Buzzfeed, but left, could you say they were once "buzz-fed"?? 🤣🤣

  • Frida Ramirez
    Frida Ramirez 23 days ago

    Fuck everyone who disliked this new dreams 😂
    They’re doing what they want, dude, THAT’S THE DREAM. 🤩

  • Olivia Lytle
    Olivia Lytle 23 days ago

    I think these guys are absolutely brilliant. They are so funny and entertaining and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of them. I hope to see them as little old men still making videos featuring their grandchildren. Amazingly smart people. Keep up the good work!

  • timelaper 33
    timelaper 33 24 days ago

    I just looked at this for the first time in a few months in the try guys have come so far! We love you try guys keep doing what you love!

  • Tyler Yeet
    Tyler Yeet 25 days ago +2

    I hate buzzfeed.

  • Scriptorem Lux
    Scriptorem Lux 25 days ago +6

    Every time I rewatch this make me so proud for being a subscriber of the try guys since the first video 💖

  • subscribe for a donut
    subscribe for a donut 26 days ago

    Them: try guys
    Fortnite players: try hards

  • Khushbu Luhar
    Khushbu Luhar 26 days ago +1

    Love you guys

  • Quan Pham
    Quan Pham 26 days ago +1

    Have been watching you guys since Buzz Feed, now seeing you guys have your own path makes me feel like watching it more. Good luck !

  • Evan Montoya
    Evan Montoya 26 days ago +2

    Poster: For Ned’s Eyes Only
    Zach: *precedes to open*

  • Guech Heang
    Guech Heang 26 days ago

    This is so heart-warming

  • Gabbi Hoyt
    Gabbi Hoyt 27 days ago

    You guys are awesome! I love how in a lot of the clips at the beginning of this video Eugene is laughing in the background then he's like going insane from lack of sleep. I'm so excited to read your book and to watch this company continue to grow and evolve!

  • avery martenson
    avery martenson 27 days ago


  • Ellie M
    Ellie M 28 days ago

    the lap!!!

  • Catie Hamilton
    Catie Hamilton 29 days ago +2

    “When you’re working 7 in the morning to 9:30 at night, you don’t have much left” that’s essentially high school. Except working 6am to 1am. For four years. No. There is not much left.

  • animal and insect lover

    Do you have a diamond play button? Cause if you dont you should have more than 1

  • Soumita Kundu
    Soumita Kundu Month ago

    I'm so happy for you all!! Ariel is definitely one of my idols now....she managed to do so much!!😍😍😍

  • Margaret Frost
    Margaret Frost Month ago

    Honestly, I'm so proud lol. And keep up the weird stuff! That's why we like you guys in the first place~

  • Sujay G
    Sujay G Month ago +3

    5M subs, in less than a year!... Congrats...

  • Yellowness
    Yellowness Month ago

    If there's no TRY GUYS I won't watch RUclip 💜🧡💜🧡

    theLOUISIANIMAL1337 Month ago +1

    The only reason I subscribed to buzzfeed was Try Guys. Happy to hit that subscribe and feed Ned's baby.

  • end of the line
    end of the line Month ago

    THATS MA JOB!. Idk why but that was funny. But thank you for all the hard work you guys put into this. I wish I was there to substitute when you started. But I know this might be habbit, but I honestly think anyone would mind if you delayed a video for some sleep. I know I wouldn't. But, yeah

  • semi sweet
    semi sweet Month ago

    Fine I'll watch the commercials if it's for the baby 😉

  • AJ Sagar
    AJ Sagar Month ago

    ok cool. now we need a sex history on eugene. how many people has this guys fucked

  • Emerald Leece
    Emerald Leece Month ago

    Is it bad that it took me a full on hot second to remember that Zach isn't actually 12? Like starting a company is whatever but for a second I was like who is letting that kid drink on camera?

  • Nataly An
    Nataly An Month ago +14

    So any one watching in 2019. Can we appreciate how far they have come!!

  • Kelliem 666
    Kelliem 666 Month ago +1

    The minute shane and ryan leave it’s over for those buzzbitches. Also can we see more collabs with safiya? I think its cool that u guys left buzzfeed and talk

    • suebob16
      suebob16 13 days ago

      Well, it's not totally the end for BuzzFeed. The Try Guys paid for the rights to the name, but their earlier work remains with BuzzFeed, and I believe the guys are allowed to refer to those videos. I have been binging on their older videos, as I'm sure others have. That will continue to bring viewers to both BuzzFeed and the official TTG channel. BuzzFeed just needs to get lucky with a new batch of talent and program ideas.

  • Tracy Tyler
    Tracy Tyler Month ago

    Seeing them freak over thousands of subscribers & they are at 5 and half MILLION subscribers today is just awesome to see!
    Love & Luck to this crew who work so hard and crack me up!!!💜😆💜

  • Andrea Kwait
    Andrea Kwait Month ago

    I'm happy today say I was the first 1,000 subscribers and have been watching you since day 1

  • Char Char GAM3S12
    Char Char GAM3S12 Month ago +2

    I was here before 1 million subscribers

  • Emilia Kathleen
    Emilia Kathleen Month ago

    This is awesome guys!! I can't imagine how stressful its been.. But this is awesome.. Lots of changes, new jobs, babies and memories!! Good job guys!

  • YaBoiApurba _
    YaBoiApurba _ Month ago

    How is Eugene 33 years old. He looks like he is in his mid 20's

  • Jocelyn Hartman
    Jocelyn Hartman Month ago

    Me: they would be better out of buzzfeed

    2 months later: try guys: GUESS WHO LEFT BUZZFEED!!