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  • 3 hours of beautiful instrumental music featuring guitar, violin, flute, cello, harp and piano music (track list below). Relaxing and inspirational music composed by Peder B. Helland that can be used for studying, relaxation, concentration, meditation, yoga or other activities. Listen to more of my relaxing music ► ruclip.com/video/CoHWBXAjVQE/&index=3&list=PLzYdneNrkzm11AqQCqMp34VTdSIRi8s1d
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    Track list:
    0:00 - Drøm/Dream
    3:03 - Echoes of the Forest
    7:50 - The Song of the Heart
    11:57 - Call From The Past
    14:04 - Post War
    17:52 - Life
    21:40 - Dawn of Hope
    24:37 - L'Amour des Chiens
    26:41 - Farewell
    28:56 - Earth in the Sky
    33:52 - Ocean Whisper
    37:02 - Home
    41:23 - The Garden
    44:12 - Dreamy Night
    48:37 - Celtic Drums
    51:52 - Return of the Soldiers
    55:02 - The End
    58:05 - Final Words
    1:02:34 - Morning Breeze
    1:05:52 - Tears
    1:09:14 - Goodnight Story
    1:12:46 - At The Beach
    1:17:27 - At Work
    1:20:07 - Flying Birds
    1:27:45 - The Warrior
    1:29:14 - Inner Peace
    1:33:43 - Tree of Life
    1:39:39 - Lullaby of Sorrow
    1:41:47 - Quiet Evening
    1:47:11 - Voices
    1:49:16 - Childhood
    1:54:46 - Ocean at Night
    2:05:24 - Clouds
    2:10:41 - Scent of Spring
    2:18:38 - Ancient Tree
    2:20:46 - Dream of Serenity
    2:26:01 - Post War (Piano Solo)
    2:29:49 - Soothing Forest
    2:38:49 - Memories
    2:41:04 - My Promise
    2:44:37 - Forest Walk
    2:52:37 - Dream of Fantasy
    2:55:26 - Hymn to Mother Nature

    Hello, everyone! :-)
    I hope you are doing well. I am excited to share a 3 hours long playlist of my instrumental music with beautiful nature videos.There are actually 12 pieces (!) in this mix that I haven't shared with you before. Some of the main instruments I have used in the music pieces are guitar, piano, flute, violin, cello and harp.

    I hope you enjoy and I wish everyone a fantastic weekend! :-)

    If you want to skip a piece in the mix, simply click on "Next" in the bottom right corner of the video.

    Thank you very much for sharing, commenting & liking the video.

    © Music composed and copyrighted by Peder B. Helland. I edited the video using beautiful stock footage I have licensed from VideoBlocks (get 90% off by using my referral link: videoblocks.refr.cc/VXK64JJ).

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  • Peder B. Helland - Composer
    Peder B. Helland - Composer  Год назад +182

    This is part 2 of the list that we started in another comment. I will continue the list here and I would love to include you in the list as well! Simply reply to this comment with your name, city and country. :-) Thank you very much for listening to my music!
    *| Name, City, Country |*
    287. Daniel Medina, MEXICO
    288. Jayden Baines, South Africa
    289. Charlotte Schalkwyk, British Columbia, Canada
    290. William, Warrensburg, Missouri
    291. Candice,.. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
    292. Evelia Hanna, Tracy, CA, United States
    293. Matt, Sydney, Australia
    294. Liv, Houston, Texas, USA
    295. Clovis, New Mexico, USA
    296. Carly, Ottawa, Canada
    297. Anza , Malaysia
    298. Joanne, Ontario, Canada
    299. Fares, Jerusalem, Palestine
    300. Chris, Curaçao Willemstad
    301. Joshua. Baltimore, U.S.
    302. Atakan, İstanbul, Turkey
    303. Petra, Dubai, UAE
    304. Curtis, México Distrito Federal
    305. Kalil Sarraff, Dominican Republic
    306. David Guelph, Ontario, Canada
    307. Tejashri Joshi, Pune, India
    308. Jessie from NYC, USA
    309. Ema, Romania
    310. Martins, Riga, Latvia
    311. Arménio Miranda, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
    312. Thach, Kouvola, Finland
    313. Pixie Low, Malaysia
    314. Arthur, Goiânia, Brazil
    315. Neidy, Brazil
    316. Jenny, Riverside, California, USA
    317. David, Uvita, Costa Rica
    318. Joshi, India
    319. Jacqueline Carter-Gibson, Durham, NC
    320. Jeff, Landers, CA
    321. Trần Uyên, Vancouver, Washington, USA
    322. Joey, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    323. Vagner, Salvador, Brazil
    324. Nelia, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    325. Caitlyn, New Jersey, USA
    326. Rachelle, San Diego, California
    327. Guilherme, Campinas, Brazil
    328. Jorge, Orlando, USA
    329. Jacob Shepperd, Houston, Texas
    330. Don Gentry, Washington State, USA
    331. Viviane, Mist, Oregon
    332. Nick, Michigan City, United States
    333. Kay, Newport NH, USA
    334. Juls, Brunei
    335. Talbea, Giza, Egypt
    336. Tim, Malle, Belgium
    337. Joey S. Davao City, Philippines
    338. Rebecca, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
    339. Maria, Attard, Malta
    340. Grenjie Egipto, United Arab Emirates
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    353. Sanne, Copenhagen, Denmark
    354. Jair da Silva, Keller,Texas, USA
    355. Joseph, Albuquerque, NM
    356. Heather, Seattle, WA, USA
    357. Natalie, Lethbridge, Canada

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    i loved them so much but everything we love passes away in to a far away land i guess . Heh thank you for m-making this video it reminded me of my loved grandparents . You are a good man and a good person , thank you for bringing me back to my childhood goodbye .

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    Beautiful work Peder - you are extremely talented. As a student and blogger, instrumental music is an absolute necessity. Thank you for providing breath-taking music to inspire me to keep writing and make homework a relaxing aspect of my day.

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