James Corden and Steven Gerrard playing golf

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  • SuperBlueboy61
    SuperBlueboy61 23 дня назад

    gay boy ,no doubt......

  • Raf Melgarejo
    Raf Melgarejo 8 месяцев назад +1


  • F Kaskar
    F Kaskar 10 месяцев назад +2

    James Corden the only man that could interview Gerrard thats had a more illustrious career than him.

  • kidroid1
    kidroid1 11 месяцев назад +8

    19 mancs dislikes

  • Alex
    Alex Год назад +6

    ive never seen steven smiling so much but its good to see him smiling btw he has a nice smile

  • Nathan Milligan
    Nathan Milligan Год назад

    Shame we did shit that year

    • ryan tait
      ryan tait Год назад

      we do shit every year

  • dean winchestette
    dean winchestette Год назад +30

    James Corden can form friendships like no other host. He's genuinely funny, conversational and committed to making guests feel comfortable and relaxed. It's nice to see the softer, authentic side of Stevie behind the serious captain mask :)

  • gaz lee
    gaz lee Год назад +2

    right so a footie player gets paid loads of money where the nhs are loosing money and is he really a hero i mean a person who as been in the WAR is a hero football players need a propper job and learn to actually get money instead of getting paid for the sake of kicking a ball round a pitch and people are stupid if they think that some1 who just kicks a ball and cant win is the end of the world just get over yourselfs and realise football is a GAME thats IT not life or death

    • Saf D
      Saf D 7 месяцев назад

      People choose to spend their money in football , they don't get paid out of taxes there is literally no correlation between these jobs

    • gaz lee
      gaz lee 11 месяцев назад

      learn to speak proper and then i talk

    • Orange Tortoise
      Orange Tortoise 11 месяцев назад

      War heroes don't score 25 a season fam

    • Portuguese Pulis
      Portuguese Pulis 11 месяцев назад

      +gaz lee football clubs aren't run by the governments while NHS gets paid by the government

    • Not TooShabby
      Not TooShabby Год назад

      So you think the economy should be run on how much respect they deserve? If that's the case i should be a bloody millionaire.

  • Angle Angie
    Angle Angie 2 года назад

    Boring squeaky

  • 04ylakhi
    04ylakhi 2 года назад

    And then he slipped

  • 2ndRatePetronius
    2ndRatePetronius 2 года назад +3

    Stevie G looks FINE in that newsboy!

  • Kieran Timlin
    Kieran Timlin 2 года назад +6

    Love the thought of him and Rooney being mates. Goes to show you a lot about pro footballers, at the end of the day a bit of common background and culture goes a lot further than which team and how many millions your playing for. two scouse lads getting on seems cool to me. I'd love to have a pint with either of them. as a Glaswegian id give them a run for they're money on understand-ability. but on a serious note, nice to hear about those relationships about rival professionals  

    • Collins LFC
      Collins LFC 2 года назад

      +Kieran Timlin It's hardly surprising that they are mates considering they were both England teammates....

  • judy hollingsworth
    judy hollingsworth 2 года назад

    Had to check out James and his interviews. I believe I heard or saw that he's coming to America to have his own late nite show. Right on.

    • Ayip Shah
      Ayip Shah Год назад

      +judy hollingsworth you were right

  • ThoseTolerableNoobs
    ThoseTolerableNoobs 2 года назад +31

    As a Manchester United fan, Slippy is the only Liverpool player I can't bring myself to hate

  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams 2 года назад

  • intolead
    intolead 2 года назад +1

    don't slip stevie 

  • Charlie Powell
    Charlie Powell 2 года назад

    Is this in Formby?

  • Philadelphia Collins
    Philadelphia Collins 2 года назад


  • Sunny Gill
    Sunny Gill 2 года назад +29

    These two together are just hilarious. I would love to have a round of golf with them. I understand Gerrard fine its that bloody Rooney that i never understand as he mumbles through interviews and doesn't use proper English. HAHA

  • aimun
    aimun 2 года назад +1

    haha they're both so lovely

  • Incy Wincy Party Pieces
    Incy Wincy Party Pieces 3 года назад


  • Samboy666
    Samboy666 3 года назад

    Great vid. lovely guys

  • Creaven Berrard
    Creaven Berrard 3 года назад +43

    If you hate this man, get yourself checked out.

  • ian power
    ian power 3 года назад

    legend lad.x

  • jellyz89
    jellyz89 3 года назад

    "plays for the Mancs, which is uh...unfortunate."

    Gerrard is a top lad

  • jellyz89
    jellyz89 3 года назад

    "plays for the Mancs, which is uh...unfortunate."

    Gerrard is a top lad

  • Charlie Siggins
    Charlie Siggins 3 года назад

    I mean I hate Liverpool to be fair but surely everyone love Gerrard!

  • ikram miah
    ikram miah 3 года назад

    He is one of the very few who knows what it means to represent club and country

  • Jamz J
    Jamz J 3 года назад

    fuck you he is a LEGEND

  • DickHead69able
    DickHead69able 3 года назад

    corden is such a pussy

  • Reiss Hanks
    Reiss Hanks 3 года назад

    Lampard always delivers.

  • MaskiieBoy
    MaskiieBoy 3 года назад

    Gerrards a boss and thats from a chelsea fan

  • AssNTiddies
    AssNTiddies 4 года назад

    James Corden is hilarious.

  • steveohmygoodness7
    steveohmygoodness7 4 года назад

    I would absolutely love to golf a loop with Stevie G

  • xDazzR
    xDazzR 4 года назад

    No one's doubting Lampard puts the effort in, it's just a shame he isn't as consistent in major competitions as Gerrard.

  • Ben Gardner
    Ben Gardner 4 года назад

    Thats cute

  • justviz
    justviz 4 года назад

    Can't say the same for Lampard? You absolute spastic. Lampard puts in as much effort as Gerrard does. If they both played together for England, we'd win a lot more.

  • xDazzR
    xDazzR 4 года назад

    "ROFL" how old are you?

  • Don Ivory
    Don Ivory 4 года назад

    fuck off u cunt go suck off garry neville rofl

  • Schofie8
    Schofie8 4 года назад

    Well for certain I can say scholes beats them all.

  • Charles Hamlin
    Charles Hamlin 4 года назад

    @NoVGAMING,,you mean Chelsea club history don't you...Christ if you mean eny club history you need to sit ina dark room for a while.

    NoVGAMING 4 года назад

    Lampard doesn't deliver in big competitions? Are you having a laugh? Atleast Lampard gives it his all each and every game unlike Gerrard who just seems to pick and choose when to put effort in. Lampard the greatest english midfielder in CLUB history.

  • Harvey Farrell Jarvis
    Harvey Farrell Jarvis 4 года назад


  • Abe S
    Abe S 4 года назад

    He's a good tackler but further up the pitch not defending in a covering position so he leaves gaps unlike players like Makelele or Alonso who have far better positioning.

  • HDgamesFTW
    HDgamesFTW 4 года назад

    Are you kidding?... Gerrard is a superb defender.

  • The One
    The One 4 года назад

    Lampard took the penalties and played as an attacking midfield whereas Gerrard played in his least favoured positions. Gerrard also regularly outplays Lampard in the big tournaments. If anything, those stats deceive just how bad Lampard has been.

  • Jordan Owen
    Jordan Owen 4 года назад

    gerrard the only liverpool player i dont dislike

  • darren irwin
    darren irwin 4 года назад

    great guy...liverpool would be nothing now without him...but hey thats why there liverpool stevie g...ynwa

  • George Khobua
    George Khobua 4 года назад

    steven gaaaaaaaaaaay

  • Ben Gore-Rees
    Ben Gore-Rees 4 года назад

    i disagree entirely, on countless occasions gerrard has made great defensive tackles for club and country (1st game in my mind is cl final 05 when he basically finished as right back).... just an all round great player and a great of the game!

  • Abe S
    Abe S 4 года назад

    Not dissing Gerrard but when he contributes by going forward Lamps has the Discipline to stay back and acts as the cover. The reason their partnership for England doesn't work is because both players traditionally are superb going forward but not anything special defending wise.

    As for the rest of the England team... pfft

  • xhovani1c
    xhovani1c 4 года назад

    stop running kids over.

  • l00072878
    l00072878 4 года назад

    pause at 4.57. What da fugs dat on stevies ear?

  • 원형 광장
    원형 광장 4 года назад

    i laughed once and that was because it ended

  • The One
    The One 4 года назад

    Lampard takes all the penalties, and also plays in his preferred position to boot. If anything it shows how good Gerrard is despite that.

  • Waka Waka
    Waka Waka 4 года назад

    Scholes is amazing at cricket.

  • HitsMan1307
    HitsMan1307 4 года назад

    Fantastic football player and an even better man.

  • nevillej2010
    nevillej2010 4 года назад

    Cheers for that mate, Gerrard still plays better..

  • alijeal
    alijeal 4 года назад

    Interesting stat for you, Lampard has scored 18 goals in 53 competitive games for england and gerrard has scored 15 in 61 games. If you don't count qualifiers then lamps is 3 in 13 Gerrard is 4 in 18

  • Riannah Wood
    Riannah Wood 4 года назад

    stevie G is a Legend

  • tommy biswell
    tommy biswell 4 года назад

    top man top player

  • kade101991
    kade101991 4 года назад

    gerrard is probably the only liverpool player i like,he definitely deserves to win a premiership medal

  • hxy17
    hxy17 4 года назад

    When they were talking about hair *Gerrard points at his own* "Nothing much i can do about it, standard 4-4-2 " Love it

  • Conor Melia
    Conor Melia 4 года назад

    Gerrard's such a man's man, Unlike most people these days! (Geordie Shore) ect.

  • izzy heath
    izzy heath 4 года назад

    it looks like steven gerrard is actually a good laugh

  • 0verFlow0160
    0verFlow0160 5 лет назад

    who's the one fag that clicks dislike?

  • Lucy_2000
    Lucy_2000 5 лет назад

    haha i would be screaming its STEAVEN GERRARD and SMITHY :P or (James corden)

  • nevillej2010
    nevillej2010 5 лет назад

    Gerrard always delivers in major competitions... Shame we can't say the same for Rooney/Lampard and the rest of them.

  • eloise bonney
    eloise bonney 5 лет назад

    steven gerrard.ossht.

  • Paul Richmond
    Paul Richmond 5 лет назад

    you wonder why he isnt this confident in the sky interviews

  • icemagz
    icemagz 5 лет назад

    4:56 I thought Gerrards neck was bleeding

  • Erik Raduha
    Erik Raduha 5 лет назад

    2:33 Probably spend more time with Wayne, Wayne Rooney..officialy he is a scouser, plays for Mancs which is unfortunate. :D

  • BUBZ
    BUBZ 5 лет назад

    Stevie has always shown up in the big international games.

  • MRspringford
    MRspringford 5 лет назад

    Fuck off.there's well more evidence to say god dose nit exsist

  • Stoneman
    Stoneman 5 лет назад

    lay it on ?

  • cracked2k9
    cracked2k9 5 лет назад

    I'm not too sure, it doesn't really sound like later on to me but it may be.

  • Mynamesnigel
    Mynamesnigel 5 лет назад

    It's later on.

  • cracked2k9
    cracked2k9 5 лет назад

    'Lighten up' i think.

  • TehLaw123
    TehLaw123 5 лет назад

    "You're a beautiful man." hahahaha

  • Jock Stodart
    Jock Stodart 5 лет назад

    later on!!!

  • Mynamesnigel
    Mynamesnigel 5 лет назад

    What does Gerrard say at 4:19?

  • TheSmashedPumpkin
    TheSmashedPumpkin 5 лет назад

    "oh no what am I seeing here...is this a london thing is it? east end?" actually quite a funny comment!

  • 777Trigger
    777Trigger 5 лет назад

    Why in the good name of Jehovah would anyone want to hang around with Rooney?

  • 92westhamboy
    92westhamboy 5 лет назад

    id love to have a round of golf with these boys

  • IronHarper
    IronHarper 5 лет назад


  • noname
    noname 5 лет назад

    The 1 dislike is by Torres

  • Lewis Reid
    Lewis Reid 5 лет назад

    "get me bard from here im a member" hahahhahah

  • solentgreenispeople
    solentgreenispeople 5 лет назад

    I'd be really offended if i had a flying fuck of a clue what 'harse' meant.... does it mean 'from this planet'??? from the rest of your comment, thats where my money goes.

  • Shahin Mash
    Shahin Mash 5 лет назад

    who the FUCK shows the finger to STEVEN GERRARD!?

  • JSThiara
    JSThiara 5 лет назад

    Stevie isn't just a great player but a great person too. Why he wasn't appointed England captain still suprises me.

  • Rsunited90
    Rsunited90 5 лет назад

    not been harse but lets hope he doesn't make the England squad this year let face it he wasn't good enough in he's prime so he not good enough now

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy 5 лет назад

    James Corden and Steven Gerrard are playing golf*

  • hasan aygun
    hasan aygun 5 лет назад

    no wonder the england national team is shit, they are spending valuable time to do this rather than training

  • Brian Rossi
    Brian Rossi 5 лет назад

    thumbs up if u want stevie on "A league of their own" panel

  • hannah hale
    hannah hale 5 лет назад

    Chels are my beauts but Stevie's a decent guy

  • Zoo Station
    Zoo Station 5 лет назад

    stevie g is a top, top lad. what a guy, and player. should be england captain, dont know what capello's thinking...then again, who ever does

  • juliandjung
    juliandjung 5 лет назад

    I dont understand why Capello didnt just make stevie permenant captain. He played well when he was captain so why give it to Rio when he isnt fit enough for the pitch?

  • Nav
    Nav 6 лет назад

    rooney and gerrerd FTW

  • scottwlfc
    scottwlfc 6 лет назад

    hope you recover from your groin problem quickly and come back better than ever and help us get back into the champions league, YNWA!!!

  • Eddie Whatson
    Eddie Whatson 6 лет назад

    what would the world be with out smithy