The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • i feel like die

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D the only thing you should burn out is birthday candles, folks
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  • Sora 360
    Sora 360 20 hours ago

    I have been taking to many breaks I need to over work myself more

  • Alyvia Pritchard
    Alyvia Pritchard 20 hours ago

    Woman: “honey I brought you some lemonade”🙂

    Kid: ...
    That had me peeing lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Ella Missey
    Ella Missey 21 hour ago +1

    When I overwork myself with school I take breaks to overwork myself with too much exercise

  • Pablo Novillo
    Pablo Novillo 21 hour ago

    4:44. Is that.... is that tomo or todd(in a blue shirt) from living with yourself?

  • anime lover
    anime lover 21 hour ago +1


  • C & C Miller
    C & C Miller 21 hour ago

    Can confirm

  • Cameron The Gamer
    Cameron The Gamer 21 hour ago

    Talks huge speech


  • Luna Sonic
    Luna Sonic 23 hours ago

    Jk I don’t mean it

  • Luna Sonic
    Luna Sonic 23 hours ago

    1 to 13 of this I put up my hand and I am 10

  • Tony Snell
    Tony Snell 23 hours ago

    This is me today. I literally got angry at oxygen.

  • Jack light paints
    Jack light paints 23 hours ago

    Jaiden: you’re either perfect or the devil and I don’t trust either of those so stay back

    Oh no I’ve never burnt myself out

  • Lich King
    Lich King Day ago

    You know, even though I've been watching you for what seems like 3 years and I've seen this video before, this video is even more relevant to me than a year ago

    • Lich King
      Lich King Day ago

      when you have the following traits:
      - lazy
      - procrastinator
      - when you do work, you become a perfectionist
      it isn't a good thing, especially for my mental health and sleep

  • Cat whisperer 2025

    I don't need to worry, I'm lazy

  • KeRen Tan
    KeRen Tan Day ago

    oh my, after re-watching this video I feel so bad for the person at 6:00 and just want him to throw up...

  • I Am The Plant
    I Am The Plant Day ago

    “Hunny I brought you some lemonade”
    Me: Thank you I need this

  • Valeria :D
    Valeria :D Day ago

    I feel like overworkers often come from strict parents who always used to be hard on you in school and with extracurriculars

  • Tiffany Tam
    Tiffany Tam Day ago

    Person:I’m gonna kill myself.
    Jaiden:no not yet!
    You need sunscreen first...

  • Poppy Rose
    Poppy Rose Day ago

    Yeah I do the same thing because I'm write a comic book series, but it's just me and I don't trust anyone else to ink or anything, AND I do it all by hand so it's just me working myself to death, and most of the time I do it instead of important homework I should be doing.

  • Magical Doge
    Magical Doge Day ago

    Koreans be like:

  • Jonah Casabella
    Jonah Casabella Day ago

    that mfer is the Stardew Valley protagonist isn't he?

  • AshBurn66
    AshBurn66 Day ago

    But you are working 3:15

  • CyberGalaxy Dragon525

    Jaiden that means your a workaholic(not trying to be mean)

  • rilluma
    rilluma Day ago

    can we have sex before die

  • Jhonny
    Jhonny Day ago

    3:40 well...

  • Flower Cookie
    Flower Cookie Day ago

    I come Back to this video every year right when its Time to remind myself i should not pull all nighters and keep slowly killing myself and so should everyone else

  • MLBFCollection
    MLBFCollection Day ago


  • MLBFCollection
    MLBFCollection Day ago


  • Mark Hashman
    Mark Hashman Day ago +1

    Raise your hand if you physically raised your hand when Jaiden finished her 'raise your hand if...' spiel.
    (raises hand)

  • Sarah Rau
    Sarah Rau Day ago

    Sometimes I think I’m the only one who went the other way. If something took an unreasonable amount of effort, I’d just... not do it. Or half ass it, at best. Four hours of homework a night? How about... NO homework? Eh? Eeehhhh? Yeah, that was nice. GAMES. Yeah.

  • Filip & Didrik
    Filip & Didrik Day ago


  • Raneem Aka Noomii

    Look i just forced myself to finish my researches and honestly this is helling me after this

  • Yunco Heart
    Yunco Heart Day ago

    Meanwhile, I am like...
    ‘Do work’

  • Galaxy Light
    Galaxy Light Day ago


  • anime JP
    anime JP Day ago

    I overwork for 10 days to complete my game level

  • Nicola Boyd-Parry

    Oof my sister has depersonalization on a regular bases. it's horrifying. She's still afraid of mirrors. It's an anxiety thing

  • Mạnh Đức Trần

    0:11 A great way to talk about your past diorders, well done!
    Well, I am 15 and raising my hand

  • Foxy {Girl,cute,short,bisexual,collar on}

    all I hear is "it's ok" by Endigo -w-

  • Lol333r Plays!
    Lol333r Plays! Day ago

    *-N O T O N T H E C A R P E T-*

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Day ago

    Never happened to me. I think I'm just too lazy to to work this much and don't care enough about the consequences.

  • Narrowbobert 555

    Raises his hands

  • devastator006
    devastator006 Day ago

    Wait, was that GinjaNinjaOwO? Also damn this video hit the nail on the head, especially for third shifters. Awesome video.

  • LegoSonic SpinDash2.0

    I'm in 7TH GRADE and I'm already in burnout

  • chang yang
    chang yang Day ago

    Whenever I over work myself I become all loopy and start to do more eccentric things and talk to myself.

  • Blyved
    Blyved Day ago +1

    Literally everyone: you need atleast 6 hours of sleep

  • Clasher3000
    Clasher3000 Day ago

    Yeah a relationship

  • Adeeb Md
    Adeeb Md Day ago

    I wish i entered art school
    Im jealous where it feels like side work but its real work and atleast we feel happy about it
    But then again it still feels the same like your chocolate analogy

  • Starinq at The SUN
    Starinq at The SUN Day ago +1

    *Raises hand up*

  • CalamitasDeus
    CalamitasDeus Day ago

    I have a dissertation to summarize, a formal proposal to write and present, I never learned self-care (nor am I interested, I'll get there below), and I genuinely would not mind at all if I got run over by a car or injured or murdered.
    I have wanted to die for the past fifteen years. I don't see the purpose of self-care. I don't deserve it and dying sounds fucking cathartic right now. "You can be anything you want to be" other than dead, apparently. I've seen everything this world has to offer and I want OUT.

  • Jonah Clements
    Jonah Clements Day ago

    The worst thing is working while traveling between opposite time zones, as your brain doesn't even let you sleep, so you decide, "Oh, I should spend this restless night working!" and your brain can't even tell you no with sleep.

  • Adrian Laulajainen

    First eleven seconds of the video, could you please repeat yourself? Slowly?

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L Day ago +1

    She looks and sounds like Hange from AOT at 5:18

  • G.A.M Central
    G.A.M Central Day ago +1


  • lucas oliver zacharias

    *laughs in procrastination*

  • Anime_gachalover :3

    Raises millions of hands

  • ItsMeDoge Gaming


  • Alan Sanchez
    Alan Sanchez Day ago

    I'm a procrastinator so i dont think my brain would ever succumb to think like this or force me to over work cus i'm pretty lazy😪

  • BlackWatch Squshyturtle 115


  • Maiky _Z
    Maiky _Z Day ago

    I am Peruvian, but I love you.😍😍😍😍

  • Travyboi Cinemas

    Don't work harder work smarter