The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • i feel like die

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  • I play Games
    I play Games Hour ago

    Adults don’t realize how much students deal with this. I’m in 6th grade and if you look at our classroom, (anyone of 7 of the classes) everyone including teachers, have some foe of circles under their eyes. Black, purple, even some gray.

  • SuperSirex127
    SuperSirex127 Hour ago

    Not relevant but I got an ad about aids on this video

  • Trini Tech
    Trini Tech Hour ago

    Jaden u da best

  • Phoenix Halo
    Phoenix Halo 2 hours ago

    No you dofe that's a horribly idea you need sunscereeen sunscreeeeeeen working i could be working harder don't unwork your self

  • Off 19
    Off 19 3 hours ago

    6:42 her arm is detached

  • Leo Matriccino
    Leo Matriccino 4 hours ago

    I have like 1 REAL friend :( or :) probably :(

  • OcEaN sAuCe
    OcEaN sAuCe 4 hours ago +1

    Oh I love it when I enslave myself for obtaining a letter to determine my future! It’s amazing!

  • ßęxį çhąņ
    ßęxį çhąņ 4 hours ago

    me encantan tus videos me gustaria que hisieras en español o tratando hablar en español

  • The Gaming Cactus
    The Gaming Cactus 7 hours ago

    I can relate! . . . Sorta. . . Maybe. . . Kinda. . . Nah. . .

  • The gaming hokage
    The gaming hokage 8 hours ago


  • Diamond Slasher
    Diamond Slasher 8 hours ago

    Not true but exactly true

  • The fire king
    The fire king 9 hours ago


  • Haksrac Haksrax
    Haksrac Haksrax 11 hours ago

    I dont have friends and I am lonely but okay.

  • michael åhlfors
    michael åhlfors 12 hours ago

    more self-care or mental health!

  • ItzLia Gacha
    ItzLia Gacha 15 hours ago +1

    I feel like *die*

  • Kawaii_girl _333
    Kawaii_girl _333 15 hours ago

    ....... My sister came in with a Cadbury chocolate bar to eat 😂

  • Its bananna Time
    Its bananna Time 15 hours ago

    I am very werid and i like being werid

  • Fireshot AJ
    Fireshot AJ 20 hours ago

    1:42 😂

  • LanceTheMinePigGames 2020

    1:23 Is That Why I Dont See Vlogs On Your Channel (In My Saying)

  • KiTty LoVeR Gacha

    ... I can’t stop AHHH

  • Totoro431
    Totoro431 Day ago

    The amnesia reference made me scream in happiness! 🥰

  • Zeon Drawz
    Zeon Drawz Day ago

    Sees intro

  • Lucero Hernandez

    😤 okay so I have a problem, can you plez make a vid on procrastinating

  • ivan viana Torres


  • orangecraft 45
    orangecraft 45 Day ago

    4:40 jaiden: "dont ever die"

  • Muffin Man
    Muffin Man Day ago

    "doing something over and over and over and over is a formula for absolute misery" LOOKING AT YOU SCHOOL

  • OrbitX Gaming
    OrbitX Gaming Day ago

    5:11 it is boy in a band

  • Use Cøde MavRice

    I cant ho to bed till 8:00 i gotta get up for school at 7:45 .-.

  • Elissa Kemp
    Elissa Kemp Day ago


  • X-proCat
    X-proCat Day ago

    Around 1:41 is me while recording
    And at end of le record 1:45

  • Ellie Vlogz
    Ellie Vlogz Day ago +1

    Me : *hears intro*
    Yep this is gonna be relatable

  • Gettriggered _Ian

    i slep one time at 1.00 am

  • zmdeadelius
    zmdeadelius Day ago

    Thought this might be useful to someone who's had or is having a rough time (like myself did):
    I spent 2 years pretty much fighting for my health and meanwhile recreation was impossible most of the time. I was broke, weak, etc. So, what really helped, through the weeks where I couldn't hang out with friends and work, was learning new things every day. I was going early to bed and getting up early, then I'd go outside while everyone is asleep (like 6 am in the summer) and read books written by entrepreneurs and other smart people on business, psychology and self-improvement.
    This Oct marks 3 years since my troubles began. The past few months I've been slowly getting back to life and rebuilding. Which also requires a lack of variety in order to work, but learning new things and doing light workouts everyday made the difference because while every day might be the same, I wake up stronger and more knowledgeable than the previous one. Of course, I also mind my power management and don't overdo it. This is crucial. Be forgiving when your work brings you diminishing returns and get some rest.
    So, no matter how stuck you are, you can always be working on yourself and as some political prisoner had said: "They can imprison my body, but not my mind."
    All the best to ya!

  • Chococat Chocolate

    I’m not the devil
    I’m not perfect
    But I am a bannana!
    I never overwork myself

  • Ruratae
    Ruratae Day ago

    School: Has a mental health note in every syllabus
    Also school: Every class expects you to spend about 15 hours a week on it, and you have 4 classes

    Me: pls help i've been burnt out since the second week this semester and it's only getting worse aaaaa

  • Zelo Official
    Zelo Official 2 days ago


  • shalon sebastian
    shalon sebastian 2 days ago +1

    I have class at 2:30 XD

  • Joe Krafft
    Joe Krafft 2 days ago

    *raises hand*

  • foufouha
    foufouha 2 days ago

    no u

  • PxlBlade
    PxlBlade 2 days ago

    “Don’t ever die”
    *Death rate drops to 0%*

  • Sugarcream OwO
    Sugarcream OwO 2 days ago

    Jaiden you probably overworked yourself to make this video!

  • Kitkatkandy girl
    Kitkatkandy girl 2 days ago

    the first friend was GinjaNinjaUwU

  • Brian Reyes
    Brian Reyes 2 days ago

    As a 7th grader I can say this is true because this is my everyday life rn I have to finish all my homework and why am I here

  • MewisDaBestPokemon
    MewisDaBestPokemon 2 days ago

    6:44 so does drugs

  • Eloise !LOL!
    Eloise !LOL! 2 days ago +1

    The first paragraph she said:

    Me: *grows five more arms and raises all hands*

  • Jorge Alvarez
    Jorge Alvarez 2 days ago


  • Kai
    Kai 2 days ago

    Ha! You weebs have nothing on me!
    I don’t do anything because I’m so scared of failure I just wait until I suddenly get fixed!

  • Ashlynn Norton
    Ashlynn Norton 2 days ago

    *Where my fellow Hamilfans at?*

  • Crazy Tiger101
    Crazy Tiger101 2 days ago

    I thought-

  • iron cell gamer
    iron cell gamer 2 days ago

    Yay i just started college, stayed up to 3 am once, it was not worth it.

  • Hasta Roblox
    Hasta Roblox 2 days ago

    *raises hand*

  • Hadiya Waheed
    Hadiya Waheed 2 days ago

    What about James? :(

  • Melissa Waltz
    Melissa Waltz 2 days ago

    jaiden: do something to help you not get burned out like taking a break
    me:yeah i can't do that in school that like changes the lesson 3 times each hours because i have a teacher that makes the students and some of the helpers go insane and fall into a state of eternal anger

  • Sam Mok
    Sam Mok 2 days ago +2

    “Don’t ever die”

  • lol 250
    lol 250 2 days ago +1

    0:11 me....

  • Lord Ags
    Lord Ags 2 days ago

    0:57 me every second of my life

  • Angel Doom
    Angel Doom 2 days ago

    i just noticed this and, i think im right, but if im not, correct me please :3 but exercise doesn't equal more dopamine, it's more serotonin. The overproduction of dopamine causes schizophrenia, it's the under production of serotonin that causes depression and exercise produces more serotonin in your brain. :3

  • Sky the Cat
    Sky the Cat 2 days ago


  • Urban Bean
    Urban Bean 2 days ago

    Honestly I put myself in this situation, like terms PROCRASTINATING. I do it so often I hate it and I overwhelm myself. School and parents tell me this is my fault and they are not wrong this gets me down knowing I'm not giving enough I go to my happy place like reading and drawing, when I could be WORKING. Also staying up late like right now at 1:09AM isn't good, right after this I'm going to do my homework. Again this is my FAULT.

  • adam alhamrawi
    adam alhamrawi 2 days ago

    I don't have friends the number of likes is how much friends I have