The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • i feel like die

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D the only thing you should burn out is birthday candles, folks
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  • Can-O-Air
    Can-O-Air 21 hour ago

    I do the exact same thing you do

  • Da Amazing World of Bella

    It’s like a phone, if you use it all the time and never CHARGE IT its not gonna work, it burns out and dies and will only work IF YOU CHARGE IT.

    So go charge yourself :)

  • GD William kul Roberts channel mezer

    1:45 was that a poke a ball?

  • Najlepszygracz 1
    Najlepszygracz 1 23 hours ago

    My uncle is farmer and lumberjack

  • Twiplayer
    Twiplayer 23 hours ago

    3:25 Anyone else yawn?

    Yawns truly are contagious.

  • OrEo Elliott
    OrEo Elliott 23 hours ago


  • Por los LOLS!
    Por los LOLS! 23 hours ago

    *None ask you >:v*

  • Littlebit Ness
    Littlebit Ness Day ago

    But I’m allergic to chocolate

  • XxIce And SnowxX


  • Naeema Momoh
    Naeema Momoh Day ago

    I stayed up all night to watch RUclip and I slept in the bed all day

  • Crazy Cruzito
    Crazy Cruzito Day ago

    For the sleep schedule one, that’s just good in general and something some of my friends do not understand, they like stay up for hours at night (not working but gaming) and then complain they are tired, but when I tell them I go to bed at 8-9:30 they are like “dude that’s really early”

  • BunnyFab47
    BunnyFab47 Day ago +1

    500 people are depressed. 1 like=a bottle of depression pills (which will make them not depressed)

  • Intergalactic Potato

    4:40 megalovania intensities

  • tiger LPS Emily Hankins

    Yeah meme on Tik Tok

  • Squishygaming Potato

    ...Are you ok jaiden...?

  • Jaiya Garcha
    Jaiya Garcha Day ago +1


  • Jorge Alejandro Garcia

    Damn it, I'll never be one punch man then :c

  • Pax Urgino
    Pax Urgino Day ago

    I feel excluded...because i didn't raise my hand

    • Pax Urgino
      Pax Urgino Day ago

      and I'm an alien who rarely needs to sleep seriously I can sleep 3 hours and work better than someone who has slept 6 I think I'm really an alien

  • Drawing with Bluton

    raise hand

  • muhammad abdullah

    In the uk we have the opposite of the problem
    It's called P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N.

    Have you heard of that?

  • crystal webb
    crystal webb Day ago


  • ThatGuyPlaysYT '

    Number of people who can relate

  • Fortnite :3
    Fortnite :3 Day ago

  • Rosli Jantan
    Rosli Jantan Day ago

    The last thing that jogger said is what i do to myself everyday

  • Zinogre 808 Ba
    Zinogre 808 Ba Day ago

    No matter what I’m still depressed

  • Roblox Boi
    Roblox Boi Day ago


  • Alexander Pacheco
    Alexander Pacheco Day ago +1


  • whitevirgo1951
    whitevirgo1951 Day ago

  • zXCreepyDJ Xz
    zXCreepyDJ Xz Day ago

    Who deppressed????1 like pls

  • Cat Coffee
    Cat Coffee Day ago +1

    it was like that when I first found my cat Dax. poor baby was almost 2 weeks old when I found him and I basically traded sleep, food and sanity in exchange for simply trying to make sure he was fed and went potty every 3 hours. DX long story short I think I kind of snapped at my boyfriend a lot during that time :(

  • Ellie Covers Songs and Stuff

    Me: *Watching this at 12:25 AM as background noise while I work on a passion project*

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez Day ago

    *raises hand*

    Me :  ; - ;


    Jaiden:Don't work doe life away!
    Me:Lets do the exact opposite she says to do!


    *Raises hand*

  • Normal'sWayOverrated

    The opposite of this is being so overwhelmed with what you should be doing that you spend all your time doing nothing rather than doing the thing. It’s arguably worse because you feel burnt out before you even get started.

  • Ember Draws
    Ember Draws Day ago

    Did you change the title?

  • Carys Mumme
    Carys Mumme Day ago +2

    No one :
    Not a soul:

    Jaden : I haven’t slept in a week my blood flows with red bull and Zenex

  • Click_Bait
    Click_Bait Day ago

    I have a question, are you a web or just like my hero academia bc I see you use it in a lot of your videos

  • The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe

    2:14 whatever that is should have been an enderman or herobrine.

  • Willow Wilt
    Willow Wilt Day ago

    Shit that's me everyday

  • Oldies Videos
    Oldies Videos Day ago

    3:06 I thought I was the only one

  • Bad_Artist_Vibes _

    “Sharpen your tool...” 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE- HABIT 7: SHARPEN YOUR SAW. Take care of yourself guys.

  • SharkBait19904
    SharkBait19904 Day ago

    I have a solution. It may not be a good one. But it works for me. Take a beer, drink the beer, if that beer does not work, drink another one. And then repeat till you forget what you were worried about and wake up the next day and go to work. And repeat until you are retired.

  • Catte Official
    Catte Official Day ago


  • Mark Wilcox
    Mark Wilcox Day ago

    I’m burnt out, just for reference I played Halo 3 which is one of my favourite game I ever played (I’ve not played my favourite game yet) and it’s the most boring game I’ve ever played, same with spyro,
    I was pretty excited for reignited and when I played it, UGH, it was actually a chore, it wasn’t exciting AT ALL, nothing hooked me in, i just couldn’t finish the game I was that bored, and I uninstalled...

  • StrawberryMunchy

    I keep thinking of the fan song Don’t work you’re life away every time I watch this

  • Newest Boi
    Newest Boi Day ago

    no "feel like die" in the halls

  • lynnarndt
    lynnarndt Day ago

    I live in LA too

  • Frustrated Gamer

    Jaiden:don't die from burnout or don't die in general
    Me:don't die?! That sounds like the walking dead

  • Multimleat ml
    Multimleat ml Day ago


  • AJthingz youtube

    Jaiden: let's say you like chocolate.
    Me: I do like chocolate.....
    Jaiden: NO ONE ASKED YOU!
    Me: Sigh

  • ChillyChase's unboxings & reviews

    *I feel like die*

  • Death Pixel
    Death Pixel 2 days ago

    Ok i know this is stupid. But i solve rubiks cubes. Yes its dumb. But i overdo it. I have stayed up for HOURS trying to get better. Just for me to just get worse as i am so tired. I wake up the mext morning. Do the same thing but worse cause im tired.

  • Anima8Boi
    Anima8Boi 2 days ago

    That’s me when I have 1 more day to do a lot of homework.

  • Nostalgia Corp.
    Nostalgia Corp. 2 days ago

    yes i often want to dead

  • Abood 2019
    Abood 2019 2 days ago

    1:44 when your trying to memorize a very important speech and then people interrupt you and you forgot everything you memorized for a week

  • Tirza Kharisma
    Tirza Kharisma 2 days ago

    I burn out. No secret. I have been eating chocolate all the time but still holding them all in, not vomitting.

  • xXShadow_ WispXx
    xXShadow_ WispXx 2 days ago

    *slowly raises my hand*
    I'm working on breaking the habit though

  • Sleepy Shu
    Sleepy Shu 2 days ago +1

    *when you’re already depressed so you could pull a all nighter anyway but it doesn’t matter cuz you don’t wanna work anyway*

  • Hannah Spencer
    Hannah Spencer 2 days ago

    I agree with jaden. I am in school and after a few weeks I get so sad and snappy at everyone. It is so horrible.

  • ItsLionCraft06
    ItsLionCraft06 2 days ago

    i'm 11 and i have an exercise of
    100 PUSH UPS!!!!
    100 SIT UPS!!!!
    AND A 100 SQUATS!!!!!
    and yes this is inspired by one punch man and boy do i gotta say the first time you do this you will wake up tomorrow with a arm pain in both of your arms and you just can't
    move your arm cuz it just hurts a lot and takes some days to heal don't worry the pain isn't you breaking your arms its your arms rebuilding themselves i know because it happened
    aNd i"M sTiLl dOiNg tHiS
    also i'm not doing all these in the first days i'm just like building up to more and more of the exercises like that

  • xxKawaiiPopxx
    xxKawaiiPopxx 2 days ago

    Say your a sad lonely person,
    “I am a sad and lonely person”

  • Mr FoamFlop
    Mr FoamFlop 2 days ago


  • Geovanni Botticella
    Geovanni Botticella 2 days ago

    Happy to hear you moved to LA now you can die of a heat stroke here

  • Vince AndMax
    Vince AndMax 2 days ago

    Reminds me of the time I went 94hrs without sleep with 0 energy drinks and all willpower. Why? I wanted to see how long I can last.
    Funny enough after the 70th hr I started seeing things that I would expect to see in a dream. At 94, I got acute narcolepsy, fell on my living room floor and slept for 34hrs straight. My dog being the one that woke me up begging for food. Oh and, that was during my college years.

  • Alicia Star
    Alicia Star 2 days ago

    *answers questions* Jaiden: No OnE aSked YoU

  • Jorge Chan
    Jorge Chan 2 days ago

    I was eating chocolaate while watching lol

  • dogegamers2019
    dogegamers2019 2 days ago

    Kill work

  • Tigerlenley10
    Tigerlenley10 2 days ago

    i go to la all the time

  • dogegamers2019
    dogegamers2019 2 days ago

    Play video games