• Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • Hi Guys!!! Requested video for Fire Noodles with NO CHEESE! I know not everyone likes to see the famous cheese combo. So here you guys go for all you non cheese lovers or for those who are just tired of seeing cheesy noodles LOL. Love you guys!!
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  • Bryant Shiraki
    Bryant Shiraki 29 days ago

    Dose your daughter get in trouble

  • Mango Tango 。。。。
    Mango Tango 。。。。 2 months ago +6

    Phan: *Eats fire noodles like a pro*

    Americanos: AUGH! *gags and throws up*

  • mis kzt гүлназым

    And very good

  • mis kzt гүлназым

    Wow interesting and 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • cami perez
    cami perez 2 months ago +1

    Soy la única aquí y es de mexico..?💖😊

  • Creative Crochetlicious

    Woooow 😊😋

  • Creative Crochetlicious

    Mmmmm you always make everything you eat look appetising 😋🤤

  • Creative Crochetlicious

    Hiiii Phan 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Rachael Victory
    Rachael Victory 2 months ago

    I want to see your face

  • Rachael Victory
    Rachael Victory 2 months ago

    I like to hear when u eat your brilliant 🤣🤣 sometimes I say stupidness so please don't mind me

  • Jade Cierra
    Jade Cierra 2 months ago

    Wwwhhhhhaaatttty.... Nothing is spicy enough for You 😁😁 thank u for no cheese version.

  • Mashal Jeelani
    Mashal Jeelani 2 months ago

    I request you plzz try pakistani food okay its my order 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Eating with Shadia
    Eating with Shadia 2 months ago

    Look at that egg YUMM

  • 「 floraox 」
    「 floraox 」 2 months ago +1


  • Keisha Rono
    Keisha Rono 2 months ago

    that looks good,i wish i could try it🙃💗
    that sticky sound sis i love it💗

  • Payal Das
    Payal Das 2 months ago

    tried chicken feet u doing well as always😊😊😊😊

  • Ayesha Aman
    Ayesha Aman 2 months ago

    I'm obsessed with your noodles videos.. Love from India

  • Vy Nguyễn
    Vy Nguyễn 2 months ago


  • Andrieah Jessica
    Andrieah Jessica 2 months ago

    Hi guuuuuyyyyyssss!!!! Pls appreciate small youtubers!❤️
    Sub to sub?👋

  • Isabella Peek
    Isabella Peek 2 months ago

    Wow looks sooooooo good 😍

  • Gracia Stefy
    Gracia Stefy 2 months ago

    Look so yummy😋

  • FzhAmsy _09
    FzhAmsy _09 2 months ago

    2:47 - 2:49
    What happend? 😂

  • 海月umitsuki春haru
    海月umitsuki春haru 2 months ago


  • Foodie Forever
    Foodie Forever 2 months ago

    Loving this new angle and editing!

  • Giri Iri
    Giri Iri 2 months ago


  • Tara Bleau
    Tara Bleau 2 months ago

    I went for the first ever to an Asian market in Everett. And besides accidently ignoring a man bowing at me( its 10 pm and I have been thinking about this all day and I'm back home just apologetic for being unintentionally rude). I picked up a cute bowl with chop sticks 6.00 and some spoons to drink the broth .99 and black bean noodles which I'm excited to try. Beating myself up also I didn't pick up some pickled radish to try and I couldn't figure out the right rice cakes because I can't read the label lol. I should of went back and apologized to the man

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      Tara Bleau awww don’t be so hard on yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. The man bowing at you is just showing his culture and I’m sure he doesn’t expect you to instantly respond. Your an amazing person and for you to keep this on your shoulders shows how caring you are. Next time when you visit there you’ll be prepared on how to respond to him 💖. I hope you enjoy your noodles!! 😘😘😘

  • Beauty by Janiah
    Beauty by Janiah 2 months ago

    I miss the burgers 😫

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      Beauty by Janiah I’ll bring them back soon!!! Promise! 😘😘😘😘

  • Amy Littlefield
    Amy Littlefield 2 months ago


  • Cờ tỷ phú Zing play

    Can you vietsub

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      Văn Lữ hi ban! đang ăn mì cay. thịt gà và thịt lợn kim chi rất ngon 🥟😋

  • Clairebear Eats
    Clairebear Eats 2 months ago +1

    noodles & dumplings are the best combination :)

  • Ada P
    Ada P 2 months ago

    Such a great combo! That runny egg is reminding me of eggs Benedict, please do some breakfast videos!

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      Ada P I love breakfast!!!!

  • Lasharra Trammell
    Lasharra Trammell 2 months ago

    Those noodles looks delicious 😋

  • Holly xx
    Holly xx 2 months ago

    Omg ur new camera is amazing!!

    • Holly xx
      Holly xx 2 months ago

      @ASMR Phan we love the quality it makes ur videos so much more enjoyable!!💕

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      Holly Curedale trying to play around with the editing. Hope you guys don’t mind LOL

  • really really
    really really 2 months ago

    i have no words....

    they look all so delicious🤑

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      if ya really really love me malhaejwo 😘😘😘😘

  • Sadia islammou
    Sadia islammou 2 months ago +1

    U r my favourite asmr

  • lopez montanez
    lopez montanez 2 months ago

    This Dish looks so freakin Declious🤤👍

  • Nena ASMR
    Nena ASMR 2 months ago +1

    That sounds so yummy!! Noodles and dumplings make a great combo 😄💕

  • Alajah Clayton
    Alajah Clayton 2 months ago +2


  • Valeria Peña Villablanca
    Valeria Peña Villablanca 2 months ago +1

    Mmmmm eso se ve esquisito !!! 👌 Ñam ñam me dió hambre ,las pastas son mis favoritos ,se ve todo delicioso👍 saludos Desde STGO de chile

  • Quyen Nguyen
    Quyen Nguyen 2 months ago


  • sssprinkle ASMR
    sssprinkle ASMR 2 months ago

    Love everything on your plate 😊🤤

  • Caroline Nguyen
    Caroline Nguyen 2 months ago

    Great combo sis I love the cucumber kimchi also.

  • XxAlisha_ x
    XxAlisha_ x 2 months ago +1

    Seriously this morning I tried to cook some fried egg, yours looks soooo perfect🥰🥰 but..when I tried to flip it all the yolk fell out😅😖😢 lmaooo enjoyy your food😘😘

    • XxAlisha_ x
      XxAlisha_ x 2 months ago

      ASMR Phan ohhh ok lol

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      XxAlisha_ x awe that’s why I never flip my eyes unless I’m doing the kids eggs. I just put a lid to cook the top if I want to

  • abhi 's dream
    abhi 's dream 2 months ago

    Can you use head phones for the sound it will be good

  • Londain ASMR
    Londain ASMR 2 months ago +1

    Nice sounds 😌😋

  • Thanh Ha
    Thanh Ha 2 months ago

    ive never eaten dumplings before and i really want to try them but i don't know where to get them!!😭😭

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      Thanh Ha I guess it depends on where you live. They sell dumplings everywhere here. You can make them too. It’s pretty simple just time consuming

  • EliFoodie ASMR
    EliFoodie ASMR 2 months ago

    My favourite combo platter 😋

  • Blackbird ASMR
    Blackbird ASMR 2 months ago +2

    All the sounds are amazing!!!! 🖤🖤🖤

  • blueberry animations
    blueberry animations 2 months ago +1

    Literally just got done eating some spicy ramen

  • Tasha Smith
    Tasha Smith 2 months ago +1

    What a delicious looking meal! Thanks for sharing! 😍

  • dramatic_ eyesglozzz
    dramatic_ eyesglozzz 2 months ago

    So delicious😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Suman Bihari
    Suman Bihari 2 months ago

    Can i have the dumplings on my plate please? 😂😂😂😂😂
    Btw, i love your asmr.

    • Suman Bihari
      Suman Bihari 2 months ago

      ASMR Phan if you can 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      Suman Bihari 🥟 just one? Lol

  • Esmeralda Mendoza
    Esmeralda Mendoza 2 months ago


  • Tulan Katyl
    Tulan Katyl 2 months ago +1

    I live vicariously through your videos. Drooling bad.

  • Mrs Ali
    Mrs Ali 2 months ago

    People who love to eat they always the best people yeh phan yeh ur right am talkin about u gurl!😋😘

    • Mrs Ali
      Mrs Ali 2 months ago

      @ASMR Phan oh ya oh ya me too am part of ya! LOVE FOOD😉

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      Mrs Ali yes!!!!!! Love all my foodie fam!

  • Gosala Mouni
    Gosala Mouni 2 months ago

    That is dam combination 😋 so spicy 😱😱

  • Chunitta Tunstall
    Chunitta Tunstall 2 months ago +1

    If wasn’t for the microphone we wouldn’t hear them🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔my point all that smacking🤨🤨🥴🥴🥴👎🏽

    • Walice Alice
      Walice Alice 2 months ago

      Watch SAS Asmr then!!!

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +2

      Chunitta Tunstall if it wasn’t for the mic there would be no sound at all lol!! I eat however is natural to me. Smacking or not. Sorry if this wasn’t enjoyable for you to watch. Hope you find something that’s more for your liking. Take care! 💖

    KATOUSOW EATS 2 months ago

    You are making a pregnant woman hungry Phan! Your channel just gave me an idea for lunch 💡😩😩😂😂

      KATOUSOW EATS 2 months ago

      ASMR Phan Yeh I’m sure specially twins it is no joke. I am dealing with mine too I can’t have spicy food sucks! Or would love to have these fire noodles right about now lol.

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      KATOUSOW EATS make sure you have something to counter the spice! I had so much heartburn when I was pregos with the twins 😭

  • utsa ghosh my videos
    utsa ghosh my videos 2 months ago

    And momo also

  • utsa ghosh my videos
    utsa ghosh my videos 2 months ago

    Ohhh yumm I love sunny side up

  • Indalay ASMR
    Indalay ASMR 2 months ago

    🙆🏻‍♀️💗that’s how I like my eggs too! Love this

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      Indalay ASMR 😘😘😘😘 yummy in my tummy!

  • Sophie the cute kitten
    Sophie the cute kitten 2 months ago +2



  • Fatima Kromah
    Fatima Kromah 2 months ago

    ooooo i love how you present the food so beautiful and neatly 💫

  • Saudi ASMR
    Saudi ASMR 2 months ago

    amazing as alway Phan

  • Mother's Recipe
    Mother's Recipe 2 months ago +1

    lovely foods😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Plush Furr
    Plush Furr 2 months ago

    The different sounds r awesome! Luvit 😍😍 😍😍 😍

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      plush furr yaaaassssss!!!!!

  • عنيدهہ وگلآمـي مـآعيدهہ بشـرى

    ب0:44 حرآمـ تنفخي على آلآگل

  • vuitton
    vuitton 2 months ago


    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      n1ewiasta aren’t those filled with potatoes tho?

  • Frab Eats
    Frab Eats 2 months ago

    Omg soo yummy 😍😍😢 lol i want it

  • Jeetun vidhi
    Jeetun vidhi 2 months ago

    Hi sis i hope you good i just change my name on youtube oulala that noodles seem so spicy just like mom cooks it at home sis did you see that you almost gotta hit 1000 likes on this video

  • Sowmiya Prabu
    Sowmiya Prabu 2 months ago +1

    Your food always looks delicious

  • I’m Monica
    I’m Monica 2 months ago

    Hey phan, there’s a black screen moment at 2:48 hehe. No hate just informing ❤️❤️❤️

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      I’m Monica hmmm I wonder what happen during the uploading process. I double checked the video beforehand too 😭. Thanks love!

  • I’m Monica
    I’m Monica 2 months ago

    Love you 3000 (who understood that reference)

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      I’m Monica #iloveyou3000

  • Anh Linh
    Anh Linh 2 months ago

    Where are you from
    I really love you so much❤️❤️❤️

  • Olga Titova
    Olga Titova 2 months ago

    Я одна здесь русская😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tina Yang
    Tina Yang 2 months ago

    Yummy! 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍

  • sara Mahhane
    sara Mahhane 2 months ago

    Hi phan can you make another fruit platter asmr thanks

  • Tabassum Prioty
    Tabassum Prioty 2 months ago +1

    Ohhh yummmm !!!!! I'm hungry now !!!! Keep growing Phan !!!❤❤😗😗

  • roshan lal
    roshan lal 2 months ago +24

    My ears are satisfied but my stomach is not satisfied!!😒

    • Jc Roxas
      Jc Roxas Month ago

      roshan lal lol same here

  • M i a T r a n
    M i a T r a n 2 months ago

    These go GREAT with each other

    TRU-ASMR 2 months ago +3

    Omg that plate looks sooo good ☺️☺️🤤

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 months ago

    I liked the new "style"? Freezing the video to show us!! ☺

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      Sarah yayyyy just playing around and trying new things 😘

  • RoxyGirl ASMR
    RoxyGirl ASMR 2 months ago +2

    Your Fire Noodle Dumplings Looks so FIRE OMG I LOVE the SWEET Sounds🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • shakti kumar gupta
    shakti kumar gupta 2 months ago

    Oh yaaa i am early so happy god bless you asmr phan

  • Shruthi _.
    Shruthi _. 2 months ago

    Indian food pls.. N lexi too

  • Maheen Siddiqui
    Maheen Siddiqui 2 months ago

    Delicious Spicy kimchi , noodles & Dumplings my weakness & fav

  • Queenie Cescaa
    Queenie Cescaa 2 months ago

    Is it spicy 🌶 or not?

  • Jhilick Naskar
    Jhilick Naskar 2 months ago

    Omg this sounds and looks amazing!!!!!!!

  • Nala
    Nala 2 months ago

    You soothe me down again mama phan ❤️

  • Lily Opeña
    Lily Opeña 2 months ago


  • dexcah 69
    dexcah 69 2 months ago


  • حسن الساعدي
    حسن الساعدي 2 months ago

    I Live in Iraq were you live I Love you

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago

      حسن الساعدي I live in the states 😘

  • Anusha Roka
    Anusha Roka 2 months ago +10

    Dumpling is my fav 😍😍❤️
    Here,we call it mo:mo
    it looks delicious 😃😃

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  2 months ago +1

      Anusha Roka ohhh so cuten momos lol

  • 김예슬
    김예슬 2 months ago


  • Khadija Dildar
    Khadija Dildar 2 months ago

    Love u mam

  • QuickBite Pham
    QuickBite Pham 2 months ago

    Good morning from Texas! 😊🌞🌸
    I literary eat fire noodles everyday!
    But I’ve never tried it your way. I really need to try it, cause that looks good and good component to make it less hotter lol 🔥🔥ps you should totally do at least one video with you speaking Vietnamese only!

  • HQ Girl
    HQ Girl 2 months ago


  • Varvaretta Alexandrova
    Varvaretta Alexandrova 2 months ago +4

    4817 7602 3077 5268 - отправьте пожалуйста мне денеег на камеру🙏🏾🙏🏾😂😂 буду сидеть перед камерой и смачно кушать😋😋😂