14 Buns You Need to Try at a Chinese Bakery

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Автор Karsten Ngai-Natsuhara ( назад)
Huh. I've got a Chinese bakery at my local mall, and I ordered like 9 buns for a long weekend. I didn't like the tuna bun they had, but man, was that a fun weekend

Автор DDG LivesWell ( назад)
I've never eaten at a Chinese Bakery.
Mikey when I come to to NY. I will follow you, Dan and Yi anywhere. The food looks unbelievable and hanging out with you guys would be soooo fun.

Автор GW McCauley ( назад)
I have had the first 3 buns, the ufo one I called the holly grail of hot dogs. I want the tuna bun.

Автор J Huang ( назад)
If you're in Japan next time, look for bakeries that allow for all you can eat on site. Chinese bakeries got its influence from Hong Kong and Japan too.

Автор Da 0-0 Dart Monkey ( назад)
but everything has "fat"

Автор Da 0-0 Dart Monkey ( назад)

Автор Da 0-0 Dart Monkey ( назад)

Автор Da 0-0 Dart Monkey ( назад)

Автор Jennifer Joni Jaffery ( назад)
Seriously, love the way u talk coz u maintain such a poker face, ppl an actually believe whatever u say man! And has anyone ever told u that you look like Jackie Chan!!

Автор Mistylilac Misty ( назад)
Ohhhhh, I luv taro in everything!!!!!!!! & pandan waffles sold in Asian dessert boba places.

Автор Sarina P ( назад)
Mike, with how much you come here to Las Vegas, have you been to Diamond Bakery in Chinatown? After watching this video I think you need to.

Автор sushiboats ( назад)
I am so hungry.....

Автор xShadowGengarx ( назад)
ball-tastic lol

Автор Orange Fender ( назад)
Growing up in Manhattan china town as a kid, after school would always go and get a taro bun :) funny to see this on the internet. Thinking back to my childhood when no one knew about this stuff besides Chinese people because there was no world wide web in 1989.

Автор Chimpangel ( назад)
I like the two roast pork bun, coconut bun, and egg tarts.

Автор Dean Flet ( назад)
Sesame ball is mine then the white bun with pork but my brother in law knows of a place in China Town in San Francisco CA that has white bun fill with sweet red beans in it and I like those as well. I like drinking hot Jasmine Tea when eating Sesame Ball and the White Buns with Sweet Red Beans yeah yum yum.🍵🍩🍰🍜🍛🍲☕

Автор cfriedel123 ( назад)
I was with you until the red bean filling. I have tried it in China, Japan, China Town in NYC, and Toronto. In all places I have never been able to eat a whole cookie, bun, or anything else with red bean paste in it. Am I doing it wrong or is it just one of those things you love or hate?

Автор Christina Walker ( назад)
a hotdog in a bun is a kolache

Автор Abi Macatangay ( назад)
Filipinos love the roast pork bun (siopao), sesame Michu round bun & the pork floss bun💕

Автор momkatmax ( назад)
Okay alert all kitties about the tuna bun! Sounds good for humans too.
Are the sweet ones not sugary sweet like Japanese pastry?

Автор izumi koma ( назад)
what is that sweet potato like Mike did not like? I cannot get that word right lol Teril, what?? lol

Автор Brighton Vlogger ( назад)

Автор Brighton Vlogger ( назад)
Hot dogs yum yum!

Автор Brighton Vlogger ( назад)
Oh yummy!

Автор Rebecca Chen ( назад)
i hate egg tarts but i love almost all of the rest of the buns

Автор Seb Gui ( назад)
i tried the hotdogs onces

Автор Sand 22 ( назад)
I can see Mike having arguement with terro about its identity

Автор kumquats ( назад)
I also like the bun with the ham and egg in and my mum's favourite is the Gai Mai Bau

Автор Cherry Nguyen ( назад)
I love the sesame bun so much, but I have the viet version where it's mung bean and it's really small. Like if you put your thumb and index finger in a circle shape it's about that big ¯\_(✿• ͜ •)_/¯

Автор Sue Jiang ( назад)
i don't know if this is a common bun or not since it's been a while since i've stepped foot in a chinese bakery but everyone has to try the tall muffin-like bun with a few sliced almonds on top. it is fluffy goodness!

Автор SM JF ( назад)
You should do a mukbang!!!!

Автор katherine louey ( назад)
mike, you're so awesome! thanks for sharing this video :)

Автор Eason Dong ( назад)
I love the "pineapple" bun I just ate two of them for lunch

Автор oohstepp ( назад)
I've eaten almost all those at my local bakery

Автор Inevitable fitness ( назад)
yum!!! I wanna try them!!! idk if I would like them all but I would try them! I made pretzel buns with bbq baby back ribs inside and they were amazing!

Автор artytoons ( назад)
Carb overload. Creamed corn bun is nice. Not cornbread but cooked corn kernels on top of the bun. Like hotdog bun and coconut cream bun.

Автор Maimuna Babou ( назад)
taro is a stable in a lot of African culture.. AMERICANGRYL❤👉mamaAfrica

Автор Maimuna Babou ( назад)
meant to say.. like heart and other bits and pieces of the animal to create unhealthy foods..

Автор Maimuna Babou ( назад)
hot dogs??? yuck Mike!!!! full of sodium and animal parts lime heart,fat, liver, kidney just everything unhealthy to create that crap!! AMERICANGRYL❤👉mamaAfrica

Автор Setsuki the Ninja ( назад)
Those dislikes… I have a feeling that those are just Asian haters lmao

Автор L D ( назад)
I went to a chinese bakery in manhattan's china town the week of Chinese New Year and it was so full and no one spoke english so i just pointed at the pineapple buns and they were DELICIOUS and warm. If it hadn't been so busy and chaotic i would have looked around for other things to try but the pineapple bun is amazing, so so amazing, love the coating on top, the color, and how soft the bread is. Love this video for introducing me to more things i can order next time i go to a chinese bakery. You're a cool guy Mikey.

Автор Miriam Hernandez ( назад)
The bun and the hotdog here in Texas is called a kolache and it's given warm.

Автор Vocaloid fan ( назад)

Автор apple sauce ( назад)
i do not recommend the sesame balls because it doesnt always have filling and i dont like red bean. the pork buns are the best tho.

Автор ᎦᎮᎯᎡᏦᏃ ( назад)
But the butter momon

Автор Christopher Harrison Dipl. Ac., L. Ac. ( назад)
If you knew how the pork floss is made you would it like the plague

Автор Inge Wenzel ( назад)
😂 hahaha...love your comments: (what are you staring at?) "to me its just breakfast"....Im always so enjoying the comments in the videos (and the food!) thanks! (you don't finish the whole plate right?)

Автор Rossana Pérez ( назад)
8:30 Ocumo chino! xD

Автор James Jen ( назад)
don't like taro buns? WTF

Автор Ernestine Blackie ( назад)
love egg tart in Hong Kong women's market .can't seem to find the same taste in UK.definetly the best.dont eat pork but saw some of the items you mentioned.

Автор telephonesrule ( назад)
Can you type out the chinese names for each bun in the annotations? There's a chinese bakery an hour from me, but I never know what is what.

Автор Panagiotes Koutelidakes ( назад)
I wouldn't have thought of that, but while it might appear weird to some other nations, the first two buns are common items in Greece as well (the term we use for all such buns filled with sausage is "λουκανικόπιτα" — literally "sausage pie").

Автор Bagus Widodo ( назад)
onde onde

Автор supercoletg Gaming,Football videos and more ( назад)
Number 1 is EXACTLY like an Arabic sausage roll just more unhealthy.

Автор supercoletg Gaming,Football videos and more ( назад)
Number 1 is EXACTLY like an Arabic sausage roll just more unhealthy.

Автор Cadence Poetica ( назад)
Pork floss bun YAAASSS!! love me some pork floss. We have a lot of these buns at a chain in Australia called Breadtop. I am also a fan of the hot dog. :D

Автор Allissa Khilmer ( назад)
Why don't you put the address in the description like other videos do?

Автор Random Mapper ( назад)
Is it weird I like buns without any filling?

Автор Futurescped ( назад)
3:11 paused went got 6 donuts now im back

Автор Amalie Laugesen ( назад)
The fist one is a pølsehorn

Автор clemontinediva ( назад)
What bakery is this? Based on the look of the tuna bun, I'm guessing Iris in Flushing? I only noticed the tuna bun recently, it looks so good but I wasn't sure about the tuna, but you've convinced me to try it on my next trip to Flushing. Personally, I can't leave Flushing without a hot dog bun (luckily I'm only there every 2-4 months!).

Автор Reinier Dominic ( назад)
Pork floss hahahaha 😂😂😂

Автор JohnReviewer112 ( назад)
I LOVE the white roast pork buns

Автор neatkitten ( назад)
Can't you get a cheese bun? With no meat in it?

Автор Banane Salée ( назад)
How can you stay fit with all you eat

Автор Catherina F. ( назад)
That sesame bun is life...for my birthday my friend, who knows my addiction to these, gave me two of them instead of birthday cake XD I did NOT complain!

Автор Marcus ( назад)
I feel ashamed now knowing that I'm chinese, I live in vancouver (lots of chinese people there), and I don't even recognize half of these buns.

Also, I think it's called Pineapple bun (Balo Bao, or something), because the top sort of resembles a pineapple.

Автор Mendra ( назад)
He eat for us people!!! xD
Keep claim and feel full.

Автор Rachelle de la Rosa ( назад)
my mom and dad always used to bring me those hot dog things from argyle in chicago and i would like 10 at a time

Автор Jalexie Lu ( назад)
Pork floss with a little bit of seaweed on a bun is amazing! A few Chinese bakeries i went to had the pork floss buns with a sprinkle of seaweed

Автор Kyle Kozai ( назад)
I'm from Hawai and one thing. I can say is I understand the fact you don't like Taro. It's an item of food that takes getting used too. It's not really a potato more like the root and leaf and you grind it into a paste. Some people would let it ferment a bit and it would become sour which is a favorite of those who stick to traditional Hawaiian food. The pork buns here we call Manapuas. Basically charshu pork in a steamed or fried Chinese sweet bun. There aren't too bad but it just depends on where you get them honestly

Автор JokeBG ( назад)
The firs bun you tried is one of the many traditional bulgarian buns and here it is called "Marusia" or "Маруся" in bulgarian. It is very interesting how two completely different cultures came up with the same idea :D.

Автор Charles Tai ( назад)
Have you tried the cha chiu bun from Mei Lai Wah in chinatown? They made the best in NY, but that was 20 years ago when I used to go there. Would be a line outside just to buy them.

Автор Maddi Holmes ( назад)
sesame mochi balls are the BEST

Автор Late Fines ( назад)
My all time favourite bun is the coconut and cheese bun, which sounds terrible but tastes like heaven.

Автор Nelson Roque ( назад)
you should come to Portugal you'll be amased about our food.

Автор Margaret Gardner ( назад)
I would love to try a bunch of Chinese baked goods like that. I know their sweets are not as... sweet.... as American ones. funny story- I have several Chinese customers are the grocer I work for who buy our French vanilla twist brioche because they say it tastes just like a Chinese bun.

Автор Fuzzy Gnar ( назад)
The sesame red bean bun is the BEST thing ever

Автор Violeta garcia ( назад)
He needs to do the 10k calories challenge

Автор PandaJu ( назад)
The bun with the hotdog inside is very common in Denmark haha
It's called 'pølsehorn' (hotdog horn)

Автор Andromeda Jackson ( назад)

Автор Andrea Koo ( назад)
did you eat all the buns for real?

Автор Sol Be ( назад)
Toronto Chinatown needs to step up their game. Some of these are new to me and looks incredible!

Автор Peace Thao ( назад)
I love the bun that has toppings on top of it, I also love the stuff bun of pork, and the bun that has hotdog on four side. Yummy yummy yummy.

Автор SOTHEAVY YEAN ( назад)
saseme mocci ball the best

Автор SOTHEAVY YEAN ( назад)
Roast pork bun the best

Автор Madelaine Thomsen ( назад)
I love men who loves food and eat a lot :D

Автор James Ma ( назад)
I hate hot dog buns they r too salty I only pick at the skin

Автор Steph Payn ( назад)
Dude do you past for like three days before eating this much.

Автор Minalikesyou ( назад)
the pineapple bun seems really similar to japanese melon pan I wonder if it tastes similar

Автор Kevin Lau ( назад)
You forgot the coconut tart.

Автор Yushan Cong ( назад)
my fave is the caterpillar bun i had in the local Holiland back home- its like a flat and really long eclair with criss-crossy stripes on it, and its filled with custard its awesome

Автор kevi smith ( назад)
You have such a healthy appetite....marry me😂😂😂

Автор Kirt Kirt ( назад)
my thoughts on all those hotdogs embedded in sweet buns are probably similar to how you feel about American Chinese food...

Автор Kirt Kirt ( назад)
i thought bakeries were more of a Vietnamese thing?
but i guess southern China is right next to there?

Автор fhmjbsxclkl ( назад)
They have all these in like every other bakery in Singapore! Grew up eating all these yummy buns for breakfast and tea time!

Автор Leo Lin ( назад)
Nom. 1 is AWSOME

Автор Lar M ( назад)
Most of these Chinese bakery have their origin from Shanghai China before the Communist took over and later on found their way to Hong Kong and Macau.

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