Single Girl Nurtures An Alien In The Sims 4 | Part 18

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 18! Chelsea is taking on a new challenge: Raising an alien baby. Does she have what it takes?
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Comments • 11 593

  • Kelsey Impicciche
    Kelsey Impicciche 5 months ago +1557

    Weird since day 1

  • Mira Bradberry
    Mira Bradberry Day ago

    " aaaww new anger child " Kelsey 2019

  • Liddy Casley
    Liddy Casley Day ago +1

    Girl names Bella,Alisha,Holly
    Boy names Mitchell Max,Dylan

  • Nick Jarrell
    Nick Jarrell Day ago

    Adreanna is a good name

  • J
    J 3 days ago

    I’m aware I’m super late, but if you do this again
    My name is Jade.
    Just a suggestion

  • å g e l e xx i
    å g e l e xx i 4 days ago +1

    8:34 if you look at elle's fase, it is stretched

  • kim evans
    kim evans 7 days ago

    Please name a baby savannah

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego 7 days ago

    1. Marcus - Olive
    2. Dominic - Brielle
    3. J Huntington II - Jaime
    4. Sergio - Alexis
    5. Lars - Miles (Renee’s twin)
    6. Lars - Renee (Miles’s twin)
    7. Craig Slater - Charlie
    8. Kim Mingyu - Hazel
    9. Caron - Eric
    10. Steven- Niya (Nathalie’s twin)
    11. Steven - Nathalie (Niya’s twin)
    12. Maria - Rosé (River’s twin)
    13. Maria - River (Rosé’s twin)
    14. Kayden - Flynn (Cooper’s twin)
    15. Kayden - Cooper (Flynn’s twin)
    16. Yusuf - Addi
    17. Craig DreamDaddy - Ellie (Dorian’s twin)
    18. Craig DreamDaddy - Dorian (Ellie’s twin)
    19. Hailey - Theo (Tristan’s twin)
    20. Hailey - Tristan (Theo’s twin)
    21. Hamza - Willow (Ginny’s twin)
    22. Hamza - Ginny (Willow’s twin)
    23. Kade - Bran
    24. Chase

  • Radiant [GD]
    Radiant [GD] 8 days ago


  • Xxgacha_cookiexX Utanes

    7:04 i knew it was rinald before she said it and she sould have nemed her chiled ron to go wit his sister ginny

  • Alyssa Reilly
    Alyssa Reilly 14 days ago +1

    Wait why is Bran naked in the back yard 🤭 15:06

  • Kevin Eaton
    Kevin Eaton 14 days ago +1

    hey can u name a girl lilac or juli and a boy marti or asher

  • Shashandra Suresh
    Shashandra Suresh 15 days ago

    Anyone here after Bran’s death?

  • Amelia McEvoy
    Amelia McEvoy 15 days ago

    Chelsea is getting thicc

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar 20 days ago

    Chelsea must be really hot to get so many mans

  • Emily Larcombe
    Emily Larcombe 22 days ago

    Name suggestions:
    For a girl: Emily (😏😂), Ivy, or Kate
    For a boy: Franklin or Fletcher

  • Flower Family
    Flower Family 23 days ago

    31:57 Did anyone see the Alien dude that Kelsey had a baby with? Because he literally walked right past the two girls!!!🤣

    VALERIE PUERTA 23 days ago

    I was literally thinking that he looks like Ronald weas

  • Flower Family
    Flower Family 23 days ago +1

    Addi calls to ask if she could come over...
    Kelsey x's the call cause she ain't care
    Pleeeeeaaaase like so Kelsey can see this🙏🙂

  • Niketti Lopez
    Niketti Lopez 24 days ago

    I love your vids because they’re amazing

  • Pets, Crafts, Gaming and More

    I gonna take my kids to the potty I’m gonna make them go till they can’t no more

  • Jasmyn Vanterpool
    Jasmyn Vanterpool 27 days ago

    I love the baby name Iris for a girl its a very beautiful name

  • Jasmyn Vanterpool
    Jasmyn Vanterpool 27 days ago

    did anyone else see something orange dropping in the background when she is looking and the radio.

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect 27 days ago

    Girl, you could have made it so the NPCs don't age! A lot less death! You still can so the rest of the baby daddys don't die. But, totally should have before Craig died!

  • stephanieplays roblox
    stephanieplays roblox 28 days ago


    *J's spirit is fading away*


    *Yusuf's spirit is fading away*


    *Caron's spirit is fading away*


  • shadow storm
    shadow storm 28 days ago

    "I don't think Chelsey is sad enough" XD

    GALA BERNAL Month ago

    9:08 Chelsea slaps her girl

  • 「Gacha」Yeet
    「Gacha」Yeet Month ago

    is anyone gonna talk about how Kelsey completely ignores her child being sad wanting attention.

  • Laura Fletcher
    Laura Fletcher Month ago

    I think Jess or Noah or Anthony

  • Laura Fletcher
    Laura Fletcher Month ago

    My faviroute is Bran

  • Dana A-N
    Dana A-N Month ago

    I downloaded all the 100 baby squad

  • Alice Is
    Alice Is Month ago

    "It's not easy being blue... da ba dee da ba die" lmao

  • Alice Is
    Alice Is Month ago

    "It's not easy being blue... da ba dee da ba die" lmao

  • Alice Is
    Alice Is Month ago

    "It's not easy being blue... da ba dee da ba die" lmao

  • emily murphy
    emily murphy Month ago

    did she say kdrama bc i love kdramas

  • Kiley Sparks
    Kiley Sparks Month ago

    Don't the alien babies count as 2?

  • Thale Pinci
    Thale Pinci Month ago

    can u PLEASE name someone after harry potter charactrers Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Lily, Draco that or the hungergames characters such as madge , gale , Clove , rue Seneca pleaseeeeeeee thax SUCH A BIG FAN!

  • Adriana Lucia Acosta Bonnelly

    Can you have a dog in the game

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Month ago

    Ellie is SO pretty and fashion able

  • Evelyn Brown
    Evelyn Brown Month ago

    Am i the only one that is annoyed that she is only making romance books, sorry to say it but is annoying!

  • Evelyn Brown
    Evelyn Brown Month ago +6

    Is anyone else waiting for her to say her intro but say “I’m not single anymore”

  • Shaun Vickery
    Shaun Vickery Month ago

    please name a girl sidney

  • Scar Letto
    Scar Letto Month ago

    Poor Bran..always forgotten 😂 but he's my favorite after eric..

  • Tom & Kelsei Travel

    The more and more children poor Chelsea has they more her thighs and hips get thic. Bless her child birth ruined her bod.

  • gay
    gay Month ago


  • Catelynn Johnston
    Catelynn Johnston Month ago

    How about “wanna join this potty train?” Chug a chug a poo poo” 😂

  • Mylie Fujinaka
    Mylie Fujinaka Month ago

    ellie looks like alexis her older sister

  • Kaitlyn Ross
    Kaitlyn Ross Month ago

    Be careful when your teens are enraged when I was doing this challenge my teen was enraged and after she aged up I moved her out and she died from anger in front of our house. It was so sad I was so shocked, I believe she still counts for the challenge because she aged up into a young adult

  • The worst player in overwatch history Uwu

    Hi it’s Hannah and serenity again so sorry if this keeps on annoying you but you just love you only like reading and watching these videos quick question is it possible for Chelsea to get diarrhoea in the sins of one of her kids you know that video I do you could do an answer these questions can’t you have you have question my friend asked at school I name is Maranda and her little sister choline they asked if you had ever had diarrhoea I’m so sorry for asking you but they really just stay like you did not say on the land comment the person when they were

  • Sierra .r
    Sierra .r Month ago

    I can’t wait to see what Ginny and willow look like

    • Sierra .r
      Sierra .r Month ago

      Ok so after I just said that it happened so yeee

  • The worst player in overwatch history Uwu

    It’s serenity again and sienaSorry I texted you again I mean posted a comment again but I accidentally Click done on the comment it might not make a lot of sense in that comment but I do mean me and Siena are your biggest fans I was going to say Siena loves Alexis the most if Alexis had a twin I think she loved him as well or her I hope and please I wish you to do this could you please make a video about this whole conversation I hope we watch it you shouldn’t my team romance novel should be about me scared teenager mean Jessica the school with a boy he secretly a vampire I need a vampire baby but the boy his name is Jamie nice to kill maybe he thought but Jessica Brown from far away with the family getting away from him but in the end he stops and they have a party and I have loads okay kids and loads of vampire kids this might be the longest conversation comment you’ve got so me and Siena are both nine nearly 10 and we have a big brother is 15 name is James but everybody calls and Joshua or Josh my parents call him JJ sometimes and I normally will Siena and I normally call him Joshi anyway back to the game enough about me at least and Siena I’m going to let Sienaand it types something now hello Kelsey if you get to Reading do you want you tonight that you want call are well my doors do you think it would be good if Chelsea have a baby I have fed the dog Siri

  • The worst player in overwatch history Uwu

    Hi my name is serenity and you should make the sime videos for a living my twin sister Siena love you just like I do Goodbye serenity and Siena PS we love you and we are your biggest fans I hope you do a video about you read out some of your comments and I hope you read out oh you know what I’m going to carry on this conversation I really like the vampire twins and Siena likesBy the way is it possible for Chelsea to have a baby on holiday in the bath or at home on the toilet

  • Frankie Khan
    Frankie Khan Month ago

    Maybe that's why Craig kept asking to hang out😭😭😱

  • Joseph Vermilyea
    Joseph Vermilyea Month ago +1

    kelsey in episode 1-10 I GOT 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!
    kelsey in this episode: d o e s n ' t c a r e i f s h e g o t 99-100k

  • starshine 14
    starshine 14 Month ago

    My heart broke when Craig passed away :(

  • Alejandra Saenz
    Alejandra Saenz Month ago

    I'm just here for the puns. :D

  • Josie Rubino
    Josie Rubino Month ago

    Can you name one Josie as a girl

  • kawaii pixel
    kawaii pixel Month ago

    ...I think Elle is the cutest one so far...just me?

  • Electric Blaster
    Electric Blaster Month ago

    9:30 She's not making much money right now.

    +$680 added to $100,000 of savings.