"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S12, EP.17 | E!

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  • Adriana Leo
    Adriana Leo День назад

    1:11 Kim cover it up hunni

  • Elina Nguyen
    Elina Nguyen 3 месяца назад

    "A big booty HOE" Scott and his advice 😂😂😂

  • sektawyjatkowa
    sektawyjatkowa 5 месяцев назад


  • tejasvi K
    tejasvi K 9 месяцев назад +2

    WHAT IS THAT SONG!!!??????? 0:08 to 0:38!!! ❤❤❤❤ LOVE!!!

  • carrie Hannah
    carrie Hannah 9 месяцев назад +2

    It would be interesting too see what they all would look like had they not had surgery

  • Make Over Lounge
    Make Over Lounge 11 месяцев назад

    what music is in the background in start ? can someone tell me?

  • Фартова Ксюша
    Фартова Ксюша Год назад


  • Margaret Mosca
    Margaret Mosca Год назад

    What's up wth this family and black men Courtney's man is fine!!!!!

  • Zuber Shaikh
    Zuber Shaikh Год назад

    can anyone tell me the background song
    someone said Shake your Hips by chronic crew
    But that song doesnt exists here

  • Sabrina and Danna Ultimate Club

    Did kim is back

  • Jared Nicolai Parnada
    Jared Nicolai Parnada Год назад

    What is the title of the background song?

  • Dina Sulei
    Dina Sulei Год назад

    stupid people for stupid watchers. Accordingly

    • Monika Sanchez
      Monika Sanchez Год назад

      Dina Sulei learn how to speak better English before you call people stupid

  • Hennie van mondfrans
    Hennie van mondfrans Год назад

    Sloerie's...Hoeren van de lage landen...Bah.

  • Tahsin OpG99
    Tahsin OpG99 Год назад

    What is this show really about?

  • Nyakio Chigiti
    Nyakio Chigiti Год назад +5

    the kardarshians are so depressing and boring ,always the same thing. I don't even know y am here

  • Daniel Keerer
    Daniel Keerer Год назад

    What education does these girls have

  • Kylie Jenner
    Kylie Jenner Год назад +1

    what is the name of the song on backgrownd

  • Shwätzen
    Shwätzen Год назад +2

    soo.... is Kim and Kylie sisters?

  • deeeeeeezzzzaaaa
    deeeeeeezzzzaaaa Год назад +2

    Kris do you have to do pouty thing with your lips at 1:40 lol they all do it and I cringe every time.

  • Libby Friedman
    Libby Friedman Год назад

    at least she admitted she overrracted. she was like the parent who makes their children pick sides

  • Shady Tyrell
    Shady Tyrell Год назад

    Wow, I always thought Kim and Khloe were the vindictive manipulative ones but now I'm seeing that it comes from Kris. I've been calling out Kim for her self preservation when really it's Kris that's the main motivator. She's controlling and crazy.

  • Mihajlo Vucetic
    Mihajlo Vucetic Год назад +5

    The background song is "Shake Your Hips" by Chronic Crew

  • Jesenia Sanchez
    Jesenia Sanchez Год назад

    wtf their lips!!! 😲

  • Dana Tito
    Dana Tito Год назад +5

    Kris Jenner is an idiot
    How can she say that to kim especially since thats the father of her younger sisters

  • Lashah Evans
    Lashah Evans Год назад +2

    cancel the show please is so stupid....

  • ivoryvignettes
    ivoryvignettes Год назад

    Gosh their Make-Up and Style is always on point <3 This season is pure eye-candy!

  • Priya Jain
    Priya Jain Год назад

    where can I watch it online

  • franky jo
    franky jo Год назад

    low key I believe Kris set Kim up for the robbery

  • Jmi Concepcion
    Jmi Concepcion Год назад +5

    background song???🔥

  • DollTron
    DollTron Год назад

    I'm excitedddddd

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez Год назад +44

    Team kris because she made these bitches and they need to respect that

  • Emilio Fermando
    Emilio Fermando Год назад +2

    I thought it says kards ketchup lmao 😂

  • pkostovv
    pkostovv Год назад +1

    chronic crew shake your hips THIS IS THE SONG :D Love them !!!!

    • Red Eyes
      Red Eyes Год назад +1

      Bitno da je besplatno

    • pkostovv
      pkostovv Год назад

      Iam Paul HEREE mp3-pesni.org/skachat-besplatno/chronic+crew+shake+your+hips+-+vova

    • pkostovv
      pkostovv Год назад

      Iam Paul im not if you want to email it to you ???

    • ysf unboxing
      ysf unboxing Год назад

      gosh why you're lying

    • ysf unboxing
      ysf unboxing Год назад +1


  • CJ
    CJ Год назад +1

    is this back?? like was it on last nigjt?

    • Ante Sangut
      Ante Sangut Год назад

      The Northern Irish Gibraltarian Brit. yasss

  • rukayahamin
    rukayahamin Год назад +128

    Ok is it just me, but scott lowkey likes khloe?

    • Dalysia Stokes
      Dalysia Stokes Месяц назад

      He doesn't have any siblings so he just see her as a sister

    • Vegan Yogi
      Vegan Yogi 4 месяца назад +2

      rukayahamin they're so inappropriate together.

    • yourstruly. anna
      yourstruly. anna Год назад

      rukayahamin fr huh

    • rukayahamin
      rukayahamin Год назад

      Ediana Ventrice stooop😂😂😂😂😂

  • Red Eyes
    Red Eyes Год назад +71

    These Kardashian background songs are always life !!

    • Mihajlo Vucetic
      Mihajlo Vucetic Год назад +11

      The background song is "Shake Your Hips" by Chronic Crew

    • ysf unboxing
      ysf unboxing Год назад +3

      do you know the song ???

  • S. Jindal
    S. Jindal Год назад

    wtf is this show?

  • Alessia Dinca
    Alessia Dinca Год назад +4

    i love keeping up whit the kardashian

  • that mauiwowie
    that mauiwowie Год назад +1

    Kris always knows what to say ;)

  • Smi-Le nguyen
    Smi-Le nguyen Год назад +3

    They're all fukn ugly bitches.except Kendall.

    • ElectricStormXX
      ElectricStormXX Год назад

      +rueexxi brattiest?

    • Smi-Le nguyen
      Smi-Le nguyen Год назад

      rueexxi n i guess they're all fukd then.lol.famous for literally nothing aye?

    • Smi-Le nguyen
      Smi-Le nguyen Год назад

      rueexxi oh reli?goes to show how much i know the kardashians.lol.i just thought cause i dont really hear much bout her outta all of them.unless peeps do talk bout her n i just dont know it.buy yea.i really dont like them.not to mention their extended family.its like wtf.kanye,blak china,tiga.wats his her face again.the she/man.man i jus mentioned the dude chick in another comment too.ill just call it bruce. and or whoever they with now.but ewww.

    • rueexxi
      rueexxi Год назад +2

      are you serious? Kendall is a freakin brat. ugh

    • ElectricStormXX
      ElectricStormXX Год назад

      +Smi-Le nguyen hahahahaha :D

  • pkostovv
    pkostovv Год назад +5

    what is the name of this theme track at the beginning ????

  • Hind Faris
    Hind Faris Год назад +1

    0:17 that moment when ur acting like ur talking to someone in ur phone

  • Vida Love
    Vida Love Год назад +2

    keeping up with the KUMDARSHIANS!!!!! sluts!!!

  • ana mariagrima
    ana mariagrima Год назад +3


  • Devany Villarreal
    Devany Villarreal Год назад +2

    mi Kardashian las amo mucho inspiración con ustedes los mi todo Kardashian✨😍😍😍😗

  • Line Jensen
    Line Jensen Год назад +3

    what's the name of the song?

    • Line Jensen
      Line Jensen Год назад

      No the song that starts from 0:10 :-)

    • ysf unboxing
      ysf unboxing Год назад

      what do you meen

    • Dynami K
      Dynami K Год назад +1

      Line Jensen famous

  • Tulip Reese
    Tulip Reese Год назад

    AND Kim was supposedly "held at gunshot"

    • e g
      e g Год назад +1

      Tulip Reese Well this is from around the time of the Espys which was July, the robbery happened earlier this month.

    • Denyra González
      Denyra González Год назад +14

      Tulip Reese this episode was filmed before the robbery

  • Rose Water
    Rose Water Год назад +5

    Kim is back? Yes or no

    • Dynami K
      Dynami K Год назад +13

      Rude Ooouuu no this was filmed months ago

  • Ivan Hernández
    Ivan Hernández Год назад +2


  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez Год назад +13

    not anymore Bruce don't exist anymore her loyalty should have been to her mother

  • mycookie54321
    mycookie54321 Год назад +26

    kris should be happy that the kardashians are still always on catilyn's side even when she transformed into a girl. it was hard for catilyn to change and be who she wants to be and now kris is being a dumass and doesn't want the kardashians to help catilyn.. I would be hurt and sas if that happened to me because I would feel like no one likes me for being who I want to be.

  • thomas cook
    thomas cook Год назад +12

    Scott has fucked all of them....

  • Gwendoline Manya
    Gwendoline Manya Год назад +112

    The Kardashian are so addicted to plastic surgery💯

    • Faith Storm
      Faith Storm 9 месяцев назад +5

      Mahnoor M you think Kendall hasn't had plastic surgery? Lmao😂

    • Mahnoor M
      Mahnoor M 10 месяцев назад +6

      Gwendoline Manya except kendall

    • Mariah Shipp
      Mariah Shipp Год назад +2

      except kourtney shes not addicted

    • Sharifa Green
      Sharifa Green Год назад

      Gwendoline Manya gg%g&b00


  • Patrica Dyson
    Patrica Dyson Год назад +6

    Her Mother was right,.

  • Adriana Garcia
    Adriana Garcia Год назад +56

    lol @ when kim is talking to kris on the phone. 1:28, no phone case. 1:20 & 1:29, phone case. probs all acting

    • Mythili Rajendra
      Mythili Rajendra 2 месяца назад

      Adriana Garcia yeahhhhhh

    • itzia villarreal
      itzia villarreal Год назад +1

      Adriana Garcia right! lmfao

    • Adriana Garcia
      Adriana Garcia Год назад +2

      lmao probably. that fail on the cameraman tho. you couldn't remember that your scene had a case on the phone and you zoom into the phone when it doesn't? (u don't have shitty english btw)

  • Norma Mireya
    Norma Mireya Год назад +1

    they worship the devil

  • Norma Mireya
    Norma Mireya Год назад +1

    there stupid

  • Cynthia J
    Cynthia J Год назад +1

    i have to say that this episode was really boring

  • Diana Dala
    Diana Dala Год назад +7

    Khloe looks amaizing! God I don't think she has ever looked this good she can def be the new focus instead of Kim

  • Saima Saima
    Saima Saima Год назад +1

    Waiting gor the brand new hehe

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor Год назад +1

    Kris just wants to be there for the man. So I understand. They gave history

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith Год назад +1

    Kylie Jhener had such a pretty face before plastic surgery!

  • Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones
    Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones Год назад +265

    I completely understand why Kris is upset but Caitlyn was Kim's dad for 25 years

    • Mythili Rajendra
      Mythili Rajendra 2 месяца назад

      Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones ikr

    • Faheem Ruķmnhyuwesdauf
      Faheem Ruķmnhyuwesdauf 7 месяцев назад

      +Covers by Michelle KPJHMFGYUOPEWASETFGYEW

    • Ardis
      Ardis Год назад +2

      +Truth Hurts Yeah it's also an opinion to think women belong to men and shouldn't have rights equal to that of a man... but it's wrong for anyone to say. So you don't say it or adapt.

    • Covers by Michelle
      Covers by Michelle Год назад +7

      Amaka joice Gender and Sexuality are two different things 😂

  • Elizabeth Rubio
    Elizabeth Rubio Год назад +2

    poor kris

  • minky cat
    minky cat Год назад +142

    Kim totally ruined her nose, it's a cookie cutter surgically altered nose, she had such a beautiful ethnic nose

    • Lola Lita
      Lola Lita 7 месяцев назад

      minky cat Yeah that's the only weirdness in her face, she just needs to add some fillers to the sides, I mean that's not too risky. the creases are too deep.

    • A.
      A. Год назад +2

      @mary I am relaxed.. but aight

    • A.
      A. Год назад +2

      @mary nope you didnt say that. and people also wouldnt be able to check now since for some reason you deleted your previous comment

    • A.
      A. Год назад +2

      @mary yeah and Kylies just overdrawing her lips..

    • Jayquon Lee
      Jayquon Lee Год назад +2

      minky cat Theirs nothing wrong with her nose fym? 😂

  • Rah L.
    Rah L. Год назад +6

    Awwwwww, snap!!!

  • RRbeauty 17
    RRbeauty 17 Год назад +1


  • areesha shakeel
    areesha shakeel Год назад +2


  • Kate Matene
    Kate Matene Год назад +36

    I love the Kardashian and Jenner fam.