Blade Runner 2049 Official Trailer #1 (2017) Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford Sci-Fi Movie HD


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  • Yu Zhao
    Yu Zhao Год назад

    didn't disappoint

  • Sanjay Entertainment House
    Sanjay Entertainment House Год назад


  • effenwolf
    effenwolf Год назад

    Ryan Gosling SUCKS! He can't act for shit. I will not be rushing to the theater to see this simply as this dildo has a lead role in it. I expect this is going to be a loser and will soon be released on cable where I can watch it in agony.

  • Mia Payton
    Mia Payton Год назад

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  • Chaitu Nookala
    Chaitu Nookala Год назад

    han solo dies

  • Alpha Playz
    Alpha Playz Год назад

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  • Yassin Abarbie
    Yassin Abarbie Год назад

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  • LFC Shanks
    LFC Shanks Год назад

    the original blade runner was shit and boring so this can't be any worse.

  • Rakesh Nair
    Rakesh Nair Год назад

    There's a good chance that Jared Leto really poked his eyes out... :D

  • Tb.Raihan c.s
    Tb.Raihan c.s Год назад

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  • Thomas h cullen
    Thomas h cullen Год назад

    Judging from the trailer, 2049 is possibly right-wing propaganda. Evidence is Joi telling K he's special (patriarchal wish fulfilment), left-wing sentiment about worker exploitation being linked to the film's antagonist, and the "Soviet Happy" text being conveniently juxtaposed to talk about society needing a wall (a reference to the Berlin Wall?). So maybe 2049 is about attacking socialism and promoting patriarchy and hierarchy

  • madisoned
    madisoned Год назад

    I knew it! Han Solo is alive

  • luke mcqueeney
    luke mcqueeney Год назад

    this is going to be a bad movie.

  • D A W N S H E R I E
    D A W N S H E R I E Год назад

    I mean there the Gosling (thats what I call him 😏) in a trench coat, and he has a gun and wet from rain and looking all intense and walking, running and standing and staring and maybe talking, so I pretty much feel like this is going to be so damn good! Obviously 😍 Oh yea, Harrison Ford, he's pretty alright too, he's done some good stuff I reckon 🤔!! LOL

  • The Boxer
    The Boxer Год назад

    Man, if Bill O'Reilly looked like Ryan Gosling, the headlines would read: " Bill O'Reilly sues women over sexual Harassment allegations."

  • Andershasgotitgoinon
    Andershasgotitgoinon Год назад

    Whatever gimmicks Hollywood pulls, I may see this for the music alone...

  • Holden
    Holden Год назад

    So glad it wasn't called "Blade Runner: Resistance" or some other hackneyed title with a colon in it.

  • Jim222001
    Jim222001 Год назад

    Ford is probably human in this. Since why wouldn't it be a sequel to the theatrical version of Blade Runner ? I doubt it's a Directors Cut sequel.

  • Camden Ryleigh
    Camden Ryleigh Год назад

    Don't know if I can wait that long...

  • Goutham Jyothsna
    Goutham Jyothsna Год назад

    HOPE Mr. Ford would not encounter an offspring here again, hitherto unknown to him...!

  • IanMaCee
    IanMaCee Год назад +5

    I wish movies would stop choosing actors that have been seen through out so many movies, I love Gosling and Ford but damn, pick a new actor so it feels like a unique and different character for this story.

  • Jacob Knight
    Jacob Knight Год назад

    Holy shit Dave Batista

  • SirHandsome100
    SirHandsome100 Год назад +2

    Modern movie making trends and style of storytelling are the antithesis of what made the original Blade Runner so great.
    Could still be fun though, but I wouldnt expect much.

      DERP-DROP Год назад

      I mean, I'm just saying; I'd be extremely confused if the film didn't exceed my expectations after Denis' filmography consisting of purely fantastic films such as Enemy, Prisoners, Maelstrom, Arrival, Sicario & Incendies. So I think it's safe to say that this will probably be one of the best sequels in film history.

    • SirHandsome100
      SirHandsome100 Год назад

      Well I loved Prisoners so who knows.

    • Brady Smith
      Brady Smith Год назад

      Most people actually in the know are expecting it to be an awards player and probably finally get an Oscar for Roger Deakins

      DERP-DROP Год назад +2

      Dude the film is directed by Denis Villeneuve. I suggest you watch some of his work if you're worried it's gonna be cliche or trendy. I'm actually expecting this sequel to be more thought provoking and interesting than the original. Also, Hampton Fancher wrote the screenplay so I have no idea why anyone is doubting this movie.

    • Brady Smith
      Brady Smith Год назад +1

      Don't get what all you people are talking about that it's gonna be so cliche and go with all the modern tropes. It looks so atmospheric and strange. Definitely no Avengers or Michael Bay movie

  • thomas marti
    thomas marti Год назад +3

    looks boring... looks like the typical movie which lacks a good story line and meaningful dialogues and tries to compensate with stupid special effects and famous actors...

    • reptomicus
      reptomicus Год назад

      +thomas marti
      Funny that the same criticism was applied to the original Blade Runner when it first came out.

    • Alex Hansen
      Alex Hansen Год назад +1

      Have you not seen any of Dennis Villeneuve's movies???

  • rocco larocca
    rocco larocca Год назад

    Cosi anno 2049 dopo anni 2149 ( Blade Runner 2149 )

  • Michele Deidda
    Michele Deidda Год назад

    Sequels are like any other movie, they can be either a benefit or an hazard, but for the producers ...better be a benefit.

  • Ziri Issa
    Ziri Issa Год назад

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  • Brenda V.
    Brenda V. Год назад


  • Rob Riggs
    Rob Riggs Год назад

    Rich Evans is a better cast...

  • Esmeralda Salamone
    Esmeralda Salamone Год назад

    "I want to ask you some questions."

  • Juan Manuel Mireles Avalos
    Juan Manuel Mireles Avalos Год назад

    pensé que era un remake, pero veo que sale Harrison Ford, entonces es una segunda parte como lo fue Tron, habría que ver nuevamente la de Harrison.

  • britbloc123
    britbloc123 Год назад

    The negative comments will eventually be lost in time...Like tears in rain.

  • Edgar S
    Edgar S Год назад

    You had me at Atari

  • samiel francis
    samiel francis Год назад

    "every civilisation was built off the back of a disposable workforce" that's truth on the deepest level

  • Felipe Ferreira
    Felipe Ferreira Год назад


    • britbloc123
      britbloc123 Год назад +1

      Unfortunately not. Vangelis isn't returning to do the score. :(

  • Ariana Papastergiou
    Ariana Papastergiou Год назад

    I approve soooo much of the cast! Damn, Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Bautista! Damn! 😍 Great just great! I' ve seen the first Blade Runner with Harrison Ford and I dare say I was not at all dissapointed. I really appreciate Ridley' s work and I have high hopes for this movie. Plus the cinematography is pure gold!

  • Henry Miller
    Henry Miller Год назад

    Yes Batista would be in this movie

  • Praxographist
    Praxographist Год назад

    o THANK GOD i had the wrong understanding that Gosling would've played a younger Deckard... instead this is not a prequel!!!
    It may well not suck. And that's already a victory ^^
    Wait... this isn't written by that Lindelof shithead right?

    • FANATIC PLANET Productions
      FANATIC PLANET Productions Год назад

      Nope. They got one of the writers of the original Blade Runner and one of the writers of Logan to script this movie. Plus, the guy who directed Arrival and Prisoners is helming this movie so it's safe to say that this sequel is in great hands.

  • Chisanga Mumba
    Chisanga Mumba Год назад +3

    Remakes, Reboots, Reshoots, Re-does...i'm getting tired of these Hollywood gimmicks.

  • swirlcrop
    swirlcrop Год назад

    This looks like a great sequel.

  • 『ᗰ』
    『ᗰ』 Год назад

    What is Young Hercules doing in Neo Kobe?

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran Год назад


  • GameR Of VN
    GameR Of VN Год назад +1

    Where is Maze Runner 3, I can not wait anymore :((

    • 項徽善
      項徽善 Год назад

      That's supposed to release in early 2018

  • Suyash Shimpi
    Suyash Shimpi Год назад

    0:41 people with Hindi skills!!😂😂

  • Ciorchinele Suprem
    Ciorchinele Suprem Год назад

    fuck Ghost in the Shell this is the shit right here

  • gabehcuoD suoitneterP
    gabehcuoD suoitneterP Год назад


  • The Fredd Aguilar
    The Fredd Aguilar Год назад

    where's the running blade?

  • Deborah Cespedes
    Deborah Cespedes Год назад

    Jared Leto *-*

  • XX HE
    XX HE Год назад +1

    Where is cyberpunk???!?!

  • saint pablo
    saint pablo Год назад +1

    0:51 is it just me or this looks really fake

  • Coviet 58
    Coviet 58 Год назад

    Drax is there? shit!, they better be literally.

  • Rafael Vasconcelos
    Rafael Vasconcelos Год назад

    111, its Mine.

  • Younglong Park
    Younglong Park Год назад +1

    I trust Denis. But the trailer somehow doesn't feel quite right.

  • ryantres85
    ryantres85 Год назад

    "All those moments will be lost in time... like... tears in rain"

  • DJ cater
    DJ cater Год назад +1

    please be good please be good

  • ThisIsIt
    ThisIsIt Год назад

    I'm so warm from that synth

  • David Popa
    David Popa Год назад +1

    oh cause I wasn't hyped enough

  • fastdak25
    fastdak25 Год назад +1

    Love how they kept the same 80s synth soundtract, even the look of the movie seems identical to the original

  • CometCourse
    CometCourse Год назад

    If anyone other than Denis Villeneueve was directing this I would have no hope for it.

  • Lazy Wizard
    Lazy Wizard Год назад +1

    The music is sick!

  • A Garancovsky
    A Garancovsky Год назад +1

    This preview is " Special "!

  • tubenachos
    tubenachos Год назад

    I liked Arrival, this is gonna be pretty good.

  • Eduardo Pain
    Eduardo Pain Год назад

    it reminds to mass effect the first 3 games tho

  • Erik Hernandez
    Erik Hernandez Год назад

    Does this have anything to do with the novel "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" because i just finished that book an hour ago..

  • Ted Pow
    Ted Pow Год назад +6

    SPOILER= Ryan is the son of Rick Deckard and Rachel

  • Tormund
    Tormund Год назад

    1:46 Me after i watched this trailer!

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA Год назад

    Batista is the new Kevin Hart

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA Год назад

    It will be just enough of a good movie to be great coz Arrivals was too nice!

  • John Load
    John Load Год назад

    leto should be the lead roll instead of gosling

  • Bec Thumma
    Bec Thumma Год назад

    I'm glad that the story is continuing and not another over written remake. Looks good.

  • CaptnButtonSmash
    CaptnButtonSmash Год назад

    Is that Ed O'Neill at 1:38?

  • Sorin Vasile Bogdan
    Sorin Vasile Bogdan Год назад +1

    I don't mean to sould like I'm complaining, I love everything I'm seeing in the trailer and I'm a massive fan of the original. But speaking of, is it just me or is some of the grit and grain missing from the look of the film? It looks almost too clean. Again, not complaining :)

  • Yanto2013
    Yanto2013 Год назад +1

    I seldom get "Excited" about up and coming movies; especially sequels, but this I am hoping it will deliver, though it is going to have to be "Very Special" seeing as Blade Runner was head and shoulders above all other films of that genre and of that time. Here's Hoping.

  • ErwinSchrodinger64
    ErwinSchrodinger64 Год назад +17

    Like the fact that this trailer still has the vintage analog synthesizers. I think the only way this movie can move forward is that they expand and go deeper into the world of Blade Runner. Don't make it sappy or feel good.

  • Black Vitriol
    Black Vitriol Год назад +1

    As much as i dislike Ridley Scott for social and political reasons he would have done a better job. The cinematography seems lacking..

  • empty fate
    empty fate Год назад


  • Yves Heinrich
    Yves Heinrich Год назад +1

    BATISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This movie is already intensive! But I think they quite spoiled it with Deckard's appearances and Ryan's character all bloodied.

  • Charles Price l Film & Photography
    Charles Price l Film & Photography Год назад +10

    I've totally figured it out. The whole "long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos". It's Deckard. He's a replicant (sadly) that was made to last more than 4 years. For whatever reason, the new corporation can't 'replicate' that, and that's why Leto's character wants Deckard. To figure out how he outlived his lifespan.

    • Zero Kiryu
      Zero Kiryu Год назад

      +Chris Moran That's actually entirely feasible (although I would see it as Deckard being a replicant that....wait for it....replicated, with Rachel). Good call.

    • Chris Moran
      Chris Moran Год назад +1

      Or, Deckard is human and had a kid with Rachel and K (Ryan Gosling) was the hybrid result. Hence the "I told you, you're special" line at the end of the trailer.

    • Chris Moran
      Chris Moran Год назад +1

      Charles Price : The RUclip Channel Hopefully. I was always of the firm belief that Deckard is a replicant (and Scott's preferred Final Cut all but says it). I don't know how else you're going to make this movie work. Scott has stated the movie is about the "search for Deckard", so either Deckard is that special Replicant or Rachel was. Even though Sean Young isn't in the movie, maybe Deckard still has that "something" that made her special.

    • Zero Kiryu
      Zero Kiryu Год назад +1

      Charles Price : The RUclip Channel I had the same theory :)

  • Mohamed Irshath
    Mohamed Irshath Год назад

    very. nice

  • Muneeb-ur-Rehman Pasha
    Muneeb-ur-Rehman Pasha Год назад

    This looks Amazing! The colors!!!

  • W0NK042
    W0NK042 Год назад

    Well.. That looked a hell of a lot better than I expected. Dare I be hopeful?!

  • panatha tube
    panatha tube Год назад +1

    I seem to like it, but something is amiss... The music for one. It is Vagelis like but not quite (quite probably because another guy writes the score... )

  • Mohamed Irshath
    Mohamed Irshath Год назад

    thanks good movies

  • Kill Sscope
    Kill Sscope Год назад +1

    Ryan Gosling looks like Tom Hardy in that last shot

  • J Lang
    J Lang Год назад +57

    Let's be honest Ryan Gosling could jump from the fucking moon and still land on his feet.

    • Mia Payton
      Mia Payton Год назад

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    • Brady Smith
      Brady Smith Год назад

      Nah cause in the nice guys he fell a lot and he wasn't landing on his feet 😆

    • Beste Karaca
      Beste Karaca Год назад

      J Lang 😂😂😂ikr

  • Larry The Fox
    Larry The Fox Год назад +22

    Anyone else sick of Ryan gosling?

    • Jesiela Murin
      Jesiela Murin Год назад

      Blade Runner 2049 ||Full Movie||

    • John Load
      John Load Год назад

      Jarren Davis its my honest opinion

    • Jarren Davis
      Jarren Davis Год назад +2

      John Load Not true in the slightest. Watch an interview, watch a movie, learn something.

    • John Load
      John Load Год назад

      Goslings a smug pretty boy with no sense of humor!

    • Ale DG
      Ale DG Год назад +1

      The actor I'm sick of seeing is Chris Pratt lol.

  • Emsiek Siekmann
    Emsiek Siekmann Год назад

    It`s still raining.

  • got tazed in the balls
    got tazed in the balls Год назад

    1:38 Drax is that you?

  • Fidda Gracepaws
    Fidda Gracepaws Год назад +39

    1:38 did I see Dave Batista there?

    • ZodiacProd
      ZodiacProd Год назад

      yes!! they should have cast him as Batou in GITS

    • Nyles Garrison
      Nyles Garrison Год назад +5

      I'm guessing Dave Batista is a combat Replicant, similar to the -Brion James's character replicant Leon Kowalsky from the original film.

    • jino y
      jino y Год назад

      Fidda Gracepaws big dave killing it

    • Luiz Carlos Junior
      Luiz Carlos Junior Год назад +2


  • Green-island96
    Green-island96 Год назад +5

    I can't tell is this movie trying the cliché-route of modern action movies or does Ridley have some trick's on his sleeves that we got hints on the trailer.
    Maybe both?
    One thing is clear:
    If Jóhann Jóhannsson disappoints, I will.. NOT leave the theater, but it will be more frustrating for me 'cause I loved the originals ost more than the visuals.

    • 나는 한국어 몰라Pedrooo
      나는 한국어 몰라Pedrooo Год назад

      Ridley? No. Denis Villeneuve. He is the director of the "Blade Runner" sequel.

    • Sorin Vasile Bogdan
      Sorin Vasile Bogdan Год назад +2

      I kind of get that vibe too. I hope it's not gonna pull a Force Awakens on us, but I have faith in Villenuve.

  • Neil Patil
    Neil Patil Год назад +1

    more daylight shots than night ones it seems

  • lildamgwada
    lildamgwada Год назад

    Roger Deakins everybody !

  • Daimeon Woolfolk
    Daimeon Woolfolk Год назад

    looks interesting,(we'll have to wait and see).

  • Melvin Chong
    Melvin Chong Год назад +4

    Why does it feel like it is substituting good story with tons of action scenes ?

  • Piotr Szewczyk
    Piotr Szewczyk Год назад +1


  • Khandar William
    Khandar William Год назад +119

    PLease be good

    • Brady Smith
      Brady Smith Год назад +2

      Denis Villanueva or however you spell his name is a very meticulous director. Even if I don't love one of his movies I still can't deny how well made it is. He made Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival, a few other smaller movies

    • leroy hilliard
      leroy hilliard Год назад +2

      yeah as there seems to be a knack of fucking up the classics lately.

      SNOOPALOOP Год назад +1

      Wipa4 lol no bad acting is bad acting. There are plenty of movies with good directors that have horrible acting lol.

    • Wipa4
      Wipa4 Год назад +2

      Bad acting is bad directing

  • Nella Crosiglia
    Nella Crosiglia Год назад

    new Blade Runner

  • Gecko
    Gecko Год назад


  • Chee Kong Wong
    Chee Kong Wong Год назад +4

    The title sucked. Where is the acid rain and polluted air?
    I just wonder if jared Leto can be as good as rutger hauer? Will he give a final speech?

    • DarkSaid TM
      DarkSaid TM Год назад

      wtf is this shit ! it looks great

    • Sorin Vasile Bogdan
      Sorin Vasile Bogdan Год назад +1

      Right? Doesn't it look too clean??

    • Holden
      Holden Год назад +2

      It seems Leto is actually reprising the role of Tyrell, not Rutger Hauer's role.

  • MrDarthBaker
    MrDarthBaker Год назад

    Is that Rachael in the trailer??