• Published on Jun 1, 2018
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Comments • 2 637

  • Jenny Jorlang
    Jenny Jorlang 14 days ago +1

    Why does he sound different?

  • bonita chanu
    bonita chanu 2 months ago

    I love watching all mark angel videos😁😁😁😁😁😊

  • Allan Uwizera
    Allan Uwizera 3 months ago

    Ya no need sorry the video you make are still amazing

  • Leah cariaga
    Leah cariaga 4 months ago

    Who tought it was comedy?

  • Tildamoa Savea
    Tildamoa Savea 4 months ago

    Mark do not apologies no need i will pray for you

  • seans lovely channel
    seans lovely channel 6 months ago

    666 Thousand

  • Fatou Sidibeh
    Fatou Sidibeh 6 months ago

    We ALL love u even if u didn't make the video no problem

  • Brenda Thompson
    Brenda Thompson 7 months ago

    We love your work! Can't wait for more. God be with you and your crew!!

  • ForkNife Fortnite
    ForkNife Fortnite 8 months ago

    I prayed for you!

  • lol gaming YT
    lol gaming YT 8 months ago

    itss ok

  • Moirangthem Bormani
    Moirangthem Bormani 9 months ago +1

    What's the problem bro it
    it's okay na but ask to emanuella if she did it

  • IzaBless YT
    IzaBless YT 10 months ago

    its okay


    Man it's OK no need to apologize

  • Darwin Macawile
    Darwin Macawile 11 months ago

    No need to apologize bro.👍

  • jAhpoy SpaiN
    jAhpoy SpaiN 11 months ago

    Calm down dude.!! AL s well.!!

  • Tasniah Ahmed
    Tasniah Ahmed 11 months ago

    mark don't be sorry it happens to everyone I'm glad you had the decency to make this video to tell us that the computer crashed because some youtubers don't even do that

  • 林蘋蘋
    林蘋蘋 11 months ago

    I want more videos 🙁🙁🙁🙁😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡

  • Rclyna Laim
    Rclyna Laim Year ago +7

    This guy is really humble, despite of his 2M subscribers he still feels sorry for stuff like this. Love from the Philippines!💖

  • M O M O S F R E I N D

    dont be sorry its ok :)

  • BlazyGalz
    BlazyGalz Year ago

    I subscribed 👍

  • FrostBit3
    FrostBit3 Year ago

    They’re so lazy can’t even fix their own computers i probably can make comedy skits every day and they do it every week smh🤦🏾‍♂️

    • FrostBit3
      FrostBit3 Year ago

      Juanzen Arcie Consorte lmao i was wating for triggered ppl to come I did it on purpose 💀😂

    • Juanzen Arcie Consorte
      Juanzen Arcie Consorte Year ago +1

      This comment makes me want to kill myself

  • A sus
    A sus Year ago

    Dont b sorry ,,mark ,, it happens sometimes ...luv u ,

  • Iftikhar khan
    Iftikhar khan Year ago

    It doesn't matter and there's no need to worry💖💫 we won't criticize at all mistakes💙💚💛💜 happen all the time people aren't all good🖤 they may try to get you off the right path💥 and try to make u feel isolated💩 people that criticize are just bullies 👿I know as I have been bullied😟😞😢 so no hard feelings we still love your videos😜👌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️also there's no need to say sorry it makes me feel sad🤧☹️😖 give us a smile🙃😛 we will pray for you mark angel we are all with you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
    *Don't let anyone dim the light that shines from within* 😇

    • Iftikhar khan
      Iftikhar khan Year ago

      I know nobody is going to see this comment but I want mark angel to know that we love his videos

  • SK's
    SK's Year ago

    It's okay brother we understand there's no need to for apologize...👍🏼

    EVIL DOC Year ago

    You know what I see? 782 jerks sitting on that dislike button

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein Year ago

    just buy a new pc boom done

  • jyuan1999
    jyuan1999 Year ago

    You need redudancy in your storage system

  • LiquidPhase1307 Phase

    We love you Mr. Angel

  • Shabnam Ujjwal
    Shabnam Ujjwal Year ago

    All the best for your next video..

  • Madhavi Kanchi
    Madhavi Kanchi Year ago

    Don't worry God is with you

  • Madhavi Kanchi
    Madhavi Kanchi Year ago

    Hi Mark

  • Sarita Fernandes
    Sarita Fernandes Year ago

    No prob

  • unarine Ramukhuvhathi

    no problem

  • *•X Masked Senpai X•*

    How did they upload this vid ... Just tell me pls , I can't have my volume up too high ...

  • jane tsenga
    jane tsenga Year ago

    it is ok

  • AK VC
    AK VC Year ago +1

    It happens for everyone bro

  • Marvel Club
    Marvel Club Year ago

    Not ur fault

  • Marvel Club
    Marvel Club Year ago

    Not ur fault

  • Marvel Club
    Marvel Club Year ago

    Not ur fault

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson Year ago

    Mark! Not your fault! I will never unsubscribe from your channel! I love your videos and nothing will stop me from loving your videos!

  • hsjsjddbggevs jjdjshshsfcssj

    Voice change?

    SV GAMEZ Year ago

    We love you mark

  • Acid Ghost
    Acid Ghost Year ago

    Dude you’re so professional

  • Alladin 254
    Alladin 254 Year ago

    Sounds like a joke

  • Wu Diquan
    Wu Diquan Year ago +1

    your sound are VERY different then the show

  • shazee75
    shazee75 Year ago

    No need to apologize to us

  • Joewin Yap
    Joewin Yap Year ago

    No worries we wont critizise u

    ISCYROS MENIA Year ago

    I love your comedy

  • Khokan Modak
    Khokan Modak Year ago

    Is ok mark angel its happen sometimes
    so don't worry

  • Ronald Castillo
    Ronald Castillo Year ago

    brother godbless you all.

  • Rubin Raza
    Rubin Raza Year ago +1

    If you cant uploade vidio so how did you upload this vidiom محارم

  • Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown Year ago

    No problem we all love and cherish you thanks for every thing

  • my name is honey
    my name is honey Year ago

    We all love mark angel comedy 💖💖💖💖💖💖

    BLITZ - GAMING Year ago

    We will pray for you

  • Rafael Gurung
    Rafael Gurung Year ago

    Hello from nepal mark .... we love your videos.. n we are always with you .. keep it up man

  • priyansh gupta
    priyansh gupta Year ago

    no prblm dude ❤

  • Mthobisi Zungu
    Mthobisi Zungu Year ago

    You'll already made a video😂😂

  • Linnet varghese
    Linnet varghese Year ago

    Absolutely the worst video ever

  • Rabin Shrestha
    Rabin Shrestha Year ago

    I thought It was a comedy video, but anyway mark angels topic is always new and bring smiles on my face

  • Krys Godson
    Krys Godson Year ago

    Am sorry