• Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • When 2K19 isn't being burdened with 1,000,000 server errors, it's actually a really fun game :)
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Comments • 917

  • Dan Jennings
    Dan Jennings 8 months ago +1337

    Agent the type of dude to blame his car crash on latentcy

  • Atilua Agae
    Atilua Agae 23 hours ago

    How he dot know u but he knew sus?

  • go commit -DIE-
    go commit -DIE- 11 days ago

    Agent has the most middle school comebacks...

  • Evan B
    Evan B Month ago

    Guys we just added this economy to the my park it is brilliant 😂 dead

  • Mac
    Mac Month ago

    Agent can also release his energy by exercising

  • Julian Rose
    Julian Rose 2 months ago

    isnag was the delayer from the ante up. He just named himself after the fact that isnag got banned

  • Adam falcon
    Adam falcon 2 months ago


  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me what agents build is

  • The Sight
    The Sight 2 months ago

    you need the dawt, the dawt don't need you you need the dawt

  • Kam Harris
    Kam Harris 3 months ago

    What's vortex @

  • Cj Shepherd
    Cj Shepherd 4 months ago

    Imagine flaming a youtuber when they make 100,000$ and you make none

  • Arctic Ice
    Arctic Ice 4 months ago

    pronounced "wong"

  • Logan White
    Logan White 4 months ago

    Agent is low key trash like I could beat him

  • Lex’s Forehead.
    Lex’s Forehead. 5 months ago

    Agent the type of guy to say breaked

  • TBG Raptors
    TBG Raptors 5 months ago

    You suck on my baby

  • Yalonda Thibodeaux
    Yalonda Thibodeaux 5 months ago

    This nigga said you need the dot

  • Tyrone Charles
    Tyrone Charles 5 months ago

    0:17 tf wrong wit dis niggq man

  • Tripple B
    Tripple B 5 months ago

    9:56 you should've payed ronnie your taxes.

  • Q2dMax Gaming
    Q2dMax Gaming 5 months ago

    Nobody peeped that this nigga Agent is share playing Fortnite 😐

  • Chase Cartwr
    Chase Cartwr 6 months ago

    Who is walid to agent?

  • Chase Cartwr
    Chase Cartwr 6 months ago

    Who is walid to agent

  • Darion Black
    Darion Black 6 months ago

    These niggas act like they just impressed some scouts😂😂

  • Slimexx ._.
    Slimexx ._. 6 months ago

    why this nigga sweat so much

  • pblackjac
    pblackjac 8 months ago

    Um.... what's with all the shouting?

  • ikerri98
    ikerri98 8 months ago

    10 mins = $$$$$

  • beats instrumental
    beats instrumental 8 months ago +1

    Make a video about NBA 2K needing to have a park twos record and a park threes record separate from each other because people nowadays think that they can streak up on twos and they are the best based off their record when two's take very least amount of skills and threes of course is more skill-based and more competitive so you should drop a video telling 2K that they need to separate the two records because people are only playing twos and they can streak as high as they want to but they're doing the same cheese no skills needed for a stretch big off the pick and pop

  • Dashawn Whitted
    Dashawn Whitted 8 months ago

    "The Dot don't need you, You need the Dot"- Still not better than legend of Dumb Dumb

  • Kenan Mathews
    Kenan Mathews 8 months ago

    2k19 layaway would be crazy

  • ChefvEto
    ChefvEto 8 months ago

    Killing them with the words lmao

  • ChefvEto
    ChefvEto 8 months ago

    The game with the hands is called “numbers”. I work with kids in a public school and we play that all the time.

  • Johnny smith
    Johnny smith 8 months ago

    Imagine sweating while sitting in a chair

  • Eric Houglum
    Eric Houglum 8 months ago

    2K is such dog shit, just gets worse every year. I hope COD and RDR2 kill this garbage ass game.

  • T 3
    T 3 8 months ago +1

    You gotta lose some weight G...look horrible real shit

  • Johnathan Ridley
    Johnathan Ridley 8 months ago


  • Long Gahn
    Long Gahn 8 months ago

    Bro this patch is garbage. Everything is slow

  • Edson Peralta
    Edson Peralta 8 months ago

    Bruh I'm sorry but does anyone realise how fat this negro has gotten like for real this boy used to look like prawn now he look like a fucking lobster

  • Uriah White
    Uriah White 8 months ago

    Agent got triggered 😂😂

  • Jacob Monaghan
    Jacob Monaghan 8 months ago

    Hey agent check out 6'8 shot creator post scorer shooting guard op build

  • TMG Josh
    TMG Josh 8 months ago

    Niggas really be playing like they life depends on it n yelling n shit

  • TMG Josh
    TMG Josh 8 months ago

    Where the little nigga u was runnin with

  • iGetBlocks2k 》
    iGetBlocks2k 》 8 months ago +1

    How come agents vc cost more? 🤔🤔

    • iGetBlocks2k 》
      iGetBlocks2k 》 5 months ago

      @Tom Hindmarsh he lives in the same country as me though

    • Tom Hindmarsh
      Tom Hindmarsh 5 months ago

      BlindSharpShooter 》 different countries

  • BlackyChan37
    BlackyChan37 8 months ago

    Why didnt you add the smack sound @ 5:10

  • Andy Xia
    Andy Xia 8 months ago

    Agent, your channel description still says you play NBA 2k18...

  • AceTheCat xD
    AceTheCat xD 8 months ago

    bro i just saw agent post a video of nba playgrounds 2 but its gone now wtf

  • AJ FTW
    AJ FTW 8 months ago

    Agent crashy lion dissed u in ur video

  • ADP
    ADP 8 months ago

    bitches about shot creators for a month.... makes a shot creator and doesn't say anything

  • Michael Blackson
    Michael Blackson 8 months ago

    Imagine not saying imagine every three seconds

  • A.J. Montana
    A.J. Montana 8 months ago

    I think we need a new jumpshot video chief

    CSN_DAVIS 8 months ago

    Bro I just laugh when you laugh idk why

  • B-ryan Chavez
    B-ryan Chavez 8 months ago

    This dude is fat af

  • FaZe Teals
    FaZe Teals 8 months ago

    Roses Are Red
    Violets are blue
    Agent stole this title from Fitz

  • boxcutta pazzy
    boxcutta pazzy 8 months ago

    Agent you're a cancer to the 2k community use to watch you all the time not no more. Get up and walk around or something

  • Miles Fatinikun
    Miles Fatinikun 8 months ago

    On Friday play Xbox with me at 4:00 pm

  • Alex Jaworski
    Alex Jaworski 8 months ago

    Agent your base 49 KD/Thompson jumpshot is amazing

  • Brad Bond
    Brad Bond 8 months ago

    hit the gym dude... im sorry but please its bothering me

  • Rodney Tackett
    Rodney Tackett 8 months ago

    All cuz ... You get payed to sit at home . To play a game that 2k bought for u....rite. if the internet shut down tomorrow . What other skills u got. Well least ur good at a game that's obsolete now. Lol. I thought games were for entertainment. U know for fun....Wtf . Bet the guy holding the camera is bedtime close with you. Lol gg agent . An no I'm not a subscriber. But I still see the shit.

  • Rodney Tackett
    Rodney Tackett 8 months ago

    Sounds like someone's reachin.

  • Suicidal
    Suicidal 8 months ago

    That Fitz title

  • Nadexe
    Nadexe 8 months ago

    this game is fucking terrible and the people that play are fucking cancerous

  • Exquizitely
    Exquizitely 8 months ago

    Anybody else remember Navy Drew

    PEERLESSxOG 8 months ago

    lmao this is exactly what TBH was talking about

  • Shoot Different
    Shoot Different 8 months ago

    What up agent my boy 😈✊🏾

  • Brady Bunch
    Brady Bunch 8 months ago

    I almost can't watch with the volume on this game chat shit sucks ASS.

    DUBBLE JO 8 months ago

    Whats up Agent Raccoon!!!!!!

  • ICE Eazy-C
    ICE Eazy-C 8 months ago

    Ok fitz wannabe

  • Trey Price
    Trey Price 8 months ago

    y'all ever wonder whats that dollar next to his window there for?

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 8 months ago

    go to a barbershop and get the fuck off 2k

  • Dante Thomas
    Dante Thomas 8 months ago

    Big ups when I get a Spidey konsole I want a match save 1 you cold though im a beast shout out !! D-tae all day son

  • Pop Punk Present & Past

    Are your friends mics made of fucking grass?

  • brianthatsthename
    brianthatsthename 8 months ago

    damn Agent, you're getting fat bro.

    SPACE NINJA 8 months ago

    Do another mygm i miss those

  • Kany
    Kany 8 months ago +1

    that thumbnail is highly offensive bruh bruh

  • Spongybob Blob
    Spongybob Blob 8 months ago

    Guys I’m looking to buy a gaming pc but I don’t know what’s a great one to get any suggestions on which is best also where can I find one I never seen them in GameStop also money is not a problem

  • Hboys02
    Hboys02 8 months ago +1

    Lose weight. I ain’t finna watch no fatass

  • Corey Draper
    Corey Draper 8 months ago

    I swear I've never seen someone sitting down sweat so much.

  • SuperCrazykid77
    SuperCrazykid77 8 months ago +1

    How is he playing with regular nets at the park rather than chain?

  • Sir Mendez
    Sir Mendez 8 months ago


    CHE FON CHE 8 months ago

    Yo agent why wear a jumper if it’s hot and your sweating

  • Billy Joe
    Billy Joe 8 months ago

    Lol bro said you need the dot 💀💀

  • Jussagud Oit
    Jussagud Oit 8 months ago

    “Yo my ps4 breaked”

  • OBK Yessir
    OBK Yessir 8 months ago

    Lose some weight fatass

  • Hassan Alsaadi
    Hassan Alsaadi 8 months ago

    Fucking Financial Aid on 2k

  • Ian DF
    Ian DF 8 months ago


  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 8 months ago

    You think if he wanted to play with you he wouldn’t be talking all this shit lol

    FATBOi JOEY 8 months ago

    No won likes to play with me cause my record my gamer tag is reddeadj124 if any of u wanna play

  • Devilish Face
    Devilish Face 8 months ago

    someone wanna tell that one guy to stop dipping his mic in his morning coffee every single day?

  • DTAY Jones
    DTAY Jones 8 months ago

    U troll

  • DTAY Jones
    DTAY Jones 8 months ago

    Agent not gonna lie your cool cause I’m real but u so corny Fr

  • Zayy Matteo
    Zayy Matteo 8 months ago

    That’s not patty cake my guy.. that’s slide 😂

  • Dat Boi Pain
    Dat Boi Pain 8 months ago

    anyone knows vortexes build?

  • TheDeeAli
    TheDeeAli 8 months ago

    Fuck do you drink chicken grease every time you’re thirsty?

  • PlayboiSerg -
    PlayboiSerg - 8 months ago

    My mans got a towel for all that sweat

  • lakeith weaver
    lakeith weaver 8 months ago

    Yoooo agent got a vid of my 6 yr old that hit a green can you help

  • Kodak Zach
    Kodak Zach 8 months ago

    Popeyes chicken not cooked yet....., LATENCY

  • Marcus
    Marcus 8 months ago

    So you going to respond to the jackbuild videos agent or you just letting it go....

  • Jean S
    Jean S 8 months ago

    Agent you should do a video with travis scoot jumpshot like is you agree

  • Shadon Medlicott
    Shadon Medlicott 8 months ago

    Anyone looking to run park or pro-am add me on ps4 ShadonFox2409. 89 overall shotmaker I play daily.

  • LilBoatie
    LilBoatie 8 months ago

    You copied fitzw

  • Grinding DF
    Grinding DF 8 months ago

    Agents the only one that trashes on shot creators than makes one 😂

  • Myles
    Myles 8 months ago

    What build is agent using in this video