Sesame Street: Ernie and his Rubber Duckie

  • Published on Jan 29, 2009
  • Celebrate #RubberDuckieDay with this Sesame Street classic!
    If you're watching videos with your preschooler and would like to do so in a safe, child-friendly environment, please join us at
    In this clip, Ernie sings to his rubber duck in the bath.
    Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric Company, and other programs for children around the world.
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  • Eloise Elephant
    Eloise Elephant Day ago +1

    0:26 Oh, 2nd of all, she dreams about...

  • Moon Yoongles
    Moon Yoongles 6 days ago +1

    Came for chan.

  • Calvin Jacks
    Calvin Jacks 6 days ago +1

    From (1970)

  • Shafira ZairulAz
    Shafira ZairulAz 7 days ago +1


  • jinsfuturemullet
    jinsfuturemullet 8 days ago +1

    i blame this on bang chan

  • Stuffzz
    Stuffzz 11 days ago +4

    99% of people came here because of bang chan
    1% actually wanted to experience their childhood again

    • Jillian Tavares
      Jillian Tavares 9 days ago

      Childhood memories for me. I miss being little! 😭

  • Raisya ARMY
    Raisya ARMY 13 days ago +4

    50% people wacthing this video because Chan stray kids

    Lol 😂😂😂

  • stay
    stay 13 days ago

    Hello fellow #ChanCult

  • James H
    James H 14 days ago

    I came here because of Sesame Street and have no idea what bang chan is.

  • Bangtan_ Insfired
    Bangtan_ Insfired 21 day ago +2

    thankyou sesame street. for blessing STAYS with this song.

  • Autumn Fox
    Autumn Fox 22 days ago

    lovely childhood songs i introduced to my daughter💜

  • iconic sunfløwer
    iconic sunfløwer 23 days ago

    I came here cause of chris

  • Miks_101 Mison
    Miks_101 Mison 24 days ago

    omg there's a lot of stays here omg HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • lisa luke
    lisa luke 24 days ago

    bang chans baby girl hereeeeeee

  • Dafina Arsya
    Dafina Arsya 26 days ago

    I came to here bcz chan LOL

  • Emma H.
    Emma H. 26 days ago


  • kpop stan
    kpop stan 26 days ago

    Say thank you to Chan

  • Ceasar Gamotin
    Ceasar Gamotin 29 days ago +1

    Dislikes are from people without a rubber duckie

  • Ceasar Gamotin
    Ceasar Gamotin 29 days ago +1


  • the negative commenter

    I only came here because the song is REALLY catchy, not because of "straykids" What is that?

    • the negative commenter
      the negative commenter 29 days ago

      +K-pop Junk ok but one question; who calls there sibling : sister or brother

    • K-pop Junk
      K-pop Junk 29 days ago

      the negative commenter and I’m not ur sister so it’s clear that I was being sarcastic

    • the negative commenter
      the negative commenter 29 days ago

      +K-pop Junk I'm a dude

    • K-pop Junk
      K-pop Junk 29 days ago

      the negative commenter search them up sis... u will be very fond of them 😇

  • Nedaj Ayaj
    Nedaj Ayaj Month ago


  • Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo Month ago

    Omagooood the power of bang chan

  • what is kkaebsong?
    what is kkaebsong? Month ago

    the comment section is literally all about chan lmao

  • Crystal Jacinto
    Crystal Jacinto Month ago

    What the new ernie is jim henson bu
    T he dies as kermit the forg

  • Nedaj Ayaj
    Nedaj Ayaj Month ago

    old jim henssssssssssssssson video but ernie sounds like kermt the forg

  • pew diepie
    pew diepie Month ago

    You stink ernie!

  • han jisung's bouncy hair

    majority of the comment section came here because of bangnaldo and im one of those a a a a a a

  • Stuffzz
    Stuffzz Month ago +1

    It’s sad that lots of people are here because of bang chan and not their childhood...

  • Juli Patricia
    Juli Patricia Month ago

    i came here because of Stray Kids' Bang Chan

  • 가미은Nana 양
    가미은Nana 양 Month ago

    Estoy aquí por Chan de Stray Kids JAJDJAJJAJA

  • Yongbokie
    Yongbokie Month ago

    *Chris has just brought back old memories*

  • i want to see skz
    i want to see skz Month ago

    Yes you know by now, i came here because of channie

  • Nathanel Edward
    Nathanel Edward Month ago

    I have my finals next week but the dreaded RUclip wormhole has taken a toll on me. If you reading this, I have passed on to the Nirvana of RUclip Videos.

  • Chan's dimples
    Chan's dimples Month ago

    Chan I know you're here

  • raisin bran
    raisin bran Month ago

    yooo he’s abusing that poor duck

  • raisin bran
    raisin bran Month ago

    idk why but this just made me really happy and I almost cried

  • Aulia Rahmah
    Aulia Rahmah Month ago

    I came here cuz chann 🤣

  • Junior Kelser
    Junior Kelser Month ago


  • Bubbly_Tea
    Bubbly_Tea Month ago +1

    The things we do for Stray Kids..

  • sσғтяωεε αεsтнεтιc


  • Sunlight 319
    Sunlight 319 Month ago

    The comments is full of Chan and Stray Kids lmao😂

  • Sunlight 319
    Sunlight 319 Month ago

    I came because of Bangchan oh my gosh this is such a brainwashing song 😂

  • Athira Yusof
    Athira Yusof Month ago

    I literally searched "rubber ducky you're the one stray kids" for you christiano bangnaldo 😂

  • BTSARMY :3
    BTSARMY :3 Month ago

    In my mind: Childhood and Chan :)

  • renjun lover
    renjun lover Month ago

    Who came back here afterchan sing " Rubber ducky your the one".

  • jelly skz
    jelly skz Month ago

    Bang Chan is that you? 😂😂😂

  • Tyreek King
    Tyreek King Month ago


  • Richelle Olsen
    Richelle Olsen 2 months ago


  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 2 months ago

    Chan is the reason why I came here😂(imagine Chan bathing while singing this😂😂)btw 99% of the comments are talking about how Chan Brougt then hear.I'm so proud of stays

  • Nia Ly
    Nia Ly 2 months ago +1

    My baby sissy love this song like crazy

  • M a i n e !
    M a i n e ! 2 months ago +2


  • Grace Woofter
    Grace Woofter 2 months ago

    Ernie the self-care queen

  • Ermyla Villaflor
    Ermyla Villaflor 2 months ago +1

    Bangchan brought me here hahaha

  • Kezia Widiartha
    Kezia Widiartha 2 months ago

    i came here bc chan gosh!

  • Alena Mintorogo
    Alena Mintorogo 2 months ago +3

    10% of the viewers are here because of their childhood song
    90% of the viewers are here bcs of Chan skz
    Am i right or am i right

  • Saskiyuu uuu
    Saskiyuu uuu 2 months ago +1

    im here bcs of chan

  • Tha lia
    Tha lia 2 months ago +1

    I came here beacause of chan

  • SwallowMulk
    SwallowMulk 2 months ago

    *all I hear is Thomas Jefferson singing this*

  • Han Drayss
    Han Drayss 2 months ago

    Ok, I've watched this until the very end, but where's Daveed Diggs?

  • Daniel Drew
    Daniel Drew 2 months ago +1

    I'm back here because of Bang Chan from Stray kids xD

  • STOP IT Productions
    STOP IT Productions 2 months ago +1

    Chan brought me here...😂

  • hyung want it ham can't eat cub DNA

    one person. two names. *bang chan*

  • Mileena Bean 345
    Mileena Bean 345 2 months ago

    my mom sings this too me and i don’t realize this was were it was from i knew it was familiar

  • Rita Volujskij
    Rita Volujskij 2 months ago

    honestly we don't care why you're here, we're just here to enjoy the song.

  • PastaDraws
    PastaDraws 2 months ago


  • orangepie
    orangepie 2 months ago


  • Kim Yumi
    Kim Yumi 2 months ago

    Does he sounded like Chan of Stray Kids or just imagining his voice?

  • Addison Maxwell
    Addison Maxwell 2 months ago


  • Life Abundance Radio
    Life Abundance Radio 2 months ago

    I came here looking for an alternative to The Oscars. I found it!

  • Miza Zamiah
    Miza Zamiah 2 months ago


  • unknown mythz
    unknown mythz 2 months ago

    I came here from Stray Kids

  • Wate Rein
    Wate Rein 3 months ago

    I know Im not the only one came here because of bangchan.

  • Kristine Mae Abadiez
    Kristine Mae Abadiez 3 months ago

    Hey Chan haha

  • POATATO ok
    POATATO ok 3 months ago

    I stroll down and see people looking because of chan from stray kids....... I came here for the same reason 😬

  • My Only Number One Chingu
    My Only Number One Chingu 3 months ago +1

    All these people here because of the one and only *_Christopher Bang_*
    yet im not gunna deny that thats the reason im here too...

  • Giga
    Giga 3 months ago +1


  • bitchslapah
    bitchslapah 3 months ago

    Rubber Duckieeeee!!!

  • Megan Dakers
    Megan Dakers 3 months ago

    Where my STAYs at?! 😂❤️

  • Lily Chong
    Lily Chong 3 months ago

    Sang this to my little buddy, my best friend’s son, when we were playing on Sunday night since he has a cute little duck to play with too. Been stuck in my head ever since.

  • Strawberrie Jam jam
    Strawberrie Jam jam 3 months ago

    Where my stays at

  • AC 고양이
    AC 고양이 3 months ago

    Sorry, Because... Chan brought me here

  • hyunjinsnecklace
    hyunjinsnecklace 3 months ago

    this is my literal jam,,, thank you bang christopher😔🤙🏼

  • Zak Zakaryas
    Zak Zakaryas 3 months ago

    0:50 That's what she said.

  • Aaliyah Roker
    Aaliyah Roker 3 months ago +1

    "welcome to chan's kitchen!!"

  • bangtanic who?
    bangtanic who? 3 months ago +1

    ngl i came here cause of chan from stray kids sksk

  • Vmin SugaKookies
    Vmin SugaKookies 3 months ago +3


    Hyunjin: *Puts a sweet in Chan's mouth*
    Woojin: Good Job!

  • cool fortnite kid fortniteFan#1

    Jim Henson

  • Ysa One
    Ysa One 3 months ago +1

    I'm hearing Chan's voice.

    CHAN: Rubber Ducky you're the one🎤🎶

  • if u read this ur triple gay

    C a m e h e r e f r o m J e f f e r s o n I m e a n D a v e e d

  • Lee Ern Foo
    Lee Ern Foo 3 months ago

    Chan brought me here

  • 현진황
    현진황 3 months ago

    I read this as Chan... Any other Stays?

  • BlackPrince YT
    BlackPrince YT 3 months ago

    Reliving this because of chan from stray kids.
    M E M O R I E S

  • I know Lee Know
    I know Lee Know 3 months ago

    Here because of Stray Kids lmao

  • Rim Rim
    Rim Rim 3 months ago

    I can surely tell you all that CHAN brought many of their fans here.....

  • Nurul Kiptiah Yusuf
    Nurul Kiptiah Yusuf 3 months ago

    Bang Chan

  • Joja Mateo
    Joja Mateo 4 months ago

    *Stray Kids' leader-nim, Bang Chris brought me here!!*
    *Rubber ducky you're the one~*

  • Han Squirrel
    Han Squirrel 4 months ago

    Because of Stray Kids especially Bang Chan I’m obsessed with this song😂❤️