history of japan


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Автор nigga what ( назад)
knock knock get the door its religion

Автор Attire ( назад)
H O W B O U T' I D O A N Y W A Y ?

Автор Bralkia ( назад)
Please make a video on the atom bomb.

Автор Pug Loop ( назад)
he had to learn the entire history of japan first

Автор Max Seman ( назад)
Does anyone know if this is accurate

Автор Rikuu The Werewolf Riolu ( назад)

Автор Aiden Swiatkowski ( назад)
Make another probably for Russia or france

Автор asheeebear619 ( назад)

Автор JmmiP 20 ( назад)
I can almost recite this entire thing by heart.

Автор Cam Bro ( назад)
Wassup weeaboos

Автор Chicken Of the Cave ( назад)
That'll teach those Asian bastards to mess with the US of Fucking A. We dropped 2 bombs because they didn't think we had a 2nd bomb. And because surrendering was very dishonorable, which is why most Japanese officers killed themselves rather than losing a battle or being captured. So after the first bomb they didn't give up. But then we dropped a second to show we were serious :)

Автор camille islas ( назад)
xD I learned so much

Автор Wielokolorowa™ ( назад)
Lol now I understand why Japan, Italy, Germany, US, China, America and Russia were the main characters in Hetalia XD
And btw I looooove this video, I've watched it many times because it's so awesome. I hope that you'll make histories of other countries :>> Thumb up

Автор Laurawantstobattle125 ( назад)
clocks, guns, and *JESUS*

Автор Laurawantstobattle125 ( назад)
clocks, guns, and *JESUS*

Автор Bill C. Papadimas ( назад)

Автор Ethan Milford ( назад)
Holy shit this is the greatest education you can ever get

Автор Julien Haegman ( назад)
Absolutely fantastic

Автор MrWALUIGI24 ( назад)
You should make more videos like this one, i love it!!!!!!!1

Автор ATOMIC 08 ( назад)
You must slow down when you tell about history. I cannot understand what do you say

Автор Silas the Nihilist ( назад)
I feel like I need 3D glasses for this.

Автор セリビィ ( назад)
much better than my japanese text book i used.

Автор Holly Hanssen ( назад)
Even though I know it wasn't, I like to imagine that this was someone's history project

Автор Amanda Joy Weidler ( назад)
Make more of these???

Автор zgialanella ( назад)
I wish this guy was my history teacher.

Автор Maria Luisa Park ( назад)
I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if you make another one. pleaseeeeeee

Автор Akira Sakuray ( назад)
Do more of this stuff please!! Go for cold war history

Автор Silica Chan ( назад)
Your a fucking genius

Автор hairstylist17 ( назад)
please make more of these!!!
so hilarious and educational!

Автор TheFabio ( назад)

Автор tuoppi tomsa ( назад)
You need to make this about other countries!!!

Автор 흰우유 [짤 전문가] ( назад)
history of korea pls.

Автор GamerBro12 ( назад)
more of this please

Автор harazuka morishite ( назад)
i thank my Japanese teacher for this X'D

Автор harazuka morishite ( назад)
*puts video at 1.75 speed* *brain explodes*

Автор Apple_Bomb ( назад)
This video is on SO MANY drugs right now.

Автор Hei Ming Chow ( назад)
How about
i do

Автор Hei Ming Chow ( назад)
i can watch this all day long

Автор missyviktor-trash ( назад)

Автор A gay Retard ( назад)
Ik ben Nederlands

Автор Stampymittens ( назад)
OMG I died laughing XD

Totally liking this

Автор Thorinf87 ( назад)
Need more of these !!

Автор Gamecore08 ( назад)
more of these??

Автор DublKros ( назад)
you should do more historical things like this.
this is actually really interesting, entertaining and lovely

Автор danekarl ( назад)

Автор _Chezzy_ *Barton* ( назад)
Basically hetalia

Автор P.M. Productions ( назад)
I have to do a video for my history project about Jacques Cartier.

I know what I'm doing now.

Автор Chi Chi ( назад)
Damn you Japan -Chinese person

Автор Posey Robinson ( назад)
monkey fun

Автор 알비 ( назад)
Can you make history of Korea like the movie of history in Japan?

Автор Lovely Psycho ( назад)
how bout I do anyway?🎵🎶

Автор Joey KnowsWhy ( назад)
*and sexytime*

Автор TheZillobeastRises ( назад)
I couldn't stop watching it that's awesome if it wasn't for that I would have just moved on but I couldn't because it was fantastic and awesome times 2I'm glad someone decided to do that

Автор Elijah Stadtlander ( назад)
How bout I do anyway

Автор David Murphy ( назад)
1 new war request from USSR. I just noticed that and my sides hurt from laughing

Автор Guy who pretends to be memez kinda ( назад)
They get rich, then the miracle wears off. everytbings stipl pretty cool i guess (shows dbz and super mario world)

Автор Premiee ( назад)
Omg i just realized: The U.S. now is 1500s Edo Period Japan

Автор Drift Rai ( назад)
They just wanna sell some shit, like clocks, guns, and J E S U S

Автор chrisalash ( назад)
one of the biggest history memes has no official sequel

Автор Lisa Well ( назад)
Please, oh please make more of these...
I understand that this video was hard to make and I'll wait as long as it takes but just please make more history videos like this one!
This is so great!!

Автор Strange Random Guy ( назад)
_"and they did some rapes!"_

Автор Gabe Katsilas ( назад)
Your in the process of creating another history lesson, right?

Автор Britney Taylor ( назад)
I'm sorry but I love Japan and I'm happy this is actually its TRUE history but...THIS IS HILARIOUS XDDDD AWESOME JOB DUDE!!!!

Автор John Hui ( назад)
you need to make more of these – i wish all lectures were like this

i wish real life was like this

Автор Juho Park ( назад)
say baek as in BECKy
say je as in JEnna

Автор muv lest ( назад)
He is freaking *AMAZING* ! liked <3 and sub <3

Автор Dank Meme ( назад)
its time for

Автор TayBear Lansdown ( назад)

Автор Fangirl 297 ( назад)
this just taught me about war in a few minutes better then my actual school did in months

Автор Morgan Serenity ( назад)
Like Japan I also need - moarrrr

Автор Random Kill ( назад)
This is like 70 history lessons in 1 video for me XDD

Автор Arthur de Queiroz ( назад)
they actually dropped 2 lul

Автор Bart Ros ( назад)
Feck, 9 minutes I never gonna get back

Автор Gibran Abdul ( назад)

Автор Lilly Snow ( назад)
This video is the reason I passed my history test on Japan. It also still makes me laugh all this time later.

Автор Tiffany Kendrick ( назад)

Автор Ayu カフ度 ( назад)
I fucking love this video now I understand japan more

Автор Trajce Cvetkovski ( назад)
Haha lots of comments from a week ago because this came up on Facebook

Автор Mynion24 100 ( назад)

Автор The Joker ( назад)
please make more of these

Автор Arcturus ( назад)
It's time for

Автор Ludwig Rañola ( назад)
trump be like


Автор Ludwig Rañola ( назад)
trump be like


Автор Jake Hackney ( назад)
I got in trouble in school for looking that up in school once.
Didnt occur that the Rape of Nanking had some unhappy school words in it.

Автор Ryan Henderson ( назад)
"Describe world history in a few words."

"Knock knock. It's Europe."

Автор Livingicecream ( назад)
This is painful to watch

Автор Diva Porter ( назад)
how did I watch this and pass my test with an A # mind blown # this guy needs to be a teacher

Автор Djanimelover ( назад)
can u be my history teacher please

Автор John Watts ( назад)
I really like smw and dbz

Автор Wing21 Ken ( назад)
8/10. Well done.
I have comments about details. And some parts mislead.

Автор V H S Master Chef ( назад)
this is the only video from bill I like

Автор Jakob Patrick ( назад)
Like clocks, and guns, and *JESUS*

Автор Nora . A ( назад)

Автор jake royal ( назад)
mate, you gotta make more of these. they're perfect. history of fucking everything!

Автор 12comet12 ( назад)
I never noticed the annotation at 8:40. rip

Автор Triplewolfy ( назад)

Автор Dr Phils Mum ( назад)
love this shit

Автор Abbey Lee ( назад)
Gross historical mistake at 5:30. https://qz.com/962409/donald-trump-and-korea-trump-makes-false-claim-that-korea-was-part-of-china/

Автор Lightning Archer ( назад)
do more of these like the history of russia

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