The MMA Hour: Episode 372 (w/Ferguson, Jędrzeczyk, Romero, DJ, Evans, More)

  • Опубликовано: 13 мар 2017
  • Monday's episode has Joanna Jędrzejczyk, Demetrious Johnson, Yoel Romero, Tony Ferguson, Michael Chiesa, Misha Cirkunov, Rashad Evans, Brad Pickett, and Makwan Amirkhani.
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Комментарии • 262

  • PsyintZ
    PsyintZ Год назад +1

    Why does Makwan huff & puff like he weighs 480lbs?

  • Kash Cheema
    Kash Cheema Год назад

    Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ray the translator and I am the advocate for Yoel Romero..

  • Thomas Buck
    Thomas Buck Год назад +1

    Yoel thinks that if GSP wins then they will have a GOAT vs GOAT fight against Silva. Thats why he wants to fight abd beat Silva beforehand so that that is out of the question. That's what he means when he says "its like a chess match."
    Makes sense when you consider they decided to set up the Gastelum vs Silva fight instead.

  • Roley Chiu
    Roley Chiu Год назад

    Tyron "jump to conclusions" Woodley can't accept that he's just not as big of a money draw compared to Conor. From a content perspective, I wouldn't want to watch Woodley's "show because it would be 10x more boring than the MAC life. Woodley needs to wake up and realize he's just not controversial enough. He's controversial now, but for the wrong reasons...

  • 18francesco18
    18francesco18 Год назад

    Michael Chiesa looks like Bill The Butcher.

  • plisskennn
    plisskennn Год назад

    Ariel Helwani - you were under pressure almost through this whole interview, was it your personal life or just the heating put too high?

  • Craig B
    Craig B Год назад

    UFC just pay the fighters more so they can all get back to challenging fighters based on rankings.

  • sportpoint
    sportpoint Год назад

    Cool video!

  • michael22414
    michael22414 Год назад

    Chiesa is way too hyped up on himself. He hasn't really beaten anyone, a 3 fight win streak is meaningless in a division with guys on 9 fight win streaks, 8 fight win streaks, etc. I hate that Ariel keeps pumping him up by saying he's "one or two fights away". In the LW division he's not even close to 2 fights away, he would need MINIMUM 3 great finishes to get there.

  • Anthony Machado
    Anthony Machado Год назад

    the more tony ferguson interviews i hear the less i like him. i am not a fan of disliking fighters based on how they talk but man tony makes it tough

  • Tilikum Tim
    Tilikum Tim Год назад

    Why would you have the word 'lahat' on a baseball cap?

    • Tilikum Tim
      Tilikum Tim Год назад

      Thanks Cian

    • Cian Sheridan
      Cian Sheridan Год назад

      Tilikum Tim Its a former UFC fighter, Noad Lahat whos Jewish like Ariel

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill Год назад

    I feel that Ariel tried to book the most boring canned answer fighters all for the same program. Markwan Amirkhani sounds like his voice is putting him to sleep. I know he almost put me to sleep.

    • J.J. K
      J.J. K Год назад

      Ariel was listening him in depth. Not sleeping.

  • Cian Sheridan
    Cian Sheridan Год назад

    Silva vs Belfort 2 as main card fight on a PPV makes way more sense than Silva vs Gastelum especially if Silva is serious about retiring in 1 or 2 fights

  • Egg stream campbell
    Egg stream campbell Год назад

    Ariel is a master s**t stirrer! or as my dear old nan would put it "Ariel could start a argument in a empty house" lol.

  • Noe Ramos Jr
    Noe Ramos Jr Год назад

    is ariel into men? chiesa beard looks cuddly and soft. he said to furgesson at 190 i bet ur STILL SHREDDED he always makes comments like this

  • Birdman TV
    Birdman TV Год назад

    chiesa is a very likable dude i hope he gets a title shot soon

  • PD Sweet
    PD Sweet Год назад

    Funny thing about London, there's no hometown crowd. Most people aren't English, im certainly buyin one of Pickett's teeshirts though. Makwan's worried about 80,000 foreigners in his country lol, we got 10 million +. I love them though, because they hate me

  • Backwoodznorth
    Backwoodznorth Год назад

    Love this show

  • BallersMixed
    BallersMixed Год назад +1

    i wish someone would find out the name of the mma hour theme song..... it seems like no one knows it

  • bakerr69
    bakerr69 Год назад +5

    why is Michael Chiesa asking for title shots lol

    • Noe Ramos Jr
      Noe Ramos Jr Год назад

      Michael chiesa is too cocky and i personally don't care to watch him he sucks mabe he'll be a champ in BELLATOR

  • Larry Fisher
    Larry Fisher Год назад

    How much time does Conor need? June would be 7 months. It would be better for him to fight in June. If he fights in June he may defend his belt in September-October. Put him and GSP on the same card.

    • Larry Fisher
      Larry Fisher Год назад

      I don't think that he's fighting Floyd. What commission is going to sanction a bout like this. The best boxer in the world today against a man that has NEVER stepped into the boxing ring?

    • TheMrClutchy
      TheMrClutchy Год назад

      Larry Fisher they already said this Floyd fight will be late 2017 early 2018. He won't be fighting mma this year i doubt. even if he never fights Floyd he will drag this out for atleast this year. just because it's like 10 mma fights worth of pay for this one boxing match

  • Bob O.
    Bob O. Год назад


  • Alex garcia
    Alex garcia Год назад

    yoel needs to fight for an interim belt because in the event gsp wins its more than likely he won't defend it.

    • Cian Sheridan
      Cian Sheridan Год назад

      Chris Brown Yeah i agree bro UFC has been ruined these days with "money fights" and "super fights". Number 1 contenders and rankings mean nothing these days

    • Alex garcia
      Alex garcia Год назад

      Cian Sheridan I hope not to see another belt vacated, it ruins the division for at least 4-6 months because the next 2 people who are voted to fight for a belt everyone will arguing over who deserved it, who was ranked where, maybe there should be a limit on how long the belt can be held without being defended.

    • Cian Sheridan
      Cian Sheridan Год назад

      Chris Brown i get where you're coming from and i agree but as long as the belt itself is being defended theres no need for an interim title

  • PD Sweet
    PD Sweet Год назад +1

    Romero's persona > Conor's life. Dude looks like my family

  • killamist666
    killamist666 Год назад +1

    Hard to get a proper answer from El Cucuy.

  • FishFluid One
    FishFluid One Год назад +1

    Makwan is a real crimefighter he should have his own batcave, let him live in the Moomin house and fight crime.

  • 84slaughter
    84slaughter Год назад +3

    Does Anyone Else Skip Tyrone, Minnie Mouse, And Joanna Every Time They're On Here?

  • FlyingBootable
    FlyingBootable Год назад

    Kansas City is closer to Miami than Seattle.

  • 84slaughter
    84slaughter Год назад +1

    If Minnie Mouse Get's To 11, Does It Really Count Since He's Fought 2 Guys Twice? PLEASE PUT 125 TO REST, Nobody Cares About It! Nobody...

  • 84slaughter
    84slaughter Год назад +1

    Minnie Mouse Johnson Is Bloody Awful, Glad He Loves FOX Because He Can't Sell PPV's!

    • Cian Sheridan
      Cian Sheridan Год назад +2

      The UFC are promoters, DJ not being a draw falls just much on them as it does on him. P4P may be an opinion but his 9 title defenses are undisputable

    • 84slaughter
      84slaughter Год назад

      The Owners Probably Care A Little Don't You Think... What Does Pound For Pound Best Even Mean? Enough Of That Non-Sense Already, It Means Absolutely Nothing As It's An Opinion!

    • Cian Sheridan
      Cian Sheridan Год назад

      84slaughter who cares if he's a draw or not he's pound for pound the best

  • PD Sweet
    PD Sweet Год назад

    Edgar vs Rodriquez - NOOOOOOO!!!

  • Mark Lines
    Mark Lines Год назад +1

    Thanks for everything you have done for british mma brad,your a true legend,#ONE PUNCH!!

  • PD Sweet
    PD Sweet Год назад

    Its like the "What would life be like without music" question, except its MMA

  • B Beecher
    B Beecher Год назад +3


  • viperx1977
    viperx1977 Год назад +1


  • mmss
    mmss Год назад


  • luke rogers
    luke rogers Год назад +1

    1:23:50 Claudia knocked her down with a jab.

  • iCb3ATz
    iCb3ATz Год назад

    that translator is over rated

  • mrYsignal
    mrYsignal Год назад

    Man Ariel is very dumb yet again with his comparison of NBA to NFL being the same as MMA to Boxing. Damn. Enough of that garbage. Boxing is part of MMA. They are very very similar compared to Ariels example which was garbage.

  • waalex11
    waalex11 Год назад +1

    Why do fighters live 30-40lbs over their fight weight? At least 20lbs is decent I guess. A much more natural weight. But 30+ wtf...

  • waalex11
    waalex11 Год назад +1

    Michael Chiesa has a good point...

  • waalex11
    waalex11 Год назад +1

    I don't clearly remember Michael Chiesa. I watched him on TUF and I think he was decent, but I only recently realized he was still in the UFC kinda recently, but other than that he doesn't feel relevant. I want to see another fight from him so we can remember him because he's talking a lot, but for whatever reason he's still irrelevant.

  • Austin McAllister
    Austin McAllister Год назад

    1:27:17 You are the only strawweight champion in UFC history - Ariel Helwani, please have Carla Esparza on next week.

    • Floyderman
      Floyderman Год назад +1

      Austin McAllister she's the only legitimate champion, Carla won tuf and couldn't defend it once

    • Austin McAllister
      Austin McAllister Год назад

      yeh but she beat Rose, and Ariel talks about her all the damn time.

    • Denise Noles
      Denise Noles Год назад +1

      Austin McAllister lol. She is such a horrible fighter that it is easy to forget her.

  • Trip the Deuce
    Trip the Deuce Год назад

    Ariel, did you just say you are never wrong?

    • Trip the Deuce
      Trip the Deuce Год назад

      And you're so upset about it too? Really? Who cares? One thing is for sure, you were very, very anti-Floyd/Conor. The way your voice sounded when you decried it as rubbish. We, the people do not forget. You can play spin doctor now if you want, but I remember you saying things like, "It will never happen", "Who would want to see it" Now you do a full 180 cuz it could be a thing. Yes you said that thing after the eddie fight, but what about the times it was mentioned, before the eddie fight huh? This potential fight is crap. I hate the direction the UFC is headed. Moving more toward a WWE format instead of distancing themselves from it. Be honest Ariel, you don't want this fight. Let me ask you a question... In a perfect world, who would you want to see Conor fight next? What sport? What division? What opponent? If you say Floyd, I can't trust you anymore

  • *K131399*
    *K131399* Год назад +1

    does anyone seriously think bisping has a chance in hell against yoel at this point in his career?

    • *K131399*
      *K131399* Год назад

      bisping 5 years ago was alot more agile, and even then i cant see him denying yoel' double leg. we're not just talking about a great wrestler, yoel's a different animal. cardio could be a huge factor, but looking at bisping' last few fights, i just dont see him being able to last long enough to make it relevant. im not a big romero fan but i cant see him losing.

    • Angel Orbe
      Angel Orbe Год назад +1

      If Yoel does not finish on the first 2 rounds, Michael will take it. He has crazy cardio and awesome take down defense. Don't be surprise that Michael finnishes Yoel on the 4th round

  • Don Juan Bob Jovi
    Don Juan Bob Jovi Год назад

    I like watching Tony fight but he is hard to listen to he rambles a lot

  • Kelvin Liew
    Kelvin Liew Год назад +1

    Love Rashad - one of the best interviews in the game, humble and real - I feel him and I support him. He want's to compete - he's a gladiator. I can't imagine what it must be like walking into that cage - getting the hand raised - hearing the roar of the crowd. Live your dream man...

    • Denise Noles
      Denise Noles Год назад +1

      Kelvin Liew I agree. He is very deep in his reflections.

  • *K131399*
    *K131399* Год назад +3

    let vitor slap a hilarious beatdown on cm punk in his final fight as a symbol of how appreciative we are for his years of service lol

  • Trip the Deuce
    Trip the Deuce Год назад +3

    Makwan!?! Is this the same guy? Wow man, he seems to be much more complete from a mental aspect. Matured. Go Makwan!

  • Nawf Side Reviews
    Nawf Side Reviews Год назад +1

    Yo Joanna cursed 😂 😂 😂 never heard her curse before, I was befuddled like a muthafucka.

  • Firebreathing Guitars
    Firebreathing Guitars Год назад

    Who believes Rashad? Not me. Dude leaves camps when he's not the big cheese anymore.

    • *K131399*
      *K131399* Год назад

      i heard him say in an interview that the chocolatezilians broke up when a film crew was shooting a documentary in the gym. this is obviously no surprise to anyone who's witnessed black prima donna athletes competing for attention like little girls with their best sunday dress on lol

  • Daniel Whiffen
    Daniel Whiffen Год назад +4

    "Better heart in my place" - Demetrious Johnson

  • OutBackJaxx
    OutBackJaxx Год назад +1

    tony ferguson vs michael johnson is the fight to make OR vs barboza for the interim after that flying knee KO we got a big hype for the next killer to kill mcgreror WHICH WILL BE EL CUCUY

  • Ritesh Thapa
    Ritesh Thapa Год назад +3

    Yoel Romero interview was the best

  • flippyhambone
    flippyhambone Год назад

    Ariel Helwani is wrong again; claims Conor vs. Floyd fight has no chance... #sensitive

  • Guy-Paul Roy
    Guy-Paul Roy Год назад +1

    Yoel needs to stay in Fight Shape as Bispig might just drop over dead or GSP might get hurt and pull out of the Fight.

  • luckyfrank562
    luckyfrank562 Год назад +112

    Mighty Mouse 26:38
    Yoel Romero 50:26
    Joanna Jedrzejczyk 1:13:31
    Brad Pickett 1:37:46
    Makwan Amirkhani 2:01:33
    Tony Ferguson 2:23:29
    Michael Chiesa 2:41:50
    Misha Cirkunov 3:02:25
    Rashad Evans 3:24:51

    BICKAGEGAMING Год назад +2

    Joanna slowly evolving into THE SPIDER.
    "Is normal for me"
    "Das question for UFC"
    "The greatch show"
    "I want to fight the Chrees"

      BICKAGEGAMING Год назад +1

      Kyle Kadence WHOOP😂😂

    • • Bearathustra •
      • Bearathustra • Год назад +1

      BICKAGEGAMING All she needs to do is drop a feetarm or leghand and she will have officially transcended into an arachnid.

  • Ville Vaajanen
    Ville Vaajanen Год назад +3

    I'm Finnish and I'm supporting Makwan! Suomi perkele!! 🇫🇮

    • Ville Vaajanen
      Ville Vaajanen Год назад

      More American than say Johnson, for example? And who cares about the name? I care about the guy not the name.

  • Arthurtats
    Arthurtats Год назад +3

    yoel and his translater are very quickly becoming my favorite guests, great interviews every time

  • Guy-Paul Roy
    Guy-Paul Roy Год назад +2

    Great show and guests as usual,, Ariel you are the best.

  • Paraskeva Paraskeva
    Paraskeva Paraskeva Год назад +11

    demetrious Johnson, t Woodley, it's nothing to do with race, PERSONALITY..

  • opkill6
    opkill6 Год назад

    vive HELWANI

  • Rex Colt
    Rex Colt Год назад +5

    We need more of Yoel's translator. He's a G

  • kopxpert
    kopxpert Год назад +5

    I want to see Chiesa fight asap. Why tf did ALvarez want Poirier instead of Chiesa. Because DP is more popular? Says who? Plus like Chiesa said, he's ranked higher than DP. I'm guessing Alvarez knew that stylistically Chiesa would be a much harder fight than DP. Chiesa's bigger in size too lol

    • Stick Wan
      Stick Wan Год назад

      Dan B you got it

    • Stick Wan
      Stick Wan Год назад

      Denise Noles Ye I I knew about Dustin before Connor seen him on some fight doc & if u read what I said I'm not some Connor nut but it's just true

    • Denise Noles
      Denise Noles Год назад

      +Dan B I like your perspective. It does depend on how one defines the concept "put on the map." I don't think it matters if NON hardcore fans know them b/c I would bet they wouldn't know their names or fighting styles or career background. They would just recall that "Isn't that one of the guys Conor Mcgregor beat?" To me, that is meaningless & not putting them on the map. There is no benefit to Alvarez or Poirier that the NON hardcore fan knows that. Conor fought Poirier b4 his epic rise so that doesn't mean much. If Alvarez would have beaten Conor then he would have been put "on the map" in terms of people remembering his name & trying to find out who he is like what happened to Holly Holm when she beat Ronda.

    • Dan B
      Dan B Год назад

      It's not "obvious bro" it's your opinion come on let's be reasonable

  • preachinshawn
    preachinshawn Год назад +2

    Starts @ 1:50

  • Z Landeez
    Z Landeez Год назад +3

    nick diaz vs cm punk

  • Absurd Uncensored Sports MMA
    Absurd Uncensored Sports MMA Год назад +2

    This has 54,000 views and is trending... Why doesn't any JRE videos ever trend with much more views live and after words

    • nash06
      nash06 Год назад

      Konstantin Sandler because people comment on these podcasts much more than rogans one, and I think the most recent fight companion was trending

    • jamalydude
      jamalydude Год назад

      Konstantin Sandler Because this is easy listening, Joe Rogan is one of those guys people either love or hate

  • Curtis Turner
    Curtis Turner Год назад

    lol may is right before June bruh

  • steve wilson
    steve wilson Год назад +1

    Ariel I don't know if you read this comment you probably don't but if you do you're my favorite broadcaster I look up to you and wish you was my mentor much respect to you my friend only real men cry

    • jamalydude
      jamalydude Год назад +1


  • LEO G
    LEO G Год назад +1

    Yoel Romero deserves his fight! I actually hope Bispings wins now, only to see Yoel smash his head after it.

  • Vince Marino
    Vince Marino Год назад

    Did JJ call Karolina a Hooker??

    GFX WRAPS Год назад

    Tony "It Is What It Is" Ferguson. Good grief man. Stop it. Oh well. It is what it is.

  • Todd F
    Todd F Год назад +4

    I've watched enough Yoel Romero fights to know what a cheating douchebag he is. No sympathy for him

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores Год назад +1

    Don't forget Pickett murked DJ

  • Vince Marino
    Vince Marino Год назад +4

    Kelvin is a great fighter, but he needs a true MW benchmark fight, like Whittiker. The height/reach against Rockhold or Weidman may be too much

  • pat mac
    pat mac Год назад

    I thought Ariel said on one of his shows about 3 or 4 months ago that the Floyd vs Conor fight would never happen. Does anyone else remember this? Anyone know what episode?

    • youknowwho
      youknowwho Год назад

      He addressed this tweet in the video lol

    • pat mac
      pat mac Год назад

      I just found what I was looking for. On May 6th, 2016 Ariel tweeted: "Absolutely no truth to this McGregor-Mayweather story. I can't believe people are actually falling for this nonsense".

  • Andrew Boye
    Andrew Boye Год назад

    Rothwell is guilty. Stop being the sweet summer child.

  • jice201
    jice201 Год назад

    "Sometimes be an athlete isn't about being the biggest draw, it's about being the best fighter" Dj. U know Who says that people that aren't draws.

    • jice201
      jice201 Год назад

      I love Dj and no he isn't right am sure he will give up being the perceived best for that Conor money. If u think am wrong why is he always hustling on the side to make extra cash.

    • PatrickM
      PatrickM Год назад +1

      Yet he's right

  • Carl Carlton
    Carl Carlton Год назад +2

    Rashad please give it up please

  • Halkiingg
    Halkiingg Год назад +2

    Biji Kurdistan !! Let's go makwan !! 4-0 baby get this W

  • Dylan W
    Dylan W Год назад +16

    Makwan Amirkhani is a class act.

  • 3en6ie 3en6ie
    3en6ie 3en6ie Год назад +1

    Joanna is sooooo butthurt about even mentioning Karolina's name. When Joanna falls it's gonna be hard for her. It's only a matter of time in this game.

  • Halkiingg
    Halkiingg Год назад +5

    Makwans English has gotten so much better lol

  • Matt Skylar
    Matt Skylar Год назад +3

    Ariel, invite Joanna on the set. :)

    • imagsta33
      imagsta33 Год назад +7

      why shes boring

  • Jimmy Marlin
    Jimmy Marlin Год назад

    What about kelvin gastelum and Ferguson at 170

    • Eduardo Flores
      Eduardo Flores Год назад +2

      Jimmy Marlin Kelvin would not make weight just like Khabib

  • jakesweet1000
    jakesweet1000 Год назад +3

    lets say conors next salary is like 10 million show money(random number) and his opponent pulled out after conor already weighed in. would you expect conor to still make the 10 million without fighting?

    • Janik
      Janik Год назад

      I can understand but I think from now on there is gonna be stipulation in the contract about that.

    • Tyrone Ranson
      Tyrone Ranson Год назад

      jakesweet1000 yes

    • jakesweet1000
      jakesweet1000 Год назад +1

      Alex Panov and that is why you don't run a multi billion dollar company

  • Zippo Fanatic 77
    Zippo Fanatic 77 Год назад +2

    This was your best show in a while Ariel ! Show is so good with out ny Rick

  • Luke T
    Luke T Год назад +9

    Ariel must own every single checkered shirt ever made. His closest must be checkered greatness!

  • Matt Skylar
    Matt Skylar Год назад

    Bisping, saying he'll face Romero 5 weeks after facing GSP as if it is guaranteed he's going to win. Besides calming down the rumbles of fans and the #1 contender, he's making an excuse for his belief in losing to Yoel. I love that fight between Yoel and Anderson. Anderson has not put together a string of wins in forever, but he is not like the Diaz brothers as he is very dangerous in the striking realm with the ability to end a fight with one devastating strike, and extremely difficult to end in a submission even when grounded. This fight would be for the actual title, because Yoel winning is practically a guarantee that he'll demolish Bisping, or GSP with overwhelming wrestling control as well as his ultra athletic killer instinct strikes.

  • Brandon Shwab
    Brandon Shwab Год назад +7

    For Sure get me on this show

  • Danny
    Danny Год назад +4

    Tyron "The Victim" Woodley

  • dominic mannion
    dominic mannion Год назад +2

    Chiesa vs barbosa makes sense both guys are on 3 fight win streaks, Diaz vs Ferguson would be a big fight fun match up plus Gracie Bravo rivalry on the ground Dana set that up Rn.

  • Larry Fisher
    Larry Fisher Год назад +2

    Nate Diaz has nothing to gain by fighting Ferguson and Nate knows that. Conor should fight Ferguson in May or be stripped of the belt. Khabib should then fight the winner in September. That's two money fights. Now if Conor wants to go box fine. Hand over the belt. The same can be said about Bisping. I am sick of Tony F wining though. Sit down, shut up. You are not fighting for the title because Mr. McGregor has it and he NEVER defends titles. They way Ferguson talks he makes it seem like Khabib always has a problem making weight. This was the second time EVER. Look at this from Khabibs side. He was promised a title shot at UFC 205 -Conor got it. He was then promised the next title shot. Dana then says Conor is taking 10 months off. Conor didn't even know about this. He just wanted the holidays off and time around the birth of his son in April. So UFC 209 would have been perfect. Dana has something in the works for Conor that is why he made an interim title so quick.

  • princeofthacity88
    princeofthacity88 Год назад +2

    What's Dj's twitch name ?

  • Trevor Harris
    Trevor Harris Год назад +42

    Ariel "The Instigator" Helwani

    • *K131399*
      *K131399* Год назад

      if ariel was a transformer he would be called TROUBLE-MAKOR lol

    • Trevor Harris
      Trevor Harris Год назад +6


    • Dylan W
      Dylan W Год назад +15


  • martmo1000
    martmo1000 Год назад +3

    Demetrious "a special heart in my place" Johnson